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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Biggest Laugh in Cinema HelmHammerHand 1051 16 Sat, 6:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Collapse Lots macfalk 574 1 Sat, 7:01pm
           We had laughter Ham_Sammy 377 0 Sat, 8:47pm
       Probably... BlackFox 521 0 Sat, 7:03pm
       By far, thunderously loud.. ~Medieval Soul 548 0 Sat, 7:19pm
       Collapse None in my theater hobbitylass 497 2 Sat, 7:32pm
           Collapse Different perspectives on humour perhaps? HelmHammerHand 455 1 Sat, 7:36pm
               Maybe hobbitylass 412 0 Sat, 7:53pm
       One of the... CathrineB 386 0 Sat, 8:32pm
       I laughed out loud a few times... Pipe Dream 406 0 Sat, 8:34pm
       agreed completely Cirashala 336 0 Sat, 9:22pm
       Dain's language raised a few chortles Greenwood Hobbit 295 0 Sat, 10:16pm
       Collapse "Yish." cats16 260 1 Sat, 10:38pm
           when the big troll Fichtenbrenner 227 0 Sat, 11:02pm
       UK audience - i think i heard one or two sensible chuckles Crunchable Birdses 216 0 Sat, 11:17pm
       In Paris European Premiere... TheHutt 217 0 Sat, 11:19pm
       In my cinema Glorfindela 191 0 Sat, 11:37pm

  Collapse War in the North yannischatzi 737 26 Sat, 6:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by yannischatzi)
       Collapse "Interquels" are a tricky thing DigificWriter 371 3 Sat, 6:55pm
           Collapse Flashback yannischatzi 335 2 Sat, 7:06pm
               Collapse That might work DigificWriter 320 1 Sat, 7:12pm
                   Galadriel's? yannischatzi 279 0 Sat, 7:40pm
       Collapse I think that would work better as a videogame personally malickfan 342 8 Sat, 6:59pm
           Collapse Emmerich's statement doesnt mean much DigificWriter 333 7 Sat, 7:03pm
               Collapse True malickfan 301 6 Sat, 7:14pm
                   Collapse As far as I know... DigificWriter 296 4 Sat, 7:21pm
                       Collapse Actually the 2012 lawsuit in still ongoing malickfan 297 3 Sat, 7:27pm
                           Collapse Re: Actually the 2012 lawsuit in still ongoing DigificWriter 282 1 Sat, 7:36pm
                               Yes... malickfan 260 0 Sat, 7:45pm
                           Irony sharku 252 0 Sat, 7:52pm
                   Ask me in 2 years time... yannischatzi 253 0 Sat, 7:48pm
       Collapse I suppose the question is what would the story be? Spriggan 271 8 Sat, 7:44pm
           Collapse Three story arcs: Lothlorien, Mirkwood, Battle of Dale yannischatzi 278 7 Sat, 7:54pm
               Collapse Well, they are backdrops Spriggan 237 6 Sat, 8:16pm
                   Collapse The story could be yannischatzi 221 5 Sat, 8:35pm
                       Collapse Re: the story could be DigificWriter 214 2 Sat, 8:39pm
                           Collapse Of course you are right yannischatzi 200 1 Sat, 8:53pm
                               i have to disagree DigificWriter 196 0 Sat, 8:59pm
                       Collapse I'm probably not explaining awfully well. Spriggan 193 1 Sat, 9:10pm
                           All in favor say YEAH mirkwoodwanderer 138 0 Sat, 10:41pm
       Given the way Jackson's LotR Trilogy ends... DigificWriter 275 0 Sat, 8:19pm
       So they don't have to overstrech stories Hobbity Hobbit 140 0 Sat, 11:02pm
       Collapse There is also "The search... patrickk 39 1 4:35am
           I just think yannischatzi 1 0 30 mins ago

Collapse People attracted to Azog... NateGate 757 14 Sat, 6:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by glor)
       Collapse They have Manu Bennett NecromancerRising 445 3 Sat, 6:32pm
           Collapse I think Manu Bennett would be offended MouthofSauron 412 2 Sat, 6:35pm
               Collapse Sure,but i never implied NecromancerRising 357 1 Sat, 6:49pm
                   I'm a fan of his voice MouthofSauron 110 0 12:44am
       Collapse Rule 43. // cats16 422 4 Sat, 6:33pm
           Collapse 34... NateGate 421 3 Sat, 6:34pm
             Collapse Ack yes, 34! // cats16 373 2 Sat, 6:39pm
                   Collapse I may regret asking Cirashala 219 1 Sat, 10:58pm
                       PM'ing you. // cats16 198 0 Sat, 11:01pm
       Collapse You are not alone. Gianna 188 2 Sat, 11:25pm
           Collapse That's not all.... NateGate 147 1 12:08am
               Well, just another 'Shade of Gray' mae govannen 60 0 4:51am
       He's a sexy looking orc...he's got the bad-boy thing going on... Crunchable Birdses 181 0 Sat, 11:30pm
       Whatever next! glor 44 0 5:52am

  Collapse Addressing some of the concerns about the plot nhui06 597 8 Sat, 6:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       Radagast... Aragorn the Elfstone 292 0 Sat, 6:35pm
       Collapse I hope someone else directs any new Middle-earth films.... Bladerunner 257 2 Sat, 7:18pm
           Collapse Born of Hope sharku 221 1 Sat, 8:00pm
               Born of Hope priell3 65 0 3:12am
       Collapse Why would it seem disrespectful to show Dain being crowned King? Salmacis81 159 2 Sat, 10:59pm
           Don't worry, they won't Thrain II 151 0 Sat, 11:17pm
           Crowning MedwedtoBeorn 131 0 Sat, 11:30pm
       I'm rather in the middle with reguards the ending moreorless 36 0 6:09am

  Collapse How I'd rewrite the White Council storyline HiddenSpring 350 4 Sat, 6:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Radagast-Aiwendil)
       Collapse Methinks you missed the wider thematic point of Tauriel's inclusion DigificWriter 135 2 Sat, 7:47pm
           Collapse I have no real opinion on Tauriel HiddenSpring 106 1 Sat, 8:17pm
               I never said she was inserted purely to counter Thranduil's isolationism DigificWriter 107 0 Sat, 8:21pm
       Since nobody so far has actually made comment on your version of the Dol Guldur events Radagast-Aiwendil 4 0 33 mins ago

  Collapse What can we garauntee for BOTFA EE? TheImaginator 932 51 Sat, 5:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Pipe Dream)
       Collapse Do we really think we'll see a prologue? Aragorn the Elfstone 542 4 Sat, 5:47pm
           Collapse The prologue... AshNazg 131 3 12:50am
               Collapse Imo it needed a slow scene KingTurgon 97 1 2:00am
                   The problem is, most viewers feel differently mae govannen 55 0 6:04am
               Oooh... Aragorn the Elfstone 84 0 2:30am
       Collapse Most likely Ham_Sammy 528 9 Sat, 6:04pm
           Collapse I agree with you Sammy. NecromancerRising 462 1 Sat, 6:07pm
               Oh and also Ham_Sammy 442 0 Sat, 6:11pm
           Collapse Historical and Mythological clarifications Michelle Johnston 342 6 Sat, 7:29pm
               Collapse A thought about Alfrid... Eleniel 264 3 Sat, 9:02pm
                   Collapse Chronicles of Alfrid et al Michelle Johnston 238 2 Sat, 9:25pm
                       Collapse Yes, I agree Glorfindela 146 1 Sat, 11:23pm
                           Oh I agree as well... Eleniel 30 0 8:18am
             Collapse Michelle YOU ALWAYS ADD SSOoo..much Beautiful Writing.. Bombadil 228 1 Sat, 9:15pm
                   Thank you Michelle Johnston 233 0 Sat, 9:26pm
       Collapse Off the top of my head nhui06 437 1 Sat, 6:13pm
           Yes Glorfindela 411 0 Sat, 6:15pm
       Collapse I wouldn't really like to see all of these Glorfindela 470 7 Sat, 6:14pm
           Collapse You summarized it perfectly Glorfindela. NecromancerRising 421 6 Sat, 6:17pm
               Collapse Yes, that could be good, too Glorfindela 397 4 Sat, 6:24pm
                   Collapse The level of Gandalf vs Saruman NecromancerRising 405 2 Sat, 6:31pm
                       Collapse Yes Glorfindela 147 1 Sat, 11:25pm
                           Yes I agree with this Ham_Sammy 135 0 Sat, 11:54pm
                   With you on this...// mae govannen 44 0 6:15am
               more about the Rings has already been confirmed by Boyens // xxxyyy 271 0 Sat, 8:42pm
       Collapse Ram charge, more dol-guldur, more Beorn MouthofSauron 407 1 Sat, 6:33pm
         Yule Time @ Beorn's Bombadil 337 0 Sat, 7:05pm
       Collapse I agree with all these scenes yannischatzi 243 1 Sat, 9:04pm
           i certainly would not complain Me85 73 0 2:27am
       Morgul blade? Greypilgrim 234 0 Sat, 9:16pm
       Collapse I hope for more scenes with the dwarf company... Nira 164 1 Sat, 11:11pm
           Same with me...// mae govannen 43 0 6:21am
       Collapse Surely they'll show Gandalf getting Radagast's staff? Nira 162 11 Sat, 11:15pm
           Collapse The staves make no sense anyway... AshNazg 118 10 1:09am
               haha true! Nira 106 0 1:12am
               Collapse Hmm no I think that's a bit mixed up. Spriggan 110 6 1:28am
                   Collapse Oh at the Grey Havens. Spriggan 100 4 1:38am
                       Collapse There's been... Aragorn the Elfstone 83 3 2:09am
                           Collapse Sure - but it would be the first time Spriggan 71 2 2:44am
                               Collapse Eh... Aragorn the Elfstone 72 1 2:46am
                                   It might very well not be. Spriggan 63 0 3:14am
                   I'm not so sure... AshNazg 17 0 9:27am
               Gandalf Ham_Sammy 64 0 3:13am
             LOL!...Oh my, is that true??? I never really looked...! mae govannen 45 0 6:26am
       Collapse How can you GUARANTEE... TheHutt 158 2 Sat, 11:21pm
           Collapse Here's what we CAN guarantee... AshNazg 123 1 1:14am
               2 more PredatoR 19 0 9:49am
       Extended Edition davidjUK 142 0 12:02am
       Collapse Bilbo and Bofur Carne 135 1 12:09am
           Looking at the editing it's very possible AshNazg 120 0 1:19am
       What about Sting? Pipe Dream 11 0 10:32am

  Collapse I wanted to do terrible things to Azog… very terrible things.. ecthelionsbeard 497 5 Sat, 5:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse Did all Orcs used to be Elves? Glorfindela 232 2 Sat, 6:09pm
           The original... NateGate 219 0 Sat, 6:33pm
           Actually, there is no definitive answer. Spriggan 163 0 Sat, 7:28pm
       **sigh of relief** MouthofSauron 206 0 Sat, 6:37pm
       It's easy to hate what you will never be, can't be Avandel 195 0 Sat, 6:40pm

  Collapse My South-Indian Quest for 'The Hobbit 3' (the Review will come later) mae govannen 242 11 Sat, 4:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Starling)
       Collapse I think I need to cry again mirkwoodwanderer 120 1 Sat, 4:45pm
           What A Journey!...SSOooo...Happy your Commitment Bombadil 90 0 Sat, 5:16pm
       congratulation! what an exciting odyssey! Bladerunner 92 0 Sat, 5:15pm
       I bow to you, you brave soul Elarie 83 0 Sat, 5:27pm
     What a wonderful story Glorfindela 72 0 Sat, 6:08pm
       What a journey, indeed! BlackFox 60 0 Sat, 6:52pm
       Beautiful story mae govannen NecromancerRising 61 0 Sat, 6:53pm
       Collapse My deep thanks to all for their hearfelt appreciation... mae govannen 18 3 5:57am
           Collapse Well, Starling 13 2 7:14am
               Collapse The two previous years I had missed my chance mae govannen 10 1 7:47am
                   The previous disappointment Starling 6 0 7:56am

  Collapse Bot5A only once lidlessEye 675 16 Sat, 4:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse I felt that way... Aragorn the Elfstone 358 2 Sat, 4:37pm
           Going for the fourth time.... MasterOrc 327 0 Sat, 4:40pm
           It's like EXACTLY like my experience has been Estel78 289 0 Sat, 4:53pm
       I am sure i will see it 10 x mirkwoodwanderer 272 0 Sat, 4:45pm
       Collapse I haven't seen a film more than once at the cinema for over a decade malickfan 280 2 Sat, 4:53pm
           Collapse Well... smtfhw 208 1 Sat, 5:57pm
               I didn't know Cineworld still did subcritptions... malickfan 167 0 Sat, 6:39pm
       No – I don't feel that way about BoFA Glorfindela 210 0 Sat, 6:04pm
       Collapse Though I'm unabashadly a fan of the books, I appreciate the movies for what they are SilentLion 189 2 Sat, 6:29pm
           Collapse one thing to consider Cirashala 85 1 Sat, 10:34pm
               I agree Ham_Sammy 54 0 Sat, 11:27pm
       Collapse This is the only Middle Earth film... Silranhir 209 2 Sat, 6:42pm
           Collapse I'd counsel you not to watch TTT and RotK then...// Aragorn the Elfstone 172 1 Sat, 6:51pm
               Especially ROTK. NecromancerRising 169 0 Sat, 6:52pm
       When I left the theater yesterday I felt that way, hobbitylass 165 0 Sat, 7:29pm
       I kinda had that with DoS dubulous 125 0 Sat, 8:32pm

  Collapse How does Dwalin feel about (sure, spoiler) Miss-Merriweather 467 2 Sat, 4:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse hm deskp 257 1 Sat, 4:54pm
           that's a great idea! Cirashala 117 0 Sat, 9:25pm

  Collapse ***We are no longer requiring or enforcing spoiler warnings as of Dec 17*** mirkwoodwanderer 285 2 Sat, 3:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       I don't think that is quite fair Gianna 84 0 Sat, 7:55pm
       The mods are no longer enforcing them. We are not telling people they can't use them voluntarily. // Silverlode 41 0 Sat, 10:06pm

  Collapse A question about Bilbo's return to Bag End (possible spoiler) hobbitylass 578 12 Sat, 3:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Collapse spoiler note is no longer needed since 17 december. mirkwoodwanderer 304 1 Sat, 3:14pm
           Thanks for the reminder, entmaiden 82 0 Sat, 8:14pm
       You don't mean in the scene after it moves forward in time Spriggan 282 0 Sat, 3:27pm
       Collapse Thorin gave him the map Arandir 296 7 Sat, 3:28pm
           Collapse Thank you! hobbitylass 218 5 Sat, 3:59pm
               Collapse Hmmm I think you might be misremembering. Spriggan 213 4 Sat, 4:03pm
                   Collapse Yes Ham_Sammy 188 1 Sat, 4:13pm
                       Bilbo doesn't actually pick up the map Aragorn the Elfstone 185 0 Sat, 4:20pm
                   Collapse You're probably right hobbitylass 187 1 Sat, 4:15pm
                       Tears Ham_Sammy 183 0 Sat, 4:16pm
           Thorin actually sticks the map dejectedly mae govannen 149 0 Sat, 5:14pm
       I figured out that on the floor are both stuff left behind mae govannen 149 0 Sat, 5:20pm

  Collapse True heroes Elanor of Rohan 599 18 Sat, 2:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       Thoughts mirkwoodwanderer 327 0 Sat, 3:11pm
       Collapse Fili's death MedwedtoBeorn 331 1 Sat, 3:26pm
           I think that is true mirkwoodwanderer 305 0 Sat, 3:27pm
       Collapse Fili's death Elarie 326 1 Sat, 3:30pm
           So PJ made a good point mirkwoodwanderer 313 0 Sat, 3:34pm
       Collapse The thematic heroism of TBotFA's climax DigificWriter 290 2 Sat, 4:03pm
           Collapse In a way, they both.. MasterOrc 253 1 Sat, 4:52pm
               Well, quite Spriggan 180 0 Sat, 7:14pm
       Apparently none of the big bad orcs... Miss-Merriweather 221 0 Sat, 5:49pm
       Collapse I think Elentari03 207 7 Sat, 7:09pm
           Collapse Missed that version of the film marillaraina 166 4 Sat, 8:58pm
               Collapse That would be the one where... Eleniel 149 2 Sat, 9:17pm
                   Collapse Not really supporting her case. LOL marillaraina 142 1 Sat, 9:51pm
                       Agree with you on all these.points... // mae govannen 25 0 6:43am
               That would also be the scene.... lionoferebor 117 0 Sat, 10:50pm
           Thank you... lionoferebor 114 0 Sat, 10:51pm
           Yes... but that was part of Kili's charm to be the way he was... mae govannen 32 0 6:38am
       You captured my feelings perfectly. Arveldis 164 0 Sat, 9:20pm

  Collapse Battle of the Last Alliance mirkwoodwanderer 539 19 Sat, 2:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse Also, the hunt for Gollum xxxyyy 246 6 Sat, 3:08pm
           we could have many more movies for years to come mirkwoodwanderer 236 0 Sat, 3:15pm
           Collapse BotLA PredatoR 215 4 Sat, 3:37pm
               Collapse Let's hope they make it into one movie mirkwoodwanderer 203 3 Sat, 3:40pm
                   Collapse Rights Ham_Sammy 187 2 Sat, 3:54pm
                       Collapse well.. it was in LotR movies... so mirkwoodwanderer 186 1 Sat, 3:58pm
                           Yes Ham_Sammy 169 0 Sat, 4:14pm
       Collapse I dont know about a Last Alliance movie DigificWriter 172 1 Sat, 4:26pm
           Bridge film... Otaku-sempai 157 0 Sat, 4:37pm
       Great idea! yannischatzi 129 0 Sat, 5:16pm
       Collapse I've always thought that the Downfall of Numenor SilentLion 123 8 Sat, 5:38pm
           Collapse Christopher Tolkien wont work with filmmakers... DigificWriter 112 7 Sat, 6:04pm
               Collapse Yep Ham_Sammy 105 6 Sat, 6:07pm
                   There's probably enough accessible material... DigificWriter 98 0 Sat, 6:13pm
                   Collapse I doubt Christopher Tolkien's passing will make much difference personally malickfan 102 4 Sat, 6:31pm
                       Collapse That's very interesting but the central point Spriggan 84 3 Sat, 7:09pm
                           Collapse Yes perfectly true malickfan 79 2 Sat, 7:20pm
                               It's possible. Spriggan 78 0 Sat, 7:24pm
                               I do have to agree Ham_Sammy 52 0 Sat, 8:45pm

  Collapse What happened to Thrandul @ the end Remus 626 19 Sat, 2:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       one would hope mirkwoodwanderer 339 0 Sat, 2:30pm
       Collapse This is why I wish more M-e literature would come out LordotRings93 329 12 Sat, 2:35pm
           agree 100% mirkwoodwanderer 286 0 Sat, 2:44pm
           My thoughts exactly yannischatzi 179 0 Sat, 5:24pm
           Collapse I'm not sure that I do wish that. dormouse 161 7 Sat, 6:15pm
               Collapse Agree and disagree. Spriggan 135 6 Sat, 6:53pm
                   Collapse True.... dormouse 101 5 Sat, 8:47pm
                       Collapse At the legal end of the spectrum, of course I agree. Spriggan 95 4 Sat, 9:28pm
                           Collapse I think it may be .... Na Vedui 77 3 Sat, 10:55pm
                               Collapse The notion that stories by different authors Spriggan 67 2 Sat, 11:08pm
                                   Collapse If the film/fanfiction Na Vedui 55 1 Sat, 11:53pm
                                       Yes, there are the original author's texts. Spriggan 45 0 12:47am
           Collapse There are actually a significant number of Fan Fiction sites SilentLion 122 1 Sat, 7:30pm
               I am a fan fiction writer myself Cirashala 92 0 Sat, 9:48pm
       Collapse According to Lee Pace Oleander Took 351 3 Sat, 3:07pm
           Collapse so he is stll there ? mirkwoodwanderer 282 2 Sat, 3:25pm
               Collapse No Glorfindela 245 1 Sat, 4:14pm
                   Tolkien would say that he had "faded" SilentLion 204 0 Sat, 5:32pm
       According to Tolkien... Otaku-sempai 249 0 Sat, 4:41pm
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