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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse How early/far into TABA will Smaug's attack on Laketown be? TheImaginator 485 7 Fri, 6:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       I've posted about this before... FrogmortonJustice65 311 0 Fri, 7:00pm
       Think it will happen fast Avandel 276 0 Fri, 7:03pm
       Within the first five minutes Ham_Sammy 216 0 Fri, 8:28pm
       I think will get some kind of flashback scene like we did in DOS MouthofSauron 133 0 Sat, 1:30am
       Collapse My guess: tsmith675 125 1 Sat, 2:31am
           hm deskp 105 0 Sat, 4:23am
       Before DoS was released I always thought ... Arandir 54 0 Sat, 7:38pm

  Collapse Will we hear Smaug talk agian? Frodo Baggins 750 51 Fri, 9:49am Jump to last post in thread (by Lissuin)
       Maybe. Otaku-sempai 364 0 Fri, 12:10pm
       There's a line in the book about how much Smaug is enjoying himself Elarie 379 0 Fri, 12:34pm
       If there's no talking at all it would be disappointing Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 301 0 Fri, 2:58pm
       probably not MouthofSauron 264 0 Fri, 3:31pm
       I certainly hope so.// tsmith675 253 0 Fri, 3:33pm
       Hopefully Mooseboy018 222 0 Fri, 5:10pm
       Collapse I'm hoping for him doing a nice production number. Darkstone 237 42 Fri, 5:20pm
         Collapse Smaug: The Musical // BlackFox 201 41 Fri, 5:56pm
               Collapse The Wyrm and I / Darkstone 188 40 Fri, 6:12pm
                   Collapse The Sound of Dragons // Meneldor 186 39 Fri, 6:19pm
                       Collapse Fire-Drake on the Roof / Darkstone 179 38 Fri, 6:29pm
                           Collapse My Fair Dragon // BlackFox 175 37 Fri, 6:36pm
                               Collapse On a Clear Day You Can See.. Ahhhhh! Dragon!!!! / Darkstone 166 36 Fri, 7:00pm
                                   Collapse Smaug-a-lot ... I'm thinking this could drag on a bit ;-) // dormouse 167 35 Fri, 7:04pm
                                       Collapse Who started this? BlackFox 175 34 Fri, 7:06pm
                                           Collapse The Smaugy Horror Picture Show / Darkstone 159 29 Fri, 7:09pm
                                               Collapse The Phantom of Erebor // BlackFox 155 28 Fri, 7:11pm
                                                   Collapse The Best Little Bardyhouse in Lake-town / Darkstone 154 27 Fri, 7:14pm
                                                       Collapse Smaugy Poppins BlackFox 154 26 Fri, 7:20pm
                                                           Collapse Smaugita..... dormouse 146 25 Fri, 7:24pm
                                                               Collapse Les Smaugérables / Darkstone 139 24 Fri, 7:26pm
                                                                   Collapse Smaug Side Story BlackFox 142 23 Fri, 7:29pm
                                                                       Collapse Smaugy Todd: The Demon Barbequerer of Lake-town Darkstone 139 22 Fri, 7:33pm
                                                                           Collapse Miss Smaugon // BlackFox 123 21 Fri, 7:35pm
                                                                               Collapse A Smaugy Brown Crispness / Darkstone 122 20 Fri, 7:43pm
  Collapse Bard and the Beast BlackFox 125 19 Fri, 7:45pm
       Collapse This is the last one, I promise BlackFox 125 7 Fri, 7:53pm
           Collapse Smaug: The Brave But Not Little Toaster / Darkstone 113 6 Fri, 7:56pm
               Collapse Bye Bye Bardy / Sebastian the Hedgehog 115 5 Fri, 7:57pm
                   Collapse Ah, **** it! BlackFox 122 2 Fri, 7:59pm
                       Oklahoma? Lissuin 48 0 Sat, 11:00am
                       E-s-g-a-r-o-t-h! Esgaroth! // Lissuin 42 0 Sat, 11:10am
                   Collapse I like this one. Darkstone 106 1 Fri, 8:39pm
                       Nope BlackFox 105 0 Fri, 8:45pm
       Collapse Flower Drum Smaug Darkstone 120 10 Fri, 7:54pm
           Collapse Don't tempt me, Darkstone! BlackFox 123 9 Fri, 7:56pm
               Collapse Smaugy and Bess / Darkstone 108 8 Fri, 8:04pm
                   Collapse Smaugy Elliot BlackFox 111 7 Fri, 8:06pm
                       Collapse Smaug Pacific // Meneldor 104 6 Fri, 8:11pm
                           Collapse The Teahouse of the Smaugust Moon / Darkstone 101 1 Fri, 8:13pm
                             *mods up!* Lissuin 44 0 Sat, 11:17am
                           Collapse I've got two more BlackFox 110 3 Fri, 8:13pm
                               Collapse With A Smaug In My Heart / Darkstone 102 2 Fri, 8:16pm
                                   Collapse Bard Get Your Bow / Sebastian the Hedgehog 102 1 Fri, 8:24pm
                                       Smaugy Mountain Breakdown / Darkstone 97 0 Fri, 8:38pm
                                           Collapse Seven Dwarves for Seven Dragons Elanor of Rohan 163 3 Fri, 7:12pm
                                               Collapse Cinder-fella. dernwyn 88 2 Fri, 10:53pm
                                                   Collapse A Mighty Smaug Kim 71 1 Sat, 2:18am
                                                       Smaugiver! dormouse 62 0 Sat, 7:16am
       great question There&ThereAgain 98 0 Fri, 11:21pm
       He will say one word, just one: Lissuin 70 0 Sat, 10:45am

  Collapse Does it bother anyone else... jtarkey 1031 25 Fri, 9:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Collapse She's definitely using Chancewind 638 1 Fri, 9:26am
           I remember Silverlode 574 0 Fri, 9:48am
       Collapse Perhaps Name 428 1 Fri, 1:00pm
           English arithmancer 123 0 Sat, 1:41am
       Collapse Nope Darkstone 407 1 Fri, 1:08pm
           LOL Avandel 230 0 Fri, 6:49pm
       Collapse mish mash anway book Gandalf 396 1 Fri, 1:16pm
           I would say Chancewind 234 0 Fri, 5:46pm
       No... dormouse 369 0 Fri, 1:36pm
       Collapse It didn't bother me Ham_Sammy 378 6 Fri, 1:42pm
           Collapse Haha Thranderz 358 5 Fri, 2:17pm
               Collapse I'll have to look for that one Ham_Sammy 345 1 Fri, 2:26pm
                   Love Sam's accent SafeUnderHill 319 0 Fri, 2:55pm
               I noticed that too wonderinglinguist 320 0 Fri, 2:54pm
               I noticed this but it doesn't bother me DaughterofLaketown 176 0 Fri, 9:28pm
               Yes Thranduiliel 145 0 Fri, 10:48pm
       Collapse It bothered me so much NecromancerRising 334 2 Fri, 3:10pm
           Collapse OK shadowdog 275 1 Fri, 4:40pm
               LOL NecromancerRising 269 0 Fri, 4:49pm
       Collapse I thought it was obviously a British west country accent sycorax82 242 2 Fri, 5:49pm
           Collapse I think she is meant to be a hobbit. Silverlode 171 1 Fri, 10:20pm
               I think she's not a hobbit Azimuth 155 0 Fri, 10:45pm
       well deskp 86 0 Sat, 4:29am
       It sounds like normal Westron to me. / DanielLB 72 0 Sat, 7:21am
       Didn't even notice it... Salmacis81 34 0 Sat, 6:38pm

  Collapse New Virtual Cinematography video! smaug the stupendous 862 30 Fri, 3:35am Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Here the Weta link: TheHutt 449 0 Fri, 6:20am
       Again SafeUnderHill 352 0 Fri, 9:04am
       Not too much imho. Arannir 332 0 Fri, 9:23am
       Collapse I honestly don't see why people hate CGI so much. tsmith675 273 6 Fri, 1:17pm
           Collapse Because there's this stigma that CGI is the cheap and easy way to do things. Imladris18 255 5 Fri, 1:26pm
               Collapse Well Darkstone 221 4 Fri, 2:26pm
                   Collapse Well, right. Imladris18 212 3 Fri, 2:40pm
                       Yeah. Darkstone 176 0 Fri, 4:24pm
                       Collapse Lazy... glor 187 1 Fri, 4:29pm
                           Wow SafeUnderHill 161 0 Fri, 5:31pm
       Collapse I personally have a serious case of CGI-detecting-blindness BlackFox 269 19 Fri, 1:25pm
           Me too.... dormouse 244 0 Fri, 1:40pm
           Collapse Yep. Darkstone 241 17 Fri, 2:05pm
               Fantastic! Thranderz 225 0 Fri, 2:13pm
               Words of gold, Darkstone! BlackFox 210 0 Fri, 2:46pm
               Collapse Remember TTT shot of Meduseld Ataahua 139 14 Fri, 7:42pm
                   Collapse But I went there a few years ago, Starling 120 9 Fri, 8:57pm
                       Collapse But.. Darkstone 116 8 Fri, 9:01pm
                           True Starling 110 0 Fri, 9:11pm
                           Collapse Soggy mountains must be a nightmare to mop up after rain. / DanielLB 100 6 Fri, 9:13pm
                               Collapse Soggy Mountain Breakdown / Darkstone 93 5 Fri, 9:21pm
                                 I don't like where this is going... // BlackFox 88 0 Fri, 9:25pm
                                   Collapse The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Soggy Mountain. / DanielLB 81 3 Fri, 9:27pm
                                       Collapse I can't resist... BlackFox 87 2 Fri, 9:33pm
                                           Soggy Mountain High / Darkstone 65 0 Fri, 9:41pm
                                           Cold Soggy Mountain TheHutt 58 0 Fri, 11:12pm
                   Collapse I thought the Party Tree was fake entmaiden 49 3 Sat, 1:23am
                       Collapse Party tree HobbitFan 42 2 Sat, 3:08am
                           Collapse The tree TheHutt 34 1 Sat, 6:15am
                               Yes// entmaiden 17 0 Sat, 12:50pm

  Collapse Where to find New Zealand home of middle earth on bluray of DOS? flameofudun 209 4 Thu, 10:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by flameofudun)
       it Faleel 120 0 Thu, 10:58pm
       Collapse It's on the same disc as the film is. tsmith675 123 2 Thu, 11:05pm
           Collapse Okay flameofudun 100 1 Thu, 11:33pm
               Yupp I found it! flameofudun 88 0 Fri, 12:28am

  Collapse Thread Locked to dispell fourth film myths book Gandalf 504 2 Thu, 8:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Thread Locked There aren't any yet. SafeUnderHill 246 0 Thu, 8:41pm
       Thread Locked Please repost this in the existing 'Into the Fire' thread below Ataahua 236 0 Thu, 8:43pm

Collapse CinemaSins: Everything Wrong With The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug BlackFox 1200 25 Thu, 6:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Nightwing)
       Quite funny SafeUnderHill 560 0 Thu, 6:27pm
       I never really find this guy's videos funny anymore. tsmith675 581 0 Thu, 6:35pm
       Haha! Thanks for posting! wonderinglinguist 534 0 Thu, 6:39pm
       Collapse Right On.... R11 560 7 Thu, 7:12pm
           I'm sorry, man. tsmith675 506 0 Thu, 7:27pm
           Collapse You've not actually seen the film? SafeUnderHill 500 5 Thu, 7:28pm
               Collapse One of Pee Jay's R11 509 4 Thu, 7:33pm
                   Collapse So... Mooseboy018 469 3 Thu, 8:02pm
                       Collapse Because he's allowed to? Ataahua 455 2 Thu, 8:14pm
                           Yes SafeUnderHill 416 0 Thu, 8:39pm
                           Yes Mooseboy018 358 0 Thu, 9:41pm
       Collapse This seems like excessive nit picking demnation 438 1 Thu, 8:23pm
           All their videos are like that SafeUnderHill 410 0 Thu, 8:38pm
       Collapse Since the movies are blockbusters EomundDaughter 409 2 Thu, 8:43pm
           Well, none of our opinions are worth anything demnation 387 0 Thu, 8:47pm
           Gave me a few laughs. Macfeast 374 0 Thu, 8:50pm
       <snert> Greenwood Hobbit 355 0 Thu, 9:32pm
       Only one part of this video I liked GiantMushroomBear 357 0 Thu, 10:09pm
       Collapse I love love love these movies, but I got a chuckle out of that Elarie 328 1 Thu, 10:31pm
           Melted gold Barbarb 234 0 Fri, 3:46am
       Very funny! Thanks for sharing! // Nira 231 0 Fri, 2:05am
       Meh. Never liked CinemaSins Annatar598 230 0 Fri, 4:22am
       Well, he does what he does for all the movie he "reviews". Arannir 166 0 Fri, 9:29am
     For those of who are brave enough BlackFox 168 0 Fri, 10:31am
       Hehe, pretty entertaining Nightwing 119 0 Fri, 12:24pm

  Collapse McCoy Playing the Spoons? joec_34 438 7 Thu, 3:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by joec_34)
     LOLOLOLOLOLOL Name 274 0 Thu, 3:34pm
       eh deskp 161 0 Thu, 9:05pm
       My vote.... droidsocket 151 0 Thu, 9:34pm
       Maybe it wasn't Lobelia... Eleniel 151 0 Thu, 9:42pm
       I want to see it! Barrow-Wight 115 0 Fri, 1:58am
       Collapse The spoons *may* already be in the first film Radagast-Aiwendil 93 1 Fri, 10:13am
           Funny Stuff joec_34 18 0 4:16am

  Collapse Poster for There and Back Again? adu 773 5 Thu, 2:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Defiant)
       Collapse fake FrogmortonJustice65 334 3 Thu, 2:40pm
           Collapse Or is it holding an Elf? adu 320 2 Thu, 2:42pm
               Collapse this picture has already circulated around these forums FrogmortonJustice65 310 1 Thu, 2:51pm
                   Collectible statue ... Defiant 144 0 Thu, 9:45pm
       lol book Gandalf 280 0 Thu, 3:14pm

Collapse Coming soon! Your chance to add a new holiday to your dwarvish calendar! weaver 320 13 Thu, 2:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by weaver)
       Can't wait! // BlackFox 160 0 Thu, 2:20pm
       Collapse will there be a dress code for this party? and do we bring a hot dish to pass? Magpie 159 1 Thu, 3:27pm
           I'm kind of hoping a hot dwarf will make a pass at me, actually... weaver 137 0 Thu, 4:33pm
       Collapse We've been celebrating April 26 for more than 15 years in my family actually BlackFox 149 4 Thu, 3:34pm
           Collapse well happy birthday little bro! And bring him along if he's a fan! weaver 133 3 Thu, 4:36pm
               Collapse Nope BlackFox 126 2 Thu, 5:27pm
                   Collapse Here is but a taste of the party that will be unleashed... weaver 113 1 Thu, 6:05pm
                       Nice! BlackFox 104 0 Thu, 6:15pm
       Collapse *Puts date in Hot Dwarf calendar* DanielLB 97 4 Thu, 9:03pm
           *snort* :D / Ataahua 68 0 Thu, 10:29pm
           Mods up! weaver 65 0 Thu, 11:42pm
           Collapse That's all the motivation I need! Kim 61 1 Fri, 4:32am
               works for me, too! weaver 25 0 Fri, 9:06pm

  Collapse There has to be more reason for Azogs vengeance upon Thorin boldog 546 15 Thu, 12:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Now, I'm not... Angharad73 315 0 Thu, 1:15pm
       My thoughts - I don't see an issue SafeUnderHill 296 0 Thu, 1:38pm
       Collapse It isn't just Thorin personally. Otaku-sempai 269 1 Thu, 2:05pm
           Yes. Name 223 0 Thu, 2:59pm
       Azog doesn't strike me as someone who'd need much reason BlackFox 259 0 Thu, 2:16pm
       There won't be a reason...sloppy script writing MorgolKing 233 0 Thu, 2:47pm
       Collapse I've wondered the same thing iduna 230 1 Thu, 2:48pm
           Thror was wearing his crown Cirashala 27 0 Sat, 5:03am
       No, there doesn't... dormouse 207 0 Thu, 3:49pm
       At this point it doesn't matter why....it fits the plot. Glassary 189 0 Thu, 4:21pm
       I don't see much of a problem TheSexyBeard 187 0 Thu, 4:34pm
       Collapse "Cherchez la femme " Darkstone 196 2 Thu, 4:49pm
         Yup! That's it! // BlackFox 166 0 Thu, 5:18pm
           Got it in one! // dormouse 146 0 Thu, 7:02pm
       At this point... Salmacis81 55 0 Fri, 7:52pm

  Collapse If in the unlikely case that TheImaginator 979 40 Thu, 11:33am Jump to last post in thread (by brotherbeck)
       Collapse I wonder what would be more favorable to people in general: Escapist 541 1 Thu, 11:41am
           This is the better alternative DaughterofLaketown 449 0 Thu, 12:57pm
       I don't know where I'd split it malickfan 475 0 Thu, 12:00pm
       Collapse Although I'm a huge Tolkien and Peter Jackson fan... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 558 23 Thu, 12:05pm
           Collapse Great post, Lieutenant! Eleniel 479 8 Thu, 12:14pm
               I agree and disagree with them Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 449 0 Thu, 12:45pm
               I completely disagree as always with whatever you write. NecromancerRising 235 0 Thu, 7:15pm
               Collapse I'm surprised that someone as level-headed as you ... Voronwë_the_Faithful 199 5 Fri, 12:36am
                   Collapse Implying that those of us who *are* commenting on and discussing this incredibly slim chance are somehow not level-headed individuals. Imladris18 177 2 Fri, 1:33am
                       Collapse No offense intended Voronwë_the_Faithful 173 1 Fri, 1:55am
                           True, I believe this is very much a product of a slow news period. Imladris18 100 0 Fri, 12:53pm
                   Collapse I'm surprised you found the need to comment on my comments.... Eleniel 148 1 Fri, 6:56am
                       Touche! Voronwë_the_Faithful 98 0 Fri, 12:36pm
           Great post, I feel the same RandomSilvanElf 412 0 Thu, 1:28pm
           Collapse Anyone that says the Hobbit could have been one 3 hour movie... tsmith675 395 12 Thu, 2:30pm
               Collapse A one-film 'The Hobbit' would almost certainly feel rushed. Otaku-sempai 332 10 Thu, 3:11pm
                   Collapse It most certainly would not have worked in a live action film now... tsmith675 314 2 Thu, 3:22pm
                       Collapse Obviously, a single-movie 'Hobbit' would not please everyone. Otaku-sempai 304 1 Thu, 3:39pm
                           I just don't think it could be done now.// tsmith675 272 0 Thu, 4:19pm
                   Collapse A Two Part Adaptation Kangi Ska 198 6 Fri, 12:23am
                       Collapse what is the distinction... FrogmortonJustice65 195 1 Fri, 12:25am
                           Padding & Embellishment Kangi Ska 167 0 Fri, 3:57am
                       Collapse Maybe. It depends... Otaku-sempai 113 3 Fri, 11:52am
                           Collapse A grown-up Version of the Hobbit Kangi Ska 83 2 Fri, 5:20pm
                               Collapse The cartoon... Salmacis81 56 1 Fri, 8:22pm
                                   One Epic Film brotherbeck 41 0 Fri, 10:09pm
               Agree 100% NecromancerRising 220 0 Thu, 7:24pm
       Collapse It's a funny thing... Imladris18 433 4 Thu, 1:38pm
         Collapse That's fans for ya Lurker in the Mirk 403 2 Thu, 1:52pm
               Collapse BUT Imladris18 384 1 Thu, 2:24pm
                 We're in agreement then Lurker in the Mirk 340 0 Thu, 2:50pm
           I'd love 2 movies Avandel 193 0 Fri, 12:53am
       I wondered if emre43 407 0 Thu, 1:51pm
       It ain't gonna happen. Otaku-sempai 406 0 Thu, 2:10pm
       It depends what story they have (or want) to tell ... DanielLB 347 0 Thu, 3:05pm
       Collapse I'm thinking right when... Darkstone 276 2 Thu, 5:36pm
           I think we'd all watch that! Where's the popcorn..... // dormouse 226 0 Thu, 7:04pm
           THAT's what the secret Lissuin 123 0 Fri, 10:35am
       I would be dissapointed TheSexyBeard 162 0 Thu, 11:25pm
       they won't split what they already have shot into another film MouthofSauron 183 0 Fri, 2:06am

  Collapse Beorn torture scene? Beorn's Bees 760 12 Wed, 9:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       we all hope it will not happen Rickster 438 0 Wed, 9:35pm
       Collapse I think your scenario is what will happen... Dcole4 434 4 Wed, 9:40pm
           Collapse Hmmm MouthofSauron 278 3 Thu, 1:57am
               Collapse Lego Mooseboy018 270 2 Thu, 2:30am
                   nice! MouthofSauron 243 0 Thu, 2:59am
                   Maybe... Salmacis81 30 0 Fri, 8:33pm
       Collapse i think this scene was cut but it might not make it into the EE MouthofSauron 306 2 Thu, 1:55am
           Collapse Beorn chase Mooseboy018 284 1 Thu, 2:32am
               That is how Martin Freeman described in the EMPIRE podcast... Eleniel 246 0 Thu, 7:35am
       Collapse This... swampB 307 1 Thu, 1:55am
           That's what I thought too.// tsmith675 261 0 Thu, 2:12am
       His torture occurs before (vlog 12) Arandir 242 0 Thu, 7:09am

  Moved: Happy Hobbit: Chicks (Easter Special) - Episode 39 News from Bree - - Wed, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse A BIFUR Appreciation Thread! BlackFox 355 13 Wed, 1:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Na Vedui)
       Collapse Yay Bifur! Starglass 195 2 Wed, 3:02pm
           Collapse In the AUJ appendices Elanor of Rohan 185 1 Wed, 4:37pm
               Isn't... BlackFox 180 0 Wed, 5:05pm
       Collapse Utterly love Bifur Avandel 157 3 Wed, 6:43pm
           Collapse Cool pic! // BlackFox 121 1 Wed, 7:05pm
               *grins* love this one Avandel 107 0 Wed, 7:50pm
           Bifur: Still waters run reeeeally deep. Ataahua 81 0 Wed, 10:21pm
       Collapse A real pity Arandir 142 1 Wed, 7:03pm
           Sigh - totally agree more dwarves! Avandel 114 0 Wed, 7:47pm
       Collapse Bifur saves Bilbo TheSexyBeard 126 1 Wed, 7:38pm
           Indeed! BlackFox 99 0 Wed, 8:26pm
       I love the look on Bifur's face when he's riding along in that mining cart Elarie 85 0 Wed, 10:01pm
       It was Bifur... Na Vedui 88 0 Wed, 11:09pm
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