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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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Collapse Will Azog acknowledge his son? NateGate 834 15 Tue, 4:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       I'm hoping.. Drakblod 453 0 Tue, 4:24pm
       Collapse "Bolg, I am your father!" Darkstone 437 2 Tue, 4:37pm
           Collapse I got that robot chicken reference Fàfnir 226 1 Tue, 7:26pm
               Yeah, that was a good episode! Darkstone 156 0 Tue, 9:29pm
       Collapse To be honest Glorfindela 412 2 Tue, 4:39pm
         Collapse Bomzz IZzz..with Glor, on thizzz ONE! Bombadil 345 1 Tue, 4:57pm
               Believe it or not... NateGate 343 0 Tue, 5:01pm
       Racism against orchs Danielos 354 0 Tue, 5:09pm
       Dunno, maybe not Crunchable Birdses 281 0 Tue, 5:54pm
       Collapse Well, there are two questions there.... dormouse 282 2 Tue, 6:31pm
         Collapse It has been used *spoiler* KeenObserver 356 1 Tue, 7:33pm
               Way back when dave_lf 209 0 Tue, 7:40pm
       I don't see why he should Fàfnir 239 0 Tue, 7:23pm
       I sure hope not... adu 155 0 Tue, 9:33pm
       its kinda obvious MouthofSauron 97 0 Wed, 3:22am

  Collapse More speculation on Kili and Tauriel - she thought he was dead Kilidoescartwheels 787 4 Tue, 3:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
     GREAT Post! "Anna Friel"...Very Sound Thinkin' Bombadil 264 0 Tue, 5:30pm
       Collapse Good post - I like your thinking! // dormouse 214 1 Tue, 6:33pm
           Well, that's exactly what I meant to write!!! mae govannen 57 0 Wed, 1:31pm
       Related - what of Legolas..... Avandel 114 0 Wed, 1:45am

  Collapse Opening themes Old Pilgrim 521 2 Tue, 3:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)
     Interestin'...& think about thizz.. Bombadil 166 0 Tue, 5:54pm
       I think that BOFTA will have Hobbity Hobbit 98 0 Tue, 9:23pm

  Collapse Language of The Enemy and Black Speech of Mordor? Girdle of Melian 818 20 Tue, 11:34am Jump to last post in thread (by Elthir)
       Collapse I think Faramir74 430 1 Tue, 1:36pm
           Interesting Reply.... Girdle of Melian 376 0 Tue, 1:45pm
       Collapse I would have thought that it would be an indication of her "temptation" Spriggan 373 2 Tue, 2:21pm
           Collapse You mean to say... Girdle of Melian 308 1 Tue, 3:32pm
               I'm not sure that offers us much clue either way. Spriggan 301 0 Tue, 3:39pm
       Collapse Well... Darkstone 336 10 Tue, 3:33pm
           Collapse Thanks, Darkstone... Girdle of Melian 304 9 Tue, 3:41pm
               Collapse Evil Galadriel Darkstone 302 4 Tue, 4:31pm
                   I like your thinking there, Darkstone dormouse 274 0 Tue, 4:35pm
                   Collapse I like that too... Girdle of Melian 252 1 Tue, 5:02pm
                       I don't think he has. Mooseboy018 221 0 Tue, 6:18pm
                   I like that thought dubulous 180 0 Tue, 8:08pm
             Collapse Gandalf knows Black Speech SSOoo.. Why wouldn't Galadriel TOO? Bombadil 277 3 Tue, 4:50pm
                 Collapse IT would be.."Bone Chilling" to HEAR Sir Christopher Lee Bombadil 202 2 Tue, 7:38pm
                     Collapse Here iz a Question? Does David Salo...know Black Speach? Bombadil 176 1 Tue, 8:17pm
                           No one knows the Black Speech Elthir 93 0 Wed, 1:17pm
       Collapse Galadriel learning Black Speech Elarie 89 1 Wed, 1:52pm
           True Enough... Girdle of Melian 74 0 Wed, 3:01pm
       Collapse B. S. Elthir 68 1 Wed, 3:49pm
           P.S. on my B.S. Elthir 54 0 Wed, 4:53pm

  Collapse The Hobbit: An Unexpected Booklet 2! TheHutt 786 25 Tue, 10:13am Jump to last post in thread (by MechaGodzilla)
     AMAZING!!!! NoelGallagher 330 0 Tue, 10:30am
       Wow! Just totally awesome... Eleniel 307 0 Tue, 10:41am
       Fabulous! Glorfindela 286 0 Tue, 11:09am
       Beautiful work... dormouse 270 0 Tue, 11:41am
     HUTT! you ARE...a REAL STAR! Bombadil 273 0 Tue, 11:48am
       The... Systemisation of Smaug QuackingTroll 278 0 Tue, 11:58am
       Collapse Fantastic. Thank you for these! AshNazg 252 11 Tue, 1:19pm
           Collapse The Problem is Fleuz 263 10 Tue, 1:40pm
               I suppose one has to wait and see BOFA... TheHutt 240 0 Tue, 2:12pm
               Collapse That's a good point, however... AshNazg 237 8 Tue, 2:19pm
                   Collapse Well, I don't really see the point... TheHutt 224 7 Tue, 2:33pm
                       Collapse color Fleuz 211 6 Tue, 2:47pm
                           Collapse Sure it is... TheHutt 205 1 Tue, 2:54pm
                               Touché Fleuz 194 0 Tue, 2:58pm
                           Collapse Might it be a raven? Eleniel 177 1 Tue, 3:58pm
                               That's what I said in my post... AshNazg 132 0 Tue, 6:02pm
                           Collapse IMO KingTurgon 21 1 Thu, 10:03pm
                               I understand where you're coming from MechaGodzilla 12 0 4:01am
       Fantastic Hutt! NecromancerRising 150 0 Tue, 4:42pm
       Top notch, Hutt Kendalf 134 0 Tue, 5:34pm
       Fantastic job! Voronwë_the_Faithful 133 0 Tue, 5:40pm
       Fantastic! BlackFox 110 0 Tue, 6:58pm
       Collapse Meh... CerseiBlanchett 117 1 Tue, 7:57pm
           People come here to share their passion, it's not a pragmatical thing. Fàfnir 102 0 Tue, 8:08pm
       Thanks so much! Riven Delve 82 0 Tue, 8:59pm

  Collapse The Hobbit: There and Back Again by Bilbo Baggins Númenórean 665 2 Tue, 4:42am Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       Editing is way too fast QuackingTroll 221 0 Tue, 5:01am
       good overall Mooseboy018 194 0 Tue, 5:46am

  Collapse How will you feel about the trilogy if the following happens Bishop 1211 16 Tue, 4:34am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
       Collapse We'll find out in a month. tsmith675 498 2 Tue, 4:56am
           Collapse Well yes, we'll find out. It's a ton of speculation. Bishop 486 1 Tue, 4:57am
               Yeah I'm saying... tsmith675 464 0 Tue, 5:22am
       It depends how it's handled... QuackingTroll 501 0 Tue, 5:07am
       disappointed Mooseboy018 473 0 Tue, 5:37am
       We'll see There&ThereAgain 396 0 Tue, 6:42am
       The conclusion Axeman21 354 0 Tue, 8:06am
       everything else kinda works tattooed_dwarf 348 0 Tue, 8:15am
       Collapse I have no idea.... dormouse 345 2 Tue, 8:38am
           Collapse As dormouse said, context is all. Noria 229 1 Tue, 1:37pm
               This. // Eruvandi 134 0 Tue, 5:34pm
       I hope this does not happen Glorfindela 288 0 Tue, 11:12am
       Depends Aitieuriskon 209 0 Tue, 2:10pm
       Pre FOTR - How would we have felt about Boromir's death being changed? Spriggan 235 0 Tue, 2:28pm
       I don't really like the idea of Thorin killing Azog - Hanzkaz 207 0 Tue, 2:44pm
       My reactions, (in red): joec_34 175 0 Tue, 5:00pm

  Collapse The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies spoiler rumours are false News from Bree 1576 21 Tue, 1:49am Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
       Collapse would they tell us if they were true?! NoelGallagher 739 5 Tue, 7:27am
           Collapse haha. indeed! Demosthenes 709 1 Tue, 7:33am
             THANK you Demos...bom avoided READING any of that Bombadil 523 0 Tue, 11:44am
           Collapse Basically this nhui06 415 1 Tue, 2:15pm
               Independently... Demosthenes 381 0 Tue, 2:36pm
           I think Skaan 250 0 Tue, 6:48pm
       Collapse Not gonna lie.... Joe20 769 1 Tue, 7:30am
           The only disapointment for me Guert 493 0 Tue, 1:17pm
       I hope Hobbit 3 is really, really good - Hanzkaz 697 0 Tue, 7:41am
       Collapse Well they can't 'all' be false Shagrat 655 3 Tue, 9:31am
           Collapse "all false" arithmancer 480 2 Tue, 1:18pm
               Collapse Contract-breach? Danielos 433 1 Tue, 1:55pm
                   It's all about getting caught Guert 419 0 Tue, 2:05pm
       Collapse Oh that's great Hobbity Hobbit 520 3 Tue, 12:47pm
           Collapse Before invalidation KeenObserver 219 2 Tue, 8:22pm
               Collapse Yeah Hobbity Hobbit 173 1 Tue, 9:32pm
                   That would be Richard Armitage... Queen of Erebor 114 0 Wed, 1:42am
       Collapse Thanks for digging deeper into this Skaan 450 1 Tue, 1:47pm
           Nah, no worries Demosthenes 385 0 Tue, 2:38pm
       His description of the epilogue was a dead giveaway! sycorax82 294 0 Tue, 7:03pm
       Well, this is 4chan we're talking about... StarGodziller 205 0 Tue, 8:38pm

  Collapse Some possible leaks (not confirmed) Skaan 2904 36 Mon, 9:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by frodo284)
       I doesn't make sense *so called spoilers* Fàfnir 1200 0 Mon, 9:43pm
       hmm.. (spoilers) shaundobson 1135 0 Mon, 9:44pm
       Another so called "Spoiler" that doesn't make sense JamesPaganini 1152 0 Mon, 9:46pm
       Why I doubt this Shagrat 1079 0 Mon, 9:47pm
       Sounds like someone... dubulous 1068 0 Mon, 9:48pm
       Collapse Some things which make me doubt the credibility of this guy: Skaan 1127 3 Mon, 9:50pm
           yeah your right shaundobson 993 0 Mon, 9:53pm
           10 minute prologue about anything sounds ludicrous. They're never that long. // dubulous 1007 0 Mon, 9:54pm
           Nope Guert 955 0 Mon, 10:03pm
       Bogus gliido 977 0 Mon, 9:56pm
       Collapse 99% sure this is all BS. tsmith675 1034 2 Mon, 9:57pm
           Collapse I think this is the worst thing about all of this Skaan 1017 1 Mon, 10:03pm
               I know, right? KeenObserver 784 0 Mon, 11:15pm
       9/10 Darkstone 996 0 Mon, 10:05pm
       Collapse Walk away people.. Drakblod 966 8 Mon, 10:24pm
           He can use any material present in the Appendicies sycorax82 860 0 Mon, 10:47pm
         It makes for a good laugh, doesn't it? KeenObserver 832 0 Mon, 10:52pm
           Collapse This isn't the first or second source to say that Sauron is the prologue... AshNazg 362 5 Tue, 5:30am
               Collapse It's been thought of several times. Mooseboy018 319 2 Tue, 6:02am
                   Collapse Really? AshNazg 306 1 Tue, 6:07am
                       I speculated in a Sauron centered prologue as early as a year ago... DeadRabbits 228 0 Tue, 8:44am
               i will say FiliSonOfDis 280 0 Tue, 6:57am
               I remember that a Sauron-prologue was suggested, painjoiker 162 0 Tue, 1:07pm
       Most of this is very believable. However...*no spoilers* sycorax82 722 0 Tue, 12:36am
       Collapse As soon as I got to the Thorin suicide part I literally laughed out loud. Name 658 2 Tue, 1:15am
           I didn't read it Ham_Sammy 607 0 Tue, 1:27am
           If this guy is legit then I'm Peter Jackson... Tardisious 609 0 Tue, 1:40am
       haha there's some acutally half decent stuff in there Joe20 576 0 Tue, 2:14am
       Collapse Imagine if last year someone told us about the golden statue... nobofthepony 538 2 Tue, 3:37am
           Collapse Improbable Mooseboy018 359 1 Tue, 5:30am
               my response Mooseboy018 328 0 Tue, 6:07am
       funniest thing Barrow-Wight 491 0 Tue, 4:03am
       So I went back and read the whole thing through Joe20 390 0 Tue, 6:07am
       Collapse Some of the things mentioned I want to see, - Hanzkaz 335 1 Tue, 6:54am
           Old Bilbo Mooseboy018 310 0 Tue, 7:06am
       BS frodo284 112 0 Wed, 1:43am

  Collapse Could Bolg being fought by Tauriel and Legolas be earlier on? Hobbity Hobbit 659 5 Mon, 8:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Fàfnir)
       He's not here during Hobbity Hobbit 319 0 Mon, 8:57pm
       Not possible, because he gets additional pieces of armor Fàfnir 291 0 Mon, 9:46pm
       No King_horse 243 0 Mon, 10:24pm
       i hope Bolg kills Tauriel MouthofSauron 150 0 Tue, 4:02am
       Plus, Tauriel's theme can be heard in the sample from the "Ravenhill" track // Fàfnir 56 0 Tue, 8:01pm

Collapse Observation and question about HOBBIT Extended Editions. Simon L. de Paiva 828 9 Mon, 7:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)
       Collapse credits Mooseboy018 360 1 Mon, 8:20pm
           Observation and question about HOBBIT Extended Editions. Simon L. de Paiva 326 0 Mon, 8:30pm
       Collapse PJ can't Lindele 384 1 Mon, 8:27pm
           I completely agree... Simon L. de Paiva 306 0 Mon, 8:37pm
       Collapse Sorry but no There&ThereAgain 292 1 Mon, 8:51pm
           Although I see your point... Simon L. de Paiva 257 0 Mon, 9:01pm
       Collapse For only 100 bucks! Darkstone 290 2 Mon, 8:58pm
           Collapse Thanks for the link Simon L. de Paiva 254 1 Mon, 9:08pm
               There was a discussion of this topic last month. Moahunter 170 0 Mon, 11:51pm

Collapse Ian Brodie's "The Hobbit Location Guide Book".. YIPPIE! Bombadil 469 5 Mon, 7:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithfânion)
       JUST Ordered IT...In Time for ThankZgiving.. Bombadil 162 0 Mon, 8:14pm
       Hoping to get it for Christmas Kilidoescartwheels 87 0 Tue, 3:32am
       Got it Mithfânion 48 0 Tue, 8:44pm
       Collapse Oh that's cool Hobbity Hobbit 37 1 Tue, 9:50pm
           So much Mithfânion 14 0 Wed, 10:55am

  Collapse How many Hobbit movies would you have prefered? Danielos 1132 37 Mon, 4:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
       Collapse Two, the way it was originally going to be tsmith675 615 2 Mon, 4:22pm
           Collapse That would have been my preference, too. Eleniel 569 1 Mon, 4:26pm
               I agree.. Drakblod 459 0 Mon, 5:19pm
       Collapse 3 3-hour movies, with plot and character development instead of long action sequences Crunchable Birdses 539 5 Mon, 4:59pm
           I was going to say something similar... QuackingTroll 422 0 Mon, 5:54pm
           Collapse Nailed it. Arthael 205 3 Mon, 10:49pm
               Collapse DoS Crunchable Birdses 125 1 Tue, 1:17pm
                   Thrain scenes were great! Arthael 59 0 Tue, 10:40pm
               I couldn't agree more! // Bernhardina 61 0 Tue, 10:10pm
       I'm happy with three movies but dubulous 519 0 Mon, 5:04pm
       Collapse Nineteen Darkstone 519 2 Mon, 5:11pm
         Exactly! // BlackFox 278 0 Mon, 7:48pm
           LOL... Ditto! (If you're NOT joking...) // mae govannen 132 0 Tue, 12:17pm
       Nine MouthofSauron 451 0 Mon, 5:35pm
     Collapse Get ready for it… Glorfindela 489 5 Mon, 5:35pm
           Collapse There was more than enough for 3 films. Ham_Sammy 443 4 Mon, 5:59pm
               Collapse Yes, I agree with this Glorfindela 380 3 Mon, 6:32pm
                   Collapse yes I agree also Ham_Sammy 358 2 Mon, 6:37pm
                       Collapse To be honest Glorfindela 335 1 Mon, 7:00pm
                           The Stone Giants Ham_Sammy 340 0 Mon, 7:06pm
       I have to agree with others here... priell3 405 0 Mon, 6:15pm
       Two movies but longer EEs Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 380 0 Mon, 6:33pm
       Two might have been best, but nothing wrong with three Bishop 327 0 Mon, 7:06pm
       Collapse 2 would have been perfect jtarkey 317 1 Mon, 7:20pm
           I understand your point... adu 66 0 Tue, 9:45pm
       I'm happy we got three Hobbit films - Hanzkaz 279 0 Mon, 8:06pm
       Collapse I'm fine with three.... (providing they're EEs) dormouse 286 3 Mon, 8:15pm
           Collapse Agreed - Hanzkaz 256 2 Mon, 8:45pm
               Collapse Agreed too Noria 107 1 Tue, 1:46pm
                   Now that we have three Mithfânion 78 0 Tue, 8:47pm
       One Gianna 269 0 Mon, 8:28pm
       Nice post - and six for me Avandel 260 0 Mon, 9:17pm
       No idea. Spriggan 214 0 Mon, 10:16pm
       3 films were OK, but... Grand Bob 216 0 Mon, 11:01pm
       Initially 2... adu 70 0 Tue, 9:37pm
       My first post here, lurker since 2012. Thrain II 52 0 Wed, 12:50am
       I think three is best. Cillendor 12 0 Thu, 11:07pm

  Collapse Important question about Gandalf and Galadriel? erdildeniz 676 3 Mon, 9:48am Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       Collapse I think it's just a matter of angle and timing // dubulous 285 2 Mon, 9:50am
           Collapse or a matter of late changes NoelGallagher 297 1 Mon, 11:02am
               Yes. Darkstone 206 0 Mon, 3:13pm

Collapse Finally it's out. The Kili-Tauriel situation according to the creators [spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 2777 155 Mon, 6:43am Jump to last post in thread (by namarie)
       Collapse Philippa has referenced it as a romance all along in interviews.... Eleniel 1119 34 Mon, 7:36am
           Collapse It's been pretty obvious on the screen too dubulous 1053 1 Mon, 8:03am
               Oh it's truly cringe-worthily obvious in caps all right. Lurker in the Mirk 1041 0 Mon, 8:19am
           Collapse Really? Impression I got Lurker in the Mirk 1055 1 Mon, 8:17am
             "The Gimli/Galadriel LOVE STORY...*CLICK* Bombadil 1035 0 Mon, 8:38am
           Collapse Denial? Or just a different way of looking at things.... dormouse 1002 4 Mon, 9:02am
               Collapse Same here Elessar 443 2 Mon, 2:09pm
                   Collapse Right... mae govannen 265 1 Tue, 12:37pm
                       That too lol Elessar 247 0 Tue, 1:42pm
             I'll remember the Egg Sandwich Metaphor... Per-fect!!! mae govannen 262 0 Tue, 12:45pm
           Collapse I still fail to see this relationship as a romance NecromancerRising 985 24 Mon, 9:20am
               Collapse HAHAHAHA, is that a joke? QuackingTroll 872 18 Mon, 11:27am
                   Collapse He says that while in pain and drugged Annatar598 852 1 Mon, 11:37am
                       You're right, it is overblown Lurker in the Mirk 536 0 Mon, 12:46pm
                   Collapse My thoughts exactly dubulous 825 1 Mon, 11:45am
                       For those with issues Shagrat 812 0 Mon, 11:59am
                   Collapse ... Anubis 809 5 Mon, 12:00pm
                       Collapse Really? Shagrat 791 3 Mon, 12:03pm
                           Collapse ... Anubis 773 2 Mon, 12:09pm
                               Collapse But dubulous 770 1 Mon, 12:18pm
                                   Well... Anubis 725 0 Mon, 12:40pm
                       That was my first thought shadowdog 255 0 Mon, 7:26pm
                   Collapse Kili was in an utterly NecromancerRising 813 2 Mon, 12:17pm
                       Collapse I don't think they wrote the dialogue for people to pass it off as delirious nonsense... QuackingTroll 311 1 Mon, 6:23pm
                           Let's agree to disagree NecromancerRising 296 0 Mon, 6:27pm
                   Collapse Why all the HATE??? Kilidoescartwheels 285 4 Tue, 2:07am
                       I haven't seen any hate at all! Bishop 268 0 Tue, 2:39am
                       Collapse Why I don't like the romance sarahb1863 269 1 Tue, 2:59am
                           I think you are mistaken marillaraina 263 0 Tue, 3:05am
                       Only for myself Avandel 220 0 Tue, 3:09pm
               Collapse More sex, please! Danielos 788 4 Mon, 12:23pm
                   That would be inspired. But methinks the true inspiration would be Lurker in the Mirk 522 0 Mon, 12:50pm
                   Well, if we're going to trash it up... Eowyn of Penns Woods 341 0 Mon, 9:09pm
                   People would deny the romance even then... QuackingTroll 231 0 Mon, 11:49pm
                   "No Sex Please,..." Darkstone 227 0 Tue, 12:10am
       Collapse My daughter has remained adamant ever since we watched DoS last December. Moahunter 1097 6 Mon, 8:51am
           Collapse Your daughter's smart Lurker in the Mirk 524 5 Mon, 12:40pm
               Collapse It's funny.. Drakblod 410 4 Mon, 2:24pm
                   Kinda same boat here. Imladris18 386 0 Mon, 2:36pm
                   Collapse That's the thing Lurker in the Mirk 191 2 Tue, 6:41am
                       Collapse subject marillaraina 196 1 Tue, 3:35pm
                           Who dragged what into it Lurker in the Mirk 66 0 Wed, 3:49am
       Collapse It can be a love story Starling 959 2 Mon, 9:10am
         "The Young & Reckless".. Bombadil 916 0 Mon, 9:31am
           subject marillaraina 282 0 Tue, 12:48am
       Collapse They've completely misinterpreted the Gimli/Galadriel thread QuackingTroll 905 11 Mon, 11:12am
           Collapse Yes, they've misinterpreted it lol leonmuse 846 1 Mon, 11:35am
               This Lurker in the Mirk 519 0 Mon, 12:43pm
           Collapse Yay, someone who saw the truth Lurker in the Mirk 532 2 Mon, 12:42pm
               Collapse Don't think it is about "getting it" arithmancer 500 1 Mon, 1:09pm
                   Sure, and that's the creepier prospect, to me Lurker in the Mirk 202 0 Tue, 6:27am
           Collapse Exactly... Eleniel 456 5 Mon, 1:55pm
               Collapse One problem I have... QuackingTroll 239 3 Tue, 12:00am
                   Collapse You mean like Thranduil and Thorin??? Kilidoescartwheels 248 2 Tue, 3:29am
                       Collapse Well, with Thranduil and Thorin it's more personal... QuackingTroll 219 1 Tue, 6:04am
                           Agreed Lurker in the Mirk 193 0 Tue, 6:59am
               This! Lurker in the Mirk 187 0 Tue, 6:56am
       Collapse This just tells me (spoilers) sueb1863 907 2 Mon, 11:17am
           Well, apparently the book doesn't matter anyway Lurker in the Mirk 518 0 Mon, 12:52pm
           hope that doesn't happen ): Avandel 421 0 Mon, 2:16pm
       Collapse I don't mind calling it a love story BlackFox 529 32 Mon, 12:58pm
           Collapse Agreed, it doesn't, but platonic (in the dictionary sense) doesn't seem to be the way Lurker in the Mirk 492 3 Mon, 1:13pm
               Collapse I used that particular word in relation to Gimli BlackFox 463 1 Mon, 1:50pm
                   As it applies to Gimli, I can agree with Lurker in the Mirk 195 0 Tue, 6:16am
               Just as they are fixating shadowdog 221 0 Mon, 7:49pm
           Collapse However, Glorfindela 428 21 Mon, 2:30pm
               Me neither, actually BlackFox 376 0 Mon, 2:48pm
               Collapse That was my feeling as well Ham_Sammy 415 19 Mon, 3:59pm
                   Collapse The suspicion still nags me Shagrat 362 18 Mon, 5:50pm
                       Collapse WB all the way Ham_Sammy 342 16 Mon, 5:55pm
                           Collapse Well there is that interview with Evangeline Ardamírë 342 1 Mon, 6:06pm
                               yeah Ham_Sammy 315 0 Mon, 6:09pm
                           Collapse Studio Interference nhui06 325 4 Mon, 6:14pm
                               Collapse He was referring to the Smaug chase. Imladris18 319 3 Mon, 6:19pm
                                   Collapse Another example Ham_Sammy 302 1 Mon, 6:27pm
                                       Blame Syd Field. Darkstone 239 0 Mon, 7:43pm
                                   Commentary Michelle Johnston 250 0 Mon, 11:27pm
                           Collapse I would agree to studio interference... Darkstone 275 7 Mon, 7:11pm
                               Collapse Depends on the studio surely? Shagrat 267 1 Mon, 7:16pm
                                   Apparently not. Darkstone 259 0 Mon, 7:26pm
                               Collapse Yeah... Imladris18 259 4 Mon, 7:26pm
                                   Collapse Yeah Name 233 3 Mon, 7:44pm
                                       Collapse I like the addition of Tauriel - Hanzkaz 368 2 Mon, 8:35pm
                                           Simple. Darkstone 352 0 Mon, 8:49pm
                                           Yeah, Boyens makes some interesting decisions Name 313 0 Mon, 9:39pm
                           However you choose to look at it Elessar 263 0 Mon, 7:23pm
                       Probably dubulous 277 0 Mon, 6:53pm
           Collapse Neither Do I Michelle Johnston 198 5 Tue, 8:03am
               Collapse Great insights Michelle Noria 234 2 Tue, 2:28pm
                   Personally, I don't think about it as the addition of a female character Spriggan 216 0 Tue, 3:14pm
                   How Triangulated are T/K/L Michelle Johnston 121 0 Tue, 7:43pm
               Beautifully put Elessar 165 0 Tue, 4:50pm
               Excellent post... dormouse 131 0 Tue, 6:22pm
       Collapse She also said in the EE (paraphrasing): Imladris18 525 12 Mon, 2:02pm
           Collapse Which girls? Avandel 456 11 Mon, 2:18pm
               My first thought was the reaction of some folks on here. Imladris18 444 0 Mon, 2:21pm
               Collapse I know. Adanel 397 1 Mon, 4:52pm
                   Ditto Lurker in the Mirk 191 0 Tue, 6:36am
               Collapse The girls who were dragged to the cinemas by their boyfriends. bungobaggins 404 6 Mon, 7:54pm
                   Collapse But did ticking the demographics boxes WORK? Avandel 220 5 Tue, 12:20am
                       Collapse Re: "So where's all the YA Kili/Tauriel angst?" Lurker in the Mirk 214 4 Tue, 6:38am
                           Collapse Thank you - fairness is good - 'coz I thought if this had WORKED Avandel 239 3 Tue, 2:34pm
                               Collapse Honestly, this isn't something that interests me Lurker in the Mirk 93 2 Wed, 4:01am
                                   and fades like a shadow of a shadow Avandel 70 0 Wed, 3:56pm
                                   I don't see what you see in this "relationship" Cirashala 35 0 Thu, 7:19am
               exactly :) // namarie 31 0 Thu, 9:37am
       Oh man. Scorchster 430 0 Mon, 2:25pm
       Collapse Their relationship is as much a love story as Lindele 418 23 Mon, 2:43pm
           Collapse It's really not, though dubulous 389 1 Mon, 4:58pm
               Well said, dubulous! And c'mon, Lindele: really? Lurker in the Mirk 189 0 Tue, 6:47am
           Collapse Would you still feel that way Bishop 312 20 Mon, 6:34pm
               Collapse But they didn't BlackFox 247 19 Mon, 7:42pm
                   Collapse What? Bishop 332 18 Mon, 9:09pm
                       Collapse We can come back to this in a month BlackFox 314 17 Mon, 9:27pm
                           Collapse You agree though... Bishop 294 15 Mon, 10:10pm
                               Collapse I have never claimed that it is merely a friendship BlackFox 289 9 Mon, 10:23pm
                                   Collapse Not purely physical, sure Bishop 273 8 Mon, 10:37pm
                                       Collapse Hmm... BlackFox 263 7 Mon, 10:49pm
                                           Collapse Do you agree Bishop 235 4 Mon, 11:33pm
                                               I doubt the confines of the story strand Spriggan 226 0 Mon, 11:47pm
                                               Collapse Well, if it's the AUJ extended you're talking about.... dormouse 299 2 Tue, 8:30am
                                                   Collapse subject marillaraina 176 1 Tue, 4:25pm
                                                       Yes, I agree // dormouse 166 0 Tue, 4:29pm
                                           Collapse And yes, Bishop 231 1 Mon, 11:37pm
                                               Alright then BlackFox 287 0 Tue, 9:55am
                               Collapse If "he's rather tall for a dwarf" was flirting.... dormouse 259 4 Mon, 11:18pm
                                   I always thought... Darkstone 251 0 Mon, 11:28pm
                                   Collapse OK, perhaps you're right Bishop 236 2 Mon, 11:46pm
                                       Collapse Well yes, if you will.... dormouse 311 1 Tue, 8:22am
                                           I do the same. Elessar 245 0 Tue, 1:48pm
                           Also Bishop 285 0 Mon, 10:17pm
       Collapse I'm scratching my head slightly Spriggan 402 1 Mon, 2:56pm
           Well, it's that darned "R" word Lurker in the Mirk 189 0 Tue, 6:54am
       Collapse So "love" equals "sex"? Darkstone 410 4 Mon, 3:09pm
         LOL! *mods up* Silverlode 224 0 Tue, 5:48am
           *LoL* Shocking! Lurker in the Mirk 198 0 Tue, 6:49am
           Darkstone, you're priceless - thanks for the laugh! // dormouse 296 0 Tue, 8:28am
           What a wonderful collection of beautiful quotes. I'll keep it mae govannen 263 0 Tue, 12:59pm
       Collapse DOS EE nhui06 362 1 Mon, 3:39pm
           Not just Philippa? Avandel 303 0 Tue, 12:33am
       I think they misunderstood... Merovech 442 0 Mon, 4:36pm
       Collapse Don't care for the label... Arannir 403 4 Mon, 8:54pm
           Collapse Well said, Arannir! BlackFox 327 1 Mon, 9:29pm
               subject marillaraina 291 0 Tue, 1:03am
           Yes, the message is a good one Lurker in the Mirk 191 0 Tue, 7:01am
           *Vigorous Hand Clapping* mae govannen 261 0 Tue, 1:03pm
       Collapse I read this in the Movie Guide too MirielCelebel 300 4 Tue, 3:25am
           Wonderful post, and couldn't agree more Bishop 258 0 Tue, 3:27am
           Thank you, MirielCelebel Lurker in the Mirk 198 0 Tue, 7:03am
           Collapse More than just "romantic" love Tardisious 136 1 Tue, 8:32pm
               Well-said! Lurker in the Mirk 84 0 Wed, 4:10am
       Collapse It's Deja Vu All Over Again DwellerInDale 312 1 Tue, 11:39am
         Well, you'll forgive me if it's only a whisper in the dark for me Lurker in the Mirk 76 0 Wed, 3:45am
       Collapse Why all the surprise? SirDennisC 85 1 Wed, 3:30am
           It's about as subtle as a murmukil traipsing towards the Pelennors, isn't it? Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Wed, 4:12am
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