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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Empire Podcast smtfhw 468 3 Thu, 8:28am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse Too bad: language problem for me... mae govannen 149 2 Thu, 1:39pm
           Collapse No Philippa in this podcast Carne 101 1 Thu, 3:16pm
               Her 30 minutes is Linked in the first paragraph.. Bombadil 73 0 Thu, 4:34pm

  Collapse Is Dain CG? Scourge of the Stoors 899 10 Thu, 7:54am Jump to last post in thread (by SafeUnderHill)
       mostly real Fleuz 519 0 Thu, 7:56am
       Collapse In the WETA Book Orc Berserker 563 2 Thu, 8:08am
           In a couple of shots adt100 435 0 Thu, 9:45am
           It's quite simple SafeUnderHill 126 0 Thu, 5:40pm
       Collapse The fact that we can't say makes me wonder... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 404 1 Thu, 10:35am
           I so much agree with you!!! mae govannen 321 0 Thu, 11:02am
       Collapse More GW than CG dungolfin 379 2 Thu, 10:45am
           Collapse I thought GW meant Glaswegian QuackingTroll 282 1 Thu, 12:15pm
               LOL!!! Excellent.// mae govannen 187 0 Thu, 2:29pm
       Almost entirely CG Osskil 182 0 Thu, 3:47pm

  Collapse Cool way to possibly explain Bilbo's comprehension of the spiders gliido 431 3 Thu, 6:30am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse There's nothing in the movie that indicates that the Ring allows Bilbo to understand the spiders. DanielLB 147 1 Thu, 11:04am
           Here's another theory - they were whispering... QuackingTroll 129 0 Thu, 12:11pm
       Imagining a magical mechanism which doesn't fit the events Spriggan 70 0 Thu, 3:20pm

  Collapse PJ's cameo??? ghost_matt 789 9 Thu, 5:56am Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       pretty sure NoelGallagher 471 0 Thu, 7:03am
       Collapse I thought he was one of the men of.. Bofur01 375 1 Thu, 9:08am
           NICE Heads UP! going Again Monday morning..SSOooo.. Bombadil 295 0 Thu, 9:56am
       Collapse When the trailer was released Elvanui 253 5 Thu, 12:06pm
           Collapse when Bilbo walks up to Bag-End NoelGallagher 249 4 Thu, 12:16pm
               Collapse I thought so too during my second viewing Carne 221 3 Thu, 12:22pm
                   i think that effect is wanted NoelGallagher 216 0 Thu, 12:29pm
                   Collapse I don't think its PJ DjU 91 1 Thu, 5:51pm
                       I want the PJ spy in BoFA EE QuackingTroll 66 0 Thu, 6:22pm

  Collapse An interesting thought about Kili/Tauriel... ecthelionsbeard 737 19 Thu, 5:33am Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Collapse I've been pondering Roheryn 326 7 Thu, 10:08am
         SSOoo..TRUE Ro! ...Dearest... Bombadil 276 0 Thu, 10:32am
           Collapse I agree with a lot of what you said. Alcarcalime 275 4 Thu, 10:32am
               Collapse I do suspect Roheryn 260 1 Thu, 10:46am
                 What a WIDE WEB.... PJ... Weavezz......// Bombadil 234 0 Thu, 11:18am
               I think it did. arithmancer 226 0 Thu, 12:31pm
               Legolas (SPOILERS) Laineth 58 0 Thu, 10:37pm
           You've expressed my own thoughts as well!...// mae govannen 252 0 Thu, 10:41am
       Thranduil also has no Elven Ring to protect his kingdom Dame Ioreth 178 0 Thu, 3:34pm
       Collapse subject marillaraina 173 2 Thu, 3:41pm
           Collapse woodelves.... swordwhale 156 1 Thu, 3:57pm
               subject marillaraina 134 0 Thu, 4:23pm
       Collapse Kili/Tauriel romance and Gimli/Legolas friendship DigificWriter 156 6 Thu, 4:25pm
           Collapse but... marillaraina 136 5 Thu, 4:40pm
               Collapse Not sure if serious DigificWriter 129 3 Thu, 4:53pm
                   Collapse subject marillaraina 118 2 Thu, 5:20pm
                       Collapse Meh Elentari03 17 1 6:45am
                           I also thought I read on here that during the DoS EE commentary... Eleniel 7 0 9:31am
               really NOT a romance fan.... swordwhale 50 0 Thu, 11:12pm

  Collapse New HUGE Bilbo Spoiler. Not told before! lastnickleft 1108 7 Thu, 5:31am Jump to last post in thread (by glor)
       Collapse Mods... ecthelionsbeard 491 3 Thu, 5:34am
           Collapse Oh, Come on lastnickleft 452 1 Thu, 5:37am
               Stil, this doesn't feel like a correct way to use these Boards.// mae govannen 289 0 Thu, 8:08am
           The post is fine. Ataahua 327 0 Thu, 8:19am
       Golly! Elarie 149 0 Thu, 2:37pm
       Collapse bwa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa swordwhale 120 1 Thu, 3:58pm
         What a con glor 100 0 Thu, 4:25pm

  Collapse Anyone else left hanging when Saruman says "leave sauron to me"? SPOILERS MouthofSauron 864 20 Thu, 4:18am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse I have one word...... swordwhale 555 3 Thu, 4:20am
           NERDGASM ! MouthofSauron 482 0 Thu, 4:22am
           Collapse That seems to be the answer to everything... QuackingTroll 205 1 Thu, 12:52pm
               I...feel...... swordwhale 118 0 Thu, 3:09pm
       Collapse No, because that Silverlode 482 4 Thu, 4:23am
           Collapse right but still ... MouthofSauron 441 3 Thu, 4:25am
               Collapse I think Elrond will be in the EE... QuackingTroll 209 2 Thu, 12:55pm
                   Collapse Ohhh, I would just love that!!! mae govannen 170 1 Thu, 1:02pm
                       No hints, just speculating. Wouldn't it be fun, though // QuackingTroll 152 0 Thu, 1:16pm
       Collapse Worked for me ghost_matt 360 1 Thu, 6:03am
           Perplexin' Plot Lines, PJ does... Does He NOT? Bombadil 252 0 Thu, 10:05am
       Collapse Biggest disappointment Remus 276 6 Thu, 10:06am
           ...and I hope he doesn't dungolfin 240 0 Thu, 10:21am
           I'm not sure interpreting a trailer as a series of sequentially linked scenes Spriggan 225 0 Thu, 10:51am
           Collapse Fiery Sauron is not in the movie so I guess in the EE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 223 3 Thu, 11:19am
             Collapse Phillipa Hints? that DG is LOOOONGER in the PodCast.. Bombadil 233 1 Thu, 11:25am
                   did she ? NoelGallagher 188 0 Thu, 12:24pm
               i really wanted Saruman to take on Sauron Mad Hatter of Middle-Earth 125 0 Thu, 3:03pm
       This was one of the only real spoilers I'd read going into the film... adt100 235 0 Thu, 11:18am
       We're supposed to be left hanging dave_lf 169 0 Thu, 1:19pm

  Collapse "The Hobbit: The Long and Short of It." KRRouse 569 6 Thu, 4:18am Jump to last post in thread (by KRRouse)
       Collapse of course......... swordwhale 299 4 Thu, 4:20am
           Collapse Okay... KRRouse 263 1 Thu, 4:28am
               hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm swordwhale 67 0 Thu, 3:14pm
           Beorn :( tarasaurus 231 0 Thu, 5:16am
         ROFLOL! Avandel 204 0 Thu, 5:55am
       Article Link Re-submitted KRRouse 10 0 1:57am

  Collapse Observations from a second viewing (all spoilery) Silverlode 1295 32 Thu, 3:56am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse Another interesting thought.. ecthelionsbeard 626 1 Thu, 4:02am
           Bilbo and Balin syameese 512 0 Thu, 4:49am
       I've only seen it once so far... swordwhale 549 0 Thu, 4:09am
       Collapse another observation about Fili (thanks for compiling this for us!) Cirashala 573 14 Thu, 4:29am
           Thorin Ham_Sammy 538 0 Thu, 4:33am
           Collapse I absolutely agree lionoferebor 277 12 Thu, 12:17pm
             Collapse A whole different perspective indeed... mae govannen 229 1 Thu, 2:00pm
                   Yes, Fili is very courageous lionoferebor 189 0 Thu, 2:57pm
               Collapse Ah, you thought that as well?... Na Vedui 115 3 Thu, 6:37pm
                   Collapse *nods* BlackFox 108 2 Thu, 6:50pm
                       Collapse Exactly how I remember it too. lionoferebor 50 1 Thu, 11:23pm
                           Thanks for the full quote! BlackFox 9 0 10:29am
               Collapse Did he? Cirashala 93 5 Thu, 8:04pm
                   Collapse He did BlackFox 70 3 Thu, 9:29pm
                       Collapse oh my gosh Cirashala 69 1 Thu, 9:44pm
                           Cirashala.. ecthelionsbeard 20 0 6:58am
                       I saw the film again today and can confirm that MatthewJer18 63 0 Thu, 9:48pm
                   "Run!" lionoferebor 46 0 Thu, 11:27pm
       Azog's blood tarasaurus 477 0 Thu, 5:25am
     Wow, thanks for posting these observations! Avandel 429 0 Thu, 5:40am
       Collapse A followup thought... Silverlode 471 7 Thu, 6:01am
           GREAT theory Cirashala 411 0 Thu, 6:05am
           Collapse Given their importance, it struck me as odd that... thomasofrohan 425 5 Thu, 6:08am
               Collapse Like the Laketown restitution... Silverlode 404 4 Thu, 6:17am
                   Collapse Given how Dain treats Thranduil during their confrontation... thomasofrohan 418 3 Thu, 6:24am
                       Collapse But it's a matter of honor Silverlode 402 2 Thu, 6:46am
                           But Avandel 363 0 Thu, 7:40am
                         "Choice comments"... LOL! mae govannen 198 0 Thu, 2:12pm
       Collapse Great observations, Silverlode. Roheryn 310 1 Thu, 10:33am
           YOU BOW to No ONE...SILVERGIRL..Sail on &ON! Bombadil 255 0 Thu, 11:46am
       Collapse How many significant details one can find mae govannen 211 1 Thu, 2:23pm
           Details are why I wish I had the DVD already! Avandel 142 0 Thu, 4:54pm

  Collapse Well, here we are. December 18 is tomorrow and BOFA will be out Ziggy Stardust 274 4 Thu, 2:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Ziggy Stardust)
       Collapse hey it's out! swordwhale 137 3 Thu, 3:41am
           Collapse I'm going to wait until Monday before QuackingTroll 48 1 Thu, 1:31pm
               here, have a barf bag... swordwhale 27 0 Thu, 3:07pm
           It is? Ziggy Stardust 12 0 2:25am

  Collapse Great ending, no spoilers Glaurung63 498 3 Thu, 2:15am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse defying the laws of physics... swordwhale 197 2 Thu, 3:35am
           Collapse More extreme improbability Spriggan 84 1 Thu, 9:45am
               elves and the laws of physics......... swordwhale 39 0 Thu, 3:13pm

  Collapse Anyone else not cry? Beorn's Bees 710 19 Thu, 1:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Collapse Man oh man…. ecthelionsbeard 433 1 Thu, 1:34am
           the Thorin scene Ham_Sammy 355 0 Thu, 2:04am
       Collapse Had Thorin and Bilbo's conversation... tsmith675 372 1 Thu, 1:56am
           Heh, me too arithmancer 284 0 Thu, 2:40am
       I bawled like a wee little baby tarasaurus 339 0 Thu, 2:01am
       No tears here// sevilodorf 268 0 Thu, 2:28am
       I did get lumps in throat Glaurung63 284 0 Thu, 2:29am
       I didn't cry Riven Delve 284 0 Thu, 2:52am
       the problem is.... swordwhale 270 0 Thu, 3:33am
       I didn't cry FrogmortonJustice65 234 0 Thu, 3:41am
       i didn't cry either MouthofSauron 214 0 Thu, 4:14am
       Collapse I didn't cry in any of LOTR... Kimtc 223 2 Thu, 4:21am
           Collapse the 2nd time Ham_Sammy 210 1 Thu, 4:31am
               I bet you're right about the finality of it all Kimtc 201 0 Thu, 4:40am
       For me Sebastian the Hedgehog 212 0 Thu, 4:28am
       I cried (Spoilers) Dame Ioreth 224 0 Thu, 4:52am
       Collapse Nope, not even a lump in the throat... Eleniel 144 2 Thu, 8:53am
           Collapse ROTK is the film that left me completely cold NecromancerRising 124 1 Thu, 9:41am
               I didn't cry over the endings... Eleniel 66 0 Thu, 2:01pm

  Collapse It is really the end... (No Spoilers) Hobbity Hobbit 442 1 Thu, 1:02am Jump to last post in thread (by FrogmortonJustice65)
       That's how I feel. FrogmortonJustice65 116 0 Thu, 3:44am

  Collapse Thread Locked My review… 9/10 ecthelionsbeard 375 1 Thu, 12:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Thread Locked Please post this in the sticked 'Official User Review Thread' above. / Ataahua 96 0 Thu, 1:15am

  Collapse A Completely Honest & True Story from.. Bombadil 493 4 Thu, 12:54am Jump to last post in thread (by Roheryn)
       Collapse Haha Ham_Sammy 119 1 Thu, 3:10am
           Too funny! Roheryn 43 0 Thu, 10:38am
       Glad you enjoyed it Bomby. FrogmortonJustice65 93 0 Thu, 3:46am
       epic fails..... swordwhale 108 0 Thu, 3:48am
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