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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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Collapse Dain Ironfoot picture - leaked!?! Bernhardina 1678 7 Tue, 1:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by sycorax82)
       Collapse Mmm Shagrat 746 1 Tue, 1:20pm
           I agree Bernhardina 611 0 Tue, 1:26pm
       ha! schadowfax 519 0 Tue, 2:03pm
       Collapse Fake - Here's the original QuackingTroll 843 1 Tue, 2:39pm
           Woah Bernhardina 258 0 Tue, 7:40pm
       shame tattooed_dwarf 355 0 Tue, 5:03pm
       I don't think Billy will be as recognisable as this with Dain's final look sycorax82 147 0 Tue, 11:20pm

  Collapse Puzzling question of Bilbo Old Pilgrim 673 10 Tue, 9:30am Jump to last post in thread (by shadowdog)
       More generally Arannir 352 0 Tue, 9:33am
       The dwarves are scornful of Bilbo as a potential member... dormouse 287 0 Tue, 11:00am
       Gandalf seems to respect Hobbits more than some people do Elarie 243 0 Tue, 11:49am
       Collapse You are reading the line wrong Aranaes 289 6 Tue, 12:29pm
           Ahh never thought of that! Old Pilgrim 212 0 Tue, 1:26pm
           Collapse Exactly. Nicely explained...// mae govannen 181 1 Tue, 1:40pm
               Really? I read it back to myself and thought it sounded like gobbledygook! Thought I might've confused the OP even more lol// Aranaes 118 0 Tue, 7:45pm
           Collapse Darn burgahobbit 95 2 Tue, 10:10pm
               Collapse It still has meaning. Mooseboy018 66 1 Wed, 1:08am
                   I agree shadowdog 61 0 Wed, 1:53am

Collapse A Curious OBservation about the "Blind Eyes" Bombadil 483 6 Tue, 9:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
       Your forgot.... NateGate 202 0 Tue, 2:05pm
       Collapse that makes sense Cirashala 135 1 Tue, 5:56pm
         AWESOME Thinking... Bombadil 108 0 Tue, 7:18pm
       Thranduil too! // burgahobbit 73 0 Tue, 10:11pm
       Lol was going to add Thranduil also Glassary 53 0 Wed, 1:12am
       I never thought of that. Cillendor 15 0 Wed, 3:07pm

  Collapse Bombur in DOS observation "SPOILER" lotrjunkie 664 2 Tue, 6:14am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse Maybe Mooseboy018 343 1 Tue, 6:24am
         That's one occasion when he does talk mae govannen 283 0 Tue, 8:34am

  Collapse BOMBUR. How come he hasn't said 1 word in 2 movies yet? lotrjunkie 877 13 Tue, 6:08am Jump to last post in thread (by burgahobbit)
       I think the silence is deliberately part of his character at this point MatthewJer18 500 0 Tue, 6:11am
       Collapse I think they're using him..... dormouse 473 6 Tue, 7:55am
           Collapse BUT Bombur does speak..In Goblintown.. Bombadil 462 4 Tue, 8:38am
               physical Óintment 391 0 Tue, 8:56am
               Collapse He also shouts "Traitor" at Bilbo in the Troll scene. Cillendor 218 1 Tue, 3:39pm
                   no, that's actually Thorin Cirashala 158 0 Tue, 5:50pm
               He also speaks with the trolls Cirashala 158 0 Tue, 5:47pm
           *clicks invisible 'like' button* // BlackFox 325 0 Tue, 9:27am
       Originally he was intended to speak, painjoiker 438 0 Tue, 8:33am
       It would be great if there was a little moment between him and Bilbo in BO5A sycorax82 298 0 Tue, 11:51am
       Collapse they might as well FernysApple 243 2 Tue, 3:09pm
           Collapse Totally disagree. Arannir 234 1 Tue, 3:14pm
               Recognizable yes burgahobbit 92 0 Tue, 10:25pm

  Collapse BOTFA Soundtrack Tracklist guessing game Faleel 752 5 Tue, 4:50am Jump to last post in thread (by caglarkuraner)
       Collapse Well here goes nothing... Elutherian 473 3 Tue, 6:45am
           Don't tell me I'm the only one... Elutherian 240 0 Tue, 4:12pm
           Collapse Forgetting ... gkgyver 114 1 Wed, 7:43am
               Not at all... Elutherian 82 0 Wed, 12:17pm
       Look is that. caglarkuraner 69 0 Wed, 1:43pm

I really enjoyed the DOS EE... delius82 532 0 Tue, 2:07am Jump to last post in thread (by delius82)

  Collapse DOS EE bonus feature - glimpse of *SPOILER* hair... Esmeralda 754 1 Tue, 12:35am Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
       For those of us without access to this, could you please post a picture? Cillendor 100 0 Tue, 3:40pm

  Collapse Why are they holding up until the last moment? caglarkuraner 1620 31 Mon, 9:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Collapse Apologies but I think you might need to take another run at that post. Spriggan 819 12 Mon, 10:00pm
           Collapse I think he/she is asking... Pipe Dream 757 11 Mon, 10:25pm
               Well I got the gist in fairness Spriggan 694 0 Mon, 10:34pm
               Collapse DOS Trailer? Olorin2607 712 9 Mon, 10:40pm
                   Collapse trailers Mooseboy018 685 8 Mon, 10:51pm
                       Collapse So.. Olorin2607 671 7 Mon, 10:55pm
                           Collapse No, it's not mean... dormouse 619 6 Mon, 11:38pm
                               Collapse Exactly Bishop 475 5 Tue, 2:52am
                                   Collapse Not entitled but dubulous 355 4 Tue, 8:52am
                                       I don't think... Arannir 351 0 Tue, 8:58am
                                       Collapse The proof of the pudding will be in the ticket sales Spriggan 308 2 Tue, 11:17am
                                           Collapse There has been some interesting research Bumblingidiot 274 1 Tue, 1:39pm
                                               No question of infallibility, just of probability. Spriggan 150 0 Tue, 5:32pm
       I say it's about time they release that trailer VValar 575 0 Tue, 12:36am
       Less than 50 days by my count, and still no trailer. Holly Hobbit 455 0 Tue, 4:26am
       Am I right? Remus 416 0 Tue, 6:57am
       Collapse Because look how excited everyone is getting over it! QuackingTroll 256 1 Tue, 2:59pm
           True. Arannir 239 0 Tue, 3:07pm
       Collapse Some bad news Carne 306 11 Tue, 3:28pm
           We'll just have to wait a little while longer then BlackFox 249 0 Tue, 3:41pm
           Collapse Part of me hopes this is true... QuackingTroll 257 9 Tue, 3:52pm
               Collapse Part of the plan?! Arannir 180 8 Tue, 5:31pm
                   Collapse The only possible explanation that I think of Voronwë_the_Faithful 183 4 Tue, 5:43pm
                       Collapse But if they're in that much of a delay in finished footage for the trailer... The Grey Pilgrim 180 3 Tue, 5:47pm
                           Collapse I can almost guarantee you, the CG artists... QuackingTroll 191 2 Tue, 5:54pm
                               Yes that's exactly what I'm worried about! The Grey Pilgrim 178 0 Tue, 5:56pm
                               Poor Weta Digital Carne 149 0 Tue, 7:11pm
                   Collapse Hmm... cats16 129 2 Tue, 8:56pm
                       Collapse Essential would be both. Arannir 43 1 Wed, 8:56am
                           Right... cats16 39 0 Wed, 9:06am
       Same AncalagontheBlack 102 0 Tue, 10:37pm

  Collapse Someone should really ask PJ personally... Olorin2607 1472 18 Mon, 7:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by FernysApple)
       Collapse WE have been over this..? Bombadil 742 2 Mon, 7:58pm
           Collapse um Faleel 632 1 Mon, 8:09pm
               YOU are Right..Bomb's having of those STUPID "MonDAZE"... Bombadil 589 0 Mon, 8:13pm
       Collapse Doesn't he explain this in the EE extras? Spriggan 667 3 Mon, 8:06pm
           Collapse This one in particular. Mooseboy018 581 1 Mon, 8:18pm
               Different ones for different folks. Spriggan 528 0 Mon, 8:32pm
           He does "explain" Olorin2607 547 0 Mon, 8:49pm
       Ahhh PredatoR 589 0 Mon, 8:12pm
       Agree but I think... Avandel 570 0 Mon, 8:28pm
       It could also come down to budget... Dcole4 362 0 Mon, 11:57pm
       I will never understand jkm7 263 0 Tue, 5:53am
       Collapse its funny FernysApple 168 6 Tue, 3:24pm
           Collapse The introduction to Beorn 2 by 2 NecromancerRising 162 1 Tue, 3:40pm
               sorry FernysApple 151 0 Tue, 3:47pm
           Collapse Given the audience reaction to Bag End Spriggan 139 3 Tue, 5:40pm
               Collapse Yes,agreed! NecromancerRising 127 2 Tue, 5:45pm
                   Collapse Scenes left out vs. scenes left in. brotherbeck 129 1 Tue, 6:26pm
                       I agree with you FernysApple 77 0 Tue, 11:41pm

Collapse Poll: for graphics designers among ye TheHutt 628 33 Mon, 5:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bumblingidiot)
       Collapse Personally... tsmith675 302 1 Mon, 5:42pm
           Ditto. Eleniel 141 0 Mon, 8:09pm
       No. 1 Otaku-sempai 280 0 Mon, 5:43pm
       I'd go for the first one BlackFox 263 0 Mon, 5:51pm
       my vote Faleel 262 0 Mon, 5:52pm
       I prefer No. 2 Voronwë_the_Faithful 252 0 Mon, 5:57pm
       I prefer 1.) // dubulous 239 0 Mon, 6:07pm
       I like #2 priell3 239 0 Mon, 6:08pm
       I like Glorfindela 225 0 Mon, 6:20pm
       No. 2 for me // NecromancerRising 213 0 Mon, 6:22pm
       No. 2 Lindele 210 0 Mon, 6:25pm
       No. 2 shaundobson 206 0 Mon, 6:30pm
       Not a graphic designer, but... MechaGodzilla 204 0 Mon, 6:40pm
       I like 2 dormouse 193 0 Mon, 6:45pm
       Definitely option 2 gliido 183 0 Mon, 6:49pm
       From one graphic designer to another... Merovech 187 0 Mon, 7:01pm
       No 1 Timdalf 171 0 Mon, 7:05pm
       I would go with Faleel 168 0 Mon, 7:07pm
       Collapse I like Name 155 1 Mon, 7:38pm
           I'd agree. Much more readable and logical flow. adt100 143 0 Mon, 8:00pm
       Collapse Tough call adt100 144 1 Mon, 7:57pm
           HUTT? Could you do ONE in Over-SIZED Print? Bombadil 129 0 Mon, 8:21pm
       my opinion... Magpie 132 0 Mon, 8:19pm
       I like #1 better Loresilme 123 0 Mon, 8:22pm
       #2 // Elizabeth 118 0 Mon, 8:31pm
       2 looks better Azaghâl 109 0 Mon, 9:02pm
       Thank you all! TheHutt 114 0 Mon, 9:19pm
       No. 2 // cats16 87 0 Mon, 10:16pm
       You used #1 for AUJ, right? Kendalf 83 0 Mon, 11:21pm
       two for me Bard'sBlackArrow 74 0 Mon, 11:35pm
       #2! StarGodziller 57 0 Tue, 3:21am
       I like.. delius82 49 0 Tue, 4:23am
       Definitely 1. Bumblingidiot 32 0 Tue, 2:13pm

  Collapse DoS EE Outlook on Bot5A Musings SPOILERS Arannir 822 2 Mon, 2:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by leonmuse)
       Collapse I said the same as you and if you notice Thorin is wearing a bow in the negociations Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 294 1 Mon, 5:00pm
           BOTFA Extended Edition leonmuse 304 0 Mon, 5:30pm

Collapse New Thorin BOFA image - *deleted* Avandel 1325 15 Mon, 1:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Oh my! Elarie 510 9 Mon, 1:23pm
         Very nice indeed *grins* Avandel 472 0 Mon, 1:35pm
           Collapse All the Durins will be in need of a hug Elanor of Rohan 395 7 Mon, 3:30pm
               Collapse Methinks the Durins..... dormouse 375 5 Mon, 3:59pm
                   Collapse the edited battle plan Avandel 292 4 Mon, 7:22pm
                     Collapse *mods up* BlackFox 247 2 Mon, 8:24pm
                         Collapse rumor has it... Avandel 193 1 Mon, 9:36pm
                             *snort* BlackFox 161 0 Mon, 10:09pm
                       Avandel, you are awesome! Kim 100 0 Tue, 2:23am
               Free Hugs! Kim 103 0 Tue, 2:24am
       Collapse How are people getting these when the books haven't been released yet? LordotRings93 266 2 Mon, 7:57pm
           Considering most of these pics originate from Chinese sites Carne 250 0 Mon, 8:34pm
         It's the MYSTERY of the ORIENT Avandel 241 0 Mon, 8:45pm
       Collapse Sorry - copyright violation. I deleted the picture and link entmaiden 266 1 Mon, 9:09pm
         Apologies to TORn Avandel 240 0 Mon, 9:26pm

  Collapse Where is it (from the spider)? VS Where are you (from Smaug)? Simon 518 6 Mon, 1:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse That is very insightful! Cillendor 215 3 Mon, 2:21pm
           Collapse Yep Simon 177 2 Mon, 2:57pm
               Collapse We get a littl' jaded @ TIMES... Bombadil 169 1 Mon, 3:32pm
                   Nice point Bomby! Simon 140 0 Mon, 3:46pm
       Great observation Loresilme 72 0 Mon, 8:27pm
       You're right! How interesting... // mae govannen 31 0 Tue, 8:23am

Collapse Poll: your feeling towards approaching BOTFA? TheHutt 720 29 Mon, 12:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse I fall somewhere in the middle BlackFox 391 2 Mon, 12:39pm
           I'm with you, BlackFox Eruvandi 253 0 Mon, 3:04pm
           "All of them at once, I suppose" Loresilme 131 0 Mon, 8:38pm
       [over] Fleuz 369 0 Mon, 12:40pm
       Missing category on your 'list' Glorfindela 378 0 Mon, 12:44pm
       Can't choice from thse two. Arannir 353 0 Mon, 12:47pm
       Collapse Somewhere in the middle Noria 341 1 Mon, 12:56pm
           This! // NecromancerRising 294 0 Mon, 1:36pm
       Collapse To be honest.. Avnar 352 1 Mon, 1:08pm
           yep FernysApple 226 0 Mon, 3:32pm
       meh Avandel 329 0 Mon, 1:18pm
       Both at once Elarie 302 0 Mon, 1:28pm
       Cannot wait! Bofur01 299 0 Mon, 1:32pm
       I'm looking forward to it - Hanzkaz 274 0 Mon, 2:15pm
       It's mixed for me, but I guess more of… Cillendor 251 0 Mon, 2:48pm
       Savouring every moment Elanor of Rohan 230 0 Mon, 3:28pm
       The Hobbit will be re-booted architecthis 256 0 Mon, 3:36pm
       Eagerly anticipating 12/17 arithmancer 199 0 Mon, 4:01pm
       Sort of both dubulous 197 0 Mon, 4:02pm
       Both dormouse 193 0 Mon, 4:12pm
       Mixed cats16 97 0 Mon, 10:20pm
       I am feeling FernysApple 85 0 Mon, 11:17pm
       Not sure yet... Bard'sBlackArrow 77 0 Mon, 11:40pm
       [can' wait] for the theatrical version. [over] for the EE next year. // xxxyyy 61 0 Tue, 2:16am
       Both Kim 47 0 Tue, 2:40am
       Collapse I'm savoring the moment FoundEntwife 53 2 Tue, 2:47am
           Collapse Step by step for me: DOS EE first, please!... mae govannen 20 1 Tue, 2:25pm
               My post above was a reply to the thread itself, mae govannen 20 0 Tue, 2:29pm
       I'm somewhat excited.. delius82 46 0 Tue, 4:26am
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