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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Thorin, Kili, and the Elves... lionoferebor 1041 37 Thu, 5:19am Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
     Collapse unfortunately Avandel 943 34 Thu, 6:41am
           Collapse Conversations that never happened. Arannir 862 11 Thu, 9:42am
               Collapse Well Smaug the iron 236 1 Fri, 8:28am
                   Yes, I think you're absolutely right.... dormouse 195 0 Fri, 1:27pm
               Collapse Even Thorin looked surprised lionoferebor 126 8 Sat, 6:57am
                   Collapse Bilbo sees them coming from affar Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 111 7 Sat, 8:35am
                       Collapse Well yes, lionoferebor 93 6 Sat, 10:55am
                           yes I get that Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 90 0 Sat, 10:56am
                           Collapse Oddities...... Avandel 59 4 Sat, 5:20pm
                               Collapse Thorin may not have allowed it. Cirashala 45 3 Sat, 7:11pm
                                   Collapse True enough IMO Avandel 31 1 Sat, 8:00pm
                                       Fast-forward dragon sickness? Ilmatar 24 0 Sat, 9:21pm
                                   The plummet lionoferebor 8 0 3:39am
           Collapse I definitely missed those conversations in these films Earl 845 11 Thu, 10:00am
               Agreed CathrineB 832 0 Thu, 10:13am
               Collapse Maybe they went..... dormouse 787 9 Thu, 11:42am
                   Collapse Hilda lionoferebor 739 3 Thu, 12:56pm
                       Collapse Hilda Smaug the iron 724 2 Thu, 1:11pm
                           Speaking of her... Arannir 719 0 Thu, 1:14pm
                           Thank you lionoferebor 707 0 Thu, 1:19pm
                   Collapse I think that's the problem... Earl 736 3 Thu, 1:01pm
                       Collapse Agreed and 100% signed. Arannir 727 1 Thu, 1:07pm
                           Let's hope the coming years bring us some Hobbit soundtrack goodies Earl 714 0 Thu, 1:16pm
                       You had to look before.... dormouse 699 0 Thu, 1:23pm
                   not turned on IMO - HUNGRY, rather.... Avandel 616 0 Thu, 3:11pm
           Collapse They were filmed... lionoferebor 721 9 Thu, 1:15pm
               Collapse Wait... Dcole4 681 4 Thu, 1:48pm
                   Collapse There is still hope... lionoferebor 483 3 Thu, 5:22pm
                       Collapse Wow. Mooseboy018 430 2 Thu, 6:32pm
                           Seriously. Dcole4 413 0 Thu, 6:49pm
                           *meh* Avandel 273 0 Fri, 12:18am
               Collapse glad you understand! Avandel 598 3 Thu, 3:23pm
                   It is strange that Fili is quiet on the matter Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 565 0 Thu, 3:50pm
                   I've said this before, but... Kilidoescartwheels 534 0 Thu, 4:25pm
                   Avandel... lionoferebor 495 0 Thu, 5:08pm
       Collapse In response to the OP Susan 389 1 Thu, 6:59pm
           I understand what you're saying... lionoferebor 136 0 Sat, 6:43am

  Collapse All 9 armoured Nazgul Designs? QueenCirce 1101 35 Thu, 2:25am Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       Hopefully in the EE bonus features // QuackingTroll 1032 0 Thu, 2:27am
       Collapse The Weta Chronicles Book... Pandallo 967 1 Thu, 4:13am
           Wow excellent thank you! QueenCirce 957 0 Thu, 4:26am
       Six of nine... TheHutt 929 0 Thu, 5:10am
       Trying to speak more about what I LIKE about these movies... Arannir 830 0 Thu, 8:06am
       Collapse They are one of the aspects of the film that really bug me actually! adt100 718 27 Thu, 11:45am
           Collapse aGREED! Dcole4 516 26 Thu, 7:03pm
               Collapse Would you say the Nazgul are consistent beings Spriggan 464 24 Thu, 9:12pm
                   Collapse Not sure I follow! Bishop 373 23 Fri, 9:43am
                       Collapse Oh I would say they are hugely inconsistent and mysterious beings Spriggan 363 22 Fri, 10:21am
                           Collapse But if it's the films we're looking at Bishop 355 21 Fri, 10:52am
                               Don't know what Spriggan thinks, but for me there is a kind of logic to it.... dormouse 324 0 Fri, 1:22pm
                               Collapse I think that's my argument. Spriggan 241 19 Fri, 5:54pm
                                   Collapse What is inconsistent in the books?? QuackingTroll 239 6 Fri, 6:04pm
                                       Was wondering that myself... Salmacis81 201 0 Fri, 8:36pm
                                       Collapse Oh their appearances are the least of their inconsistencies but Spriggan 112 4 Sat, 3:50pm
                                           Collapse Any specific examples? QuackingTroll 61 3 Sat, 7:19pm
                                               Collapse They are all specific examples. Spriggan 30 2 12:06am
                                                   Collapse Those aren't examples, they're questions... QuackingTroll 27 1 12:10am
                                                       Just one example Spriggan 25 0 12:29am
                                   Collapse It's not "creature rules" Bishop 198 11 Fri, 8:45pm
                                       Collapse The Ring does exactly that. Spriggan 107 10 Sat, 3:55pm
                                           Collapse No, it doesn't Bishop 91 9 Sat, 4:48pm
                                               Collapse Ha - I took those to be examples. Spriggan 79 8 Sat, 4:56pm
                                                   Collapse oh, really? Bishop 53 7 Sat, 6:21pm
                                                       Collapse Just for a change, Spriggan 69 6 Sat, 6:36pm
                                                           Collapse I'm totally game for this amazing challenge Bishop 51 4 Sat, 8:07pm
                                                               Collapse ...Grimbold? // QuackingTroll 47 1 Sat, 8:10pm
                                                                   Close! Bishop 40 0 Sat, 9:09pm
                                                               Collapse Odd that you don't seem able to come up with anything. Spriggan 29 1 12:08am
                                                                   You're the one who'is dodging Bishop 16 0 1:05am
                                                           What is the relevance of your question? QuackingTroll 15 0 1:51am
             their style is strategy Wasserwaldnymphe 257 0 Fri, 5:13pm
       Collapse I agree with a couple posters here Bishop 539 1 Thu, 6:35pm
           About this issue NManfredi 72 0 Sat, 4:58pm

  Collapse PJs Hobbit vs Bakshis LOTR balbo biggins 751 17 Thu, 12:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Eldorion)
       I love Bakshi's version of the man in the moon song. Much more than Bofur's // QuackingTroll 682 0 Thu, 12:59am
       Fair enough. Spriggan 688 0 Thu, 12:59am
       PJs CathrineB 668 0 Thu, 1:23am
       Successful? Mooseboy018 652 0 Thu, 1:33am
       Well I enjoy both droidsocket 631 0 Thu, 1:54am
       I'll never for the life of me... Aragorn the Elfstone 629 0 Thu, 1:57am
       Nah... Arannir 512 0 Thu, 7:19am
       I think the Bakshi is dreadful... dormouse 483 0 Thu, 8:32am
       It begins well but rapidly goes downhill! adt100 422 0 Thu, 11:54am
       Collapse I like it ghost_matt 335 4 Thu, 5:18pm
           Collapse script Mooseboy018 290 2 Thu, 6:39pm
               And lest we forget 'Aruman of many colours!' adt100 213 0 Thu, 11:00pm
               That's only really a problem if you've read the book... QuackingTroll 207 0 Thu, 11:34pm
           Rotoscoping Eldorion 164 0 Fri, 5:31am
       I saw it on DVD Elanor of Rohan 256 0 Thu, 7:51pm
       Drogo led a Bakshi discussion back in 2007. Darkstone 239 0 Thu, 9:34pm
       Why are we comparing adaptations of two different books? Eldorion 164 0 Fri, 5:37am

  Collapse All the new BOFA EE clips in one short video Goldeneye 1820 48 Thu, 12:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       So excited!! EgyptRaider 1711 0 Thu, 12:23am
       Collapse CGI balbo biggins 1702 2 Thu, 12:28am
           Collapse Look on the bright side... Brandybuckled 660 1 Thu, 11:34pm
               Don't get your hopes up Goldeneye 648 0 Thu, 11:48pm
       Awesome, thank you! Voronwë_the_Faithful 1681 0 Thu, 12:38am
       Great highlight reel of new stuff! Eldorion 1466 0 Thu, 4:38am
       Video game or movie??? Avnar 1455 0 Thu, 4:44am
       Collapse I'm not so sure about ... Legolas_Shoehorn 1420 1 Thu, 5:11am
           They are. Mooseboy018 1329 0 Thu, 6:49am
       Collapse ... Dipling 1337 4 Thu, 6:44am
           Collapse What are swirling ballista arrows? Eruonen 673 3 Thu, 11:23pm
               Collapse This... Dipling 249 2 Fri, 7:56pm
                   Collapse Yes, but what are they? Why do they swirl? Coriolis effect from power? Eruonen 239 1 Fri, 8:13pm
                       I imagine they're just blades... QuackingTroll 234 0 Fri, 8:18pm
       Thanks.... dormouse 1247 0 Thu, 8:27am
       Thanks for this :) Arannir 1054 0 Thu, 1:08pm
       Collapse Thank you! Susan 945 4 Thu, 3:39pm
           Collapse The Beorn scene is in the theatrical version. Smaug the iron 937 1 Thu, 3:41pm
               Aww, darn it Susan 929 0 Thu, 3:44pm
           Collapse Oops Goldeneye 918 1 Thu, 3:47pm
               At least we know Beorn's entrance isn't changed // QuackingTroll 634 0 Fri, 12:26am
       Ugh, more upside Legolas....... Eruonen 648 0 Thu, 11:48pm
       Collapse Thank you, GE – nice job. Glorfindela 525 16 Fri, 9:36am
           Collapse If PJ like Legolas doing impossible things Smaug the iron 519 10 Fri, 9:54am
               I realize that Glorfindela 502 0 Fri, 10:00am
               Collapse My Problem With Legolas AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 429 8 Fri, 1:09pm
                   coolest shot tattooed_dwarf 384 0 Fri, 3:36pm
                   Collapse Also... how and why? QuackingTroll 353 6 Fri, 3:59pm
                       Collapse Er..... dormouse 313 5 Fri, 5:40pm
                           Collapse Um. Goldeneye 277 4 Fri, 7:14pm
                               Collapse Legolodes? / Darkstone 269 1 Fri, 7:20pm
                                   Legolas in esperanto DainPig 265 0 Fri, 7:27pm
                               Probably.... dormouse 214 0 Fri, 10:06pm
                               Well Glorfindela 181 0 Fri, 11:18pm
           Collapse For the plain reason NecromancerRising 499 3 Fri, 10:02am
               Well, all I can say is: Glorfindela 476 0 Fri, 10:37am
               Collapse grrrrr Cillendor 380 1 Fri, 3:40pm
                   Absolument! NecromancerRising 344 0 Fri, 4:12pm
           Thanks Goldeneye 460 0 Fri, 12:24pm
       Collapse Dwarves in real costumes! Also, Greetings to all NManfredi 209 6 Fri, 10:34pm
           Collapse Here... Dipling 187 3 Fri, 11:14pm
               Collapse Maybe you're right NManfredi 163 2 Sat, 1:11am
                   Collapse I think... Withywindle 145 1 Sat, 2:23am
                       Thanks NManfredi 138 0 Sat, 2:39am
           Collapse Hello, NManfredi Glorfindela 182 1 Fri, 11:21pm
               Hello, Glorfindela NManfredi 159 0 Sat, 1:16am
       Collapse I'm sorry PJ. Farficom 118 1 Sat, 3:57am
           Give us the details! Mooseboy018 93 0 Sat, 4:52am

  Collapse BOFA EE DVD/Bluray found on Amazon OldestDaughter 460 3 Wed, 10:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
     Collapse You are late, oldaughy DainPig 433 1 Wed, 10:56pm
         I knew the news and saw all the headlines! OldestDaughter 422 0 Wed, 11:01pm
       It is interesting there is only $1.00 difference between DVD and BluRay Eruonen 375 0 Wed, 11:37pm

  Collapse Where did this pic of Bilbo come from? Kilidoescartwheels 639 10 Wed, 9:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by Barrow-Wight)
       Likes like it's in the Goblin Caves SafeUnderHill 608 0 Wed, 9:57pm
       AUJ Mooseboy018 602 0 Wed, 9:58pm
       Never saw this one DainPig 593 0 Wed, 10:01pm
       Collapse I know what that is... They shot a dream sequence... QuackingTroll 590 5 Wed, 10:06pm
           Actually, that might have been an early rumour... QuackingTroll 567 0 Wed, 10:12pm
           Collapse Interesting... Dcole4 536 2 Wed, 10:28pm
               Collapse Here's the shot in the trailer: QuackingTroll 533 1 Wed, 10:32pm
                   Wow SafeUnderHill 525 0 Wed, 10:39pm
           the dream in the book Barrow-Wight 474 0 Wed, 11:11pm
       Hmmm.... Dcole4 541 0 Wed, 10:27pm

  Collapse that is so cool mirkwoodwanderer 642 6 Wed, 9:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)
       Yes, I had heard it before DainPig 582 0 Wed, 9:37pm
       Collapse I wonder if someone could edit what we have together? QuackingTroll 565 2 Wed, 9:47pm
           Collapse Ask and ye shall receive Goldeneye 419 1 Thu, 12:07am
               Awesome! // adt100 203 0 Thu, 11:49am
       iiit iss!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 278 0 Thu, 7:23am
       Here is a video Smaug the iron 31 0 Sat, 10:05am

  Collapse I bought my tickets to all three Hobbit EE movie showings in October! elf_wannabee 357 5 Wed, 7:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Really hope this comes to the UK // QuackingTroll 332 0 Wed, 8:02pm
       Great, have fun :) Arannir 328 0 Wed, 8:13pm
       Well a friend is supposed to pick some up today Kilidoescartwheels 276 0 Wed, 8:58pm
       Collapse Nope, I don't live in the US... Queen of Erebor 217 1 Wed, 10:25pm
           Lucky Bomby, in Denver about Bombadil 99 0 Thu, 2:31pm

  Collapse What's wrong with this picture? Kilidoescartwheels 1402 64 Wed, 4:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arveldis)
       Collapse What's the purpose of the picture? Spriggan 1214 13 Wed, 5:04pm
           Collapse Of that particular picture? Kilidoescartwheels 1207 12 Wed, 5:07pm
               Collapse Only partially agree. Spriggan 1194 11 Wed, 5:10pm
                   Collapse Most marketable in THEIR opinion Kilidoescartwheels 1138 9 Wed, 5:28pm
                       Collapse Well, in their professional opinion, yes. Spriggan 1118 2 Wed, 5:35pm
                           Collapse Well I'm not basing it on sales Kilidoescartwheels 844 1 Wed, 7:16pm
                               That's a horse of a different colour. Spriggan 369 0 Wed, 7:29pm
                       Collapse Your opinion is invalid because you can't prove otherwise QuackingTroll 1073 5 Wed, 5:49pm
                           Collapse The effectiveness of marketing isn't a matter of opinion. Spriggan 1033 4 Wed, 5:58pm
                               Collapse You're the only one discussing sales figures... QuackingTroll 1010 3 Wed, 6:04pm
                                   Collapse No that's not true. Spriggan 999 2 Wed, 6:09pm
                                       Collapse Well that's not really what I wanted to talk about Kilidoescartwheels 378 1 Wed, 7:18pm
                                           Who knows? Spriggan 365 0 Wed, 7:35pm
                   Agreed! It’s all about the Do-Re-Mi . . . $ $ $ Bracegirdle 1131 0 Wed, 5:28pm
       Collapse Stuff like this Shagrat 1218 1 Wed, 5:04pm
           A little unfair IMO, it's called marketing.... adt100 272 0 Wed, 10:05pm
       Collapse It makes more sense then your suggestions EgyptRaider 1100 1 Wed, 5:44pm
           This. Aragorn the Elfstone 1028 0 Wed, 6:01pm
       Too much text! TheHutt 1077 0 Wed, 5:45pm
       I hate it CathrineB 1071 0 Wed, 5:46pm
       Collapse But logically... Darkstone 1071 2 Wed, 5:48pm
           Collapse the LotR EE sold just fine with no picture at all // QuackingTroll 1036 1 Wed, 5:55pm
               Exactly! TheHutt 1026 0 Wed, 5:59pm
       Collapse Marketing Susan 1020 1 Wed, 6:01pm
           They should just put a big picture of Legolas.. QuackingTroll 967 0 Wed, 6:19pm
       Depends who's asking and why, I suppose.... dormouse 1013 0 Wed, 6:03pm
       nothing balbo biggins 933 0 Wed, 6:30pm
       Collapse Well... Arannir 879 1 Wed, 6:59pm
           Oh please, no Alfrid! Kilidoescartwheels 380 0 Wed, 7:17pm
       Collapse *bows* - thank you for the compliment and... Avandel 383 3 Wed, 7:20pm
           Collapse Oh, but, Avandel... Arveldis 235 2 Wed, 11:20pm
             Collapse LOL Avandel 280 1 Thu, 6:10am
                   I'm sure the kiddies would love it. Arveldis 25 0 Sat, 2:28am
       Collapse I don't get it Lindele 363 2 Wed, 7:57pm
           Collapse True Elanor of Rohan 344 1 Wed, 8:19pm
               You mean Theatrical edition? DainPig 310 0 Wed, 8:42pm
       Collapse Where is Azog? DainPig 325 26 Wed, 8:34pm
           Collapse Why Azog? Salmacis81 259 25 Wed, 11:01pm
               Collapse Why Legolas? DainPig 251 1 Wed, 11:09pm
                   And Azog is supposed to be in The Hobbit? Salmacis81 235 0 Wed, 11:19pm
               Collapse THIS Avandel 232 22 Wed, 11:31pm
                   Yes... Salmacis81 211 0 Wed, 11:58pm
                   Collapse The image is probably a reasonable indication. Spriggan 213 20 Thu, 12:05am
                       Collapse The movies would have sold just as well... Salmacis81 209 19 Thu, 12:13am
                           Collapse I don't know what we would base that on. Spriggan 205 18 Thu, 12:19am
                               Collapse I remember the excitement in the lead-up to AUJ... Salmacis81 198 17 Thu, 12:39am
                                   Collapse I'm not sure what you mean. Spriggan 197 16 Thu, 12:56am
                                       Collapse Excitement Mooseboy018 179 1 Thu, 1:44am
                                           Well quite. Spriggan 173 0 Thu, 1:55am
                                       Collapse The Phantom Menace and Prometheus.. QuackingTroll 175 10 Thu, 2:19am
                                           Collapse Are you pulling my leg? Spriggan 265 9 Thu, 8:00am
                                               Collapse Yes it's a spoof answer QuackingTroll 239 8 Thu, 11:11am
                                                   Collapse It depends on what people are saying. Spriggan 232 7 Thu, 11:38am
                                                       Collapse You were asking someone to provide evidence of measured excitement QuackingTroll 216 3 Thu, 11:53am
                                                           Collapse Sigh. Spriggan 206 2 Thu, 1:09pm
                                                               Collapse personal taste Kilidoescartwheels 198 1 Thu, 1:46pm
                                                                   I agree - I said that further up, at least a couple of times. Spriggan 192 0 Thu, 1:55pm
                                                       Collapse Seriously, you do go overboard sometimes Kilidoescartwheels 204 2 Thu, 1:44pm
                                                           Collapse I agree. Spriggan 191 1 Thu, 1:59pm
                                                               Maybe it's time to move on to other topics entmaiden 188 0 Thu, 2:19pm
                                       Collapse Media buzz... Salmacis81 154 2 Thu, 5:52pm
                                           Collapse Probably going to do well Spriggan 115 1 Thu, 9:20pm
                                               But odds were always stacked in favor of these movies doing well... Salmacis81 33 0 Fri, 10:48pm
       The picture sums up perfectly... Salmacis81 263 0 Wed, 10:58pm

  Collapse Dain's Arrival/Dwarven Cavalry (EE Spoilers) Shagrat 1244 13 Wed, 1:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by xMb)
       Collapse Even if things turn out NecromancerRising 1184 4 Wed, 1:55pm
           It is Shagrat 1157 0 Wed, 2:00pm
           This! Avandel 999 0 Wed, 3:04pm
           Collapse Rams vs Wargs? Kilidoescartwheels 789 1 Wed, 4:56pm
               It really could NecromancerRising 520 0 Wed, 8:41pm
       Collapse A bit of both. Arannir 1102 5 Wed, 2:20pm
           Collapse Use of 'Battle for the Mountain' Shagrat 1025 3 Wed, 2:56pm
               Collapse Thanks for that. Arannir 1012 2 Wed, 3:00pm
                   Collapse My problem Shagrat 983 1 Wed, 3:07pm
                       Changes To The Battle brotherbeck 919 0 Wed, 3:39pm
           And Faleel 767 0 Wed, 5:07pm
       Perhaps we will even get Gandalf's "... how shall this day end" line Earl 1046 0 Wed, 2:51pm
       wargs xMb 321 0 Thu, 2:58am

  Collapse SEE trilogy packshots (open!) TheHutt 1284 16 Wed, 8:20am Jump to last post in thread (by balbo biggins)
       wow Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1198 0 Wed, 8:31am
       Collapse Greeeeeeey... adt100 937 7 Wed, 12:31pm
           Collapse .... Dcole4 922 6 Wed, 12:38pm
               Collapse I don't think TABA is happening Eldorion 839 4 Wed, 1:36pm
                   Collapse I think PJ would have like a There And Back Again box set... QuackingTroll 813 1 Wed, 1:47pm
                       That's true too Eldorion 777 0 Wed, 2:06pm
                   Collapse Could very well be the case... Dcole4 763 1 Wed, 2:14pm
                       RE: the three film split Eldorion 707 0 Wed, 2:36pm
               Maybe, though I'm not convinced! adt100 735 0 Wed, 2:28pm
       I like 'em Eldorion 843 0 Wed, 1:34pm
     Bomby wantzzz to Thank YOU...The Hutt Bombadil 603 0 Wed, 3:48pm
       Collapse Are you working on the booklet, Hutt? QuackingTroll 596 1 Wed, 3:52pm
           Most definitely! TheHutt 505 0 Wed, 5:10pm
       Collapse question balbo biggins 430 2 Wed, 6:34pm
           Collapse The Blu-ray box set doesn't just match the dimensions, it's the same box... QuackingTroll 422 1 Wed, 6:41pm
               duh balbo biggins 367 0 Wed, 7:19pm

  Collapse The fish is not already cooked? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 648 3 Wed, 7:07am Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       Hm NoelGallagher 617 0 Wed, 7:14am
       I wouldn't be surprised Eldorion 377 0 Wed, 1:13pm
       Hope he doesn't pull an Avatar... QuackingTroll 365 0 Wed, 1:17pm

  Collapse will Peter Jackson address any of the controversies in his commentary 1924 1235 57 Wed, 5:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Goldeneye)
       Controversies Arannir 1092 0 Wed, 6:52am
       Collapse Probably SafeUnderHill 1074 2 Wed, 7:06am
           Well, good Glorfindela 986 0 Wed, 9:21am
           Coming from an American... lionoferebor 820 0 Wed, 12:47pm
       Collapse Has he directly addressed the criticism of the Hobbit to date? Goldeneye 896 23 Wed, 11:54am
           Collapse The Tauriel empowerment thing is nuts... Dcole4 892 15 Wed, 12:01pm
               Now Eowyn, that's a good role model... QuackingTroll 878 0 Wed, 12:09pm
               Collapse Regardless of the character people would still have complained.... adt100 857 12 Wed, 12:36pm
                   Collapse True.. Dcole4 837 1 Wed, 12:42pm
                       Agreed Goldeneye 664 0 Wed, 2:38pm
                   Collapse As one of the "not in the book" complainers... RosieLass 377 9 Wed, 4:29pm
                       Collapse I wonder if people would've had a problem if Legolas killed Smaug? QuackingTroll 198 8 Wed, 11:06pm
                           Some people probably would not have cared... Salmacis81 180 0 Wed, 11:38pm
                           Collapse I often wonder how some defenders of the films... Salmacis81 176 1 Wed, 11:46pm
                               I don't know about people Spriggan 158 0 Thu, 1:08am
                           Collapse The difference there is in the importance of the victim, not the killer..... dormouse 189 4 Thu, 8:15am
                               Collapse Beorn in the BoFA Otaku-sempai 142 2 Thu, 12:52pm
                                   Collapse That's a very interesting way of looking at it.... dormouse 137 1 Thu, 1:20pm
                                       Beorn's Story Otaku-sempai 111 0 Thu, 2:21pm
                               Agreed on Beorn carrying Thorin's body. Arannir 130 0 Thu, 1:28pm
               So true! Kilidoescartwheels 355 0 Wed, 5:01pm
           Yes SafeUnderHill 227 0 Wed, 9:03pm
           Collapse Well, here's the thing.... dormouse 204 5 Wed, 10:34pm
               Collapse Peter Jackson is probably the most open and candid major filmmaker there is Voronwë_the_Faithful 194 1 Wed, 10:51pm
                   Hear, hear! Dipling 125 0 Thu, 6:54am
               Collapse Agreed with most of this. Arannir 182 1 Thu, 8:26am
                   Assuming that you are referring to me. Spriggan 171 0 Thu, 8:44am
               Thanks for the video link Goldeneye 102 0 Thu, 2:35pm
       Collapse Hopefully not much. Spriggan 822 28 Wed, 12:53pm
           LOL, NecromancerRising 801 0 Wed, 12:59pm
           Collapse You are ignoring... Arannir 794 18 Wed, 1:05pm
               I'm not ignoring it. Spriggan 757 0 Wed, 1:16pm
               Collapse But they didn't, though...... dormouse 699 16 Wed, 2:23pm
                   You didn't discredit anyone. Arannir 670 0 Wed, 2:37pm
                   Collapse The critics thing always leaves me scratching my head. Spriggan 412 14 Wed, 3:39pm
                       Collapse There are many. Arannir 405 13 Wed, 3:49pm
                           Collapse Perhaps your comment mischaracterised your view. Spriggan 394 12 Wed, 4:01pm
                             Collapse The second statement was meant to... Arannir 337 11 Wed, 6:19pm
                                   Collapse Yes definitely confusing then. Spriggan 324 10 Wed, 6:31pm
                                       Collapse Well both. Arannir 314 9 Wed, 6:55pm
                                           Collapse Well it can't be both. Spriggan 308 8 Wed, 7:09pm
                                               Collapse We apparantly read very different reviews then. Arannir 306 7 Wed, 7:13pm
                                                   Collapse Which reviews are you thinking of? Spriggan 296 6 Wed, 7:20pm
                                                       Collapse Here - QuackingTroll 293 3 Wed, 7:29pm
                                                           Collapse Ha, I think we might need more than one to get to a majority. Spriggan 290 2 Wed, 7:32pm
                                                               Collapse Oh okay, you're right... what was your point again? QuackingTroll 275 1 Wed, 7:44pm
                                                                   No - you can read my point if you scroll up. Spriggan 269 0 Wed, 7:51pm
                                                       Collapse Did you even read my last posts? Arannir 258 1 Wed, 8:10pm
                                                           Sure, but I'm responding to the element which interested me Spriggan 231 0 Wed, 9:00pm
           Collapse Do people from the film crew still read the Tolkien forums? Eldorion 662 7 Wed, 2:39pm
               Collapse Surely not! Spriggan 654 6 Wed, 2:46pm
                   Collapse I'm not saying we have influence Eldorion 629 5 Wed, 3:00pm
                       Collapse I would say that is a form of influence Spriggan 624 4 Wed, 3:02pm
                           Collapse Okay... Eldorion 611 3 Wed, 3:07pm
                               Collapse Yap. Arannir 600 1 Wed, 3:11pm
                                   Thanks for the confirmation Eldorion 580 0 Wed, 3:29pm
                               I wouldn't say they are the same thing. Spriggan 589 0 Wed, 3:26pm

  Collapse Alternate Scenes In Extended Edition? MJM 1184 29 Wed, 5:02am Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       We have already seen an altered scene NecromancerRising 1155 0 Wed, 5:04am
       Collapse It will be a mix Eldorion 1144 16 Wed, 5:06am
           Collapse .. pulpfiction16 1108 15 Wed, 5:25am
               Collapse Day/night switching Eldorion 1096 11 Wed, 5:28am
                   Collapse That is correct. NecromancerRising 1084 5 Wed, 5:30am
                       Collapse I appreciate the confirmation Eldorion 1077 4 Wed, 5:31am
                           Collapse I had a LOTR marathon not more NecromancerRising 1062 3 Wed, 5:35am
                               Collapse Back in the day... Eldorion 1057 2 Wed, 5:37am
                                   Collapse You never tried it? NecromancerRising 1049 1 Wed, 5:41am
                                       Lack of a group was the main obstacle Eldorion 1038 0 Wed, 5:46am
                   Collapse Probably the biggest LOTR EE scene switch Silverlode 1043 4 Wed, 5:45am
                       Collapse Very interesting Eldorion 1033 2 Wed, 5:47am
                           Collapse The FOTR TE might be worth a rewatch... Silverlode 1001 1 Wed, 6:08am
                               I have seen both versions of the prologue Eldorion 992 0 Wed, 6:11am
                       There were also some alternative shots with no time difference... TheHutt 937 0 Wed, 6:53am
               Collapse DoS EE Mooseboy018 1081 1 Wed, 5:30am
                   Actually... TheHutt 952 0 Wed, 6:49am
               DOS extra footage... lionoferebor 619 0 Wed, 1:14pm
       Collapse That is what I am hoping for. Arannir 922 1 Wed, 7:02am
           The trailer says OVER 20 minutes of new and extended footage... QuackingTroll 703 0 Wed, 12:17pm
       Collapse This is complete speculation... lionoferebor 640 8 Wed, 1:07pm
           Collapse The studio forced him to cut out Legolas hanging from the bat // QuackingTroll 607 6 Wed, 1:20pm
               Collapse Who said that? Arannir 582 5 Wed, 1:25pm
                   Collapse I was joking. No-one wanted that shot... QuackingTroll 571 4 Wed, 1:27pm
                       Ah, okay. Sorry. Arannir 302 0 Wed, 1:31pm
                       Collapse I literally screamed Elanor of Rohan 271 2 Wed, 2:04pm
                           Collapse But ... Avandel 238 1 Wed, 3:22pm
                               Oh my, oh my lionoferebor 198 0 Wed, 4:22pm
           It's quite likely that Peter Jackson wasn't entirely satisfied.... dormouse 293 0 Wed, 1:46pm

  Collapse (BotFA EE Spoilers) Legolas ... Inverted ... Legolas_Shoehorn 987 13 Wed, 5:01am Jump to last post in thread (by Dcole4)
       It was me Eldorion 939 0 Wed, 5:08am
       Collapse I thought it would be amusing. Aragorn the Elfstone 915 2 Wed, 5:25am
           Fili Mooseboy018 892 0 Wed, 5:33am
           I emailed PJ too a few minutes ago Legolas_Shoehorn 874 0 Wed, 5:38am
       Collapse Blame me NecromancerRising 882 1 Wed, 5:37am
           *A gentle snigger is heard from inside the teapot.... :-) // dormouse 716 0 Wed, 8:39am
       Collapse Sorry, I started a petition for this months ago... QuackingTroll 610 1 Wed, 11:43am
           Two or three...? dormouse 496 0 Wed, 1:40pm
       Collapse For all we know, this shot will replace his fight with Bolg and Beorn will do the honors. Imladris18 464 4 Wed, 1:59pm
           Collapse If that is the case... Arannir 458 3 Wed, 2:00pm
               Collapse Agreed! // Eldorion 406 1 Wed, 2:40pm
                   Ditto Avandel 245 0 Wed, 7:49pm
               I will follow suit! Dcole4 202 0 Wed, 8:43pm
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