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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse fundamental audience misunderstanding GiantMushroomBear 929 36 Tue, 8:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Just can't please everyone Kilidoescartwheels 435 0 Tue, 8:30pm
       Yeah.. tsmith675 418 0 Tue, 8:32pm
       Hm... Arannir 403 0 Tue, 8:41pm
       Collapse Are people not allowed to have opinions? Joe20 423 6 Tue, 8:45pm
           I don't think that is what this poster is talking about. tsmith675 397 0 Tue, 8:50pm
           Collapse The OP NecromancerRising 390 1 Tue, 8:54pm
               I'm more using this thread Joe20 361 0 Tue, 9:16pm
           Collapse Opinions are allowed... bungobaggins 289 2 Tue, 10:12pm
               Collapse I would have loved two movies GiantMushroomBear 157 1 1:55am
                   Signs Bishop 113 0 4:51am
       Collapse Gandalf and Green screen TheSexyBeard 348 1 Tue, 9:29pm
           I made a point of this... Aragorn the Elfstone 331 0 Tue, 9:36pm
       Collapse I propose a re-edit to see what is more entertaining MEIGWIT 338 19 Tue, 9:54pm
         Bravo!!!!!! Avandel 249 0 Tue, 10:49pm
           Collapse But not everyone wanted to be "wowed"... Salmacis81 253 14 Tue, 10:54pm
               Collapse I understand MEIGWIT 213 1 12:04am
                   It was more a reply to your comment... Salmacis81 186 0 12:38am
               Collapse Salmacis, your point is valid of course. Noria 199 3 12:22am
                   About a more "grown-up" version... Salmacis81 184 0 12:51am
                   Collapse The crux of the problem... Eleniel 53 1 8:20am
                       I'm thinking 'poor od Peter Jackson' - Hanzkaz 35 0 9:32am
               Collapse A very fair point NecromancerRising 94 7 6:21am
                   Collapse Sorry. Arannir 70 6 7:35am
                       Collapse No. Avnar 59 1 7:55am
                           Well, a lot of people disagree on that one. Arannir 54 0 8:11am
                       Collapse No no, you missed my point Arannir. NecromancerRising 50 3 8:35am
                           Surely there are those... Arannir 44 0 8:46am
                           Collapse Sadly, this is true.. DaoinSidhe 28 1 9:39am
                               There was. Arannir 28 0 9:42am
           A passionate post, Meigwit! Kendalf 209 0 Tue, 11:49pm
           Collapse Let me point this out redgiraffe 111 1 5:24am
               Damn good post. My thoughts exactly Joe20 102 0 5:41am
       Collapse l'm not going to just blindly agree with you... Avnar 229 2 12:00am
           How about you do it MEIGWIT 216 0 12:09am
           ... Anubis 52 0 8:32am
       It's weird - Hanzkaz 140 0 3:49am

  Collapse The Value of The Hobbit Trilogy Lindele 575 10 Tue, 6:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       You know, it's not perfect but Kilidoescartwheels 241 0 Tue, 8:00pm
       Collapse I've come to greatly respect what Peter has set out to do... Aragorn the Elfstone 222 6 Tue, 8:16pm
           Collapse I think that's where critics and audiences may have misunderstood... Owain 163 5 Tue, 9:52pm
               Collapse That is definitely something I struggled with. Aragorn the Elfstone 152 3 Tue, 10:01pm
                   Collapse Sure, I understand what you are saying... Owain 147 2 Tue, 10:11pm
                       Well said and thank you Loresilme 102 0 Tue, 11:37pm
                       Great posts guys, beautifully said Owain Noria 98 0 Tue, 11:44pm
               Thanks for both your posts, Owain dormouse 21 0 8:19am
       Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy - Hanzkaz 54 0 4:53am
       Lovely post, and I agree... dormouse 24 0 8:18am

  Collapse Coffins in the trailer DaoinSidhe 874 14 Tue, 6:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by Owain)
       Collapse are those coffins? Cirashala 442 8 Tue, 6:22pm
           Collapse Maybe not a coffin.. DaoinSidhe 416 5 Tue, 6:23pm
               Collapse I can almost see what you mean Cirashala 398 2 Tue, 6:30pm
                   I'm not sure Aitieuriskon 325 0 Tue, 6:59pm
                   Hmmm... I kinda see it. That very well could be.// Owain 99 0 Tue, 10:15pm
               Collapse Yes, wrapped bodies laid out, as if on a bier... // Eleniel 356 1 Tue, 6:37pm
                   Meh. I don't see it. Eruvandi 197 0 Tue, 8:10pm
           Collapse I was shadowdog 324 1 Tue, 7:04pm
               3 bodies? (Spoiler) Kilidoescartwheels 246 0 Tue, 7:57pm
       Collapse These aren't coffins... TheHutt 268 3 Tue, 7:47pm
           Collapse Where is this clip from? adt100 176 1 Tue, 8:50pm
               WELL? there has to be SOME Exploration..of Erebor Bombadil 146 0 Tue, 9:27pm
           The clips from the trailer shadowdog 164 0 Tue, 9:14pm
       I mentioned it. Rickster 120 0 Tue, 10:03pm

  Collapse Too soon to ask but will you avoid all of review before showing? Wordofmask 377 16 Tue, 5:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       I probably will Ardamírë 229 0 Tue, 5:32pm
       For LOTR I devoured everything I could find, totally spoiled myself.... adt100 205 0 Tue, 5:46pm
       Collapse Yes, definitely dormouse 195 2 Tue, 6:03pm
           I agree with Dormouse! FoFo64 172 0 Tue, 6:08pm
           Ditto Avandel 110 0 Tue, 7:23pm
       Collapse I always try and always fail... Estel78 171 3 Tue, 6:10pm
           ^ This tsmith675 143 0 Tue, 6:29pm
           Avoiding these stuff is very hard thing to do these days Wordofmask 139 0 Tue, 6:37pm
           Dito. Arannir 85 0 Tue, 7:46pm
       I don't read reviews Name 114 0 Tue, 7:19pm
       Not only reviews Ham_Sammy 86 0 Tue, 7:52pm
       Collapse I did last time. I will this time too. Eruvandi 75 1 Tue, 8:04pm
         Watch out for premiers, tho Avandel 39 0 Tue, 10:55pm
       Collapse I'll do my best to avoid any spoilers Elarie 47 1 Tue, 10:13pm
           No... Queen of Erebor 41 0 Tue, 10:56pm
       I will, for sure. cats16 20 0 5:09am

  Collapse Trailer screencaps Eruvandi 844 21 Tue, 5:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Ooh, nice! BlackFox 360 0 Tue, 5:13pm
       Collapse Ooh La La KeenObserver 345 1 Tue, 5:30pm
         *applause* Eruvandi 226 0 Tue, 7:09pm
       Thank you! Voronwë_the_Faithful 312 0 Tue, 5:59pm
       Collapse Nice! dormouse 309 6 Tue, 6:11pm
           Collapse Bard in the cart Ardamírë 298 5 Tue, 6:27pm
               Collapse Yes, apparently Eruvandi 258 2 Tue, 7:03pm
                   Collapse I'm sure it's something like that. Ardamírë 226 1 Tue, 7:14pm
                       Hard to say Eruvandi 178 0 Tue, 7:50pm
               Collapse At least his older daughter but... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 149 1 Tue, 8:50pm
                   Nah Aitieuriskon 132 0 Tue, 9:06pm
       Collapse Thank you - one thing I noticed from these Loresilme 334 2 Tue, 6:27pm
           Yes, they are Elanor of Rohan 268 0 Tue, 7:00pm
           Good observation! Eruvandi 241 0 Tue, 7:10pm
       Thank you Anubis 257 0 Tue, 6:59pm
       Much obliged. Retro315 190 0 Tue, 7:44pm
       One nice symbol I noticed concerning Thranduil Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 170 0 Tue, 8:55pm
       Thanks, very nice! VeArkenstone 117 0 Tue, 9:53pm
     Collapse My monitor just spontaneously combusted Avandel 86 2 12:57am
         Collapse *grabs fire extinguisher* Eruvandi 72 1 1:59am
               The end of all things Avandel 36 0 5:11am

  Collapse The REAL question now... Timdalf 732 10 Tue, 4:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by sycorax82)
       Collapse Interesting questions KeenObserver 382 1 Tue, 4:55pm
           I agree Eruvandi 201 0 Tue, 6:58pm
       Collapse Personally Glorfindela 299 1 Tue, 5:46pm
           I sincerely hope (and believe) PJ will not go all 'George Lucas' on us. // adt100 268 0 Tue, 5:49pm
       On the contrary Lindele 283 0 Tue, 5:52pm
       Collapse There are only two things I would change.. DaoinSidhe 289 2 Tue, 6:22pm
           Agreed! Lindele 208 0 Tue, 6:55pm
           Agree, bit I Aldo thought about "upgrading" the obviously bad CGI... xxxyyy 122 0 Tue, 9:09pm
       I hope that PJ changes nothing about LotR Noria 74 0 Tue, 10:50pm
       I would change lots about TTT and ROTK but I doubt this will happen sycorax82 45 0 12:59am

  Collapse New tiny pic of Bard and some Laketowners from the upcoming Empire Magazine Carne 639 8 Tue, 4:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by FaramirAndEowynMorningStar)
       My goodness KeenObserver 325 0 Tue, 4:47pm
       A massive cloud of bats !!!!!! Guert 290 0 Tue, 4:54pm
       Dain and his ram-riding dwarves coming over the hill of course! // adt100 218 0 Tue, 5:51pm
       Collapse Winter is Coming vexx801 236 2 Tue, 6:00pm
           I took it more literally... Aragorn the Elfstone 127 0 Tue, 8:03pm
           I knew that GRR Martin got that line out of The Hobbit the moment I saw it Earl 59 0 12:19am
       I suspect FoFo64 208 0 Tue, 6:18pm
       Orcs? The Lonely Mountain? List is endless!// FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 9 0 10:05am

  Collapse The Orc Army Motivation for marching on Erebor.... adt100 478 10 Tue, 4:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Noria)
       Sauron's domination over Middle-Earth Guert 276 0 Tue, 4:09pm
       Two obvious possibilities Shagrat 280 0 Tue, 4:09pm
       Sauron wants to prevent the dwarfes from the unity Fleuz 262 0 Tue, 4:11pm
       Divide and conquer Grimnir 244 0 Tue, 4:12pm
       No power basis... Arannir 233 0 Tue, 4:16pm
       War requires gold. Darkstone 108 0 Tue, 8:18pm
       Collapse The original book-motive was revenge! Otaku-sempai 88 2 Tue, 9:36pm
           Collapse Why would Smaug give Azog the time of day? Salmacis81 66 1 Tue, 10:25pm
               Azog, no. Otaku-sempai 62 0 Tue, 10:35pm
       I posted on this subject a while ago now Noria 48 0 Tue, 11:27pm

  Collapse So now there is absolutely no question that Thorin Elarie 736 6 Tue, 2:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
     I agree! :DDD ~Medieval Soul 270 0 Tue, 3:20pm
     Nope - no question at all // KeenObserver 183 0 Tue, 4:59pm
       Yeah, that's why I wanted the screencap! Kilidoescartwheels 108 0 Tue, 7:51pm
       Collapse Agreed! Looks awesome in anything and sounds amazing saying anything. VeArkenstone 66 2 Tue, 9:59pm
           Collapse No argument there... Queen of Erebor 62 1 Tue, 10:23pm
               It looks the same Cirashala 32 0 2:03am

  Collapse new things you noticed after the nth viewing ghost_matt 708 12 Tue, 2:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       well, no.2 is something I dont care, he is remembering it I guess Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 337 0 Tue, 2:51pm
       No 1 Arannir 331 0 Tue, 2:59pm
       Collapse I noticed a pretty funny goof Carne 406 2 Tue, 3:00pm
           hahaha Im lookinf forward this Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 331 0 Tue, 3:10pm
           Are you talking about Sebastian the Hedgehog 309 0 Tue, 3:24pm
       Collapse Yes - I notice that it just gets better and better..... dormouse 327 3 Tue, 3:23pm
           Oh yes. NecromancerRising 274 0 Tue, 3:26pm
           Collapse Completely agree - it's amazing Avandel 222 1 Tue, 4:15pm
               I do, too. Ardamírë 138 0 Tue, 5:47pm
       The elf that blows the horn when the dwarves are escaping tiwh the barrels looks to the camera Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 279 0 Tue, 3:31pm
       Collapse Hmm..geography Aitieuriskon 92 1 Tue, 7:41pm
           The location of the High Fells is a bit of a mystery. Otaku-sempai 51 0 Tue, 9:48pm

Collapse Keeping Thorin's Roar ... Arandir 619 18 Tue, 2:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse he is trying to go Benedict, after all its Dragon Sickness Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 332 1 Tue, 2:20pm
           300 Rickster 329 0 Tue, 2:23pm
       Collapse RA's voice is always so perfect Elarie 331 5 Tue, 2:26pm
         98% of all dialogue in LOTR? Bombadil 298 0 Tue, 2:52pm
           Collapse He would have made a good Aragorn.... adt100 222 2 Tue, 4:17pm
               Haha regarding Viggo that is kinda true! FoFo64 144 0 Tue, 6:26pm
             *grins* wherever you are I'm giving you an ovation Avandel 47 0 Tue, 11:07pm
           Totally agree and think there is a "musicality" and power to RA's voice Avandel 203 0 Tue, 4:27pm
       Collapse Low-point of the teaser, imho Arannir 330 7 Tue, 2:31pm
           Collapse Yeah, i think RA kind of sauget.diblosio 193 6 Tue, 5:15pm
               Collapse Well, no offence intended but on this one I hope you are in a minority.... dormouse 156 5 Tue, 6:22pm
                   Oh, i'm definitely in the minority, sauget.diblosio 97 0 Tue, 7:44pm
                   Collapse I saw him live on stage ShireHorse 94 3 Tue, 8:02pm
                       Collapse Well, Shire Horse in LIVE Theater there is A THING Bombadil 53 2 Tue, 11:13pm
                           Collapse but Bombi Avandel 43 1 1:33am
                               Please not Bombi,, sounds "Female" or like Bambi? Bombadil 27 0 4:56am
       Yeah I think it plays... Owain 58 0 Tue, 9:57pm
       When I first heard RA's voice in AUJ, I thought it must have been VeArkenstone 61 0 Tue, 10:08pm

  Collapse Edge of Night in BOFA? Brandywine 419 3 Tue, 1:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by Greenwood Hobbit)
       Maybe he's humming it in the fear of war. Fleuz 214 0 Tue, 2:02pm
       Collapse Maybe. But probably not. Otaku-sempai 41 1 Tue, 9:50pm
           And what an effect! Greenwood Hobbit 39 0 Tue, 10:11pm

  Collapse Kili's Armour Shagrat 664 20 Tue, 1:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by marillaraina)
       Collapse Ravenhill Arannir 380 4 Tue, 1:12pm
           Collapse Possibly Shagrat 349 3 Tue, 1:18pm
               Collapse I wonder why they needed an extra small scale double? Carne 308 2 Tue, 1:48pm
                   Collapse My guess... Macfeast 249 1 Tue, 2:26pm
                       Makes sense! Carne 224 0 Tue, 2:35pm
       My guess . . . KeenObserver 341 0 Tue, 1:20pm
       Collapse Kili has to come all the way from Lake Town before the battle... dormouse 352 4 Tue, 1:24pm
           Collapse I hope you're right Shagrat 321 3 Tue, 1:29pm
               Collapse True - very true! ;-) // dormouse 292 2 Tue, 1:39pm
                   Collapse Sorry for the edit Shagrat 296 1 Tue, 1:41pm
                       Too late, too late..... The moment for editing has passed me by. dormouse 257 0 Tue, 2:15pm
       To change the subject a little Name 289 0 Tue, 2:02pm
       Collapse Off topic Azaghâl 285 6 Tue, 2:13pm
           I share your sentiments // KeenObserver 214 0 Tue, 2:37pm
           Agreed wonderinglinguist 205 0 Tue, 2:51pm
           Collapse poor Fili Mooseboy018 132 1 Tue, 6:21pm
               Decent suit of armour too! // dormouse 120 0 Tue, 6:24pm
           Collapse maybe it's just a glimpse or two Elanor of Rohan 100 1 Tue, 7:09pm
               subject marillaraina 19 0 6:10am
       The battle is gonna have several stages and Ii´m afraid that is gonna be a SIEGE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 275 0 Tue, 2:18pm

  Collapse One thing got me a bit disapointed Guert 1075 36 Tue, 12:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aitieuriskon)
       I hope... Arannir 554 0 Tue, 12:39pm
       Collapse If... Shagrat 515 8 Tue, 12:45pm
           Collapse Agreed. Arannir 465 5 Tue, 12:47pm
               Collapse Also... it's only July smtfhw 448 4 Tue, 12:51pm
                   Collapse I think it looked quite good already... Arannir 443 2 Tue, 12:52pm
                       True... smtfhw 421 0 Tue, 12:54pm
                       I think it looked fine... adt100 150 0 Tue, 3:54pm
                   CGI is not the issue KeenObserver 432 0 Tue, 1:01pm
           Collapse Agreed with everything said ! Guert 418 1 Tue, 12:57pm
               Agree with all your points! mae govannen 384 0 Tue, 1:06pm
       Collapse It's not a car chase, or a barrel escape or an escape from Goblin town dormouse 463 10 Tue, 12:57pm
           Collapse Maybe disapointed was not the right word to chose Guert 413 2 Tue, 1:00pm
               Collapse I don't think the word matters really..... dormouse 409 1 Tue, 1:04pm
                   Right!...// mae govannen 372 0 Tue, 1:08pm
           Collapse This trailer seems to have gone down rather well. DanielLB 414 6 Tue, 1:05pm
               Absolutely! // dormouse 362 0 Tue, 1:14pm
               Collapse That it does Elessar 146 4 Tue, 3:55pm
                   Collapse When it comes to me Guert 139 3 Tue, 4:02pm
                       Collapse I expect the scene to be fun Elessar 131 2 Tue, 4:14pm
                           Collapse Agree. It felt like a very serious scene. tsmith675 125 1 Tue, 4:23pm
                               Agreed Elessar 115 0 Tue, 4:33pm
       Collapse Well, this is the new Peter Jackson... sauget.diblosio 446 3 Tue, 1:09pm
           Collapse Hmm, true... Kendalf 367 2 Tue, 1:30pm
               Collapse PJ seems to have action themes for his movies. Bofur01 362 1 Tue, 1:33pm
                   Maybe Radagast will sauget.diblosio 288 0 Tue, 2:28pm
       The camerawork in that scene was brilliant. tsmith675 397 0 Tue, 1:26pm
       Collapse Depends on why they're doing it Kilidoescartwheels 270 1 Tue, 2:37pm
           the River Running Aitieuriskon 70 0 Tue, 7:07pm
       I tend to not overanalyze shadowdog 258 0 Tue, 2:46pm
       Collapse I see what you're saying wonderinglinguist 279 5 Tue, 2:46pm
           Exactly Guert 247 0 Tue, 2:55pm
           Collapse I definitely didn't think it looked fake. tsmith675 192 3 Tue, 3:06pm
               Hear hear! // dormouse 161 0 Tue, 3:21pm
               Collapse I wish I was more like that wonderinglinguist 107 1 Tue, 5:13pm
                   It's more in how things move sauget.diblosio 102 0 Tue, 5:33pm
     Gotta build interest for the upcoming theme park rides! Brandybuckled 153 0 Tue, 3:52pm

  Collapse The absence of the crows. People how do you think things play out to warn Dain? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 420 10 Tue, 12:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Well..... dormouse 206 8 Tue, 12:51pm
           Collapse Yes. Arannir 182 5 Tue, 12:54pm
               Collapse Question KeenObserver 172 4 Tue, 1:10pm
                   Collapse Yes, it is weird. Arannir 159 1 Tue, 1:13pm
                       Regarding Time-line I remember an image of Thorin taking down Azog (green costume guy) Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 119 0 Tue, 2:07pm
                   Maybe they are coming back from the Iron Hills, not going.// Noria 147 0 Tue, 1:15pm
                   Good question dormouse 145 0 Tue, 1:18pm
           Did anyone else think it was funny that Oin mistook a thrush for a raven? Elarie 146 0 Tue, 1:33pm
           Yep Kendalf 142 0 Tue, 1:35pm
       I'm fine with leaving out the crows. Otaku-sempai 25 0 Tue, 9:53pm
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