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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse The trailer is here! DanielLB 4449 265 Mon, 7:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Noria)
       Looks absolutely phenomenal tsmith675 2060 0 Mon, 7:03pm
       PJ posted it BANG ON 8:00pm! AMAAAAZING! adt100 1998 0 Mon, 7:05pm
       Clickie RaoulJ 1987 0 Mon, 7:05pm
       awesome! FrogmortonJustice65 1964 0 Mon, 7:05pm
       Collapse OMG... LordotRings93 2006 1 Mon, 7:05pm
           Brief... but intense Spalko 1971 0 Mon, 7:06pm
       Collapse Uh hu CathrineB 1984 1 Mon, 7:06pm
           Over and over and over shadowdog 1679 0 Mon, 7:17pm
       Wonderful! LadyEmmaE 1937 0 Mon, 7:06pm
       Breathtaking BilboBagshot187 1930 0 Mon, 7:07pm
       Collapse Wow, that looks epic Kim 1951 12 Mon, 7:07pm
           Collapse Hey Kim - a PS *grins* Avandel 622 11 Mon, 8:45pm
               Collapse Yes, it's quite a natural fit, isn't it? Kim 615 10 Mon, 9:09pm
                   Collapse Golden armor: dernwyn 623 4 Mon, 9:12pm
                       Collapse Whoa! KeenObserver 591 3 Mon, 9:17pm
                           Collapse It's perfectly fine. Macfeast 703 1 Mon, 9:20pm
                             LOL! // KeenObserver 668 0 Mon, 9:23pm
                           Yes Kim 670 0 Mon, 9:23pm
                   Collapse we wants the chocolate leather, preciousssss Avandel 642 3 Mon, 9:31pm
                       Yeah, me too Kim 476 0 Mon, 10:35pm
                       Does it have nuts in it? Roheryn 424 0 Mon, 10:51pm
                     Well there you have it Lurker in the Mirk 162 0 Tue, 12:51pm
                 PS. golden armor cap Avandel 488 0 Mon, 10:36pm
       Collapse AWESOME! elf-lady 1930 4 Mon, 7:08pm
           Collapse Beautiful Barrel_Rider 1111 3 Mon, 7:22pm
               Nor me Spalko 1057 0 Mon, 7:23pm
               Will Galadriel "reanimate" AFTER the assault ? NoelGallagher 1092 0 Mon, 7:24pm
               // Frodo Baggins 988 0 Mon, 7:26pm
       Collapse Looks STUNNING in HD. *goes to play on repeat to pick every detail* adt100 1851 2 Mon, 7:10pm
           Collapse BRILLIANT !!!....but... NoelGallagher 1848 1 Mon, 7:13pm
               Same here Spalko 1667 0 Mon, 7:15pm
       WOW Beorn's Bees 1789 0 Mon, 7:13pm
       also... FrogmortonJustice65 1759 0 Mon, 7:14pm
       They weren't kidding Name 1838 0 Mon, 7:15pm
       That chariot... Sebastian the Hedgehog 1824 0 Mon, 7:15pm
       Wow, how will they fit all of it in 3 hours? HeWhoArisesinMight 1764 0 Mon, 7:15pm
       That is how trailers should be. Ardamírë 1750 0 Mon, 7:15pm
       Collapse Dwarves on War Goats! Eruonen 1730 3 Mon, 7:18pm
           Collapse Ride of the Ramhirrim! // Sebastian the Hedgehog 1159 2 Mon, 7:19pm
               LOL! // Loresilme 947 0 Mon, 7:27pm
               Exactly! Eruonen 1023 0 Mon, 7:31pm
       Good thing... Angharad73 1635 0 Mon, 7:18pm
       Collapse Amazing TheSexyBeard 1632 3 Mon, 7:18pm
           Collapse my guess droidsocket 1096 1 Mon, 7:21pm
               That's because tattooed_dwarf 1044 0 Mon, 7:23pm
           THAT WHAT I CALLED EPIC mo0on-light 1009 0 Mon, 7:25pm
       Looks like Balin and Dwalin on the ice chariot There&ThereAgain 1194 0 Mon, 7:18pm
       Fantastic! aifeme 1117 0 Mon, 7:20pm
       Collapse Is that Balin in the chariot? DeadRabbits 1154 4 Mon, 7:20pm
           Collapse BOLG NoelGallagher 1177 3 Mon, 7:21pm
               Collapse looks like it... adt100 1045 2 Mon, 7:32pm
                   Collapse first thought the Bolg shoot is at Dol Guldur ?! NoelGallagher 1030 1 Mon, 7:33pm
                       Ravenhill - Bolg facing off against Kili is one suggestion... adt100 928 0 Mon, 7:39pm
       Will you follow me ... one last time? HeWhoArisesinMight 1156 0 Mon, 7:20pm
       Collapse Re Retro315 1119 3 Mon, 7:21pm
           Collapse I haven't read the book in a while... could you enlighten me on Ravenhill? // adt100 998 2 Mon, 7:33pm
               Collapse Re Retro315 922 1 Mon, 7:39pm
                   Ah right thanks! // adt100 842 0 Mon, 7:40pm
       Collapse There seem to be only 4 dwarves walking/running around Erebor in a few scenes... adt100 1139 6 Mon, 7:21pm
           Collapse Well all the dwarves shadowdog 935 5 Mon, 7:30pm
               Collapse ah yup, good point! adt100 843 4 Mon, 7:41pm
                   Collapse So, won´t Gandalf be in action at Dol Guldur ? NoelGallagher 833 3 Mon, 7:42pm
                       Interesting point Spalko 785 0 Mon, 7:45pm
                       Collapse I don't think we can make any valid assumptions (just guesses) about Eruonen 1006 1 Mon, 7:48pm
                           the silent before the storm ? NoelGallagher 966 0 Mon, 7:51pm
       Bolg Sebastian the Hedgehog 1157 0 Mon, 7:21pm
       Outstanding!! Loresilme 1104 0 Mon, 7:21pm
       :') ~Medieval Soul 1042 0 Mon, 7:23pm
       Collapse Anyone thought of... CathrineB 1154 8 Mon, 7:23pm
           Carriage CathrineB 1061 0 Mon, 7:24pm
           Collapse Yes, that was my immediate thought Radagast-Aiwendil 979 6 Mon, 7:35pm
               +1 Spalko 912 0 Mon, 7:37pm
             Collapse After Freezing it..IT is Just Dwalin Driving & Balin Bombadil 885 4 Mon, 7:41pm
                   Collapse Racing to the Iron Hills? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 769 3 Mon, 8:24pm
                       appears like Radagast will only have a minimalistic role, which makes me sad... NoelGallagher 760 0 Mon, 8:26pm
                       I'm liking this idea Shagrat 718 0 Mon, 8:30pm
                       they could be heading toward Raven Hill Cirashala 593 0 Mon, 9:09pm
       Collapse Wow, BornOutOfTheWest 1073 1 Mon, 7:24pm
           New pc background already Spalko 1031 0 Mon, 7:26pm
       Collapse At first... Silverlode 1084 15 Mon, 7:29pm
           Collapse You are right! Rosie-with-the-ribbons 1000 11 Mon, 7:36pm
               Good spot! // adt100 788 0 Mon, 7:44pm
               Collapse Ok I'm confused shadowdog 991 9 Mon, 7:52pm
                   What is with that statue ?? Rickster 937 0 Mon, 7:55pm
                   Collapse It is known as Pippin's song Rosie-with-the-ribbons 915 2 Mon, 7:56pm
                       Collapse That is where I am confused shadowdog 758 1 Mon, 8:11pm
                           FotR Otaku-sempai 704 0 Mon, 8:15pm
                   Collapse In the book of Fellowship of the Ring... dormouse 802 1 Mon, 8:05pm
                       Thanks shadowdog 769 0 Mon, 8:21pm
                   Collapse Bilbo's 'Walking-song' Otaku-sempai 764 2 Mon, 8:10pm
                       I MISS...RADAGAST.. NoelGallagher 736 0 Mon, 8:11pm
                       Yes shadowdog 739 0 Mon, 8:25pm
           Oh, good point.... dormouse 902 0 Mon, 7:56pm
           Collapse Good point. Roheryn 441 1 Mon, 10:47pm
               Perfect connection indeed...// mae govannen 268 0 Tue, 5:04am
       Collapse Legolas Ardamírë 1104 1 Mon, 7:31pm
           Agree totally...// mae govannen 273 0 Tue, 5:02am
       Epic. That is really all I can say. Farficom 1063 0 Mon, 7:31pm
       Collapse How 'bout that Thranduil? Kilidoescartwheels 1069 1 Mon, 7:33pm
           "Ninja Thranduil' in action! Magnificent. mae govannen 280 0 Tue, 5:09am
       Collapse Galadriel Nerven 1022 3 Mon, 7:34pm
           Collapse Strange That... Girdle of Melian 204 2 Tue, 6:57am
               Collapse I agree Ardamírë 194 1 Tue, 7:08am
                   Disappointed Nerven 183 0 Tue, 7:42am
       Beautiful and epic Elarie 968 0 Mon, 7:37pm
       Collapse Laketown burning in the distance Ardamírë 847 2 Mon, 7:43pm
           Collapse Reminiscent of the trek to Helm's Deep :) adt100 788 1 Mon, 7:44pm
               Yes, indeed. Ardamírë 745 0 Mon, 7:47pm
       Collapse "Will you follow me... one last time".... YES! Oh yes dormouse 815 6 Mon, 7:46pm
           Exactly Spalko 996 0 Mon, 7:48pm
           Collapse Yes Yes Yes! Kim 917 4 Mon, 7:55pm
               Make this topic Sticky.. for a while.. so it will not be pushed to page 2 Rickster 790 0 Mon, 8:04pm
               Collapse Hi Kim! Avandel 724 2 Mon, 8:12pm
                   Collapse Sending it right back atcha! Kim 767 1 Mon, 8:20pm
                     I know Avandel 684 0 Mon, 8:32pm
       Kilis face when Thorin says 'I will have war' BilboBagshot187 855 0 Mon, 7:46pm
       Collapse Goat Chariot TheSexyBeard 939 5 Mon, 7:56pm
           Collapse Looks like the dwarves from the Iron Hills are riding goats Eruvandi 826 3 Mon, 8:04pm
               Nice screen cap! TheSexyBeard 711 0 Mon, 8:52pm
               Collapse Battle rams redgiraffe 285 1 Tue, 4:44am
                   All the unusual animals used for travelling (including Radagast's rabbits) - Hanzkaz 278 0 Tue, 4:57am
           Since apparently there is no raven I think they gonna use the charriot to go to the iron hills and warn Dain Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 733 0 Mon, 8:48pm
       Love Thorin wearing Thror's crown QuackingTroll 857 0 Mon, 8:01pm
       aaaaaaaarrrrggggg phij2 852 0 Mon, 8:02pm
       Rate the trailer on Pollantir BlackFox 805 0 Mon, 8:06pm
       Collapse Totally speechless Eruvandi 826 3 Mon, 8:07pm
           Collapse Don't cry Eruvandi - for you (even tho it's sad...) Avandel 721 2 Mon, 8:30pm
               Collapse *saves pics* Eruvandi 716 1 Mon, 8:50pm
                   I'm bringing a wooden spoon LOL Avandel 658 0 Mon, 9:25pm
     Collapse OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Avandel 797 11 Mon, 8:10pm
           Collapse Where's Avandel?! Excuse me, I'm looking for Avandel! Ah, there she is. KeenObserver 596 4 Mon, 8:46pm
             Collapse You knew I'd be here *grins* Avandel 711 3 Mon, 9:19pm
                   Collapse Red Moon and Black Mountain? dormouse 516 2 Mon, 10:27pm
                       Collapse Might have been! Avandel 460 1 Mon, 10:38pm
                           That's right.... dormouse 176 0 Tue, 7:40am
           Collapse Thorin's voice is just heartbreaking Elarie 424 1 Mon, 10:53pm
             Just completely agreeing Avandel 441 0 Mon, 11:50pm
           Collapse You and me both... Queen of Erebor 394 1 Tue, 12:18am
               Thorin looks amazing Avandel 393 0 Tue, 12:25am
           You know Kim 310 0 Tue, 1:41am
           I wonder- book spoilers Cirashala 251 0 Tue, 5:39am
       Collapse what does Bilbo say Rickster 747 1 Mon, 8:12pm
           "One day, I'll remember. . ." // KeenObserver 691 0 Mon, 8:31pm
       Pretty amazing Elessar 737 0 Mon, 8:12pm
       Collapse Color scheme for BotFA...teal?? Misty Mountain Hop 716 3 Mon, 8:16pm
           Collapse My Guess all the time Fleuz 806 2 Mon, 8:20pm
               Great call!! Misty Mountain Hop 753 0 Mon, 8:23pm
               Its a good chance to match with the colur of Erebor´s stone Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 661 0 Mon, 9:23pm
       That was amazing. NecromancerRising 763 0 Mon, 8:22pm
       Collapse Goosebumps on third viewing KeenObserver 820 22 Mon, 8:23pm
           agreed Rickster 769 0 Mon, 8:24pm
           Collapse Three things gave me goosebumps Elanor of Rohan 772 20 Mon, 8:29pm
               Collapse Re: Thranduil in action KeenObserver 664 19 Mon, 9:02pm
                   Collapse *grins* she will appreciate I am sure Avandel 648 15 Mon, 9:28pm
                       Collapse *Winks* KeenObserver 509 13 Mon, 9:51pm
                           Collapse I'm pretty sure Ro is already head elect of the Oakenminxes ;) Cirashala 477 8 Mon, 9:57pm
                               Collapse i'm missing NoelGallagher 450 5 Mon, 10:01pm
                                   Collapse Beorn's probably not done yet. There&ThereAgain 579 2 Mon, 10:04pm
                                       Collapse and what about Raddy ? NoelGallagher 568 1 Mon, 10:06pm
                                           It takes a lot of time to color correct that bird poop just right There&ThereAgain 538 0 Mon, 10:11pm
                                   Collapse were you responding to me? Cirashala 558 1 Mon, 10:08pm
                                       no NoelGallagher 542 0 Mon, 10:12pm
                               Well, I suppose... Roheryn 428 0 Mon, 10:48pm
                               It's not just her Avandel 420 0 Mon, 11:58pm
                         Collapse *grins* my kind of Ringer Avandel 456 3 Mon, 11:43pm
                             Collapse I think I might explode glor 420 2 Tue, 12:03am
                                 ROFLOL Avandel 392 0 Tue, 12:18am
                                   Geek Ambulance Kim 354 0 Tue, 12:46am
                       *Head exploded* Lurker in the Mirk 144 0 Tue, 1:28pm
                 Collapse *applause* Now you're talking, KeenObserver! Lurker in the Mirk 157 2 Tue, 1:04pm
                       Collapse This thread will never die KeenObserver 143 1 Tue, 1:52pm
                           *glugs juice with a hearty belch to arch Elrond's brows higher still* Lurker in the Mirk 132 0 Tue, 2:26pm
       Anyone have any idea when we will get a downloadable version? BilboBagshot187 736 0 Mon, 8:26pm
       Collapse Trailer Grimbold 759 10 Mon, 8:26pm
           Collapse Is Bilbo being shunned? Avandel 692 2 Mon, 8:38pm
               Maybe.. Grimbold 734 0 Mon, 8:48pm
               I guess thats the moment when he receives the mitrhil shirt Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 686 0 Mon, 9:21pm
           One more thing Grimbold 741 0 Mon, 8:47pm
         Collapse A THOUGHT on Mountain Goats? Bombadil 734 5 Mon, 8:53pm
               The mountain NecromancerRising 712 0 Mon, 9:18pm
               Collapse I love the goats Avandel 575 3 Mon, 9:42pm
                   Agree 100% NecromancerRising 545 0 Mon, 9:43pm
                   Bomby's right Cirashala 533 0 Mon, 9:45pm
                   irreverent of me but... The Grey Wanderer 396 0 Tue, 12:11am
       Homepage Dipling 717 0 Mon, 8:30pm
       Collapse Here's a screencap of Thorin wearing Thror's crown for the user who requested it MatthewJer18 758 4 Mon, 8:33pm
           Collapse I'm seeing shadowdog 611 2 Mon, 8:44pm
               are you watching in 1080? Lindele 729 0 Mon, 8:48pm
               Even on YouTube? Avandel 723 0 Mon, 8:48pm
           Thank You!!! Kilidoescartwheels 426 0 Mon, 11:51pm
       It delivers dubulous 663 0 Mon, 8:38pm
       QT Dipling 605 0 Mon, 8:44pm
       Aww man, why does the dwarfs ride on rams... Azaghâl 797 0 Mon, 8:48pm
       Collapse I don't have quite the emotional reaction.... Estel78 789 19 Mon, 8:54pm
           +1 NoelGallagher 706 0 Mon, 8:55pm
           Collapse the colors Lindele 734 17 Mon, 8:55pm
               Collapse How do you know? // Estel78 655 16 Mon, 8:58pm
                   Collapse They were in DoS... tsmith675 661 1 Mon, 8:59pm
                       ahh redgiraffe 264 0 Tue, 5:07am
                   Collapse The trailers are never Lindele 619 13 Mon, 9:06pm
                       Collapse I dunno why.... Estel78 555 12 Mon, 9:17pm
                           Collapse They have graded the shots SafeUnderHill 654 6 Mon, 9:27pm
                               Collapse That doesn't answer my question Estel78 543 5 Mon, 9:44pm
                                   Collapse You wanted to know why the grading doesn't reflect the final film grading SafeUnderHill 448 4 Mon, 10:42pm
                                       Collapse The great has already been stated---here are my frustrations hobbitrunner 401 3 Mon, 10:59pm
                                           the litthe thing Rickster 370 0 Mon, 11:03pm
                                           Yes Dipling 364 0 Mon, 11:06pm
                                           Weta Lindele 263 0 Tue, 5:08am
                           Collapse Speaking of color grading macfalk 643 1 Mon, 9:30pm
                               Gonna disagree Avandel 536 0 Mon, 9:46pm
                           Collapse They like to do it properly... Bofur01 581 1 Mon, 9:37pm
                               YAAY! :D Leaf of Mirkwood 559 0 Mon, 9:39pm
                           It's very time consuming There&ThereAgain 444 0 Mon, 10:00pm
       Collapse Awesome trailer for an awesome looking movie. Noria 669 1 Mon, 9:01pm
           Bilbo sitting Rickster 565 0 Mon, 9:16pm
       Collapse Love this image... Lindele 740 1 Mon, 9:01pm
           so emotional NoelGallagher 582 0 Mon, 9:15pm
       Collapse Nahh... I agree with Estel. Arannir 717 3 Mon, 9:27pm
           Collapse The chariot on the ice Ardamírë 409 2 Mon, 10:58pm
               Collapse It's the shot of Smaug for me. / DanielLB 235 1 Tue, 6:14am
                   Actually, I agree. Ardamírë 197 0 Tue, 7:06am
       Collapse What a mix of emotions for me! tarasaurus 483 1 Mon, 10:03pm
           Know how you feel shadowdog 79 0 Tue, 5:08pm
       Collapse I think.. Grimbold 608 1 Mon, 10:06pm
         GEEKY Observation @ 25 sec. in Bombadil 544 0 Mon, 10:31pm
       Good things really do come to those who wait! BlackFox 528 0 Mon, 10:22pm
       Outstanding!!! Glassary 518 0 Mon, 10:28pm
       Bard in a cart. . . Náron the Dwarf 495 0 Mon, 10:37pm
       Collapse Does anyone know what films it might be linked to in the theater? Eruonen 419 1 Mon, 10:51pm
           I'm hoping Guardians of the Galaxy. tsmith675 400 0 Mon, 10:58pm
       Collapse Wow. Roheryn 540 1 Mon, 11:08pm
           Indeed Kendalf 463 0 Mon, 11:36pm
     Collapse Teaser fever burns us, precious! Thranduil! Wants!!! Lurker in the Mirk 505 4 Mon, 11:23pm
           Collapse Hey Lurker - you are missing the party! Avandel 452 3 Mon, 11:47pm
               *Whinging GAH* i know! Lurker in the Mirk 406 0 Tue, 12:11am
             Collapse It's night, it's night! Now for replays, reaffirmations and ... yeah, more replays Lurker in the Mirk 158 1 Tue, 1:23pm
                   *Sniggers and chuckles* KeenObserver 127 0 Tue, 2:32pm
       Thank you for posting this. Glorfindela 488 0 Mon, 11:33pm
       I wonder if the Iron Hill dwarves will show up as a surprise ala Rohirrim Carne 452 0 Mon, 11:46pm
       Collapse I can't breathe... grammaboodawg 446 2 Tue, 12:07am
           Your post tarasaurus 394 0 Tue, 12:31am
           It is a great teaser, Gramma... Owain 285 0 Tue, 4:59am
       I won't lie Ham_Sammy 400 0 Tue, 12:39am
       This trailer is smart to There&ThereAgain 393 0 Tue, 12:45am
       Oh, yeah, amazing! entmaiden 376 0 Tue, 12:47am
       Collapse So, it is before the walls of Erebor, the doom of our time will be decided. SirDennisC 331 3 Tue, 1:47am
           Collapse This Old Guard is excited Elessar 394 2 Tue, 2:15am
               Collapse I'm jealous Ardamírë 201 1 Tue, 7:10am
                   I wish you all could have been there. Elessar 101 0 Tue, 3:52pm
       *comes in late* cats16 308 0 Tue, 2:05am
       Collapse Anyone notice Dragonrnbw 394 1 Tue, 2:47am
           A keen observation and SirDennisC 308 0 Tue, 4:37am
       A small thing I think people are over looking... tsmith675 377 0 Tue, 3:27am
       Collapse I feel this film... delius82 356 4 Tue, 3:58am
         Collapse Geeky Observation Number 2 from Bomby... Bombadil 273 3 Tue, 5:52am
               Collapse Geeky Observation Number 3 Bombadil 254 2 Tue, 6:11am
                   Collapse "GO" number 4 Bombadil 243 1 Tue, 6:23am
                       not five dwarves Cirashala 233 0 Tue, 6:24am
       Collapse Just think ... DanielLB 252 1 Tue, 9:25am
           And I applaud them for postponing it. macfalk 188 0 Tue, 11:39am
       Sounds great! Lothiriel 228 0 Tue, 9:48am
       I'm getting this feeling that the entire movie... Misty Mountain Hop 139 0 Tue, 2:47pm
       Collapse I'm a bit disappointed zombywoof 97 1 Tue, 5:16pm
           How much of the story is left to tell? Noria 26 0 Tue, 11:00pm
       1080p Dipling 35 0 Tue, 10:35pm

  Collapse Will there be pick ups in August? djm008 536 7 Mon, 6:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse ADR Lindele 325 6 Mon, 6:32pm
           Collapse ADR djm008 274 5 Mon, 6:35pm
               No, ADR... JamesPaganini 267 0 Mon, 6:37pm
               Collapse ADR is Lindele 257 2 Mon, 6:38pm
                   ADR djm008 228 0 Mon, 6:41pm
                   You can also add new dialogue to individual shots sauget.diblosio 227 0 Mon, 6:44pm
               Aka Additional Dialogue Recording // adt100 69 0 Mon, 10:01pm

  Collapse Nearly last 1 hour to teaser.. erdildeniz 722 19 Mon, 5:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rickster)
       After all the questioning... JamesPaganini 374 0 Mon, 6:06pm
       GODD! CAN'T WAIT! The Grey Pilgrim 331 0 Mon, 6:14pm
       Collapse TICK,..tick..TICK...TICK! Bombadil 316 1 Mon, 6:18pm
           "The DAY the EARTH stood STILL"...Tick. Tick... Bombadil 310 0 Mon, 6:20pm
       30 minutes! The Grey Pilgrim 288 0 Mon, 6:30pm
       Collapse I just finished watching all of the previous trailers... tsmith675 254 4 Mon, 6:43pm
           Agreed. The Grey Pilgrim 241 0 Mon, 6:44pm
           Collapse AUJ trailers Crunchable Birdses 208 1 Mon, 6:52pm
               i agree ! shaundobson 149 0 Mon, 6:56pm
           The only reason i've held on to the TE dvds sauget.diblosio 204 0 Mon, 6:52pm
       Collapse OK I'm ready aifeme 190 1 Mon, 6:54pm
           Ready here too! Spalko 184 0 Mon, 6:55pm
       Collapse any moment now!! The Grey Pilgrim 91 2 Mon, 7:00pm
           its up!!! droidsocket 90 0 Mon, 7:01pm
           Umm PredatoR 87 0 Mon, 7:01pm
       Here it is QuackingTroll 93 0 Mon, 7:02pm
       Collapse where will it be uploaded first? lurtz2010 76 2 Mon, 7:04pm
           Collapse EPIC mo0on-light 56 1 Mon, 7:29pm
               It is fantastic Rickster 40 0 Mon, 8:13pm

  Moved: LOTR EE Blu ray set HobbitFan - - Mon, 4:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by HobbitFan)

  Collapse I don't know if I'm late... Rochallor 466 1 Mon, 3:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Misty Mountain Hop)
       Thanks!! Here's a clickable link for the vid. Misty Mountain Hop 200 0 Mon, 3:40pm

Collapse So, Who is gonna let his or her beard grow until the movie goes out? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 484 21 Mon, 2:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       I would be lucky... cats16 290 0 Mon, 2:30pm
       Me Darkstone 280 0 Mon, 2:31pm
       Collapse Not lightly does the beard lengthen Lurker in the Mirk 275 2 Mon, 2:38pm
         Collapse I can´t promise anything but... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 257 1 Mon, 2:41pm
               You read my mind Spalko 242 0 Mon, 2:49pm
       Collapse Physically impossible, I'm afraid... dormouse 254 1 Mon, 2:52pm
         A Caboki beard is the wayXD Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 223 0 Mon, 3:06pm
       Horrible genes Carne 227 0 Mon, 3:09pm
       Already have my beard LordotRings93 195 0 Mon, 3:42pm
     Collapse Probably not BlackFox 185 1 Mon, 3:48pm
           Oh my! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 178 0 Mon, 3:51pm
       Unfortunately not Radagast-Aiwendil 145 0 Mon, 4:53pm
       My hair and beard was already grown long before AUJ painjoiker 141 0 Mon, 4:58pm
       I did this for Unexpected Journey There&ThereAgain 132 0 Mon, 5:14pm
       Collapse So, how about armpits for the lady dwarves? Elarie 133 3 Mon, 5:18pm
           Collapse *Shudders*... is pleased to be a mouse.... dormouse 115 2 Mon, 5:52pm
               Collapse Come, come now... Anubis 97 1 Mon, 6:18pm
                   *Squeak* // dormouse 88 0 Mon, 6:31pm
       Wowzers. Farficom 65 0 Mon, 8:03pm
       I'm always locked and bearded KeenObserver 59 0 Mon, 8:16pm
       my husband has one finally :D Cirashala 58 0 Mon, 8:52pm

  Collapse Thread Locked New The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies teaser poster News from Bree 89 2 Mon, 2:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Collapse Thread Locked WO0OW mo0on-light 39 1 Mon, 7:27pm
           Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing thread about the new poster above. Thanks! // Altaira 35 0 Mon, 7:29pm

Collapse Trailer countdown - who´s in ? NoelGallagher 1525 82 Mon, 11:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Mr. Arkenstone (isaac))
       Collapse I'm in! KeenObserver 753 1 Mon, 11:44am
           Obviously NoelGallagher 721 0 Mon, 11:46am
       Collapse Online countdown clock SafeUnderHill 754 39 Mon, 11:50am
           Collapse Well NoelGallagher 719 2 Mon, 11:51am
               Collapse You mean 7hrs, 4 mins? // adt100 687 1 Mon, 11:56am
                   Yeah... It's out at 20:00 in the UK, and it's 12:57 now... Bofur01 696 0 Mon, 11:57am
           Collapse Countdown clock BlackFox 741 35 Mon, 11:57am
             of course NoelGallagher 668 0 Mon, 11:58am
               Collapse BlackFox has got us covered! KeenObserver 670 20 Mon, 11:59am
                 Collapse BlackFox, at your service! // BlackFox 644 19 Mon, 12:00pm
                       Collapse Lol Leaf of Mirkwood 642 18 Mon, 12:02pm
                           Collapse watching the teaser for the teaser trailer NoelGallagher 642 7 Mon, 12:04pm
                               Collapse Trouble is, my connection's running so slowly today... dormouse 445 6 Mon, 2:55pm
                                   Collapse Hope you get a better connection in the coming hours! // cats16 435 3 Mon, 2:56pm
                                       Collapse Thanks - so do I! :-) // dormouse 419 2 Mon, 3:05pm
                                           Collapse while only 4hours to go NoelGallagher 417 1 Mon, 3:11pm
                                               Anything with Spalko 397 0 Mon, 3:21pm
                                   Collapse I'll hold the phone to my screen for you. ;-) DanielLB 389 1 Mon, 3:27pm
                                       Well, there's an offer! What a gentleman you are :-) // dormouse 337 0 Mon, 4:09pm
                           Collapse You weren't alone Avandel 542 9 Mon, 12:54pm
                               Collapse Same here Spalko 529 8 Mon, 12:58pm
                                   Collapse Will be a lot longer for most of us shadowdog 334 7 Mon, 1:44pm
                                       Collapse I doubt that. Arannir 321 1 Mon, 1:47pm
                                         But can it handle the Thrall-dom? // cats16 308 0 Mon, 1:50pm
                                       Collapse True, it could happen Spalko 319 2 Mon, 1:49pm
                                           Collapse Patience my precious... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 242 1 Mon, 2:22pm
                                               At this point... Spalko 226 0 Mon, 2:31pm
                                       Collapse It should reach YouTube cats16 321 1 Mon, 1:49pm
                                           I hope so shadowdog 446 0 Mon, 2:51pm
               Collapse Gracias Zorro! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 628 11 Mon, 12:09pm
                   Collapse Or both AUJ and DOS // BlackFox 618 10 Mon, 12:10pm
                       Collapse Now I´m in trouble Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 596 9 Mon, 12:24pm
                           Collapse So what was it, if I may ask? cats16 493 8 Mon, 1:22pm
                               Collapse it was lunch time here in Spain so I havent started but I feel I´m gonna get... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 476 7 Mon, 1:32pm
                                   Collapse Nice! cats16 341 2 Mon, 1:32pm
                                       Collapse I have the feeling DOS EE is gonna turn out in one of the best EEs Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 342 1 Mon, 1:35pm
                                           I cannot wait to the EE Spalko 326 0 Mon, 1:38pm
                                   Collapse Hey Spalko 337 3 Mon, 1:34pm
                                       Collapse Hi Spalko! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 325 2 Mon, 1:36pm
                                           Collapse Yeah! Spalko 330 1 Mon, 1:39pm
                                               Va a ser bastante duro si Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 329 0 Mon, 1:40pm
               A wintery 5am in Australia (will I still be dedicated when the alarm goes off?) Kerewyn 298 0 Mon, 1:54pm
       7:00:00 to go! TheHutt 660 0 Mon, 12:00pm
       I'm gonna force myself to cry KeenObserver 654 0 Mon, 12:04pm
       The trailer will be available at 9pm in my country aifeme 592 0 Mon, 12:35pm
       Collapse From TORn's homepage BlackFox 592 14 Mon, 12:51pm
           Collapse 5 hours! // BlackFox 298 13 Mon, 1:59pm
               WB Arannir 287 0 Mon, 2:03pm
               Make it 4! // cats16 433 0 Mon, 2:59pm
               4 hours! // adt100 432 0 Mon, 3:00pm
               Collapse 3 hours! // adt100 356 7 Mon, 4:00pm
                   Collapse The tension is building. // BlackFox 329 6 Mon, 4:12pm
                       Collapse The board is set. // cats16 324 5 Mon, 4:13pm
                           Collapse the pieces are moving NoelGallagher 268 4 Mon, 5:04pm
                               Collapse where it will be uploaded first, Facebook ? NoelGallagher 236 3 Mon, 5:33pm
                                   Collapse Facebook and Warner Bros. YouTube channel. // Carne 191 1 Mon, 6:01pm
                                       I'd also recommend ... DanielLB 145 0 Mon, 6:23pm
                                   The Hobbit and Pj's fb pages I guess, usually is. :) adt100 191 0 Mon, 6:01pm
               2 hours!!! // adt100 268 0 Mon, 5:00pm
               1 hour!!!! // adt100 202 0 Mon, 6:00pm
       Collapse Yay! cats16 519 2 Mon, 1:20pm
           Collapse I had to google to find out what this 'mockingjay' thing was... adt100 383 1 Mon, 3:41pm
               I should have clarified. cats16 380 0 Mon, 3:50pm
     Collapse To pass the time... cats16 362 2 Mon, 1:45pm
           Without any doubt... Spalko 317 0 Mon, 1:56pm
           For me... cats16 257 0 Mon, 2:26pm
       I'll be in... Lurker in the Mirk 299 0 Mon, 1:59pm
       Collapse I'd like to be... smtfhw 242 3 Mon, 2:35pm
           Collapse Oops Spalko 235 2 Mon, 2:38pm
               Collapse Could be worse... smtfhw 229 1 Mon, 2:40pm
                   :) Spalko 211 0 Mon, 2:43pm
       Exciting! BornOutOfTheWest 346 0 Mon, 4:22pm
       Collapse Well, I am off. Arannir 318 3 Mon, 4:47pm
           Collapse Are you drawing or something? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 301 2 Mon, 4:55pm
               Collapse Theater :) Arannir 20 1 Mon, 9:19pm
                   Superb! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 25 0 Mon, 9:23pm
       Collapse 30 Minutes! BilboBagshot187 314 2 Mon, 6:29pm
           Collapse now that it is so close NoelGallagher 263 1 Mon, 6:42pm
               I'm glad to be with you TORnsibs... The Grey Pilgrim 252 0 Mon, 6:45pm
       Collapse PJ's FB, Hobbit FB, Warner Bros YouTube and TORN homepage on tabbed ready!!! adt100 188 2 Mon, 6:53pm
         Collapse 5.1 surround system on ? - check ! NoelGallagher 159 1 Mon, 6:55pm
               It's out! Rochallor 61 0 Mon, 7:06pm

  Collapse Interesting Comments from PJ regarding BOTFA Shagrat 1496 26 Mon, 10:57am Jump to last post in thread (by sauget.diblosio)
       Don't worry! Bernhardina 796 0 Mon, 11:06am
       Oh PJ Azaghâl 764 0 Mon, 11:08am
     No prologue?! KeenObserver 747 0 Mon, 11:12am
       Collapse The lack of prologue/flashback doesn't bother me, but Dain?.... adt100 704 3 Mon, 11:31am
           Collapse I think... Arannir 682 1 Mon, 11:39am
               True, that makes sense really. adt100 603 0 Mon, 11:58am
           Dain shadowdog 317 0 Mon, 3:00pm
       Collapse Plunging in / Flashback don't contradict... TheHutt 620 2 Mon, 12:02pm
           Collapse Agreed. Arannir 591 1 Mon, 12:05pm
               Still a possibility? KeenObserver 535 0 Mon, 12:35pm
       Collapse I said this in the other thread, but I'll say it here too. Name 527 1 Mon, 1:07pm
           I think we are so desparate Lindele 462 0 Mon, 1:35pm
       Collapse I think sometimes we over analyze these interviews Elarie 452 6 Mon, 1:57pm
           exactly Lindele 398 0 Mon, 2:09pm
           Collapse Yeah but they are well aware of our "despair" Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 367 4 Mon, 2:31pm
               Collapse haha true. Lindele 340 3 Mon, 2:40pm
                 Collapse hahahaha 15 years of non sleep Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 335 2 Mon, 2:44pm
                       Collapse if you had told me Lindele 290 1 Mon, 3:09pm
                           thats the spirit! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 272 0 Mon, 3:13pm
       Collapse I don't think he means no prologue... dormouse 332 1 Mon, 2:58pm
           this is the impression i got Lindele 294 0 Mon, 3:06pm
       it will probably be similar to the final Harry Potter film. FrogmortonJustice65 246 0 Mon, 4:03pm
       Collapse Haven't anyone considered that, painjoiker 189 1 Mon, 5:05pm
           Yes, it is a possibility... Eleniel 127 0 Mon, 6:11pm
       Collapse This comment does not mean there will be no prologue first Nolane 59 1 Mon, 6:45pm
           Plus, sauget.diblosio 64 0 Mon, 6:49pm

  Collapse PJ confirms 25-26 minutes new scenes for DOS SEE! TheHutt 1861 33 Mon, 10:21am Jump to last post in thread (by Owain)
       Darn! KeenObserver 953 0 Mon, 10:24am
       Collapse Great - thanks. Arannir 934 1 Mon, 10:27am
           It's a little disturbing KeenObserver 987 0 Mon, 10:31am
       PJ Arannir 881 0 Mon, 10:34am
       Collapse Disturbing comment by PJ Azaghâl 1009 4 Mon, 10:55am
           Yeah Shagrat 848 0 Mon, 10:58am
           You don't get someone like Billy Connolly... tsmith675 741 0 Mon, 12:15pm
           Collapse Well technically Name 631 1 Mon, 1:03pm
               I second that :-) peterLF 201 0 Mon, 5:21pm
       Collapse He wants the Sil, I can feel it Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 763 2 Mon, 12:05pm
           Collapse I guess... Arannir 691 1 Mon, 12:14pm
               I always pictured like that and I cant believe the large amount of naysayers that... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 660 0 Mon, 12:27pm
       Nice interview KeenObserver 694 0 Mon, 12:07pm
       Good to hear! cats16 546 0 Mon, 1:26pm
       Collapse Very nice interview. Thanks, TheHutt. Lurker in the Mirk 542 4 Mon, 1:33pm
           Collapse Yes... Arannir 518 2 Mon, 1:40pm
               Re: Dain. Hmm... Lurker in the Mirk 534 0 Mon, 1:42pm
               Some of the new footage in AUJ EE lasted for only 5 - 10 seconds, short little VeArkenstone 67 0 Mon, 10:15pm
           I agree, more Woodland Realm and Thranduil! More of Thranduil's personal VeArkenstone 66 0 Mon, 10:49pm
       Collapse Wonderful interview, mae govannen 493 4 Mon, 2:06pm
           Collapse EVEN through PJ was SERIOUSLY Jet-Lagged.. Bombadil 453 3 Mon, 2:41pm
               Collapse if we dont get to see Thrain NoelGallagher 402 1 Mon, 3:22pm
                   I totally agree Ardamírë 363 0 Mon, 3:32pm
               Must re-watch AUJ! adt100 135 0 Mon, 6:25pm
       Collapse Great to hear! LordotRings93 357 4 Mon, 3:47pm
         Collapse NOT sure of the NET Profit? Bombadil 307 2 Mon, 4:09pm
               Collapse Really don't want/can't imagine a reboot LordotRings93 280 1 Mon, 4:24pm
                   You misunderstood...SAME Trilogy... but "3D" Bombadil 134 0 Mon, 6:23pm
           .. PredatoR 231 0 Mon, 4:28pm
       Collapse Might as well give you folks the scoop Carne 362 1 Mon, 4:12pm
           Sounds great! Dcole4 202 0 Mon, 5:28pm
       I'm looking forward to the new EE - Hanzkaz 190 0 Mon, 5:53pm
       Good stuff.// Owain 26 0 Tue, 6:51am

  Collapse Where's the crystal? Rochallor 659 11 Mon, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Name)
       Collapse I thought Name 367 7 Mon, 2:05am
           Collapse Regarding this, Gandalf´s staff in DoS seems to have the shape of his withe one inside. Plus it prodeuces the same light as is withe one in ROTK against the Nazguls Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 116 6 Mon, 1:51pm
               Collapse Not sure what your point is.... Name 104 5 Mon, 1:57pm
                   Collapse just a mere obeservation Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 97 4 Mon, 1:58pm
                       Collapse Ah ok. Name 90 3 Mon, 2:01pm
                           Perhaps we could say Rady´s is a lesser staff but the fact that you can change crystals ... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 92 0 Mon, 2:07pm
                           Collapse I like to rationalize it this way.... joec_34 57 1 Mon, 4:13pm
                               Ah that's a good one! Makes sense too! Name 50 0 Mon, 4:25pm
       Collapse Yep Name 336 2 Mon, 2:23am
           Collapse well deskp 313 1 Mon, 2:35am
               Ohhhhhhhhhh Name 317 0 Mon, 2:37am

  Collapse Will we see the Iron Hills? (Potential teaser trailer spoiler) Sebastian the Hedgehog 722 2 Mon, 12:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Óintment)
       Collapse possible but i believe what we saw in that sneak peak was MouthofSauron 359 1 Mon, 3:11am
           guys its simple Óintment 232 0 Mon, 7:24am

  Collapse Any chance of seeing... Elutherian 491 1 Mon, 12:08am Jump to last post in thread (by Carne)
       I'm guessing this is something they're saving for the TDOS extended Blu-ray Carne 215 0 Mon, 12:15am

  Collapse How can Bard be this great war leader after being a bargeman? Avandel 1024 45 Sun, 10:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Because... JamesPaganini 624 2 Sun, 10:22pm
           This. happydood 323 0 Mon, 2:09am
           Thank you! It appears the Elves are bowing to him for such a great feat... MasterOrc 102 0 Mon, 2:00pm
       Well... Arannir 553 0 Sun, 10:26pm
       Collapse He probably would have had a lot of practice Glorfindela 553 6 Sun, 10:34pm
           Collapse Now that's an excellent point Avandel 399 2 Sun, 11:32pm
               Collapse Now there's an image! Otaku-sempai 383 1 Sun, 11:50pm
                   LOL thanks for the correction Avandel 348 0 Mon, 12:06am
           Collapse I think he would have been capable DaughterofLaketown 230 2 Mon, 4:13am
               Collapse I'm surprised that no-one has used the hackneyed phrase..... Moahunter 251 1 Mon, 5:04am
                   Just like Aragorn ninquelote 174 0 Mon, 10:11am
       Collapse That brings up another point... Earl 482 2 Sun, 10:42pm
           Collapse well. deskp 413 1 Sun, 11:14pm
               Oh does he? Earl 403 0 Sun, 11:17pm
       What about the other weapons Kilidoescartwheels 421 0 Sun, 10:59pm
       Book doubt Rochallor 418 0 Sun, 11:04pm
       Collapse Bard the Militiaman? Otaku-sempai 399 6 Sun, 11:23pm
           Collapse But I think Glorfindela makes a great point Avandel 384 5 Sun, 11:39pm
               Collapse Kingdom of Heaven was butchered in the editing room... Aragorn the Elfstone 354 4 Mon, 12:14am
                   Collapse I'm on your side! Avandel 273 3 Mon, 2:05am
                       Collapse You'll have to pardon me... Aragorn the Elfstone 228 2 Mon, 3:53am
                           Siddig Aitieuriskon 223 0 Mon, 3:57am
                           Not at all Avandel 120 0 Mon, 12:35pm
       .. Faleel 300 0 Mon, 1:12am
       Collapse agree with some posters above here Cirashala 295 4 Mon, 1:56am
           Collapse "Blood groove" (pardon the tangent) Meneldor 252 1 Mon, 2:46am
             but I love these details Avandel 126 0 Mon, 12:21pm
           A blacksmith does not make a commander Aitieuriskon 239 0 Mon, 3:38am
           Cirishala, the difference between smith and soldier was often quite pronounced (think mechanic vs driver) some crossover but differentvprofessions ElendilTheShort 196 0 Mon, 9:08am
       that's what a rebel is MirielCelebel 255 0 Mon, 2:45am
       Collapse Well the same can be said about the Hobbits boldog 192 3 Mon, 9:26am
           This. And, the hero stuff greenbalrog 167 0 Mon, 10:15am
           Collapse Well, if Antonio Banderas can pick up a language just sitting around a Viking campfire Lurker in the Mirk 101 1 Mon, 1:39pm
               That's coz Antonio B. is a vampire Avandel 8 0 1:37am
       Collapse Why should he not be? dormouse 164 1 Mon, 10:46am
         There's been some fabulous and interesting answers... Avandel 137 0 Mon, 12:12pm
       Collapse I thought that too but... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 128 1 Mon, 12:30pm
           And then again Avandel 116 0 Mon, 12:41pm
       General Han Solo Darkstone 105 0 Mon, 1:41pm
       Bard is like a lesser Aragorn.... HeWhoArisesinMight 68 0 Mon, 5:12pm
       Collapse Bard probably can use a sword, but I think he prefers the bow. VeArkenstone 41 4 Mon, 11:19pm
           Collapse very, very close :) Cirashala 44 2 Tue, 12:02am
               Collapse So it goes Bard - Bain - Brand, and it is Bain who is in DOS. Thanks! VeArkenstone 21 1 Tue, 8:54pm
                   I'm not entirely certain Cirashala 17 0 Tue, 9:10pm
           Bard never rules Lake-town. Otaku-sempai 11 0 Tue, 10:52pm

Collapse Where art dwarves/Bilbo at SDCC and press? A little retrospective Avandel 654 34 Sun, 9:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       This cheered me up for some reason Bernhardina 323 0 Sun, 9:25pm
       Collapse Honestly, I don't feel like I know the majority of the Dwarves... Salmacis81 330 1 Sun, 9:26pm
           Yeah, the whole sauget.diblosio 83 0 Mon, 3:28pm
       Collapse Thanks for this post.. delius82 312 1 Sun, 9:29pm
           Gald you liked it! Avandel 285 0 Sun, 9:48pm
       Collapse Yes. Arannir 299 10 Sun, 9:44pm
           Collapse They made Sir Ian cry! Avandel 287 9 Sun, 9:58pm
               Collapse Thank you for posting these lovely pictures Glorfindela 248 8 Sun, 10:29pm
                   Collapse You are most welcome and one day Avandel 237 7 Sun, 10:46pm
                     Collapse Oh, that is wonderful, Avandel! Glorfindela 224 1 Sun, 10:52pm
                           You are most welcome! Avandel 212 0 Sun, 11:03pm
                       Collapse Lol that's a little scary Name 223 1 Sun, 10:53pm
                           *grins* Avandel 199 0 Sun, 11:22pm
                       Collapse ooops - sad - but reposted Avandel 190 2 Sun, 11:58pm
                           Collapse Great! Ataahua 171 1 Mon, 12:49am
                             And it's digital art - not a photo! Avandel 150 0 Mon, 1:43am
       Collapse Another lovely post, Avandel KeenObserver 255 1 Sun, 10:30pm
           Thank you *bows deeply* and Amen! Avandel 218 0 Sun, 11:00pm
     Collapse Cos Dwalin didn't bust out them knuckle-dusters to make attendance? Lurker in the Mirk 183 2 Mon, 12:43am
           Collapse Graham McTavish was there I guess Avandel 158 1 Mon, 1:52am
               Yeah, the Company will prolly be on a mad ride as Dec nears eh Lurker in the Mirk 148 0 Mon, 2:06am
       Collapse You and I are on the same page today Avandel Kim 134 2 Mon, 2:59am
           Collapse You're not alone Avandel 63 1 Mon, 12:45pm
               You are not alone there Lurker in the Mirk 104 0 Mon, 1:01pm
       Collapse Nice one Avandel Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 63 2 Mon, 12:31pm
           Collapse Thank you! *bows* Avandel 53 1 Mon, 12:50pm
               you bow to no man Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 107 0 Mon, 12:54pm
       Thank you for that lovely post Elarie 100 0 Mon, 1:12pm
       Collapse Great post Avandel. NecromancerRising 77 3 Mon, 4:08pm
         Collapse Thank you and a few more random moments that strike me Avandel 58 2 Mon, 5:55pm
               Collapse Many thanks for a series of lovely posts in this thread... dormouse 48 1 Mon, 6:40pm
                 Thank you! Avandel 34 0 Mon, 7:45pm
       Collapse Nice post Avandel Noria 25 1 Mon, 8:20pm
           dwarves missing in action? Avandel 29 0 Mon, 11:15pm
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