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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Some lighter moments Old Toby 464 6 Sun, 7:59am Jump to last post in thread (by Miss-Merriweather)
       The rabbit Glorfindela 200 0 Sun, 12:45pm
       Collapse Gandalf's hat... Miss-Merriweather 182 1 Sun, 1:05pm
           LOL! or maybe it has a life of its own, like the talking hat in Harry Potter! Old Toby 91 0 Sun, 5:05pm
       Any old conjurer of cheap tricks can pull a rabbit out of a hat Spriggan 167 0 Sun, 1:06pm
       Collapse Since you've got an eye for horses too Roheryn 68 1 Sun, 8:06pm
           Apparently we have discovered... Miss-Merriweather 11 0 12:58pm

Collapse Questions on the Battle for those who went with non-book readers, or who didn't know the story Lurker in the Mirk 543 4 Sun, 7:43am Jump to last post in thread (by KingTurgon)
       My companion arithmancer 245 0 Sun, 2:07pm
       Favorite battle scenes... arithmancer 171 0 Sun, 3:42pm
       I went with two relatives Ham_Sammy 163 0 Sun, 4:16pm
       My brother KingTurgon 115 0 Sun, 5:33pm

Collapse So, how do you think our dwarves would have danced? Cirashala 285 8 Sun, 7:33am Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       Hmmm... Angharad73 114 0 Sun, 12:58pm
       Collapse Very earthy... Na Vedui 91 1 Sun, 2:16pm
         Another of...Bombyzz "Secret" Theories? Bombadil 74 0 Sun, 3:50pm
       Collapse It could only be this... Elarie 86 3 Sun, 3:44pm
         Collapse Yup, that's it! Lissuin 43 1 Sun, 7:58pm
               No need to imagine dancing Klingons; they're right here. Meneldor 18 0 1:37am
           bwahaha! Cirashala 30 0 Sun, 9:15pm
       One thing I do know... Greenwood Hobbit 64 0 Sun, 5:37pm

  Collapse Thorin's funeral - a matter of closure Old Toby 926 16 Sun, 6:57am Jump to last post in thread (by sueb1863)
       I guess everybody in Dale mae govannen 517 0 Sun, 7:17am
       Whose honour? Spriggan 360 0 Sun, 11:31am
       Collapse I also feel I need closure... Angharad73 351 3 Sun, 12:10pm
           Collapse With so many characters potentially present, a funeral could indeed have tied up a number of loose ends. Macfeast 327 2 Sun, 1:00pm
               Couldn't agree more Angharad73 281 0 Sun, 1:10pm
               Yes, all those things, Macfeast Glorfindela 162 0 Sun, 5:57pm
       Collapse My only complaint for this movie is Thrain II 350 1 Sun, 12:59pm
           I wouldn't assume anything sueb1863 76 0 Sun, 11:34pm
       I think Ham_Sammy 227 0 Sun, 4:21pm
       Collapse Thank you all for your comments and feedback Old Toby 195 4 Sun, 5:01pm
           Collapse That's what I think Ham_Sammy 189 2 Sun, 5:14pm
               Collapse I do not think it was cut for running time glor 72 1 12:36am
                   If that's the thinking behind the cut sueb1863 18 0 11:32am
           I also didn't need a funeral Avandel 178 0 Sun, 5:43pm
       I needed it too CathrineB 130 0 Sun, 8:06pm
       What? sarahb1863 112 0 Sun, 9:48pm

Collapse Another AMAZING VISUAL Metaphor @ the End of the Movie? Bombadil 800 3 Sun, 2:33am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       A restoration of normality Michelle Johnston 214 0 Sun, 7:41am
       Collapse Unfortunately all I took from that shot was... AshNazg 215 1 Sun, 9:19am
         THAT? TOO! ....Itz ALL Good...Fran&PJ are...& always will Bombadil 162 0 Sun, 9:59am

  Collapse Hostility to this trilogy in the media MatthewJer18 1298 27 Sun, 2:11am Jump to last post in thread (by hobbitylass)
       Collapse Don't let them bother you. Aragorn the Elfstone 660 1 Sun, 2:17am
           I agree with this hobbitylass 46 0 Sun, 11:05pm
       I have found that a lot of the more negative reviews are busy comparing them to LOTR Old Toby 530 0 Sun, 4:33am
       I'm getting the same feeling as you do mae govannen 473 0 Sun, 5:37am
       Most of the reviewers mefansmum 498 0 Sun, 5:41am
       Collapse Increasingly its the nature of criticism I would say... moreorless 513 9 Sun, 5:47am
           Collapse Very well said Old Toby 435 5 Sun, 6:28am
               Collapse The problem I would say is confusing expectation with quality... moreorless 420 4 Sun, 7:36am
                   Collapse Hm... zalmoxis 328 3 Sun, 9:56am
                       Collapse I would say judge everything by a similar standard moreorless 300 2 Sun, 11:00am
                           Collapse Agreed,... zalmoxis 278 1 Sun, 11:24am
                               I think both can be "done well" though... moreorless 232 0 Sun, 1:18pm
           Collapse Yes, this is true Glorfindela 355 1 Sun, 9:28am
               The end result to me seems to be fewer interesting opinions not more... moreorless 289 0 Sun, 11:06am
           Yes, I've found this, too Glorfindela 167 0 Sun, 3:49pm
       Collapse I think you guys are going to deep... Avnar 486 3 Sun, 6:29am
           Collapse I just don't understand it... AshNazg 366 2 Sun, 10:28am
             *snicker*..*snicker* Bomby getzz.. it! quietly ..NOW? AshNag... Bombadil 327 0 Sun, 10:53am
               It's... zalmoxis 333 0 Sun, 10:54am
       Collapse It's true... Arvida 357 4 Sun, 10:07am
           Collapse To some degree I think Lucas's Starwars Prequals created a desire for something similar moreorless 159 3 Sun, 4:40pm
               Collapse Another one Ham_Sammy 138 2 Sun, 5:16pm
                   I think he's a great example of what I was posting about earlier in the thread.. moreorless 120 0 Sun, 5:42pm
                   Yes Glorfindela 82 0 Sun, 5:43pm
       Collapse Media love winding people up, it's how they get hits/sell papers sycorax82 199 1 Sun, 3:24pm
           Well Glorfindela 171 0 Sun, 3:50pm
       The problem is that many of them are impostors, not trained film critics Elarie 85 0 Sun, 6:10pm

  Collapse Gandalf and Bilbo's last conversation is in the wrong order... AshNazg 833 8 Sun, 1:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       This is another example of the messiness of the trilogy... sycorax82 392 0 Sun, 3:44am
       Collapse Gandalf's last line... Aragorn the Elfstone 394 4 Sun, 3:48am
           Collapse Nope AshNazg 211 3 Sun, 9:12am
               Collapse Well, I'm not going to argue... Aragorn the Elfstone 89 2 Sun, 5:14pm
                   Collapse He's not in frame when previously stood close either... AshNazg 53 1 Sun, 8:11pm
                       Stalemate Aragorn the Elfstone 55 0 Sun, 8:13pm
       Collapse Just because it's different doesn't mean it's 'out of order' DigificWriter 60 1 Sun, 7:59pm
           I didn't mean out of order from the book... AshNazg 53 0 Sun, 8:06pm

  Collapse Top Ten Scenes of The Hobbit Trilogy Elutherian 749 11 Sun, 1:38am Jump to last post in thread (by grimbeorn15)
       Collapse 10 Ham_Sammy 426 2 Sun, 2:18am
           Collapse Here's mine KingTurgon 313 1 Sun, 4:23am
               Same here :D Spalko 243 0 Sun, 6:11am
     13..?.. THUMBS UP fur THAT..TOTALLY..OP!!...// Bombadil 326 0 Sun, 3:04am
       Collapse My Top 15 Favorite Scenes (divided by movie) DigificWriter 346 1 Sun, 4:04am
           Following that route. moreorless 99 0 Sun, 5:17pm
       Top 10 is a 14 - mostly Thorin Kilidoescartwheels 261 0 Sun, 6:31am
       Ten favorite! Peterthorn of Rohan 193 0 Sun, 10:37am
       In no particular order and off the top of my head: Nira 82 0 Sun, 5:48pm
       I just can't do it Glorfindela 84 0 Sun, 5:49pm
       Top 10 grimbeorn15 78 0 Sun, 6:05pm

  Collapse Tauriel/Kili Appreciation... Laineth 592 24 Sun, 1:08am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse Well if you're going to have an elf/dwarf romance, Ataahua 385 2 Sun, 2:05am
           Yes! tarasaurus 328 0 Sun, 2:41am
           Oh, Ataahua!... I had no idea mae govannen 278 0 Sun, 5:08am
       Collapse Hi marillaraina 344 1 Sun, 2:07am
           Agreed. BalrogTrainer 289 0 Sun, 3:39am
       Collapse I love these two DigificWriter 303 11 Sun, 3:46am
           Ditto, ditto, ditto... I love those two!!! mae govannen 274 0 Sun, 5:05am
           Collapse Are you sure you were watching the same film as me? Eleniel 242 9 Sun, 7:52am
               Collapse Let me clarify what i meant DigificWriter 238 7 Sun, 7:59am
                   Collapse I think that is a matter of interpretation... Eleniel 231 6 Sun, 8:05am
                       Collapse He was already intent... arithmancer 169 5 Sun, 2:36pm
                           Collapse Hmmm - yes. I'm not sure Spriggan 158 4 Sun, 2:51pm
                               Collapse No one is suggesting that he would have run away... Eleniel 151 3 Sun, 3:09pm
                                   Collapse Well, they were there to remove the leadership. Spriggan 131 2 Sun, 4:32pm
                                       Collapse subject marillaraina 91 1 Sun, 6:04pm
                                           Other way around :) Cirashala 17 0 8:54am
               subject marillaraina 98 0 Sun, 5:49pm
       Collapse subject marillaraina 299 1 Sun, 5:07am
           Beautifully said! Agree with you...// mae govannen 273 0 Sun, 5:10am
     Re: PWOKristy 277 0 Sun, 5:32am
       Collapse Just posting to say... arithmancer 157 1 Sun, 3:36pm
           subject marillaraina 97 0 Sun, 6:02pm
       I love Tauriel and I love Kili and I love their friendship...just not their romance // Nira 94 0 Sun, 5:53pm
       Tauriel/Kili Appreciation... Ilmatar 72 0 Sun, 8:58pm

  Collapse Question about Bofur& James Nesbitt? erdildeniz 548 5 Sun, 12:25am Jump to last post in thread (by DjU)
       PJ doesn't care about the dwarfs anymore Azaghâl 300 0 Sun, 12:50am
       That's not the purpose of the credits or the marketing. Spriggan 285 0 Sun, 12:54am
       Collapse I'm thinking he must be in more of the EE tarasaurus 227 1 Sun, 2:43am
           Over 9 Months ago DjU 26 0 Sun, 11:13pm
       There is a definitely a scene missing that MF said was filmed with Bofur... Eleniel 174 0 Sun, 7:54am

  Collapse scenes I loved in BOFA, spoilers. shaundobson 444 1 Sun, 12:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Gianna)
       My favourite part Gianna 72 0 Sun, 3:40pm

  Collapse Dain Ironfoot MedwedtoBeorn 882 10 Sat, 10:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elentari03)
       Collapse Liked Connolly's performance... Salmacis81 464 1 Sat, 11:09pm
           Still hoping... BalrogTrainer 248 0 Sun, 3:12am
       Totally agree! Thrain II 395 0 Sat, 11:10pm
       Collapse I like most of Dain's scenes Carne 401 3 Sat, 11:19pm
           Collapse The headbutting Ham_Sammy 405 1 Sat, 11:22pm
               favorites MedwedtoBeorn 340 0 Sat, 11:34pm
           yeah deskp 315 0 Sat, 11:44pm
       Collapse I loved Dain! Old Toby 204 2 Sun, 4:18am
           Dain having woven boar tusks into his beard was a nice touch DigificWriter 208 0 Sun, 4:24am
           Yes! :) Elentari03 180 0 Sun, 5:31am

  Collapse Did Legolas love Tauriel? Kilidoescartwheels 907 19 Sat, 9:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Laineth)
       Collapse Doesn't Legolas say to Thranduil... Eleniel 565 5 Sat, 9:50pm
           Collapse May not be romantic love SirDennisC 450 3 Sat, 10:31pm
               Collapse Agreed. cats16 402 1 Sat, 10:42pm
                 Something to Consider..? Bombadil 359 0 Sat, 11:18pm
               I thought the same D. Brethil 96 0 Sun, 5:30pm
           Agree totally with you, Eleniel/ mae govannen 208 0 Sun, 3:32am
       Re: Did Legolas love Tauriel? DigificWriter 464 0 Sat, 9:59pm
       Collapse I think he loved her Cirashala 479 1 Sat, 10:02pm
           You have spoken for me too!... mae govannen 198 0 Sun, 4:32am
       Collapse He is in love with gimli mirkwoodwanderer 433 2 Sat, 10:34pm
           Collapse Re: He is in love with Gimli DigificWriter 405 1 Sat, 10:41pm
               Well, not super serious, but it is free for all to fill in the blanks mirkwoodwanderer 83 0 Sun, 7:17pm
       Collapse No. Laineth 317 5 Sun, 12:52am
           Collapse But all you say shows his love for Tauriel in fact!!! // mae govannen 208 3 Sun, 4:40am
               Collapse Yes, Laineth 36 2 2:54am
                   Collapse True love respects the other person's choice, mae govannen 26 1 5:50am
                       I agree Laineth 0 0 6 mins ago
           No love triangle Bluewriter 74 0 Sun, 10:24pm
       does PJ have a crush on Legolas ?? MouthofSauron 175 0 Sun, 9:43am

  Collapse Question about BOTFA... ecthelionsbeard 426 6 Sat, 9:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bumblingidiot)
       It lets the audience know... Aragorn the Elfstone 239 0 Sat, 9:41pm
       Well it is to deliver that warning that Spriggan 212 0 Sat, 9:44pm
       Collapse they are eagles Cirashala 199 2 Sat, 10:15pm
           Plus Ham_Sammy 107 0 Sun, 12:17am
           All points very true...// mae govannen 60 0 Sun, 5:16am
       I liked the messiness of the battle. Bumblingidiot 37 0 Sun, 2:15pm

  Collapse Begging PJ for 48fps on Home Video... Aragorn the Elfstone 584 20 Sat, 7:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse I have still yet to see HFR, but... tsmith675 296 12 Sat, 7:34pm
           Collapse Just remember... Aragorn the Elfstone 281 8 Sat, 7:38pm
               Collapse HFR was great for the marathon. cats16 270 1 Sat, 7:50pm
                   Yes... Aragorn the Elfstone 251 0 Sat, 7:56pm
               Yes, it looked like you were watching thru a window, that's how real it looked hobbitylass 266 0 Sat, 7:57pm
               Collapse But it may not be jarring at all Glorfindela 130 4 Sat, 11:45pm
                   Collapse Yes, same here. Silverlode 88 3 Sun, 2:51am
                       And for some... cats16 83 0 Sun, 2:54am
                       Collapse Well, it's not that I didn't like it... Aragorn the Elfstone 82 1 Sun, 3:02am
                           While for me Silverlode 74 0 Sun, 3:59am
           Also... Aragorn the Elfstone 264 0 Sat, 7:46pm
           Choice of seat for 48HFR Lissuin 199 0 Sat, 9:32pm
           BOTFA has finally converted me to HFR Elarie 145 0 Sat, 11:22pm
       Collapse I'm pretty desperate for WB to at least release the trailer AshNazg 176 4 Sat, 10:33pm
           Yes Aragorn the Elfstone 169 0 Sat, 10:37pm
           Collapse I remember seeing this a while back on YouTube actually... Misty Mountain Hop 129 2 Sun, 12:24am
               Collapse That's just... Aragorn the Elfstone 123 1 Sun, 12:28am
                   Yeah that's what I figured. Misty Mountain Hop 114 0 Sun, 12:36am
       Collapse I doubt 4K UHD will support 48fps TheHutt 159 1 Sat, 11:17pm
           Actually it will. Aragorn the Elfstone 140 0 Sun, 12:04am
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