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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Moved: Take a Break? Buy a Book? Bombadil - - Sat, 2:00am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)

  Collapse Thorin's "suicide run" Kilidoescartwheels 923 3 Sat, 12:32am Jump to last post in thread (by dave_lf)
       Collapse The charge Shirriff Anthony 443 1 Sat, 2:03am
           Sons of Durin dave_lf 181 0 Sat, 3:53pm
       I think that maybe this later review was a strategy to distract of that review that steted Thorin Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 316 0 Sat, 8:24am

  Collapse Misty Mountains Theme Absence? KingTurgon 1252 30 Fri, 5:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by troiano220)
       Collapse Because the Company left the Misty Mountains behind them in AUJ. // BlackFox 603 7 Fri, 5:20pm
           Collapse That's a very litteral interpretation Fàfnir 592 4 Fri, 5:40pm
               Collapse I didn't come up with it myself BlackFox 547 2 Fri, 5:57pm
                   Collapse Clearly an excuse King_horse 526 1 Fri, 6:06pm
                       But not entirely illogical BlackFox 485 0 Fri, 6:51pm
               Not to mention... Macfeast 441 0 Fri, 7:04pm
           Collapse Also, if you notice Lindele 567 1 Fri, 5:47pm
               Timestamp? Faleel 506 0 Fri, 5:59pm
       Collapse Because of copyright issues King_horse 644 2 Fri, 5:55pm
           I did notice this now that you mention it. Imladris18 529 0 Fri, 6:09pm
           Arrangement for Band troiano220 67 0 Sat, 10:03pm
       Collapse Written by a third party - WB didn't license it for anything beyond AUJ Crunchable Birdses 565 1 Fri, 6:51pm
           Wow, I had no idea Bishop 463 0 Fri, 7:06pm
       Collapse Has to be the copyright issue. macfalk 471 1 Fri, 7:12pm
           And Faleel 443 0 Fri, 7:13pm
       Collapse Howard Shore didn't write it, so maybe wanted it gone asap sycorax82 441 1 Fri, 8:20pm
           this There&ThereAgain 315 0 Fri, 11:08pm
       Collapse It's a huge shame Glorfindela 294 3 Sat, 12:14am
           Collapse I Faleel 259 2 Sat, 12:43am
               Collapse As far as the 'best' Dwarf theme is concerned Glorfindela 275 1 Sat, 12:52am
                   Don't Faleel 250 0 Sat, 1:23am
       Collapse Yeah, I love that song myself Old Toby 210 1 Sat, 3:34am
           Maybe it will be present in BOFA? zzdecapitator 166 0 Sat, 7:05am
       Perhaps a preference by Howard? Aragorn the Elfstone 187 0 Sat, 7:20am
       Collapse I love the Misty Mountains theme but am fine with its absence.. Noria 126 1 Sat, 1:48pm
           Same here... dormouse 117 0 Sat, 3:15pm
       Collapse Nothing about copyright Alex Maglor 123 2 Sat, 3:53pm
           Collapse To be honest, I think that's a strange reason. Macfeast 93 1 Sat, 5:27pm
               What Faleel 85 0 Sat, 6:34pm
       Re Retro315 97 0 Sat, 4:58pm

  Collapse Empire Magazine's January issue subscriber's cover Carne 1270 13 Fri, 4:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by malickfan)
       Collapse Great armour Shagrat 514 3 Fri, 4:15pm
           Collapse Why wouldn't we see Thorin fight in armour? Mithfânion 303 2 Fri, 7:58pm
               Collapse Dwarven Armour aragorn5391 133 1 Sat, 7:12am
                   I can't see them missing out on putting that moment to screen Joe20 125 0 Sat, 7:34am
       Collapse Thank you tho Avandel 489 2 Fri, 4:22pm
           Collapse As a subscriber I fear the regular cover will be more "epic" looking Carne 493 1 Fri, 4:25pm
               Here's a link to the Cineplex cover Avandel 573 0 Fri, 4:30pm
       Must have it Elessar 416 0 Fri, 5:14pm
       Collapse I subcribe to EMPIRE, this should be really good malickfan 68 4 Sat, 5:51pm
           Collapse Shame it takes so long for issues to arrive outside the UK Carne 62 3 Sat, 5:59pm
               Collapse I sometimes have to wait close to a week myself! malickfan 56 2 Sat, 6:29pm
                   Collapse Native Norwegian Carne 56 1 Sat, 6:39pm
                       I've been a regular reader for Seven Years, a Subcriber for Five malickfan 51 0 Sat, 7:00pm

Collapse 3D Moments? Bombadil 509 14 Fri, 3:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       The best "3D moment" for me, in both films Crunchable Birdses 303 0 Fri, 3:08pm
       Collapse My favorite was in AUJ too iduna 225 4 Fri, 4:34pm
           Collapse Did You KNOW that One-Eyed Villian, Really Bombadil 197 3 Fri, 4:54pm
               Collapse Oh, cool, he's from Ohio? iduna 171 1 Fri, 5:20pm
                   I'm sure he would not mind.... if you PMed Here.. Bombadil 154 0 Fri, 5:39pm
               Great bit of info! Imladris18 137 0 Fri, 6:13pm
       Collapse In the new music video there's a shot of Thorin AshNazg 186 5 Fri, 5:25pm
           The Bees Lanteia 144 0 Fri, 6:14pm
           Collapse I'm not a big fan of 3D BlackFox 139 3 Fri, 6:25pm
               Collapse I actually have a phobia of bees AshNazg 128 2 Fri, 6:43pm
                 Collapse Well, at least they stood out BlackFox 116 1 Fri, 6:53pm
                     The First One Really Stuck out..It wazz Hilarious! Bombadil 97 0 Fri, 8:45pm
       From what I've seen so far, I'm looking forward to a 3D battle... Kendalf 139 0 Fri, 6:48pm
       My favorites Kim 72 0 Fri, 11:14pm

  Collapse OFFICIAL 'The Last Goodbye' Music Video - IM CRYING. Annatar598 2504 57 Fri, 2:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse new scenes Fleuz 1164 1 Fri, 2:30pm
           There were some nods to LotR in TH that I'd never noticed... AshNazg 1054 0 Fri, 2:48pm
       Collapse That was a very touching video NecromancerRising 1012 2 Fri, 2:35pm
         What A Perfect EDIT..Thang you berry Buch..// Bombadil 927 0 Fri, 2:43pm
           What he said BlackFox 657 0 Fri, 5:17pm
       Can't stand that awful song. Ugh. Crunchable Birdses 1014 0 Fri, 2:48pm
       GREAT video! Kilidoescartwheels 905 0 Fri, 3:06pm
       Collapse Pretty great song and video. tsmith675 882 1 Fri, 3:11pm
           InterCutting Billy in the Studio Bombadil 896 0 Fri, 3:22pm
       2.52 - 2.55 Wordofmask 905 0 Fri, 3:54pm
       Wasn't sure how I felt about the song when I first heard it. Imladris18 768 0 Fri, 4:42pm
       Collapse Dwalin, Thorin, Fili and Kili at Ravenhill Fàfnir 812 2 Fri, 4:46pm
           Exactly...The Dwarves are Likely... Bombadil 751 0 Fri, 5:04pm
           yeah...looking that way... Snowghost77 276 0 Sat, 1:18am
       Collapse I'm speechless Elessar 726 4 Fri, 5:12pm
           Collapse Beautiful.... heartbreaking.... dormouse 637 1 Fri, 5:51pm
               agreed :-) Elessar 550 0 Fri, 6:39pm
           Collapse Agreed Elessar. So many perfect moments Brethil 566 1 Fri, 6:33pm
               That was perfect Elessar 537 0 Fri, 6:40pm
       Youtube caglarkuraner 724 0 Fri, 5:19pm
       Yup, I creid // dubulous 621 0 Fri, 5:40pm
       Collapse Azog has come a long way since AUJ Fàfnir 719 12 Fri, 5:45pm
           Collapse CGI is so subjective AshNazg 662 10 Fri, 6:03pm
               Collapse I mean... tsmith675 635 5 Fri, 6:06pm
                   Collapse I think a lot comes down to the viewer's ability to suspend disbelief. Imladris18 575 4 Fri, 6:35pm
                       Collapse Yeah same tsmith675 534 2 Fri, 6:54pm
                           Collapse Another thing people may not be considering Smaug Report 557 1 Fri, 7:08pm
                               Agree with Smaug Report 100% NecromancerRising 504 0 Fri, 7:19pm
                       It's worth noting that Azog isn't CG by choice, though... AshNazg 474 0 Fri, 8:23pm
               Collapse Very subjective indeed. dubulous 549 3 Fri, 6:48pm
                   Me neither. // BlackFox 507 0 Fri, 6:56pm
                   This macfalk 496 0 Fri, 7:16pm
                   Oops, I didn't mean to imply he looked bad... AshNazg 453 0 Fri, 8:09pm
           Azog's expression Lio 93 0 Sat, 7:34pm
       Brought tears to my eyes Aitieuriskon 627 0 Fri, 5:57pm
       Wow, just incredible Smaug Report 550 0 Fri, 6:53pm
       Collapse Too much LOTR nhui06 506 4 Fri, 8:10pm
           I think... Imladris18 489 0 Fri, 8:14pm
           From the accompanying article BlackFox 434 0 Fri, 9:12pm
           Collapse I agree. For a song that's tagged as the ending credits song for BotFA Lurker in the Mirk 11 1 2:06am
               The first time I listened to it with my eyes shut (book spoilers) Cirashala 8 0 5:32am
       Collapse All the LOTR footage looks better than TH sycorax82 525 1 Fri, 8:17pm
           Oh yes. Merovech 350 0 Fri, 10:59pm
       A speech by Gandalf would have been nice.... EomundDaughter 398 0 Fri, 9:36pm
       It made me get teary–eyed. Pipe Dream 346 0 Fri, 10:50pm
       Very beautiful Glorfindela 289 0 Sat, 12:30am
       This says it all Barrow-Wight 277 0 Sat, 1:08am
       Collapse Dear God... Evoking all the joy and sorrow of my life. AinurOlorin 270 3 Sat, 2:02am
           Collapse *Passes tissues* // Starling 201 1 Sat, 4:29am
               Takes tissues Ham_Sammy 182 0 Sat, 6:24am
           I agree. This is really moving. Arannir 158 0 Sat, 9:14am
       Wonderful song and video! LadyEmmaE 140 0 Sat, 11:02am
       Oh Retro315 122 0 Sat, 4:47pm
       Wow, very nice! sarahb1863 117 0 Sat, 4:53pm
       Beautiful...and sad... namarie 109 0 Sat, 6:17pm
       I got chills Barrow-Wight 85 0 Sat, 9:04pm
       Interesting to see shots of Starling 64 0 Sun, 12:37am

  Collapse For one last time, Will you avoid all of reviews and reactions coming in 2 weeks? Wordofmask 913 29 Fri, 7:40am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       For good or for worse NecromancerRising 488 0 Fri, 7:47am
       Down under.. OrangeBerserk 420 0 Fri, 8:45am
       I don't think I can dubulous 405 0 Fri, 8:53am
       Collapse For The Hobbit, probably not There&ThereAgain 415 1 Fri, 9:00am
         LOL about "Im going.... bad"!!! Me too!... mae govannen 37 0 Sat, 1:06pm
       Ha! I wish. Name 332 0 Fri, 11:36am
       Collapse Review embargo Danielos 382 6 Fri, 11:53am
           Collapse I predict... Bernhardina 300 2 Fri, 1:34pm
               Collapse Well since the major complaint of these movies was that they're too long Annatar598 285 1 Fri, 2:04pm
                   Bomby Never likes to be DIS-Agreeable, BUT.. Bombadil 271 0 Fri, 2:29pm
           Collapse Like Rotten Tomatoes even means a thing. tsmith675 267 1 Fri, 2:36pm
               Insterstellar Danielos 262 0 Fri, 2:45pm
           I think it has a good chance of reaching 80+ macfalk 157 0 Fri, 7:02pm
       Yes. // dormouse 300 0 Fri, 12:35pm
       I will try BlackFox 288 0 Fri, 1:13pm
       Collapse I will avoid spoilers only Bernhardina 283 1 Fri, 1:37pm
         Highly UNLikely for Bom... Bombadil 251 0 Fri, 2:10pm
       Collapse already read a few Kilidoescartwheels 254 1 Fri, 2:56pm
           Bomz Best Friend had a WAyCOOL Comment.. Bombadil 232 0 Fri, 3:12pm
       Yes, this time I am - goodbye for now :)! Loresilme 217 0 Fri, 3:14pm
     Absolutely - was hoping to stick around until Dec 1, but will head for the shore as needed Avandel 203 0 Fri, 4:16pm
       I'm going to force myself... Gianna 141 0 Fri, 8:08pm
       Working hard to avoid everything except the official trailers Elarie 123 0 Fri, 9:32pm
       Not for me. I enjoy reading them. Spriggan 120 0 Fri, 10:13pm
       Yes Kim 99 0 Fri, 11:07pm
       Quite easily FoundEntwife 64 0 Sat, 4:55am
       Reviews and reactions I'll avoid, but spoilers I'll love.! mae govannen 39 0 Sat, 1:33pm
       Love to read them too much and EomundDaughter 38 0 Sat, 2:34pm
       You bet. grammaboodawg 12 0 Sun, 5:46pm

  Collapse Will we see the Iron Hills? Wootton Major 873 9 Fri, 12:18am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Collapse Bom'zz Theory? YES// Bombadil 385 7 Fri, 1:34am
           Collapse Bom sez yes cuz ... Yngwulff 356 6 Fri, 3:09am
               Collapse WHAaa..? ZAT mean..// Bombadil 285 4 Fri, 4:05am
                 Collapse Re-Post of bomz theory (Modified) Bombadil 298 2 Fri, 4:32am
                       Collapse I like that idea.... Wootton Major 227 1 Fri, 7:27am
                           sort of EE-stuff to me :// NoelGallagher 209 0 Fri, 7:47am
                   A joke arithmancer 274 0 Fri, 5:35am
               LOL MouthofSauron 290 0 Fri, 4:29am
       I like the way you imagine the place mae govannen 52 0 Sat, 1:23pm

Collapse WILL Dain have an IRONFOOT? Bombadil 769 8 Fri, 12:10am Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       That hadn't even occurred to me dave_lf 369 0 Fri, 12:24am
       peg leg Yngwulff 296 0 Fri, 3:10am
       I don't mind if this happens or not Seaber 204 0 Fri, 9:37am
       Collapse What I understood mae govannen 150 4 Fri, 3:29pm
           Collapse Bomzz Guess iz Based on... Bombadil 118 1 Fri, 4:38pm
               I will be surprised if that isn't exactly it dave_lf 92 0 Fri, 7:43pm
           Collapse Yeah, you remember correctly... Eleniel 90 1 Fri, 9:45pm
               Thanks for the kind confirmation... it's mae govannen 39 0 Sat, 5:00am

Collapse Mûmakil? CerseiBlanchett 893 6 Thu, 7:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Nope Danielos 409 0 Thu, 8:02pm
       And they also... Lost Hobbit 372 0 Thu, 8:37pm
       Collapse The concept art have what look like some of them in the background Carne 334 1 Thu, 9:12pm
           Trolls with masks are what vaguely ressemble oliphants in the concept art // Fàfnir 258 0 Thu, 9:53pm
       Collapse I'm hoping for panserbjørne. Darkstone 270 1 Thu, 9:55pm
           Well, they have made the battle happen in snow... dormouse 219 0 Thu, 11:05pm

Collapse Passing the time: Thorin, Fili pics... Avandel 905 8 Thu, 3:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Well yes.... :-) dormouse 350 0 Thu, 4:06pm
       Collapse You may have seen this before mariel 372 1 Thu, 4:09pm
           Thank you! - Nice! Avandel 188 0 Thu, 8:46pm
       Collapse Morbid? Danielos 341 4 Thu, 5:01pm
           But then, by the wonder of film... dormouse 273 0 Thu, 6:51pm
           Personally Avandel 236 0 Thu, 8:17pm
           Collapse They... Darkstone 193 1 Thu, 9:56pm
               Just... Avandel 168 0 Thu, 11:36pm

  Collapse A small but rather big question - will we see the baby? Bernhardina 1547 16 Thu, 12:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       I hope not dubulous 541 0 Thu, 1:05pm
       Doesn't the bookend Spriggan 535 0 Thu, 1:36pm
       I doubt it. Noria 434 0 Thu, 3:08pm
       Oh please no. Arannir 441 0 Thu, 3:10pm
       Don't know dormouse 387 0 Thu, 4:15pm
       I guess if we jump forward in time we may see Tauriel give birth... sycorax82 334 0 Thu, 6:41pm
       Doubt it. Kelly of Water's Edge 265 0 Thu, 7:57pm
       Collapse please no more old Bilbo and Frodo scenes! MouthofSauron 149 1 Fri, 6:01am
           I agree but... Bernhardina 98 0 Fri, 2:13pm
       I think the true bookend scene... Darkstone 102 0 Fri, 2:15pm
       Collapse We could easily see Frodo without it being forced or cheesy... AshNazg 110 4 Fri, 2:34pm
           WOW minnymomo 96 0 Fri, 2:53pm
           Collapse I don't think this sounds likely. Spriggan 79 2 Fri, 4:38pm
               Collapse I don't see why it has to... AshNazg 72 1 Fri, 5:33pm
                   I think the main argument against is confusion. Spriggan 64 0 Fri, 10:01pm
       Think that would be great.... EomundDaughter 56 0 Fri, 9:42pm

  SciFiNow Hobbit 3 Issue 100! Peterthorn of Rohan 859 0 Thu, 9:21am Jump to last post in thread (by Peterthorn of Rohan)

  Collapse Dolby ATMOS Sound... Bombadil 486 6 Thu, 9:08am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackCountry)
     What Happenzz...Iz Bombadil 200 0 Thu, 9:28am
       Collapse Really looking forward to The Hobbit in Dolby Atmos Elarie 150 4 Thu, 1:04pm
         Collapse Been Checcking cities like London, Berlin, Sydney Bombadil 104 3 Thu, 4:26pm
               Collapse Ha ha - what do you mean "if" I see it multiple times? Elarie 95 1 Thu, 5:06pm
                 HOW? oTOO be sneaky? Bombadil 90 0 Thu, 5:44pm
               Living in Perth... BlackCountry 34 0 Fri, 1:07pm

  Collapse Is 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' finished? News from Bree 824 5 Thu, 8:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Collapse Actually Lindele 474 1 Thu, 2:31pm
         calm DOWn cLASS..Could we have have "an Easy Delivery?".. Bombadil 275 0 Thu, 6:16pm
       if its anything like AUJ or DOS MouthofSauron 162 0 Fri, 4:30am
       Collapse Hope not. Darkstone 162 1 Fri, 4:48am
           Well THAT would be a mistake! Kilidoescartwheels 89 0 Fri, 2:50pm
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