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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Makeup/Prosthetic mistakes Scourge of the Stoors 438 2 12:43am Jump to last post in thread (by Scourge of the Stoors)
       Collapse common deskp 269 1 12:46am
           I know! Scourge of the Stoors 233 0 12:49am

  Collapse A quick question about the Raven Glorfindela 391 10 12:35am Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)
       Collapse It was a messenger arithmancer 258 1 12:36am
           Ah, excellent Glorfindela 224 0 12:43am
       Thorin sends off a message by raven earlier Spriggan 239 0 12:38am
       Collapse and... swordwhale 219 3 12:46am
           Collapse Thank you, kind Swordwhale Glorfindela 175 2 1:15am
               Collapse ravens... swordwhale 35 1 1:53pm
                   Interesting mention of wolves, considering AshNazg 31 0 2:09pm
       Collapse I can tell you all about the raven - his name is Roac AshNazg 71 2 10:52am
           Collapse That's fascinating, AshNazg Glorfindela 59 1 11:42am
               Oh no. What if Dain teaches him the B word?? AshNazg 45 0 1:14pm

  Collapse Missing lines (in trailer but not in movie) elentari3018 388 5 12:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Elvanui)
       Collapse There's so much I expect back in the film... Aragorn the Elfstone 244 3 12:20am
           Collapse Yes i agree.... elentari3018 206 2 12:23am
               Collapse Something to remember re Beorn Cirashala 194 1 12:43am
                   True but... elentari3018 139 0 1:18am
       And there was Elvanui 45 0 10:33am

  Collapse Manu Bennett Appreciation The Ranger Anduiel 271 9 12:14am Jump to last post in thread (by Scorchster)
       Collapse As much as everyone wanted to see Bolg after AUJ King_horse 181 1 12:16am
         AZOG makes LURTZ look like a.. "PUTTzz" from Topeka, Kansas.// Bombadil 136 0 12:38am
       7 haarp 123 0 1:13am
       There were some shots in the film where Azog's CGI looked so incredible that MatthewJer18 106 0 2:45am
       Collapse Manu is THE MAN DigificWriter 67 2 6:14am
           Collapse From seeing the Appendices and con footage Avandel 60 1 7:03am
               On Ravenhill The Ranger Anduiel 18 0 4:01pm
       Yes Elskidor 23 0 4:07pm
       Agreed! But I'm biased of course.. Scorchster 10 0 5:18pm

  Collapse How does Azog know? lionoferebor 530 7 Thu, 11:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Thorin seems rather well known. Spriggan 274 0 Thu, 11:58pm
       Collapse Here's a question. The orc that Thranduil interrogates... AshNazg 312 4 12:04am
           Collapse easy Cirashala 275 1 12:10am
               good insights! swordwhale 185 0 12:49am
           Collapse In AUJ Name 251 1 12:11am
               your tagline.... swordwhale 182 0 12:50am
       I think he caught on Cirashala 253 0 12:08am

  Collapse So why were the best soundtrack bits left out ? King_horse 402 6 Thu, 11:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Shagrat)
       Collapse A bit of the Ironfoot theme appears in the film. MatthewJer18 221 1 Thu, 11:20pm
           Yes but King_horse 207 0 Thu, 11:23pm
       Collapse The eagle theme is not in the movie? macfalk 203 2 Thu, 11:27pm
           Collapse Only a very small part of it King_horse 190 1 Thu, 11:29pm
               what is heard on the soundtrack is also very small bungobaggins 146 0 12:17am
       Ironfoot Shagrat 42 0 9:30am

  Collapse The best actor of The Hobbit-trilogy NoelGallagher 678 16 Thu, 10:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elskidor)
       Agreed ghost_matt 344 0 Thu, 10:42pm
       Collapse mine - not including cg Crunchable Birdses 317 1 Thu, 11:13pm
           Agree with this list, Elentari03 97 0 6:19am
       Close ties between: elentari3018 286 0 Thu, 11:26pm
       Collapse ermagherd! swordwhale 284 1 Thu, 11:26pm
           Freeman Ham_Sammy 251 0 Thu, 11:38pm
       Ian Mckellen QueenCirce 255 0 Thu, 11:39pm
       My thoughts: Glorfindela 234 0 12:07am
       Richard Armitage kiwifan 236 0 12:13am
       After finally seeing BOFA NecromancerRising 197 0 1:29am
       Richard Armitage Avandel 94 0 7:40am
       Collapse Beorn Danielos 82 1 7:52am
           Mikael Persbrandt swordwhale 43 0 2:02pm
       Martin Freeman MouthofSauron 89 0 8:02am
       Martin Freeman BlackFox 62 0 10:18am
       ry 9 Elskidor 47 0 2:28pm

  Collapse Favorite shot in BOTFA? MatthewJer18 705 23 Thu, 10:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       I can't pick only one Ham_Sammy 383 0 Thu, 10:17pm
       The Company gathered around Thorin at the end Legomir 381 0 Thu, 10:17pm
       Bilbo knees while holding Thorin when he died NoelGallagher 377 0 Thu, 10:20pm
       Collapse I just about lost it [spolier] Lindele 421 3 Thu, 10:20pm
           Collapse Yes Ham_Sammy 341 2 Thu, 10:29pm
               I thought it was poetic that the last thing Thorin sees is eagles and bats clashing in the sky. MatthewJer18 339 0 Thu, 10:31pm
               I get misty-eyed just by thinking about that moment BlackFox 326 0 Thu, 10:33pm
       Collapse A few I remember utku 372 1 Thu, 10:26pm
           Elves spinning out over the Dwarven line... swordwhale 227 0 Thu, 11:42pm
       Collapse What really stood out to me Saneliur 372 1 Thu, 10:31pm
           Camera Angle Ham_Sammy 337 0 Thu, 10:33pm
       Smaug Skaan 335 0 Thu, 10:33pm
       I actually find the most memorable to be Bilbo and Gandalf sitting together, after the battle. Spriggan 321 0 Thu, 10:38pm
       Collapse Thorin looking through the mithril vest at Bilbo LoremIpsum 307 1 Thu, 10:42pm
           the very last shot ghost_matt 284 0 Thu, 10:49pm
       So many great shots to choose from - Greenwood Hobbit 311 0 Thu, 10:44pm
       OoOoh CathrineB 270 0 Thu, 11:17pm
       My favorites were... Hobbity Hobbit 173 0 1:40am
       Collapse a couple stand out to me, all towards the end FrogmortonJustice65 158 1 2:02am
           Agree with all Joe-Mathews 123 0 2:39am
       There are so many. GloryBox 95 0 5:58am
       The elves leaping over the dwarves! Scorchster 24 0 5:21pm
       Bilbo and Gandalf sitting beside each other on the step grammaboodawg 27 0 5:29pm

  Collapse Watching LOTR after the Hobbit Macsen 899 20 Thu, 10:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Macsen)
       Collapse I'd agree with one statement in particular FrogmortonJustice65 506 4 Thu, 10:12pm
           Notice how all of those examples AshNazg 472 0 Thu, 10:21pm
           Collapse scenes redgiraffe 85 2 11:18am
               Collapse I don't know, really Glorfindela 73 1 11:57am
                   Yes Dipling 62 0 12:11pm
       Wow Lindele 489 0 Thu, 10:13pm
       Collapse Very interesting observations utku 457 1 Thu, 10:21pm
           Legolas swordwhale 311 0 Thu, 11:55pm
       Interesting exercise that made interesting reading but mefansmum 346 0 Thu, 11:40pm
       Agree with all except... Faramir5 332 0 Thu, 11:49pm
       Collapse Yes Glorfindela 311 5 12:01am
           Collapse They surpassed my wildest dreams with Balin macfalk 296 2 12:15am
               Indeed Glorfindela 264 0 12:32am
             Ken iz closelytoo.. the PERFECT "BOOK" Dwarve Bombadil 211 0 2:19am
           I completely agree with this! NecromancerRising 103 0 10:03am
           It seems.. redgiraffe 87 0 10:53am
       Collapse Great reading... Elentari03 148 1 6:35am
           I agree about the acting in the Hobbit being better than in LotR... misspoptart 122 0 9:20am
       Collapse The major difference is the amount of raw material. Elizabeth 16 1 8:09pm
           Plots Macsen 4 0 12 mins ago

  Collapse Elvish Gesture - Spoiler Laineth 462 2 Thu, 9:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by VValar)
       If we are thinking of the same... Angharad73 281 0 Thu, 10:39pm
       You see Legolas and Aragorn use the gesture in FOTR VValar 53 0 9:57am

  Collapse So how about that Nazgul theme? troiano220 487 12 Thu, 9:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by redgiraffe)
       Collapse Howard Shore addressed this Lindele 331 2 Thu, 9:43pm
           Collapse Yeah troiano220 260 1 Thu, 9:50pm
               Honestly, after having followed the situation Lindele 252 0 Thu, 9:59pm
       Collapse hmm.. nymmerod 231 4 Thu, 9:59pm
           Collapse Agreed troiano220 212 2 Thu, 10:04pm
               Collapse no,definitely NoelGallagher 192 1 Thu, 10:15pm
                   The way I see it Lindele 186 0 Thu, 10:18pm
           Me redgiraffe 43 0 10:04am
       Collapse Incredible Timing Lindele 203 2 Thu, 10:24pm
           Collapse Woah Beorn's Bees 110 1 1:27am
               Next EE troiano220 73 0 4:48am
       LotR Mooseboy018 67 0 4:57am

  Collapse Ram cavalry, ironhills ballista and ram chariot scenes from trailer? thrainseye 405 2 Thu, 9:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse I was bummed there was no ram charge MouthofSauron 232 1 Thu, 9:37pm
           you do realize... swordwhale 142 0 Thu, 11:31pm

  Collapse The Line of Durin Mooseboy018 686 21 Thu, 8:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by DisDwarfWoman)
       Collapse What unexpectedly got me during Fili's scene thomasofrohan 437 11 Thu, 9:02pm
           Collapse ugh DisDwarfWoman 371 10 Thu, 9:15pm
               Collapse Me, too kiwifan 319 9 Thu, 9:39pm
                   There is a Fili & Kili Appreciation Thread buried deep on page twelve BlackFox 289 0 Thu, 9:43pm
                   Collapse I thought Fili's final moment thomasofrohan 313 1 Thu, 9:44pm
                       yes! DisDwarfWoman 250 0 Thu, 10:02pm
                   Collapse Agreed DisDwarfWoman 288 5 Thu, 9:46pm
                       Collapse What do you mean by... BlackFox 278 4 Thu, 9:49pm
                           Collapse I meant later. DisDwarfWoman 268 3 Thu, 9:50pm
                               Thanks for clarifying BlackFox 251 0 Thu, 9:54pm
                               I'm sure we will get more closure for Fili and Kili in EE. FrogmortonJustice65 259 0 Thu, 9:56pm
                               That's what I meant, yes. // kiwifan 135 0 12:04am
       Collapse I agree Saneliur 250 4 Thu, 10:07pm
           Collapse I think CathrineB 241 3 Thu, 10:14pm
               Yes i agree elentari3018 193 0 Thu, 11:24pm
               Collapse Yes lionoferebor 183 1 Thu, 11:33pm
                   But I still wish he had said something kiwifan 163 0 12:02am
       I feel as if... swordwhale 189 0 Thu, 11:44pm
       Collapse Yes Azaghâl 175 2 12:01am
           Obviously not just your post Spriggan 154 0 12:13am
           same DisDwarfWoman 78 0 5:59am

  Collapse Reviews #20 thomasofrohan 819 12 Thu, 8:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by mefansmum)
       Certified fresh Estel78 391 0 Thu, 8:30pm
       Collapse It needs 75% to get certified fresh, right? macfalk 377 1 Thu, 8:31pm
           My bad. thomasofrohan 302 0 Thu, 9:00pm
       Collapse just confirms that critics are mostly incompetent. FrogmortonJustice65 402 3 Thu, 8:41pm
           finally someone says it Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 377 0 Thu, 8:44pm
           Collapse I thought it was pretty clear Lindele 297 1 Thu, 9:30pm
               couldn't agree more FrogmortonJustice65 235 0 Thu, 9:53pm
       Collapse Rating slightly moved up - now at 62%. thomasofrohan 340 2 Thu, 9:07pm
           Collapse "MetaCritic" is MORE reliable than RT Bombadil 179 1 1:02am
               screw RT Elskidor 107 0 4:42am
       I bet Dipling 107 0 6:07am
       Some more appreciative reviews mefansmum 76 0 11:36am

  Collapse Laketowner with Rosary? XD NateGate 309 7 Thu, 8:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse There were originally two religious sects planned for Lake-town. Lissuin 109 6 12:12am
           Collapse red and blue? swordwhale 84 5 12:51am
               I doubt it. Lissuin 74 0 1:37am
               Collapse Red and blue Starling 53 3 4:03am
                   Are there any Red Dwarf fans here? Meneldor 37 0 6:21am
                   Collapse Also in the UK smtfhw 30 1 8:47am
                     red and blue swordwhale 18 0 1:39pm
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