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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Moved: Realistic chances for more middle earth films? frodolives - - Wed, 4:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by frodolives)

  Collapse Could the BotFA EE be rated R? Anyone know the source of this quote? Eruvandi 1004 32 Wed, 4:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Bring it on. Aragorn the Elfstone 510 0 Wed, 4:42pm
       Collapse Bring on BEORN IN RAGE MODE KingTurgon 493 1 Wed, 4:50pm
           Could be Eruvandi 443 0 Wed, 5:04pm
       Even if the MPAA gave the initial cut of the film an 'R' rating... DigificWriter 490 0 Wed, 4:53pm
       Collapse I certainly do not want more violent battle scenes Glorfindela 475 2 Wed, 4:54pm
           Different strokes for different folks KingTurgon 448 0 Wed, 4:57pm
           the violence Ham_Sammy 273 0 Wed, 10:26pm
       Collapse R for EE? arithmancer 490 16 Wed, 4:56pm
           Collapse Think they do Eruvandi 458 15 Wed, 4:58pm
               Collapse Really? Glorfindela 437 13 Wed, 5:02pm
                   I dunno. Eruvandi 435 0 Wed, 5:07pm
                   Collapse yes you can Cirashala 245 11 Wed, 11:18pm
                       Collapse Rear ends and things Glorfindela 191 9 Thu, 2:34am
                           Collapse clarification Cirashala 188 6 Thu, 2:41am
                               Yes Glorfindela 173 0 Thu, 2:58am
                               Collapse Perhaps glor 161 4 Thu, 3:23am
                                   Collapse This is one of my biggest hopes for the EE MechaGodzilla 116 3 Thu, 3:55am
                                       Collapse there's just no way MouthofSauron 104 1 Thu, 5:00am
                                           He would spend and got a bunch of money glor 34 0 Thu, 11:59pm
                                       As cool as fans/general audiences think Beorn is... DigificWriter 108 0 Thu, 5:06am
                           Collapse I had a feeling.. glor 176 1 Thu, 3:18am
                               Happy Christmas Glorfindela 159 0 Thu, 3:23am
                     LOL!...Oh my, is that true??? I never really looked...! mae govannen 99 0 Thu, 5:35am
               My EE AUJ is rated PG-13 lionoferebor 220 0 Thu, 12:06am
       I've noticed adu 478 0 Wed, 4:57pm
       Collapse Here is the original source DjU 481 5 Wed, 5:50pm
         Collapse That sounds truly diabolical Glorfindela 426 1 Wed, 6:10pm
               Remember PJ's humor, though... mae govannen 120 0 Thu, 5:46am
           Collapse Maybe this is Thrain II 344 2 Wed, 8:44pm
               I've had the same thought MechaGodzilla 319 0 Wed, 8:54pm
               Right... I suspect that too. // mae govannen 90 0 Thu, 5:49am
       Well, all that editing! Part of it could relate to the splatter on Thranduil? Lurker in the Mirk 39 0 12:53am

  Collapse Beorn deleted Aranarth 1364 28 Wed, 3:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by ElendilTheShort)
       Collapse I just hope Glorfindela 704 1 Wed, 3:49pm
           He will be .. don't worry.. mirkwoodwanderer 648 0 Wed, 4:04pm
       Collapse IMO much could have been different Avandel 578 1 Wed, 4:27pm
           What amazes me Glorfindela 535 0 Wed, 4:45pm
       Collapse Beorn v. Trolls MorgolKing 578 1 Wed, 4:35pm
           This is one of the things I was hoping for too. Boromir Stark 457 0 Wed, 5:37pm
       Collapse I'd like to hear the reasoning behind this KingTurgon 549 16 Wed, 4:49pm
           Collapse Putting aside the odd Boyens bit, why not flip the question? Spriggan 502 15 Wed, 5:41pm
               Good way to look at it MedwedtoBeorn 431 0 Wed, 5:54pm
               Collapse Would have justified his introduction in DOS... Eurolock 314 2 Wed, 10:03pm
                   Collapse That's a bit circular. Spriggan 270 1 Wed, 11:44pm
                       Agree....but... Eurolock 222 0 Thu, 2:04am
               Collapse Well, those are three really good reasons. Elizabeth 291 2 Wed, 11:09pm
                   Why would it offer a broader range of allies? Spriggan 262 0 Wed, 11:48pm
                   but for those who didn't see the EE Cirashala 262 0 Thu, 12:28am
               Collapse Beorn's function... Bladerunner 181 5 Thu, 8:11am
                   Collapse Great to hear about your reading of him. Spriggan 127 2 Thu, 10:47am
                       Collapse Beorn's Function (Continued)... Bladerunner 81 1 Thu, 3:46pm
                           Would you say that Bilbo showed a similar affinity Spriggan 46 0 Thu, 9:37pm
                   Collapse Beautifully put re. Beorn, Bladerunner Glorfindela 111 1 Thu, 1:28pm
                       Thanks Glorfindela! Bladerunner 70 0 Thu, 3:57pm
               Collapse Beorn's function (continued)... Bladerunner 157 1 Thu, 8:48am
                   Too much Legolas /too little Beorn Hobbithole 144 0 Thu, 9:24am
       Collapse I agree about Beorn. Greenwood Hobbit 531 2 Wed, 4:56pm
           The TE arithmancer 516 0 Wed, 5:05pm
           The conspiracy revealed! Brandybuckled 524 0 Wed, 5:20pm
       That's my biggest issue Thrain II 348 0 Wed, 8:54pm
       it's rubbish that he was all but completely excluded ElendilTheShort 29 0 7:09am

  Collapse Three actors portraying the same character BalrogTrainer 913 12 Wed, 12:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by BalrogTrainer)
       Collapse Does Azog count too? DigificWriter 399 2 Wed, 12:45pm
           Collapse Tricky BalrogTrainer 365 1 Wed, 12:51pm
               I know DigificWriter 349 0 Wed, 12:53pm
       Bilbo Glorfindela 338 0 Wed, 1:10pm
       Collapse Sauron and Witch King of Angmar Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 360 1 Wed, 1:27pm
           Shane Rangi & Brent McIntyre DjU 304 0 Wed, 1:35pm
       Collapse One actor playing multiple characters Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 262 1 Wed, 3:34pm
           Brian Sergent Legomir 223 0 Wed, 3:50pm
       Collapse Wait a sec... Aragorn the Elfstone 245 3 Wed, 3:57pm
           Antony Sher Legomir 207 0 Wed, 4:15pm
           Collapse Sher DjU 190 1 Wed, 4:35pm
               The credits... BalrogTrainer 92 0 Thu, 1:44am

  Collapse Which character was the furthest from what you imagined? Avnar 1157 36 Wed, 6:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       mine Avandel 639 0 Wed, 6:23am
       Collapse A few like Lindele 648 4 Wed, 6:25am
           Huh...? Avnar 457 0 Wed, 10:08am
           Collapse Have you read the book? Glorfindela 417 2 Wed, 11:41am
               But... arithmancer 291 0 Wed, 2:29pm
               She wasn't Lindele 244 0 Wed, 3:35pm
       Collapse The Goblin King NecromancerRising 569 4 Wed, 6:34am
           Forgot about him... Avnar 428 0 Wed, 10:09am
           Collapse Absolutely... Salmacis81 143 2 Wed, 7:38pm
               Collapse Granted... BalrogTrainer 86 1 Thu, 1:45am
                   "Goblin" really is just another name for "Orc", as far as I'm aware... Salmacis81 41 0 Thu, 2:03pm
       Gandalf, Bard, Smaug, the were-worms. DanielLB 499 0 Wed, 8:52am
       Radagast I think emre43 447 0 Wed, 9:04am
       One of the Elf guards mirkwoodwanderer 410 0 Wed, 10:47am
       Collapse I would say they were all far from what I imagined Glorfindela 404 2 Wed, 11:37am
           Collapse LOL zalmoxis 317 1 Wed, 1:35pm
             What??? Glorfindela 229 0 Wed, 3:21pm
       Thankfully, almost everyone. Spriggan 377 0 Wed, 11:58am
       Collapse Difficult to answer.... MadgeBishop 366 3 Wed, 12:16pm
           Obelix, oh yes! Greenwood Hobbit 330 0 Wed, 12:35pm
           Collapse I would've liked... BalrogTrainer 323 1 Wed, 12:44pm
               he did speak Cirashala 98 0 Thu, 12:11am
       Beorn... Bladerunner 291 0 Wed, 2:01pm
       Pretty much all of them were different, except maybe Gandalf Elarie 289 0 Wed, 2:10pm
       Unfortunately my favourite character from the book... Thrain II 311 0 Wed, 2:18pm
       Collapse Radagast...a tad too nutty professor. Eruonen 246 1 Wed, 2:49pm
           I like this illustration of Radagast, more respectable bearing Eruonen 247 0 Wed, 2:53pm
       Tauriel. Kelly of Water's Edge 250 0 Wed, 2:49pm
       Collapse Furthest, definately Thorin, Fili & Kili QuackingTroll 254 4 Wed, 3:39pm
           Collapse agreed architecthis 218 1 Wed, 4:03pm
               If there is one thing that PJ and co. Lindele 211 0 Wed, 4:17pm
           Collapse Agreed on All counts malickfan 212 1 Wed, 4:20pm
               but that Thorin pic contradicts Tolkien Cirashala 114 0 Thu, 12:20am
       The Necromancer KingTurgon 177 0 Wed, 4:54pm
       Before the movie CathrineB 154 0 Wed, 7:35pm
     ALL THE DWARVES!!! And I'm so glad about that... mae govannen 81 0 Thu, 5:07am

  Collapse What the heck? Kinda pissed ... MouthofSauron 1417 12 Wed, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by Shirriff Anthony)
       It seems like... MyWeeLadGimli 707 0 Wed, 4:57am
       Collapse *sigh* Avandel 600 1 Wed, 6:45am
           Time is missing... Miss-Merriweather 201 0 Wed, 6:01pm
       Collapse Thorin's Charge Shirriff Anthony 292 5 Wed, 4:17pm
         True! had forgotten about that! Avandel 257 0 Wed, 4:31pm
           Collapse yeah... Brandybuckled 218 3 Wed, 5:26pm
               Collapse Tactically Shirriff Anthony 207 2 Wed, 5:36pm
                   Collapse To Me!! Brandybuckled 191 1 Wed, 5:54pm
                       Totally forgot this Shirriff Anthony 178 0 Wed, 6:14pm
       Collapse In case you're interested Arandir 261 1 Wed, 4:57pm
           I just skimmed through and think you missed... QuackingTroll 199 0 Wed, 5:42pm
       You do realise some shots and audio are only made for the trailer? QuackingTroll 217 0 Wed, 5:35pm

  Collapse What does Kili say to Tauriel? Faramir5 604 2 Wed, 3:07am Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       It's not Elvish, Laineth 439 0 Wed, 3:15am
       It's Loresilme 194 0 Wed, 2:57pm

  Collapse Will they release a movie pic illustrated Cirashala 388 2 Wed, 1:53am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse I second the motion! swordwhale 116 1 Wed, 3:03am
           I meant.... swordwhale 117 0 Wed, 3:04am

  Collapse Elessar Reviews The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies News from Bree 517 11 Wed, 1:52am Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       Collapse For myself Glorfindela 237 7 Wed, 11:48am
           Collapse See we can agree Lol Elessar 119 6 Wed, 4:51pm
               Collapse Oh, I think we can agree on many things Glorfindela 110 5 Wed, 4:59pm
                   Collapse This is true. Elessar 100 4 Wed, 5:28pm
                       Collapse Thoughts MedwedtoBeorn 96 3 Wed, 5:35pm
                           Collapse As far as? Elessar 95 2 Wed, 5:42pm
                               Collapse all aspects MedwedtoBeorn 86 1 Wed, 5:50pm
                                   He was awesome Elessar 81 0 Wed, 6:13pm
       Great review! Greenwood Hobbit 191 0 Wed, 12:42pm
       Excellent review DigificWriter 156 0 Wed, 2:09pm
       I would concur for the most part. Eruonen 146 0 Wed, 3:11pm

  Collapse So as it turns out, Azog is the major villain in PJ's version of this story... Salmacis81 1131 40 Wed, 1:31am Jump to last post in thread (by Snowghost77)
       Collapse Wasn't that already established Glorfindela 603 10 Wed, 1:40am
           Collapse Well, no, it wasn't established... Salmacis81 541 9 Wed, 1:52am
               Collapse they had to remain consistent in the film though Cirashala 504 2 Wed, 1:57am
                   Not saying they should have omitted him after including him in the first film... Salmacis81 473 0 Wed, 2:08am
                   well said! swordwhale 381 0 Wed, 3:03am
               Collapse This is one for the records. CaptainObvious 500 2 Wed, 1:59am
                   Eh? Glorfindela 478 0 Wed, 2:02am
                   LOL Elarie 131 0 Wed, 2:36pm
               Collapse Well, as I said Glorfindela 483 2 Wed, 2:01am
                   Collapse Fan-fiction... Salmacis81 441 1 Wed, 2:15am
                       OK Glorfindela 264 0 Wed, 4:49am
       Azog felt superfluous.... Bladerunner 515 0 Wed, 1:51am
       Collapse Well considering there weren't any Lindele 502 25 Wed, 2:06am
           I think redgiraffe 454 0 Wed, 2:11am
           Collapse Bolg would have sufficed... Salmacis81 453 23 Wed, 2:21am
               Collapse I see Lindele 434 22 Wed, 2:25am
                   Collapse I might have been ok with the resurrection of Azog... Salmacis81 434 2 Wed, 2:36am
                       Collapse Dain MedwedtoBeorn 186 1 Wed, 11:57am
                           Azog was necessary Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 183 0 Wed, 12:24pm
                   Collapse I just can't help but feel... Aragorn the Elfstone 442 18 Wed, 2:38am
                       Collapse No... Salmacis81 414 4 Wed, 2:45am
                           Collapse To each there own. Aragorn the Elfstone 406 3 Wed, 2:47am
                               That particular character... Salmacis81 399 0 Wed, 2:52am
                               For me redgiraffe 382 0 Wed, 2:54am
                               That's not the way my mother makes it. Spriggan 212 0 Wed, 9:18am
                       Collapse that would have gone a long way.... Bladerunner 390 12 Wed, 3:00am
                           Collapse Well, guys... Aragorn the Elfstone 390 4 Wed, 3:02am
                               Collapse no need for name calling ;0)... Bladerunner 358 3 Wed, 3:26am
                                 Collapse Didn't like that either Glorfindela 261 2 Wed, 4:53am
                                       Collapse ha! I get it (0: Bladerunner 132 1 Wed, 2:19pm
                                           I think i she did 'break down' Glorfindela 110 0 Wed, 3:23pm
                           Collapse This redgiraffe 279 1 Wed, 3:42am
                               The scripts were rewritten, yes, but, as far as I know... DigificWriter 160 0 Wed, 1:31pm
                           Collapse all that back story doesn't sound much more compelling than say.... Snowghost77 249 4 Wed, 6:08am
                               Collapse Tolkien's version is more compelling than Jackson's in my opinion... Bladerunner 163 1 Wed, 1:41pm
                                   Yeah i hear ya... Snowghost77 80 0 Wed, 5:15pm
                               Collapse I understand what you're saying... Salmacis81 70 1 Wed, 7:28pm
                                   yeah...I agree, the changes were unnecessary.... Snowghost77 45 0 Wed, 10:26pm
       I liked it Ham_Sammy 376 0 Wed, 3:18am
       Azog's Journey Michelle Johnston 205 0 Wed, 11:25am

  Collapse Editing Mistake Laineth 842 10 Tue, 11:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by Laineth)
       Collapse I'm not sure I follow. Spriggan 335 1 Tue, 11:47pm
           Kind of. Laineth 47 0 Thu, 3:11am
       Collapse I imagine it'll be fixed in the EE [STARS}TyranT 359 6 Tue, 11:48pm
           I don't think you need to look closely Glorfindela 298 0 Wed, 12:49am
           I hope so! Laineth 247 0 Wed, 1:17am
           Sorry Laineth 239 0 Wed, 1:32am
           Interesting Dcole4 207 0 Wed, 2:45am
           Collapse Cg BurglarHobbit 159 1 Wed, 6:46am
               He is NOT a CG double! Bofur01 144 0 Wed, 8:56am
       it also felt odd to me... Bladerunner 238 0 Wed, 2:06am

  Moved: Do you think we shall see another adaptation of LOTR or the Hobbit in the next 20 years? LoremIpsum - - Tue, 9:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by LoremIpsum)

  Collapse Move it a bit = Peace of War mirkwoodwanderer 456 5 Tue, 9:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bladerunner)
       lol nice Crunchable Birdses 176 0 Tue, 9:55pm
       Why's this not on the soundtrack cd?! Miss-Merriweather 142 0 Tue, 10:39pm
       I normally hate techno music Cirashala 116 0 Tue, 11:48pm
       th th th that that that swordwhale 85 0 Wed, 1:26am
       ha! Bilbo and Gollum display some fancy footwork! Bladerunner 81 0 Wed, 2:38am

  Collapse could bofa be shorter because... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 812 8 Tue, 9:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by ghost_matt)
       Ah... Brandybuckled 423 0 Tue, 9:16pm
       Probably just the process of adapting something for the screen Spriggan 380 0 Tue, 9:30pm
       I was thinking swordwhale 227 0 Wed, 1:29am
       Collapse good question...BUT elvish.mafia 129 2 Wed, 10:59am
           In my opinion the CGI is outstanding, much better than in LOTR, but I think they didnt have that time Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 118 0 Wed, 11:52am
         by the way I love your nickname Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 103 0 Wed, 12:26pm
       Collapse That is what i suspect mirkwoodwanderer 86 1 Wed, 3:14pm
           It's possible ghost_matt 30 0 Thu, 11:19pm

  Collapse Favorite Quotes from the Movies? CathrineB 778 22 Tue, 6:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Curunir The White)
       It might be silly, but... DigificWriter 490 0 Tue, 6:32pm
       "You should have stayed dead" Guert 464 0 Tue, 6:32pm
       Collapse 'It's his excessive consumption of Mushrooms.' and 'Are you in need of assistance, my lady?' erdildeniz 387 1 Tue, 7:23pm
           That was a good one Loresilme 290 0 Tue, 9:25pm
       Collapse Finding dead dwarfs: Azagh‚l 422 1 Tue, 7:26pm
           Oh yes it qualifies!... mae govannen 134 0 Wed, 6:28am
       I loved the other half of that DisDwarfWoman 378 0 Tue, 7:50pm
       Bilbo's speech ArdamŪrŽ 362 0 Tue, 7:59pm
       Hard to remember, but here's my fave from BOT5A Kilidoescartwheels 380 0 Tue, 8:09pm
       Off the top of my head Kim 342 0 Tue, 8:16pm
       Collapse The quote when Bilbo parts from the company Belegdir 345 1 Tue, 8:27pm
           That was my favourite as well Gianna 164 0 Wed, 2:54am
       He was my..... friend mirkwoodwanderer 337 0 Tue, 8:36pm
       Collapse Bot5a Flyyoufools 296 1 Tue, 9:33pm
           Far too many favorites, most of which would make a lovely t-shirt design... Miss-Merriweather 258 0 Tue, 10:30pm
       In no particular order... Sharkey 259 0 Tue, 11:22pm
       so many quotes........ swordwhale 208 0 Wed, 1:31am
       Collapse Two of my favorites Old Toby 148 1 Wed, 7:30am
           That Dwalin quote is my favourite of the whole trilogy emre43 124 0 Wed, 8:12am
       "Don't bother knocking." Loresilme 84 0 Wed, 2:54pm
       "I'm going on an adventure!!!!"-Bilbo adu 68 0 Wed, 4:39pm
       No character in particular: Curunir The White 30 0 Thu, 10:55pm
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