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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse So where does the Morgul dagger storyline go? Annatar598 624 5 Thu, 10:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       It's just a clue that inspires Gandalf to investigate Dol Guldur isn't it? Spriggan 322 0 Thu, 10:32pm
       Storyline? Faramir5 253 0 Fri, 12:39am
       Collapse The Morgal-blade Otaku-sempai 96 2 Fri, 1:39pm
           Collapse Didn't Jackson say in the AUJ EE commentary... Eleniel 66 1 Fri, 10:02pm
               zMaybe... Otaku-sempai 23 0 1:48pm

  Collapse Two questions about the lovely Thranduil Glorfindela 845 15 Thu, 5:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Holly Hobbit)
       Collapse I wonder whether it is linked to Arandir 475 3 Thu, 5:54pm
           Collapse WE will see it next summer in E.E. mirkwoodwanderer 439 1 Thu, 6:13pm
               So the final EE of Middle-earth is said to be set for release next summer? Holly Hobbit 63 0 Fri, 4:50pm
           It is BlackFox 421 0 Thu, 6:30pm
       Collapse Let's see... BlackFox 423 2 Thu, 6:29pm
           Collapse To my mind Glorfindela 364 1 Thu, 7:21pm
               Agreed on all accounts BlackFox 334 0 Thu, 7:34pm
       Collapse Is this subject explored in the books ? Lúthien125 297 4 Thu, 9:09pm
           Collapse No BlackFox 287 3 Thu, 9:11pm
               Collapse I don't mind the white gems business Glorfindela 246 2 Thu, 11:39pm
                   *nods* BlackFox 89 0 Fri, 10:30am
                   Yup. And while Lurker in the Mirk 66 0 Fri, 2:08pm
       Thranduil apparently hadn't talked to Legolas about his mother before Eruvandi 235 0 Fri, 1:52am
       Collapse Interpolation Avandel 217 1 Fri, 2:20am
           Yes, agree with this Glorfindela 146 0 Fri, 4:59am

  Collapse According to PJ, "There is a reason for the raised hand of Saruman" irasel 1538 29 Thu, 1:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       I think a source would be useful! Spriggan 724 0 Thu, 1:53pm
       What? Name 717 0 Thu, 1:56pm
       Collapse Make sense! Simon 724 1 Thu, 2:04pm
           . Nerven 615 0 Thu, 2:49pm
       Collapse I find it hard to believe that Saruman could already be plotting against the White Council BlackFox 645 11 Thu, 3:03pm
           Collapse i actually thought NoelGallagher 628 5 Thu, 3:14pm
               Collapse But to have him hinder Galadriel just a few moments after he learns of Sauron's return... BlackFox 614 4 Thu, 3:21pm
                   Collapse true Foxy NoelGallagher 574 1 Thu, 3:25pm
                       Exactly BlackFox 554 0 Thu, 3:28pm
                   Collapse What if he hadn't just learned it? Eruvandi 455 1 Thu, 5:46pm
                       I have thought of this too BlackFox 436 0 Thu, 6:02pm
           Collapse I loved the line "Leave Sauron to me" because of its different possible interpretations Elarie 579 4 Thu, 3:41pm
               Collapse Me too BlackFox 520 3 Thu, 4:13pm
                   Collapse I wouldn't worry too much... Snowghost77 466 2 Thu, 5:34pm
                       Collapse I was just surprised to read about such a possibility BlackFox 439 1 Thu, 5:54pm
                           I know, im with you... Snowghost77 393 0 Thu, 6:56pm
       Collapse Why is this idea so implausible to some people? DigificWriter 531 2 Thu, 4:28pm
           It is not Saruman's character that is the source of my skepticism BlackFox 480 0 Thu, 5:44pm
           It's implausible... arithmancer 14 0 5:53pm
       Collapse Actually it is impossible because.. erdildeniz 424 1 Thu, 7:27pm
           I agree with you, it makes no sense to me. irasel 226 0 Thu, 11:06pm
       Except that.... Osskil 351 0 Thu, 8:26pm
       Alas, I have read this post... Ceres_the_Dwarf_(planet) 362 0 Thu, 8:37pm
       Collapse Hmm Curunir The White 272 2 Thu, 10:14pm
           Collapse . Nerven 234 1 Thu, 10:59pm
               Hmm... Girdle of Melian 118 0 Fri, 12:42am
       Collapse But how Loresilme 120 2 Fri, 2:06am
           Collapse I do find it weird - Hanzkaz 80 1 Fri, 7:56am
               . Nerven 56 0 Fri, 2:15pm

Moved: Christmas Carols, Hobbit-style Lurker in the Mirk - - Thu, 1:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)

  Collapse Whatever happened to this shot?? ecthelionsbeard 1403 5 Thu, 8:38am Jump to last post in thread (by DeadRabbits)
       i was wondering that too. erdildeniz 576 0 Thu, 10:19am
       Collapse Evidently... Silverlode 599 2 Thu, 10:24am
           Collapse I think I may... ecthelionsbeard 498 1 Thu, 10:43am
               deleted scenes PredatoR 451 0 Thu, 12:03pm
       Funny, I've been using that exact pic as my desktop background for the last two years or so. Never reflected on that it wasn't in the movie. // DeadRabbits 405 0 Thu, 12:11pm

  Collapse Amazing Dain Andreorn89 1226 23 Thu, 2:03am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       He will be in E.E. mirkwoodwanderer 631 0 Thu, 2:24am
       Collapse A waste. Elizabeth 669 6 Thu, 2:25am
           Collapse Don't forget the head bashing. DanielLB 516 1 Thu, 5:08am
               Well in a movie tattooed_dwarf 418 0 Thu, 8:11am
         It's obvious tattooed_dwarf 393 0 Thu, 8:13am
           Collapse The boar isn't so stupid, Elizabeth. ShireHorse 373 2 Thu, 10:59am
               Thank you for that info, ShireHorse Elarie 260 0 Thu, 2:40pm
               Very interesting, ShireHorse – thank you Glorfindela 210 0 Thu, 5:32pm
       Collapse I didn't expect I would care for Dain Old Toby 581 2 Thu, 2:36am
           Collapse He's great! DisDwarfWoman 426 1 Thu, 5:21am
               I thought he was great! ecthelionsbeard 400 0 Thu, 7:01am
       Collapse Here's what I thought (heads up: get ready for some Black Sabbath) Ruxendil_Thoorg 557 4 Thu, 4:09am
           Collapse *mods up* BlackFox 334 1 Thu, 10:18am
               Thank you BlackFox! Ruxendil_Thoorg 229 0 Thu, 3:02pm
           Collapse BRAVO SIR!!!! BlackCountry 310 1 Thu, 10:30am
               Thank you BlackCountry! Ruxendil_Thoorg 225 0 Thu, 3:01pm
       An instant favourite since my first viewing NecromancerRising 387 0 Thu, 8:24am
       Collapse yes more MedwedtoBeorn 288 1 Thu, 12:13pm
           so truth mo0on-light 268 0 Thu, 12:39pm
       The 'battle-pig' was a misfire Otaku-sempai 284 0 Thu, 3:24pm
       Collapse Loved him Oleander Took 207 2 Thu, 6:12pm
           Collapse Did anyone else... ecthelionsbeard 202 1 Thu, 7:02pm
               Discworld influence? Otaku-sempai 59 0 Fri, 1:42pm

  Collapse Could we possibly see... NoelGallagher 789 5 Wed, 11:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by NoelGallagher)
       Collapse Yes! Faramir74 206 2 Thu, 8:43am
           Collapse I'm almost sure... Bofur01 182 1 Thu, 10:36am
               true NoelGallagher 159 0 Thu, 10:39am
       Collapse I did too BlackFox 183 1 Thu, 10:28am
           i dont want to see it either NoelGallagher 160 0 Thu, 10:37am

Collapse A,a,a,...a "Super-Cinematographer-GEEKS" Thread... Bombadil 321 1 Wed, 10:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Annatar598)
       Nice thread! Some of my favourite shots are... Annatar598 70 0 Thu, 6:37pm

  Collapse ‘Hobbit’ Finale Crosses $100 Million Mark in U.S. - Merry Christmas PJ & all! Avandel 769 9 Wed, 9:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Woot! BlackFox 376 0 Wed, 9:57pm
       That's brilliant! Glorfindela 264 0 Thu, 2:39am
       Collapse YAY!... Thanks for the update on this... mae govannen 232 5 Thu, 7:01am
         Collapse View #4 tomorrow, I hope.... Avandel 159 4 Thu, 3:14pm
               Collapse Argh! BlackFox 147 2 Thu, 3:22pm
                   Collapse I hate to wait! Avandel 145 1 Thu, 3:58pm
                       That's true BlackFox 134 0 Thu, 4:09pm
             I never thought Smaug could be called cute, mae govannen 44 0 Fri, 5:55am
       Now $383 worldwide as of yesterday Glorfindela 138 0 Thu, 7:29pm

  Collapse Post your EE wishlist here! KingTurgon 1258 47 Wed, 8:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elarie)
       Collapse What I really-really want... BlackFox 715 3 Wed, 8:31pm
           Collapse Wow Thrain II 628 2 Wed, 8:35pm
             Collapse Well... BlackFox 583 1 Wed, 8:38pm
                 Indeed! Thrain II 542 0 Wed, 8:50pm
       For me Thrain II 617 0 Wed, 8:34pm
       Mine: NecromancerRising 577 0 Wed, 8:49pm
       I'll give it a try, borrowing some of yours MechaGodzilla 572 0 Wed, 8:49pm
       Collapse Above all, the funeral scene Elarie 547 1 Wed, 9:03pm
           The general audience wouldn't care about the funeral, mae govannen 288 0 Thu, 7:32am
       Collapse Similar to others.... Avandel 567 14 Wed, 9:08pm
           Collapse Noooo. NecromancerRising 536 1 Wed, 9:10pm
               LOL yessss *grins*...my Alfrid! Avandel 524 0 Wed, 9:19pm
           Collapse This is pretty much my list as well... Queen of Erebor 501 1 Wed, 9:34pm
             I'm not big on the funeral scene either Avandel 420 0 Wed, 10:58pm
           Collapse But confused about the rallying. Isn't that already in? Spriggan 481 9 Wed, 9:47pm
               And let's not forget... BlackFox 465 0 Wed, 9:55pm
               Collapse No, but gaawwgh, I can't find this image... Avandel 464 7 Wed, 10:29pm
                   Collapse this image? Kim 389 1 Thu, 12:56am
                     That's the one! Many thanks Kim! Avandel 184 0 Thu, 3:22pm
                 Collapse LOL, you managed to make me laugh about Thorin!!! mae govannen 270 2 Thu, 7:48am
                     Collapse Well, after watching the Mountain King walk through a dooway in AUJ Avandel 192 1 Thu, 3:48pm
                           Having been properly chastized, never, I say never mae govannen 85 0 Fri, 6:21am
                   Collapse That line is in the movie, though. Silverlode 249 1 Thu, 9:59am
                     LOL - that's what I get for ASSUMING based on one picture Avandel 177 0 Thu, 3:51pm
       More CathrineB 513 0 Wed, 9:33pm
       Collapse one thing nymmerod 468 1 Wed, 9:57pm
           Exactly! Also, more about the Three, please! xxxyyy 179 0 Thu, 3:39pm
       Collapse Let's see... Sharkey 450 1 Wed, 10:26pm
           party tree Mooseboy018 289 0 Thu, 3:37am
       more mirkwoodwanderer 404 0 Wed, 11:16pm
       Collapse More... Riven Delve 402 1 Thu, 12:08am
           I'm with you on that list of yours... mae govannen 254 0 Thu, 8:53am
       My list BalrogTrainer 343 0 Thu, 2:34am
       Collapse Mine: Glorfindela 355 4 Thu, 2:48am
           Collapse Why are so many... BalrogTrainer 329 3 Thu, 3:14am
               Collapse Because Glorfindela 304 1 Thu, 3:22am
                 "Youzz GroovyGuys&Gals" R..Jus'.. Great! Bombadil 283 0 Thu, 5:43am
               Alright, here it goes: DeadRabbits 119 0 Thu, 10:08pm
       ... Salmacis81 224 0 Thu, 12:54pm
       Collapse Okay... Otaku-sempai 201 1 Thu, 3:36pm
           Balin should say something (just a line would suffice) about retaking Moria (now that Azog is dead) at Thorin's funeral or Dain's coronation // xxxyyy 173 0 Thu, 4:27pm
       My take on why the funeral scene was cut sycorax82 183 0 Thu, 6:30pm
       One scene I wouldn't mind seeing... BlackCountry 76 0 Fri, 10:28am
       Collapse Might seem redundant now but.... BlackCountry 59 2 Fri, 4:16pm
           Collapse In the DOS EE commentary There&ThereAgain 42 1 7:32am
               Aha, well that's unfortunate. BlackCountry 23 0 3:43pm
       I'm not sure we can consider this six film series complete Elarie 14 0 8:04pm

  Collapse Saruman KingTurgon 707 12 Wed, 8:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by xxxyyy)
       Collapse I think a trailer that acts as a teaser sounds like a trailer that's doing its job! Spriggan 326 4 Wed, 8:20pm
           Collapse I'd like to see Saruman KingTurgon 329 3 Wed, 8:29pm
               I think Saruman going to Mordor sounds tricky Spriggan 310 0 Wed, 8:44pm
               Collapse because they want to get lots of $$$$$ MouthofSauron 165 1 Thu, 4:55am
                   Too simple perhaps...// mae govannen 146 0 Thu, 5:21am
       It was a tad misleading maybe MechaGodzilla 288 0 Wed, 8:52pm
       Collapse It's a teaser for LotR. Elizabeth 247 3 Wed, 11:02pm
           Collapse I think they setup his fall quite nicely via character... moreorless 236 2 Thu, 12:07am
               Agreed.// Elizabeth 179 0 Thu, 2:19am
               My thoughts exactly BlackFox 127 0 Thu, 10:37am
       Big tease! MouthofSauron 250 0 Wed, 11:02pm
       I think it's fine like that. xxxyyy 103 0 Thu, 4:35pm

Moved: Merry Christmas,dear Ringers NoelGallagher - - Wed, 6:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by NoelGallagher)

  Collapse Anyone Notice "LORD of the City of Dale"'s {Girion's} Chair? Bombadil 486 2 Wed, 5:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       Yeah, I noticed the chair too Kim 210 0 Wed, 6:21pm
       There is so much to see in these movies. mirkwoodwanderer 183 0 Wed, 6:47pm

  Collapse A slight shake of the head lionoferebor 1041 13 Wed, 5:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       Collapse Make me cry... Angharad73 478 4 Wed, 6:00pm
           Collapse Sorry... lionoferebor 419 3 Wed, 6:32pm
               Collapse That's exactly it Angharad73 389 2 Wed, 6:43pm
                   Collapse Was starting to cry as well... mae govannen 185 1 Thu, 7:17am
                       En fait... Angharad73 157 0 Thu, 9:50am
       Collapse I like both of these interpretations Kim 392 2 Wed, 6:31pm
           Collapse That makes sense too lionoferebor 379 1 Wed, 6:37pm
               Yeah, there's a lot running through his mind Kim 362 0 Wed, 6:54pm
       I took it Ham_Sammy 272 0 Wed, 10:02pm
       A multi-layered "no" Elizabeth 274 0 Wed, 10:37pm
       oh gosh Cirashala 253 0 Wed, 11:34pm
       Collapse Replying late Elanor of Rohan 118 1 Thu, 10:04pm
           Don't be sorry... lionoferebor 86 0 Fri, 2:11am

  Moved: Realistic chances for more middle earth films? frodolives - - Wed, 4:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by frodolives)
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