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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse The Galadriel/Gandalf shot NoelGallagher 686 10 Tue, 8:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       I wonder Spalko 375 0 Tue, 9:35am
       Collapse My expectations erdildeniz 318 4 Tue, 11:17am
           I would like to see that happen too Spalko 232 0 Tue, 12:15pm
           Yeah, in that bunch I see no other than a wizard to confront Sauron Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 226 0 Tue, 12:31pm
           I hadn't thought of that... joec_34 210 0 Tue, 12:40pm
           Nice idea about Saruman fighting Sauron, but... Timdalf 124 0 Tue, 5:08pm
       Collapse I think Galadriel will show up alone HiddenSpring 124 3 Tue, 5:51pm
           Collapse Hmmm.... Girdle of Melian 104 2 Tue, 6:23pm
               Maybe.... HiddenSpring 95 0 Tue, 6:40pm
               It's this dress, Eleniel 96 0 Tue, 6:40pm

  Collapse Bilbo's character development in light of a sextology. Silverlode 496 11 Tue, 6:40am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Great post!// Owain 232 0 Tue, 6:49am
       Collapse One Movie Michelle Johnston 241 3 Tue, 7:53am
           Agreed. Arannir 204 0 Tue, 8:14am
           Collapse This is exactly what i feel the Hobbit films have struggled with... sauget.diblosio 132 1 Tue, 12:52pm
               I found that to be shadowdog 72 0 Tue, 3:52pm
       Collapse Well said! cats16 212 5 Tue, 8:06am
         Collapse Bomby likes to keep it simple... Bombadil 117 1 Tue, 1:28pm
               Mods up.// Owain 29 0 Tue, 10:25pm
           Collapse PJ built it up that way all along, mae govannen 112 2 Tue, 2:03pm
               The uncovering of the truth Michelle Johnston 64 0 Tue, 4:59pm
               Well said! cats16 22 0 Wed, 4:56am

  Collapse I think we have glimpsed a death boldog 1106 18 Tue, 6:34am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       could it be Rickster 571 0 Tue, 6:41am
       Collapse Peter has definitely deviated from the original narrative... Owain 622 12 Tue, 6:46am
           I agree. Mooseboy018 508 0 Tue, 7:13am
           Collapse It's not a scene in the book... Annatar598 486 7 Tue, 7:56am
               Collapse Ah here we go... Owain 483 6 Tue, 8:00am
                   Agreed. Arannir 434 0 Tue, 8:07am
                   Collapse I have faith that the filmmakers Annatar598 463 4 Tue, 8:10am
                       I completely agree with Annatar. NecromancerRising 417 0 Tue, 8:27am
                       Agree with you on all points // mae govannen 327 0 Tue, 10:02am
                       Collapse So do I - whatever 'the right thing' is.... dormouse 301 1 Tue, 11:03am
                           Feelings for Fili and Kili's deaths Elanor of Rohan 108 0 Tue, 6:50pm
           Collapse ... but regarding the BOFA, there really isn't a great deal of 'narrative' to be fair adt100 256 2 Tue, 12:23pm
             In response...to "Moosie" Bombadil 208 0 Tue, 1:39pm
               Look on the bright side... Brandybuckled 141 0 Tue, 3:55pm
       I think there is possibility that Wordofmask 520 0 Tue, 7:19am
       All Thorin's Dwarves should be at the Front Gate. Otaku-sempai 74 0 Tue, 10:04pm
       Collapse .... kbdiggity 53 1 Wed, 12:55am
           I dearly hope for that Cirashala 50 0 Wed, 1:53am

  Collapse The effect of the Ring during the Hobbit. Hanzkaz 312 4 Tue, 5:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse sure Rickster 176 1 Tue, 6:38am
           IDK, Bolg isn't a Ringwraith joec_34 72 0 Tue, 12:47pm
       I suspect we'll see a little more ring influence in the third movie Elarie 85 0 Tue, 12:19pm
       No, on that last bit. Otaku-sempai 17 0 Tue, 10:09pm

  Time for another #VoteBilbo (Martin) Welsh hero 120 0 Tue, 5:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Welsh hero)

  Collapse Would have loved to see Beorn in the trailer KingFingolfin 440 11 Tue, 1:59am Jump to last post in thread (by FrogmortonJustice65)
       Think the are holding him back Glassary 244 0 Tue, 3:37am
       Collapse In Human form AncalagontheBlack 241 3 Tue, 3:42am
           Collapse Good point KingFingolfin 200 2 Tue, 4:51am
               Collapse I mean it's a teaser... Owain 195 1 Tue, 5:06am
                   That's true KingFingolfin 179 0 Tue, 5:28am
       Collapse If Beorn truly does turn the tide Annatar598 178 1 Tue, 6:21am
           Agree with you on both points...// mae govannen 63 0 Tue, 12:34pm
       Perhaps Beorn isn't ready yet. glor 133 0 Tue, 7:54am
       Collapse I think it would have been too big a spoiler. Silverlode 120 1 Tue, 8:50am
           Exactly...// mae govannen 58 0 Tue, 12:37pm
       Radagast is also notably absent. FrogmortonJustice65 38 0 Tue, 3:11pm

  Collapse Movie Trailer Reviews AncalagontheBlack 1133 20 Tue, 1:03am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Overall good analysis Name 558 0 Tue, 1:17am
       "Juvenile Sarcasm".. doesn't over with Bomby Bombadil 514 0 Tue, 1:55am
       Collapse Another review AncalagontheBlack 557 1 Tue, 1:58am
           IGN's trailer review AncalagontheBlack 517 0 Tue, 2:52am
       Reaction videos Arannir 315 0 Tue, 7:39am
       Collapse My own opinion TheHutt 329 12 Tue, 7:50am
           Collapse Agreed. Arannir 272 4 Tue, 8:19am
               Collapse The Song Fleuz 271 3 Tue, 8:21am
                   Collapse Do it :) Arannir 249 2 Tue, 8:23am
                       Collapse Alternative Music Fleuz 164 1 Tue, 11:25am
                           I do not like that rendition too much.... Arannir 158 0 Tue, 11:42am
           Collapse I don't think using that particular song is cheating dormouse 266 6 Tue, 8:32am
               Collapse I think... Arannir 243 1 Tue, 8:42am
                   Well, I'm just glad it grew on you... // dormouse 214 0 Tue, 9:25am
               Collapse The Song Elessar 94 2 Tue, 3:57pm
                   Collapse I can believe it dormouse 74 1 Tue, 5:44pm
                       Emotions Elessar 63 0 Tue, 6:29pm
               Agreed, completely. // cats16 19 0 Wed, 4:51am
       Collapse Jeremy Jahns trailer review AncalagontheBlack 128 1 Tue, 2:30pm
           I love Jeremy Jahns Name 47 0 Tue, 8:59pm

  Collapse Regarding battle rams... Beorn's Bees 831 22 Tue, 12:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Macfeast)
       Collapse That was actually my favorite part of the trailer! // Carne 456 1 Tue, 12:59am
           Count me in. NecromancerRising 241 0 Tue, 8:00am
       I thought... arithmancer 455 0 Tue, 1:00am
       I thought they looked pretty cool Kim 444 0 Tue, 1:03am
       Definitely looks cool Name 421 0 Tue, 1:06am
       Battle rams actually make sense to me. tsmith675 457 0 Tue, 1:07am
       Collapse World of Warcraft Mooseboy018 444 1 Tue, 1:13am
           Lord of the Rings Online Arannir 265 0 Tue, 7:21am
       Collapse My favorite chapter in the book bungobaggins 353 2 Tue, 4:28am
           Collapse The book redgiraffe 328 1 Tue, 4:45am
               No, he was being sarcastic.... dormouse 231 0 Tue, 8:20am
       In Norse mythology Meneldor 336 0 Tue, 4:49am
       Rams Men! They looked utterly brilliant. DanielLB 298 0 Tue, 6:19am
       Collapse I think it is a good idea. Arannir 234 4 Tue, 8:21am
           Collapse This is the truth Azaghâl 220 3 Tue, 8:42am
               I know what you mean. Boromir Stark 166 0 Tue, 10:41am
               I'm sure we'll have infantry too TheSexyBeard 159 0 Tue, 10:53am
               Sort of how I felt. Macfeast 18 0 Wed, 1:42pm
       I Love it CathrineB 213 0 Tue, 8:38am
       Rams and the dwarven lineage tapestry Grimnir 145 0 Tue, 11:30am
       Pretty Sweet nandorin elf 78 0 Tue, 3:47pm
       Well... Otaku-sempai 47 0 Tue, 10:12pm

  Collapse Wooden logos in the film trailer? Ataahua 582 11 Tue, 12:51am Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse I was wondering the same thing. I tsmith675 310 1 Tue, 12:54am
         "Wood BURNS @ a Lower temperaturezzz. than Gold..?" Bombadil 267 0 Tue, 1:16am
       Obviously in the final trailer Smaug is gonna torch the logos. Name 280 0 Tue, 1:19am
       Because... Farficom 249 0 Tue, 2:00am
       Collapse Are they made of Oak? // dernwyn 209 1 Tue, 2:46am
           Of course! :D / Ataahua 181 0 Tue, 3:41am
       I noticed that too... Earl 180 0 Tue, 4:07am
       Yes they appear to be wood... Owain 171 0 Tue, 4:38am
       It's a clue that something wooden is coming... tiamy 182 0 Tue, 4:51am
       Hmmm . . . KeenObserver 80 0 Tue, 11:47am
       Seems an obvious reference to lake town... adt100 31 0 Tue, 6:16pm

Collapse Elves and Laketowners are thieves.... NateGate 1238 49 Mon, 10:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by patrickk)
       Collapse Gimli... Elutherian 702 2 Mon, 10:27pm
           LOL Glassary 625 0 Mon, 10:29pm
           Nope... NateGate 624 0 Mon, 10:29pm
       Collapse there is some element of greed to nearly everyone, not just Thorin Cirashala 605 21 Mon, 10:58pm
           Collapse Not really greed... NateGate 527 17 Mon, 11:38pm
               Collapse Not greed- huh, I disagree Cirashala 501 14 Mon, 11:56pm
                   Collapse So... NateGate 481 13 Tue, 12:06am
                       Collapse Um, wow Cirashala 435 12 Tue, 12:41am
                           Collapse Nah... NateGate 429 4 Tue, 12:49am
                               That's completely against the book though, as well as the movie Cirashala 431 0 Tue, 1:04am
                               Collapse Interesting... Mooseboy018 382 1 Tue, 1:17am
                                   Nah, that wouldn't make sense... Name 368 0 Tue, 1:20am
                               Holy $#!+ bungobaggins 250 0 Tue, 4:51am
                           Not the dwarves fault. marillaraina 257 0 Tue, 3:36am
                           Collapse I see what you did there ;) Arannir 183 5 Tue, 8:25am
                               Collapse lacked a handbag? Cirashala 88 4 Tue, 6:02pm
                                   Collapse Oh sorry. Arannir 82 3 Tue, 6:10pm
                                       Collapse No I wasn't, to be honest Cirashala 79 2 Tue, 6:13pm
                                           Collapse Yeah. Arannir 75 1 Tue, 6:24pm
                                               its all good :) Cirashala 73 0 Tue, 6:32pm
               I as well Avandel 457 0 Tue, 12:13am
               I take it Nategate... patrickk 9 0 Wed, 10:20pm
           If Tolkien intended the story to have messages, this was indeed one of them... The Grey Wanderer 500 0 Mon, 11:52pm
           Collapse I must be missing something Spriggan 466 1 Tue, 12:18am
               Me niether Bracegirdle 414 0 Tue, 12:42am
       I'm always on Thorin's side wrong or right but Avandel 563 0 Mon, 11:02pm
       I agree, and always have ever since reading the book long ago Elarie 537 0 Mon, 11:07pm
       Well the elves don't make a claim themselves. Spriggan 512 0 Mon, 11:40pm
       Collapse the simplified version Mooseboy018 445 7 Tue, 12:35am
           Collapse Its the elves... NateGate 417 1 Tue, 12:51am
               but the dwarves WERE starving and did need help Cirashala 399 0 Tue, 12:59am
           Collapse well ok the simplified response Avandel 353 4 Tue, 2:01am
               Collapse Thorin's pride Mooseboy018 273 1 Tue, 2:54am
                   Very nice Avandel 244 0 Tue, 4:25am
               Collapse ROFL Loresilme 272 1 Tue, 2:55am
                   *grins* Avandel 235 0 Tue, 4:30am
       You're not alone Loresilme 359 0 Tue, 1:53am
       This is exactly what I was thinking when I finished the book Wordofmask 202 0 Tue, 8:00am
       Collapse In the book, nobody behaves well during the Siege of Erebor – that is the whole point. Noria 150 1 Tue, 12:59pm
           Thanks for taking the objective view here Lurker in the Mirk 132 0 Tue, 1:54pm
       Tolkien's description of Thorin's gold sickness: Elarie 147 0 Tue, 1:12pm
       Collapse Late to the party, but Kilidoescartwheels 136 1 Tue, 2:29pm
           Yes but Wordofmask 112 0 Tue, 5:40pm
       I know how we can do this.... NateGate 127 0 Tue, 3:35pm
       Collapse Nate...Nate...Nate... Otaku-sempai 68 4 Tue, 10:32pm
           Collapse That, I am looking forward to Avandel 61 3 Tue, 11:20pm
               Collapse Thorin: "Your mother was a fish and your father smelled of elderberries!" Otaku-sempai 55 1 Tue, 11:24pm
                 ROFLOL Avandel 43 0 Wed, 12:12am
               It's winter. Noria 50 0 Wed, 12:06am

  The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Social Media Banners and Icons News from Bree 139 0 Mon, 9:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Is anyone else having trouble with error messages and the trailer? Cirashala 281 8 Mon, 9:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse Have you tried the Warner Bros. UK version? Bofur01 151 1 Mon, 9:39pm
           I saw it already Cirashala 142 0 Mon, 9:41pm
       Collapse Peter Jackson's FB page works best for me.... dormouse 114 3 Mon, 10:18pm
           restarted my computer Cirashala 100 0 Mon, 10:24pm
           Collapse Peter's FB page Kristin Thompson 56 1 Tue, 1:32am
               I found that too Loresilme 43 0 Tue, 2:19am
       Collapse What I'm wondering jackster 80 1 Mon, 11:11pm
           Youtube appeared to be down for a while Cirashala 78 0 Mon, 11:12pm

  Collapse BOTFA - Film description (On Hobbit Homepage) DuBekar 708 9 Mon, 8:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse And from the credits, we've confirmation that Old Bilbo will be in this film as well Earl 217 8 Mon, 11:01pm
           Collapse yee DuBekar 197 1 Mon, 11:05pm
               Totally! Earl 184 0 Mon, 11:11pm
           Collapse Ohhh... Bilbo... That would be perfect... // grammaboodawg 149 5 Tue, 12:10am
               Collapse It would indeed... Earl 157 3 Tue, 12:12am
                   Collapse Bombyzz Theory stated elsewhere here...MONTHS ago? Bombadil 126 2 Tue, 1:45am
                       Collapse Indeed! Earl 115 1 Tue, 1:48am
                           but no more Frodo Rickster 95 0 Tue, 3:35am
               The aged Martin Freeman mae govannen 79 0 Tue, 6:31am

Collapse BOFA Trailer Game: Official results! TheHutt 494 6 Mon, 8:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       97 Kim 190 0 Mon, 8:48pm
       Collapse My results ... DanielLB 175 1 Mon, 8:53pm
           90 Mooseboy018 31 0 Tue, 7:07am
       92... not bad tsmith675 156 0 Mon, 9:04pm
       96 Arannir 131 0 Mon, 9:22pm
       My score: 96 BlackFox 102 0 Mon, 10:05pm

  Collapse Comic-Con Montage: New Shots from Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition? News from Bree 409 3 Mon, 7:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silmaril)
     Collapse AGREED & One PLEASE...Overnight Scene... Bombadil 147 1 Tue, 2:23am
           Add another vote for this part, Bomby! // cats16 121 0 Tue, 2:26am
       Great! Silmaril 55 0 Tue, 8:41am
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