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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse The intro shot of each film represents the film itself, IMO AshNazg 710 1 Fri, 3:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       Hmm, interesting idea. arithmancer 278 0 Fri, 6:03pm

  Collapse OK...another movie viewing and how EomundDaughter 1096 22 Fri, 2:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse You'll also notice that Kili is the same height as Tauriel AshNazg 561 2 Fri, 3:48pm
           Collapse heights. marillaraina 417 1 Fri, 6:35pm
               think the movies shows some "elf senses"! Avandel 115 0 Sat, 5:02pm
     Collapse What I like about that scene Avandel 515 11 Fri, 4:30pm
           Collapse He did, I'm sure he did...... dormouse 459 1 Fri, 4:53pm
               The EE Avandel 314 0 Fri, 9:16pm
           Collapse Aidan Turner is not a bad actor, though not as strong as RA Glorfindela 410 8 Fri, 6:21pm
               Collapse RA made his career out of that Kilidoescartwheels 328 7 Fri, 8:39pm
                   RA definitely deserved award nods IMO Avandel 287 0 Fri, 9:31pm
                   Collapse I don't think the Hannibal thing will be my cuppa tea Glorfindela 248 1 Fri, 11:17pm
                       RA's Character Ham_Sammy 225 0 Sat, 12:31am
                   Collapse Sorry to go OT for the moment marillaraina 214 3 Sat, 2:14am
                       Collapse Poldark air date Kilidoescartwheels 187 2 Sat, 3:42am
                           Collapse According to pbs.org Kim 171 1 Sat, 7:11am
                               Just in time to distract me Gwytha 114 0 Sat, 4:43pm
       Collapse elf eyes Mooseboy018 392 1 Fri, 6:06pm
           No, it's the ears Kilidoescartwheels 298 0 Fri, 8:30pm
       I saw BOFA again for the 5th time last night Kim 390 0 Fri, 7:35pm
       True...Kili is the newcomer between EomundDaughter 336 0 Fri, 8:28pm
       Collapse i've also noticed Me85 176 2 Sat, 11:36am
           Collapse Saw that too.... EomundDaughter 120 1 Sat, 6:23pm
               I seem to remember swordwhale 43 0 5:43am

  Collapse I wonder if we'll get more back story on Thranduil and his wife in the EE, plus some ramblings on waiting for the longer cut LoremIpsum 736 4 Fri, 2:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Shirriff Anthony)
       Philippa Boyens hinted at the possibility... BlackFox 457 0 Fri, 2:43pm
       Brutal editing did the ending no favors. Otaku-sempai 416 0 Fri, 2:50pm
       The whole sub story did seem rather a loose end.. moreorless 327 0 Fri, 4:14pm
       Dagorlad Shirriff Anthony 340 0 Fri, 4:31pm

  Collapse The most....... dormouse 1319 45 Fri, 2:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by elostirion74)
       Collapse What a great idea! BlackFox 624 2 Fri, 2:22pm
           Collapse Filling in the blanks BlackFox 560 1 Fri, 3:00pm
               Bomby's List Bombadil 438 0 Fri, 5:34pm
       Great thread! Starglass 582 0 Fri, 2:33pm
       Thanks dormouse, this is fun. :-) DanielLB 589 0 Fri, 2:39pm
       Good one! Bishop 500 0 Fri, 4:05pm
       Awards KingTurgon 482 0 Fri, 4:14pm
     I'll go for things off the top of my head Glorfindela 489 0 Fri, 4:24pm
       Collapse Ooh ooh! Elvanui 477 1 Fri, 4:31pm
           must agree with swordwhale 54 0 5:08am
       Here's mine... Elutherian 458 0 Fri, 4:41pm
       My thoughts Elessar 443 0 Fri, 4:58pm
       Excellent idea Michelle Johnston 443 0 Fri, 5:10pm
       Mine... arithmancer 416 0 Fri, 5:27pm
       mine Jeffrodo 402 0 Fri, 5:44pm
       Really great idea! tsmith675 382 0 Fri, 6:09pm
       The TORnies! (or would that be the Kimmies?) Kim 386 0 Fri, 6:37pm
       Collapse Where are yours? Voronwë_the_Faithful 388 3 Fri, 6:39pm
           Collapse Who Sir? Me Sir? *Looks innocent* dormouse 360 2 Fri, 7:52pm
               Very nice :) Elessar 318 0 Fri, 8:08pm
               Too hard! But just for you I will try. Voronwë_the_Faithful 316 0 Fri, 8:17pm
       Ooh, good idea! Gianna 381 0 Fri, 6:43pm
       My response Nolane 358 0 Fri, 7:14pm
       O.K. : VeArkenstone 338 0 Fri, 7:44pm
       My list & nomination for "dumbest scene" Kilidoescartwheels 340 0 Fri, 8:16pm
       mine Mooseboy018 312 0 Fri, 8:16pm
       Most... Riven Delve 301 0 Fri, 9:53pm
       This is too hard... Noria 297 0 Fri, 10:05pm
       Just off the top of my head Old Toby 294 0 Fri, 10:09pm
       Sadly I can't do 'Reply All'...... dormouse 271 0 Fri, 11:27pm
       Okay, I'll play! Roheryn 276 0 Fri, 11:27pm
     Excellent notion, Dormouse! Brethil 270 0 Fri, 11:39pm
       this is too hard for me, but Avandel 262 0 Sat, 12:07am
       A little bit of everything. Farficom 248 0 Sat, 1:36am
       Mr. A´s list Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 246 0 Sat, 2:31am
       Collapse Here goes. Macfeast 214 1 Sat, 11:44am
           Just have to say that I completely agree with this sentiment... Salmacis81 121 0 Sun, 2:45am
       Oh wow Elarie 190 0 Sat, 2:56pm
       Here are mine Elanor of Rohan 179 0 Sat, 4:13pm
       Finally put my mind to it... Eleniel 170 0 Sat, 8:18pm
       Collapse Brilliant post! MirielCelebel 143 1 Sat, 11:02pm
           Mine Pandallo 55 0 5:00am
       Adding two more "Cheer" moments: Brethil 141 0 Sat, 11:13pm
       Mine Salmacis81 125 0 Sun, 2:13am
       Great idea! elostirion74 10 0 9:45pm

Collapse BOFA DVD/BluRay: first bonus features! TheHutt 896 5 Fri, 2:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Thank you for posting this Glorfindela 281 0 Fri, 4:14pm
       Oh good - that's a hopeful sign! thanks for posting // dormouse 250 0 Fri, 4:51pm
       I just can't wait for this to come out on Bluray tsmith675 238 0 Fri, 6:10pm
       Collapse Another rated feature: TheHutt 25 1 6:24pm
           Sounds promising - thanks! dormouse 18 0 7:02pm

  Collapse Beorns Magical Handcuff Legolas_Shoehorn 572 6 Fri, 1:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       All the skin-changers are wearing them these days. // Riven Delve 248 0 Fri, 1:19pm
     Indeed Glorfindela 262 0 Fri, 1:20pm
       I wonder if it can talk. I like talking objects. / DanielLB 223 0 Fri, 1:26pm
       Collapse Sure! Otaku-sempai 215 2 Fri, 2:53pm
           Collapse Like the Hulk's pants? oncefaster 132 1 Fri, 7:54pm
               No, not especially. // Otaku-sempai 68 0 Sat, 12:29pm

Collapse A Non-SERIOUS Discussion about ELVES..? Bombadil 591 28 Fri, 11:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Lena)
     Collapse Well Glorfindela 317 16 Fri, 1:19pm
           Collapse Questions that need answering ... DanielLB 300 11 Fri, 1:34pm
               Collapse It's to stop the creepy crawlies from his crown dormouse 283 10 Fri, 1:48pm
                   Collapse But it's all the rage ... apparently ... (not for those with limaxaphobia ...) DanielLB 178 9 Fri, 8:20pm
                       Collapse I feel a retelling of my 'slug in a toaster' story coming on // Starling 164 7 Fri, 8:30pm
                           Collapse I'm intrigued ... DanielLB 159 6 Fri, 8:51pm
                               Collapse Slug in a toaster: Back by popular demand Starling 159 5 Fri, 9:21pm
                                   Collapse Pfft. Still good for one more use. DanielLB 123 4 Sat, 12:02am
                                       Collapse Well Daniel, I am all for appliance preservation, but Starling 118 3 Sat, 12:21am
                                           Collapse Well, if you are sure you did need to throw it, this is to fill that toaster shaped-hole in your life ... DanielLB 111 2 Sat, 12:46am
                                               Excellent Starling 105 0 Sat, 12:55am
                                               Oh. You prefer your slugs underdone? I get ya. // Brethil 100 0 Sat, 1:05am
                       Oh, please Glorfindela 135 0 Fri, 11:29pm
           Collapse Where are they? :( Lena 252 1 Fri, 3:24pm
             Well, I believe one has appeared above Glorfindela 236 0 Fri, 4:13pm
           Collapse This Thrall is still here and will try to explain (Long, rambly, but good-humored post ahead) Eruvandi 207 1 Fri, 6:22pm
               another thrall here Me85 119 0 Sat, 12:21am
       Hey, Elf kings have feelings, too, you know! Elarie 272 0 Fri, 2:20pm
       Thrandy had some major issues Otaku-sempai 257 0 Fri, 3:01pm
       Thranduil's considerable appeal as a character arithmancer 232 0 Fri, 4:34pm
       Oh, Bomby! Kilidoescartwheels 202 0 Fri, 6:25pm
       Collapse Thranny doesn't want to be an elf! Meneldor 144 4 Fri, 11:20pm
           Or maybe...a lumberjack???? // Brethil 123 0 Fri, 11:50pm
           Collapse Oooooooh Eruvandi 101 2 Sat, 1:33am
               Collapse Here is One Clue to what his People Bombadil 117 1 Sat, 3:24am
                   A complexed King Adrianna 102 0 Sat, 8:32am
       A really old, really tall blond rockstar! EomundDaughter 63 0 Sat, 7:00pm
       great answers here Lena 46 0 Sat, 11:34pm

  Collapse Misty Mountains Sung at China Premiere Arannir 468 5 Fri, 9:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Collapse Yes, it has been posted Starling 199 3 Fri, 9:37am
           Collapse Okay, sorry ;) Arannir 167 2 Fri, 9:41am
               Well, Starling 170 0 Fri, 9:45am
               That thread is off page 1 now dernwyn 153 0 Fri, 11:25am
       Great stuff! Glorfindela 149 0 Fri, 1:11pm

  Collapse Multicultural Laketown Drakblod 855 56 Fri, 6:37am Jump to last post in thread (by Bumblingidiot)
       I thought it was a good move... moreorless 496 0 Fri, 6:48am
       Collapse Liked it. Arannir 423 1 Fri, 9:05am
           Pretty Much smtfhw 382 0 Fri, 9:20am
       I noticed it, of course. RosieLass 408 0 Fri, 9:11am
       Didn't bother me. bungobaggins 352 0 Fri, 12:16pm
       Collapse Middle Earth stories are supposed to be myths. Bumblingidiot 388 8 Fri, 12:55pm
           Yes, I agree with this Glorfindela 344 0 Fri, 1:08pm
           Collapse Middle-earth DjU 317 6 Fri, 2:44pm
               also ignoring... Brandybuckled 285 0 Fri, 3:35pm
               Collapse If you're commenting on something I wrote, please Bumblingidiot 213 4 Sat, 2:47am
                   Collapse Plus... Ereinion Nénharma 188 3 Sat, 7:26am
                       Collapse Not knowing about means not knowing about. Bumblingidiot 46 2 Sun, 5:03pm
                           Err... Ereinion Nénharma 34 0 Sun, 6:00pm
                           You do make some interesting points. Otaku-sempai 50 0 Sun, 10:15pm
       Collapse As a trading post Ham_Sammy 310 19 Fri, 2:35pm
           Collapse I agree! Mcoull 293 18 Fri, 2:50pm
               Collapse Alatar and Pallando... Bladerunner 167 17 Fri, 10:34pm
                   Collapse I would not have liked that Glorfindela 247 7 Fri, 11:27pm
                       Collapse And what about Magneto????.... Bladerunner 235 4 Sat, 12:08am
                           Collapse That's my point of view. Glorfindela 227 3 Sat, 12:31am
                               Collapse X-Men came out a year before Lord of the Rings.... Bladerunner 225 2 Sat, 1:02am
                                 Collapse Good – problem solved, then. Glorfindela 217 1 Sat, 1:19am
                                       I didn't have a problem that needed solving to begin with...// Bladerunner 208 0 Sat, 1:25am
                       Collapse What DjU 213 1 Sat, 1:41am
                           OK, then Glorfindela 154 0 Sat, 1:19pm
                   Collapse I agree... Ereinion Nénharma 183 8 Sat, 7:20am
                       Collapse Taken "out" of Middle Earth Mcoull 156 7 Sat, 1:32pm
                           Collapse Maoris in Lake-town would be an anachronism. Moahunter 128 6 Sat, 7:24pm
                               Ah, but the world was shaped differently then.....mythically. Eruonen 98 0 Sat, 10:07pm
                               Collapse Yes, but Maori-like people may have been in ME all the time Glorfindela 86 1 Sat, 11:45pm
                                   Obviously Middle-earth is complete fiction... Salmacis81 73 0 Sun, 3:03am
                               Collapse There are Maoris in Lake Town Mcoull 65 2 Sun, 6:15pm
                                   Collapse There are no Maoris in Lake-town. Otaku-sempai 51 1 Sun, 10:06pm
                                       Yes you're right Mcoull 32 0 1:07am
       Collapse There is a certain logic. Otaku-sempai 278 1 Fri, 3:54pm
           Easterlings... Salmacis81 72 0 Sun, 1:59am
       Collapse I didn't hardly think about it Bishop 249 10 Fri, 6:15pm
           Collapse Not quite the first- Mcoull 227 1 Fri, 7:13pm
               Right Bishop 215 0 Fri, 7:20pm
           Collapse Including LotR? Otaku-sempai 222 7 Fri, 7:24pm
               Collapse What's the deal with the "in reply to" on this forum? Bishop 224 6 Fri, 7:29pm
                   Not a problem. Otaku-sempai 204 0 Fri, 7:31pm
                   Collapse Hi! arithmancer 209 4 Fri, 7:34pm
                       Collapse He did it right. Otaku-sempai 200 2 Fri, 7:37pm
                           Collapse Need more coffee...I was looking at his last post, which WAS to you.!// arithmancer 190 1 Fri, 7:39pm
                               Yes. Otaku-sempai 183 0 Fri, 7:43pm
                       Cool, thanks Bishop 197 0 Fri, 7:37pm
       Collapse Can't say that I noticed Spriggan 216 7 Sat, 1:22am
           Collapse (Bit of an essay here) The reason we have different ethnicities in the first place is because people were geographically isolated Bumblingidiot 200 6 Sat, 3:51am
               Collapse I don't think they are the two options are they? Spriggan 171 5 Sat, 11:51am
                   Collapse The different ethnicities are represented in the books. Bumblingidiot 48 4 Sun, 2:47pm
                       Collapse What probability level are you looking for? Spriggan 35 3 Sun, 5:45pm
                           Collapse In areas of population shift, occupation or free trade, Bumblingidiot 39 2 12:42am
                               Collapse We are talking about Laketown! Spriggan 37 1 12:57am
                                   Nobody was disagreeing on that Bumblingidiot 18 0 1:28pm
       As stated in The Hobbit...clearly, Laketown was a center for trade coming from Eruonen 138 0 Sat, 6:42pm

  Collapse So what's the deal with the ice chariot? Bishop 1061 32 Fri, 2:20am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse Oh yeh CathrineB 583 1 Fri, 2:26am
           Yeah exactly Bishop 526 0 Fri, 2:33am
       Collapse The water level really bothered me... tsmith675 559 1 Fri, 2:30am
           It would only bother me Bishop 519 0 Fri, 2:40am
       Collapse likely in EE Mooseboy018 626 19 Fri, 2:31am
           Collapse *applause* Avandel 620 18 Fri, 2:38am
               Collapse Great pic Bishop 548 13 Fri, 2:42am
                   Collapse Consolation Pandallo 518 12 Fri, 3:00am
                       Oh. Bishop 474 0 Fri, 3:40am
                       Collapse Balin Mooseboy018 497 3 Fri, 3:46am
                           Collapse That's a high hope... Pandallo 461 1 Fri, 3:59am
                               subject marillaraina 409 0 Fri, 5:00am
                           Your post just made me really sad Bishop 453 0 Fri, 4:05am
                       Collapse Perhaps an outright change akin to Dol Guldor and Thrain? moreorless 405 2 Fri, 5:42am
                           Collapse I don't think it will alter anything that significantly DjU 225 1 Fri, 1:35pm
                               it's getting Thorin back with Dwalin, Fili and Kili.... Avandel 190 0 Fri, 4:16pm
                       yes, i've posted about this previously... Eleniel 349 0 Fri, 7:51am
                       The rams don't come out of nowhere, though. Arannir 331 0 Fri, 9:07am
                       Collapse This would be much better then... Nolane 139 1 Fri, 7:24pm
                           Thought the rams were reasonable Avandel 102 0 Fri, 10:08pm
               Hey. Farficom 307 0 Fri, 9:23am
               Collapse Thanks for the picture TheSexyBeard 154 2 Fri, 6:24pm
                   Collapse Yeah, the missing Thorin is an issue Avandel 98 1 Fri, 10:13pm
                       ? DjU 94 0 Fri, 10:20pm
       whoa There&ThereAgain 436 0 Fri, 4:32am
       Collapse mythic swordwhale 451 6 Fri, 4:47am
           Nice point! Brethil 406 0 Fri, 4:53am
           Collapse now that you mention it...Dain's pig Avandel 393 4 Fri, 6:18am
               Yes, Freyr rides a boar with golden bristles, manufactured (!) by dwarves. // DeadRabbits 246 0 Fri, 12:36pm
               Collapse Pig of Unlimited Bacon swordwhale 170 2 Fri, 5:23pm
                   Collapse Wonderful! Thank you for posting! Avandel 99 1 Fri, 10:03pm
                       cool illos! swordwhale 30 0 Sun, 6:02pm

  Collapse One of my favorite "ME looking" scenes was the shot of Gandalf in his cage Eruonen 585 9 Thu, 11:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       I agree, very atmospheric. In truth that first picture Brethil 269 0 Fri, 1:06am
       Collapse I think the second pic Riven Delve 260 1 Fri, 1:13am
           Right, people will debate about plot etc. but I have never complained about Eruonen 225 0 Fri, 2:37am
       Collapse Beautiful Elvanui 140 5 Fri, 10:43am
           Collapse Yes, that is the image I am referring too. A lovely gloom. Eruonen 92 4 Fri, 3:06pm
               Collapse I probably should have realised that.. Elvanui 76 3 Fri, 4:22pm
                   Collapse I wish we could have seen the shores of Middle Earth at some point.......but the action, Eruonen 69 2 Fri, 4:28pm
                     Collapse Probably the Best thing PJ DID was... Bombadil 64 1 Fri, 6:01pm
                           Also...Thanks to you Bombadil 65 0 Fri, 6:04pm

  Collapse Did anyone else notice.... He is a wizard, you know! 823 8 Thu, 9:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by Na Vedui)
       Mae govannen! // BlackFox 358 0 Thu, 10:13pm
       Yes Glorfindela 302 0 Thu, 11:42pm
       Welcome! dormouse 291 0 Thu, 11:43pm
       duh... swordwhale 215 0 Fri, 4:48am
       Collapse Welcome! I do not want to be splitting hairs, but I think (but am not positive), VeArkenstone 112 3 Fri, 7:52pm
           Other way round, I think dormouse 105 0 Fri, 7:54pm
           Clarification! He is a wizard, you know! 84 0 Fri, 10:16pm
           The boy's name Na Vedui 40 0 Sat, 11:14pm

Collapse Thread Locked (Tauriel and Feminists) I was right... NateGate 1192 34 Thu, 8:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Collapse Thread Locked Why do you suppose the people "whining" (your words) are feminists?// arithmancer 527 7 Thu, 8:26pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Go read the linked thread... NateGate 536 6 Thu, 8:27pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Feminists smtfhw 550 4 Thu, 8:37pm
                   Thread Locked so i'm not the only one Lindele 489 0 Thu, 8:47pm
                   Thread Locked You speak for me smtfhw. Noria 434 0 Thu, 9:10pm
                   Thread Locked Well, I agree with the OP in the other thread. RosieLass 432 0 Thu, 9:17pm
                   Thread Locked In any case... Elizabeth 322 0 Thu, 11:12pm
               Thread Locked I suggest you do, instead.// arithmancer 453 0 Thu, 8:48pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Why not post this in the thread that's already there? tsmith675 507 1 Thu, 8:31pm
           Thread Locked Because... NateGate 503 0 Thu, 8:35pm
       Thread Locked I don't know. You can "highly suspect" this Bishop 491 0 Thu, 8:43pm
       Collapse Thread Locked a 5'6 elven female stoutfiles 472 6 Thu, 9:06pm
           Thread Locked Yeah, but he dies doing so. Kilidoescartwheels 424 0 Thu, 9:34pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Your point isn't a valid one... NateGate 336 4 Thu, 11:15pm
               Collapse Thread Locked So you think she's stupid? stoutfiles 226 1 Thu, 11:41pm
                   Thread Locked What...? xD NateGate 167 0 Fri, 2:25am
               Collapse Thread Locked I can only speak for myself, Arveldis 170 1 Fri, 2:30am
                   Thread Locked I disagree... NateGate 159 0 Fri, 2:46am
       Thread Locked The online Oxford English dictionary - feminism: Elarie 419 0 Thu, 9:38pm
       Thread Locked sigh... Mooseboy018 411 0 Thu, 9:41pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Well.. Drakblod 420 2 Thu, 9:42pm
           Thread Locked Weak PJ? Shirriff Anthony 398 0 Thu, 9:50pm
           Thread Locked THANK YOU! NateGate 321 0 Thu, 11:10pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Since you don't know what feminism is, I'll show you Elarie 432 5 Thu, 10:31pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Thank you. Aunt Dora Baggins 345 1 Thu, 11:15pm
               Thread Locked What a great photo Elarie 312 0 Thu, 11:34pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Awesome post! Bladerunner 200 1 Fri, 1:37am
               Thread Locked Agreed... NateGate 165 0 Fri, 2:34am
           Thread Locked Perfect, thanks. Bishop 177 0 Fri, 1:59am
       Thread Locked There's tosh Spriggan 357 0 Thu, 11:05pm
       Thread Locked Time for a link back Aunt Dora Baggins 337 0 Thu, 11:17pm
       Thread Locked I think it's highly unlikely.... dormouse 242 0 Thu, 11:42pm
     Thread Locked A reminder to everyone to keep within our Terms of Service Ataahua 266 0 Fri, 12:05am
       Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing Tauriel thread below. Thanks! // Altaira 160 0 Fri, 3:48am

Collapse Tauriel: Legolas' sister? Legolas_Shoehorn 880 29 Thu, 5:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Michelle Johnston)
       Collapse Likely not... Pandallo 452 8 Thu, 5:31pm
           Collapse Funnily enough I posted about this elsewhere yesterday... Eleniel 419 7 Thu, 6:04pm
               Collapse Tauriel came about with GdT's influence, while he was still on board. Imladris18 415 4 Thu, 6:10pm
                   Collapse Yes, GdT was on board when they came up with the idea of a female Elven warrior Eleniel 253 3 Thu, 10:56pm
                       I don't know if it was, but from what I remember... dormouse 236 0 Thu, 11:37pm
                       Collapse I wish I could find it... Imladris18 147 1 Fri, 5:14am
                           I do remember PB saying that Eleniel 121 0 Fri, 7:18am
               Frodo's Parents?! Pandallo 398 0 Thu, 6:18pm
               subject marillaraina 178 0 Fri, 3:34am
       ... Ilmatar 365 0 Thu, 6:32pm
       Collapse Sauron/Legolas bridge movie stoutfiles 387 2 Thu, 7:14pm
           Oh my gosh - does that mean.... Elarie 279 0 Thu, 9:27pm
           this........... swordwhale 152 0 Fri, 4:40am
       Itaril Otaku-sempai 359 0 Thu, 7:15pm
       Collapse I don't know why everyone talks about "love triangles" TnuaccayM 319 13 Thu, 8:51pm
           Collapse Heh. (Legolas and Tauriel) arithmancer 304 10 Thu, 9:08pm
               Collapse I didn't think so at first Kilidoescartwheels 284 7 Thu, 9:31pm
                   Collapse To me... arithmancer 213 2 Fri, 1:21am
                       I agree, Arith Brethil 207 0 Fri, 1:40am
                       The character element is enigmatic and sorted its the plot that isn't Michelle Johnston 46 0 Fri, 8:28pm
                   Collapse No one seems to mention the words Legolas says Eleniel 138 3 Fri, 7:26am
                       Collapse He does not command my heart Kerewyn 93 1 Fri, 1:53pm
                           Yes Eruvandi 54 0 Fri, 7:22pm
                       subject marillaraina 43 0 Fri, 8:14pm
               Well yes TnuaccayM 272 0 Thu, 9:40pm
               subject marillaraina 175 0 Fri, 3:44am
           Collapse subject marillaraina 167 1 Fri, 4:08am
               well said... swordwhale 154 0 Fri, 4:44am
       Weeeeeell... Eruvandi 57 0 Fri, 6:36pm

  Collapse Tauriel was supposed to be an inspiration for women...then BotFA happened. stoutfiles 1709 106 Thu, 4:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by FernysApple)
       Collapse To quote Dain ... LoremIpsum 861 6 Thu, 4:12pm
           Collapse Brave... Bladerunner 396 5 Fri, 1:17am
               Collapse She does so... arithmancer 368 3 Fri, 1:30am
                   Collapse I think she responded unthinkingly because she was in love.... Bladerunner 358 2 Fri, 1:47am
                       Collapse I am less sure. arithmancer 354 1 Fri, 1:51am
                           Yes, I did as well... Bladerunner 349 0 Fri, 2:01am
               Yes., but... smtfhw 281 0 Fri, 9:13am
       Yup Azaghâl 738 0 Thu, 4:15pm
       Collapse This post makes me sick Lindele 845 38 Thu, 4:18pm
           Collapse Yep. Aragorn the Elfstone 751 1 Thu, 4:29pm
               Hear hear Aragorn the Elfstone! Old Toby 626 0 Thu, 5:02pm
           Collapse So the only way for a female character to be strong stoutfiles 722 1 Thu, 4:33pm
               ... Lindele 668 0 Thu, 4:43pm
           Collapse wow, you sum it up perfectly. FrogmortonJustice65 693 6 Thu, 4:33pm
               Collapse "Tauriel is actually quite a strong character" stoutfiles 674 5 Thu, 4:38pm
                   Collapse and again Lindele 641 4 Thu, 4:46pm
                       Collapse she has a skillset stoutfiles 622 3 Thu, 4:51pm
                           Collapse If Tauriel had been more skilled Lindele 624 2 Thu, 4:55pm
                               Collapse If Tauriel had been more skilled stoutfiles 579 1 Thu, 5:05pm
                                   So you think she planned to threaten Thranduil from the start? arithmancer 383 0 Thu, 5:35pm
           Collapse i'm afraid you need to look at the history of gender representation in movies cartermoulton 673 20 Thu, 4:46pm
               Collapse totally cast aside? Lindele 634 19 Thu, 4:52pm
                   Collapse She leaves her home stoutfiles 602 7 Thu, 5:01pm
                       Collapse Yes, because saving children Lindele 596 6 Thu, 5:05pm
                           Collapse She puts them on a boat stoutfiles 579 5 Thu, 5:10pm
                               well we obviously Lindele 424 0 Thu, 5:16pm
                               Collapse She doesn't row Bishop 380 2 Thu, 5:45pm
                                   To me... arithmancer 360 0 Thu, 5:57pm
                                   Rowing Pandallo 358 0 Thu, 6:01pm
                               Had Kili jumped out of the boat instead of Bain... Bladerunner 378 0 Fri, 12:57am
                   her ultimate role in this trilogy cartermoulton 605 0 Thu, 5:03pm
                   Collapse That's not the movie I saw... lionoferebor 415 9 Thu, 7:46pm
                       Collapse Admittedly this is awkward Bishop 384 4 Thu, 8:17pm
                           I think... arithmancer 344 0 Thu, 8:46pm
                           Collapse Think of it this way Hengist 257 1 Thu, 10:39pm
                               I like you're take on it, a lot Bishop 234 0 Thu, 11:07pm
                           subject marillaraina 340 0 Fri, 2:46am
                       Collapse your arguments Lindele 337 1 Thu, 8:54pm
                           Your arguments... lionoferebor 344 0 Fri, 2:42am
                       Collapse Ummm... Elarie 193 1 Fri, 12:56am
                           Well... lionoferebor 310 0 Fri, 5:43am
           Collapse No need for pity. RosieLass 374 4 Thu, 6:00pm
               Collapse which is exactly what the original post is saying Lindele 294 3 Thu, 7:10pm
                   Collapse no... stoutfiles 274 1 Thu, 7:36pm
                       you just Lindele 335 0 Thu, 8:48pm
                   No, it's not. RosieLass 303 0 Thu, 9:16pm
           Excuse me but... Bernhardina 158 0 Sat, 12:04am
       Collapse Never mind Tauriel... Brandybuckled 685 5 Thu, 4:38pm
           Collapse Oh, my God! Kilidoescartwheels 322 4 Thu, 9:21pm
               Collapse Bain's not exactly a seasoned warrior either. RosieLass 313 2 Thu, 9:23pm
                 Collapse Now, now! BlackFox 279 1 Thu, 10:08pm
                       And her sister, IIRC, tries to close the door on the first one.// arithmancer 354 0 Fri, 1:22am
               Like either be quiet and hide or help! Brandybuckled 265 0 Thu, 10:12pm
       Collapse I always thought she was a Bilbo - like character in the movies LoremIpsum 714 6 Thu, 4:39pm
           well said swordwhale 631 0 Thu, 4:43pm
           A fantastic parallel LoremIpsum Pandallo 610 0 Thu, 4:56pm
           Collapse You have a point about losing the fight that Kili also lost. RosieLass 353 3 Thu, 6:14pm
               Collapse Whether male or female... Pandallo 334 2 Thu, 6:23pm
                   Nope stoutfiles 316 0 Thu, 6:41pm
                   I would have preferred Beorn to kill Bolg. RosieLass 303 0 Thu, 6:44pm
       Collapse I disagree and agree with some things Bishop 579 1 Thu, 5:09pm
           Well that could be said for almost every character in the film Lindele 411 0 Thu, 5:13pm
       Collapse Character arc Loresilme 427 1 Thu, 5:11pm
           I agree and disagree Adrianna 300 0 Thu, 6:44pm
     Collapse Many many females don't find Tauriel inspiring Avandel 442 2 Thu, 5:27pm
           Collapse Just a note... Pandallo 408 1 Thu, 5:37pm
               Thank you Avandel 375 0 Thu, 8:04pm
       I actually prefer her in BoFA than in DoS Glorfindela 401 0 Thu, 5:38pm
       Regarding Bain... arithmancer 357 0 Thu, 6:00pm
       Collapse Well, you could try seeing it this way.... dormouse 351 6 Thu, 6:34pm
           Collapse You are tireless! // Voronwë_the_Faithful 292 1 Thu, 7:00pm
               No - a bit frayed around the edges today, but I do try! // dormouse 283 0 Thu, 7:06pm
           Collapse Well, you could try seeing it this way.... stoutfiles 318 3 Thu, 7:07pm
               A couple of thoughts.... dormouse 275 0 Thu, 7:35pm
               Tauriel/Thranduil confrontation arithmancer 363 0 Thu, 8:24pm
               Comparing Tauriel and Eowyn really doesn't work Elarie 315 0 Thu, 9:20pm
       Personally Ataahua 339 0 Thu, 6:44pm
       considering Ilmatar 399 0 Thu, 7:40pm
       If I'm understanding you correctly Riven Delve 362 0 Thu, 8:42pm
       Collapse Really can't agree with your assertions Kilidoescartwheels 327 6 Thu, 9:16pm
           Collapse I agree lionoferebor 93 5 Sat, 5:33pm
               Collapse Fili said what he did... arithmancer 90 4 Sat, 6:47pm
                   Collapse subject marillaraina 84 3 Sun, 12:35am
                       Collapse Makes me think of something else marillaraina 77 2 Sun, 2:24am
                           Collapse One reason... arithmancer 78 1 Sun, 2:34am
                               of course marillaraina 73 0 Sun, 3:29am
       Collapse Well said Lindele, dormouse, arithmancer etc. Noria 310 1 Thu, 9:30pm
           No. RosieLass 304 0 Thu, 9:35pm
       Collapse Was she created to be an inspiration to women? burrahobbit 265 3 Thu, 10:53pm
           Collapse Philippa Boyens called it "feminine energy." RosieLass 255 2 Thu, 11:08pm
               Collapse Well burrahobbit 230 1 Thu, 11:44pm
                   I don't know what I was expecting. RosieLass 222 0 Thu, 11:56pm
       Cannot say I like this character annthanatos 301 0 Fri, 7:13am
       Collapse men have diferent energy than women and women than men, and both in their highest expresions are AWESOME Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 293 1 Fri, 9:22am
           Mods up :-) // Starling 272 0 Fri, 10:00am
       Collapse Inserting characters into stories for political reasons is not a good idea. Bumblingidiot 254 4 Fri, 12:40pm
           Collapse As it goes, it seems to me Tolkien Spriggan 255 3 Fri, 1:53pm
               You are actually correct, Spriggan.... Morthoron 141 0 Sat, 2:25am
               Collapse He put plenty of negative things in his Shire. Bumblingidiot 38 1 Sun, 5:46pm
                   I think the stories have lots of overt political messages in them. Spriggan 34 0 Sun, 6:44pm
       I loved Tauriel in the 1st two movies. VeArkenstone 186 0 Fri, 8:10pm
       I have to agree with this Bernhardina 167 0 Sat, 12:08am
       Collapse She is still the same person BOTFA as she was in DOS marillaraina 158 2 Sat, 3:28am
           Well said, marillaraina, and I agree completely. Noria 113 0 Sat, 2:19pm
           Yes to... Na Vedui 64 0 Sat, 11:38pm
       basically jackson included tauriel FernysApple 42 0 Sun, 8:08pm
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