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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Newish BotFA Elf Battle+Negotiation images/GIFs [Potential spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 1024 17 Wed, 4:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse Cool! Eruvandi 382 10 Wed, 4:33pm
           Collapse I'd say. . . Aranaes 266 1 Wed, 7:50pm
               Astute! Lurker in the Mirk 140 0 Thu, 4:20am
         Collapse Welcome! and Viddie Lurker in the Mirk 151 7 Thu, 3:57am
               Collapse The first thing I thought of Cirashala 143 5 Thu, 4:14am
                   Collapse Well, it's that horsey action Lurker in the Mirk 141 4 Thu, 4:22am
                       Collapse You beat me to it! About Luke, though, mae govannen 124 3 Thu, 6:11am
                           Collapse Well, that empire article I linked to Lurker in the Mirk 123 2 Thu, 6:22am
                               Collapse Exactly what I thought then! Thanks... mae govannen 90 1 Thu, 9:34am
                                   Welcome! Tho, iirc... Lurker in the Mirk 80 0 Thu, 10:26am
               Ooooh. I think Aranaes is right then! Eruvandi 46 0 Thu, 4:23pm
       Collapse Hmm how could I have almost missed this thread? VValar 88 5 Thu, 10:42am
           Collapse Welcome! Lurker in the Mirk 74 2 Thu, 11:22am
               Collapse Hmm not sure anymore VValar 39 1 Thu, 4:47pm
                 I know what you mean Lurker in the Mirk 7 0 4:07am
           Collapse How could I have almost missed this link.... mae govannen 55 1 Thu, 2:21pm
             You're very welcome VValar 38 0 Thu, 4:37pm

  Collapse Extras on Itunes JamesPaganini 552 17 Wed, 3:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by nusilver)
       They're only stream able now, so you can't download them. // Bofur01 250 0 Wed, 3:59pm
       Collapse The extras are only streaming NecromancerRising 258 9 Wed, 4:00pm
           Collapse Where can I stream them? JamesPaganini 252 8 Wed, 4:01pm
               Collapse First of all install the new version of Itunes. NecromancerRising 259 7 Wed, 4:04pm
                   Collapse Help plz Avandel 246 6 Wed, 4:13pm
                       Collapse . SafeUnderHill 157 5 Wed, 8:26pm
                         Collapse Thank you for your post - nope Avandel 139 4 Wed, 9:04pm
                               Collapse I will try to help as much as i can. NecromancerRising 133 1 Wed, 9:19pm
                                   Thank you - no options! Avandel 119 0 Wed, 10:10pm
                               Collapse ack Bard'sBlackArrow 98 1 Thu, 12:16am
                                   Sigh - thanks for hint to keep e-mailing Avandel 93 0 Thu, 12:33am
       Collapse Have the same problem Avandel 259 5 Wed, 4:04pm
           Collapse Check if SD or HD version Arvida 91 4 Thu, 2:48am
               Collapse oh, it is the HD version Avandel 81 3 Thu, 4:02am
                   Phone their support... Bofur01 52 0 Thu, 6:47am
                   Collapse let me see if I can help. nusilver 25 1 Thu, 3:37pm
                       well... nusilver 18 0 Thu, 5:12pm

  Collapse So my question is this....... Greypilgrim 500 3 Wed, 3:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Joe20)
       My thought is that NecromancerRising 265 0 Wed, 3:59pm
       *Grins* - gotta save some stuff for the SUPER collection Avandel 216 0 Wed, 3:59pm
       They will probably talk about it in the commentary Joe20 140 0 Wed, 6:09pm

  Collapse Possible new pics of BOFA? TheBeerBaron 702 3 Wed, 3:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithfânion)
       Collapse I got my hopes up. Farficom 274 1 Wed, 3:17pm
           I'm so sorry! TheBeerBaron 221 0 Wed, 3:22pm
       Different staffs for Gandalf again? Mithfânion 205 0 Wed, 3:43pm

  Collapse EXCLUSIVE: Debuting Cover Art for "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" Special Edition Soundtrack News from Bree 596 7 Wed, 12:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
       Collapse Odd color choice KingTurgon 247 1 Wed, 6:05pm
           It.. droidsocket 219 0 Wed, 6:38pm
       Collapse Beautiful! Pretty much what everyone expected tsmith675 210 1 Wed, 6:42pm
           I don't understand that either... Queen of Erebor 93 0 Wed, 9:48pm
       Collapse They must have seen... TheHutt 191 2 Wed, 7:18pm
           That's exactly... Aragorn the Elfstone 160 0 Wed, 7:38pm
           The theory behind the colour coding... QuackingTroll 154 0 Wed, 8:30pm

  Collapse Thrains eye etc. disturbing changes (dos:EE) thrainseye 1025 19 Wed, 12:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by sycorax82)
       Collapse It Faleel 543 2 Wed, 12:41pm
           It can't really be that, painjoiker 487 0 Wed, 1:00pm
           Really? What's the detail behind this? // adt100 328 0 Wed, 2:47pm
       Collapse Agree. At least keep consistent with the design of the one eye... xxxyyy 438 3 Wed, 1:31pm
           Collapse Ian Holm painjoiker 373 2 Wed, 2:34pm
               I don't really think they needed to make Gandalf appear younger in The Hobbit. adt100 317 0 Wed, 2:53pm
               He was deaged Danielos 313 0 Wed, 2:55pm
       Collapse Just look at Thrain's design Shagrat 452 5 Wed, 1:37pm
           Smaug's design is already the Gollum of The Hobbit films Skaan 367 0 Wed, 2:37pm
           Collapse Exactly! gliido 352 3 Wed, 2:38pm
               Collapse ! PredatoR 325 2 Wed, 2:51pm
                 Collapse WELL this iz Interestin' since WHEN? Bombadil 301 1 Wed, 3:11pm
                       agree thrainseye 139 0 Wed, 6:51pm
       Yes odd really but Spriggan 263 0 Wed, 3:41pm
       Collapse Did they forget to credit Sher in the end credits as well? // Carne 236 3 Wed, 4:05pm
           Collapse Sher Faleel 221 2 Wed, 4:23pm
               Collapse I'm looking at the acting credits now but I can't see his name Carne 197 1 Wed, 4:47pm
                   Antony Sher is in the main cast credits sycorax82 99 0 Wed, 8:03pm
       I was actually relatively pleased... Aragorn the Elfstone 238 0 Wed, 4:30pm

Collapse TH FB exclusive: small BTS of Thranduil & Thorin confrontation scene [spoiler-free] Lurker in the Mirk 587 3 Wed, 11:36am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse Thanks Bernhardina 147 2 Wed, 2:53pm
           I think he says "New Zealand" // dormouse 122 0 Wed, 2:59pm
         "It's New Zealand." *LOL* Lurker in the Mirk 113 0 Wed, 3:53pm

  Collapse Antony Sher Elutherian 582 1 Wed, 6:45am Jump to last post in thread (by smtfhw)
       Nope... smtfhw 246 0 Wed, 6:59am

  Collapse What I don't understand is... thomasofrohan 1396 41 Wed, 4:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Kendalf)
       Collapse Possibly Avandel 704 8 Wed, 4:54am
           Collapse But thomasofrohan 630 6 Wed, 5:01am
               Evidently they have been, in a fragmented way Avandel 623 0 Wed, 5:14am
               Collapse You would think so KeenObserver 591 3 Wed, 5:16am
                   Collapse He doesn't hide it Avandel 577 1 Wed, 5:30am
                     We're definitely onto something // KeenObserver 544 0 Wed, 5:42am
                   Every single person in that world NecromancerRising 518 0 Wed, 6:05am
               Yes, i believe it will happen NecromancerRising 558 0 Wed, 5:32am
           According to a deleted scene we saw in Thranduil's Halls NecromancerRising 547 0 Wed, 6:11am
       Very unfortunate KeenObserver 613 0 Wed, 5:11am
       Answer Danielos 525 0 Wed, 5:59am
       Only the fun stuff. There&ThereAgain 505 0 Wed, 6:07am
       Collapse What about bad deleted scenes? Danielos 542 3 Wed, 6:14am
         Collapse That's the truth Avandel 499 2 Wed, 6:28am
               True.... although I actually like the Golin King song... made us remember it's a kids film! adt100 370 0 Wed, 8:30am
               The Goblin King's song is my guilty pleasure. DanielLB 105 0 Wed, 9:08pm
       For the same reason that at the end of the night Spriggan 466 0 Wed, 7:22am
       Collapse They're trying to make a good, longer movie. Elizabeth 455 19 Wed, 7:51am
           Collapse I agree with your first point Spriggan 413 3 Wed, 7:57am
               Collapse Personally speaking,i would NecromancerRising 406 2 Wed, 8:00am
                   Collapse Whilst that could have been included, I'm not sure it does the job Spriggan 178 1 Wed, 3:45pm
                       I am not saying to cut out the Dwarves/Smaug NecromancerRising 172 0 Wed, 3:55pm
           I would probably agree with this. :/ adt100 352 0 Wed, 8:31am
           Collapse "Ridiculous dragon chase"?... mae govannen 242 7 Wed, 1:45pm
             I love all the forges scene! Avandel 182 0 Wed, 3:46pm
               Collapse I think the idea of the forges is great... Arannir 163 4 Wed, 5:28pm
                   Collapse Agreed Kendalf 91 3 Wed, 10:35pm
                       Collapse Well the whole piece is slightly under Spriggan 84 2 Wed, 10:55pm
                           Collapse I think small changes (10 to 15 mins) can make a huge difference Kendalf 54 1 Thu, 8:54am
                               Well true but the other "climaxes" Spriggan 45 0 Thu, 9:43am
               They didn't behave shamefully; Bumblingidiot 41 0 Thu, 10:09am
           Collapse It all boils down to what Jackson *chose* to prioritise Kendalf 96 5 Wed, 10:23pm
             Collapse I happen to disagree with you completely!...So perhaps it all boils down, mae govannen 76 4 Thu, 5:10am
                   Collapse Vilify? Kendalf 50 2 Thu, 9:30am
                       Collapse Ooops... Did I invent this word??? mae govannen 26 1 Thu, 2:46pm
                           Wow, MG! Kendalf 26 0 Thu, 3:02pm
                   Pretty much Elessar 31 0 Thu, 1:50pm
       Hmmm... Arannir 397 0 Wed, 8:08am
       I don't think they are holding back on any clips for an 'ultimate' edition, I really don't. adt100 410 0 Wed, 8:22am
       Collapse Several reasons Darkstone 209 1 Wed, 3:03pm
           Very good analysis there! // adt100 98 0 Wed, 10:03pm

  Collapse Your Three Favorite Extended moments in DOS Elutherian 894 7 Wed, 2:07am Jump to last post in thread (by Mithfânion)
       Mine MatthewJer18 518 0 Wed, 2:09am
       Re Retro315 474 0 Wed, 2:43am
       Collapse hard to choose! Avandel 390 1 Wed, 5:19am
           EASY! QueenCirce 376 0 Wed, 5:37am
       Mine: NecromancerRising 370 0 Wed, 5:42am
       Collapse Mine painjoiker 330 1 Wed, 6:41am
           My 3 Mithfânion 248 0 Wed, 10:21am

  Collapse Another !SPOILER! !SPOILER! pic Thorin - BOFA (not in battle) Avandel 1252 12 Wed, 12:48am Jump to last post in thread (by Bard'sBlackArrow)
       Collapse Ooh! Arveldis 402 8 Wed, 12:50am
           Collapse #Majestic Avandel 396 7 Wed, 12:55am
               Collapse Certainly. Arveldis 366 6 Wed, 1:03am
                 Collapse And, on the other hand, in the *Thorin Thud* category - another Thorin pic Avandel 413 5 Wed, 1:19am
                       Collapse Oh my Kim 321 2 Wed, 2:42am
                           Collapse Kim I don't know what the pub is Avandel 252 1 Wed, 4:37am
                               the excessive gray does not bother me Bard'sBlackArrow 36 0 Thu, 12:23am
                       Collapse Oh, yes. Arveldis 255 1 Wed, 4:33am
                         LOL Volkswagon Avandel 253 0 Wed, 4:46am
       ...splendid Bard'sBlackArrow 361 0 Wed, 1:20am
       Collapse The feels. Farficom 337 1 Wed, 2:38am
           KIM?..Definitely TO.. izz Graying... Bombadil 309 0 Wed, 2:54am

  Collapse LEGO The Hobbit in 72 Seconds...pretty amusing video (spoilers) Misty Mountain Hop 362 8 Wed, 12:47am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
     Dang it! That was fun! // Lissuin 143 0 Wed, 5:40am
       snert! Cirashala 140 0 Wed, 6:22am
     That was hilarious! BlackFox 108 0 Wed, 8:52am
       Very funny mariel 78 0 Wed, 1:11pm
       I must give the creators a hand. Farficom 68 0 Wed, 3:24pm
       I so have to show this one to my kids - thanks for posting it!// Arandiel 48 0 Wed, 4:15pm
     Haha! Eruvandi 44 0 Wed, 4:19pm
       Great fun :) Arannir 42 0 Wed, 5:16pm

  Collapse New Fil and Kili pics *gorgeous* - BOFA and a BOFA spoiler link from DOS EE Avandel 1060 9 Wed, 12:34am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
     Collapse *swoon* *thud* Arveldis 355 1 Wed, 12:45am
           Just found Thorin and it's up.... Avandel 380 0 Wed, 12:50am
       Collapse that blue armor Bard'sBlackArrow 358 3 Wed, 1:21am
           Between the EE and (finally) some Durin PR Avandel 338 0 Wed, 1:25am
           Collapse It is gorgeous! Arveldis 243 1 Wed, 4:20am
             Just so agree re the armor Avandel 234 0 Wed, 5:02am
       Hot Dwarves.... Farficom 296 0 Wed, 2:33am
       Thank you! Gorgeous indeed...// mae govannen 89 0 Wed, 1:48pm
       yep! swordwhale 94 0 Wed, 1:55pm

  Collapse Yup, they cloned the CGI orcs in DOS... NateGate 989 10 Wed, 12:08am Jump to last post in thread (by NateGate)
       Lazy? Bishop 477 0 Wed, 12:43am
       Yep... Avnar 385 0 Wed, 3:15am
       Not everyone freeze frames these films MouthofSauron 310 0 Wed, 5:56am
       Time and money my friend There&ThereAgain 282 0 Wed, 6:21am
       Could be just very tough triplets / Fŕfnir 220 0 Wed, 7:43am
       Collapse Lazy!? Sorry but.... adt100 266 2 Wed, 8:19am
           Collapse How refreshing and unexpected Lindele 154 1 Wed, 1:29pm
               hehe, thanks :) adt100 99 0 Wed, 3:01pm
       Collapse I'm adding this to the growing list of things I never would have noticed if someone hadn't pointed it out. Cillendor 142 1 Wed, 2:32pm
           Saruman bandaid? xD NateGate 87 0 Wed, 4:21pm

  Collapse Can anyone who has the EE post a transcript of the dialogue in the new scenes? MatthewJer18 237 2 Tue, 11:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse Check out TORN's Scene Guide. Silverlode 112 1 Wed, 3:11am
           Hehe... Thank you so much, silverlode!!! mae govannen 35 0 Wed, 2:27pm
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