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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  TheOneRing.net will exclusively join with and report on Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' contest winners News from Bree 87 0 Thu, 2:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Another bit of my custom booklet for DOS:EE... TheHutt 449 5 Thu, 2:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
       I think I owuld say thanks for your work Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 176 0 Thu, 2:52pm
       Excellent work! Glorfindela 160 0 Thu, 3:07pm
       Looks great! BlackFox 79 0 Thu, 6:04pm
       Looks good! // dormouse 58 0 Thu, 6:39pm
       I couldn't figure why I was staring at nothing Cillendor 62 0 Thu, 7:01pm

  Collapse The Hobbit for future generations JamesPaganini 770 22 Thu, 2:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       given the crisis sometimes I doubt I will have any children Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 431 0 Thu, 2:51pm
       Collapse I actually think The Hobbit is better to start with Skaan 434 14 Thu, 2:54pm
           Collapse Your explanation JamesPaganini 404 13 Thu, 2:57pm
               Collapse make sure they read the Hobbit book first FernysApple 295 12 Thu, 4:52pm
                   Collapse Well Skaan 252 8 Thu, 5:39pm
                       Collapse I think young people FernysApple 149 7 Thu, 11:12pm
                           Collapse That depends entirely on which version of the story they prefer Skaan 137 4 Thu, 11:37pm
                               Collapse I give kids FernysApple 124 3 12:02am
                                   According to my parents... Bofur01 123 0 12:05am
                                   Are we both talking about kids aged 6-10? Skaan 113 0 1:00am
                                   Giving Credit Arannir 50 0 8:38am
                           I should hope so. Spriggan 133 0 Thu, 11:40pm
                           Really??? Glorfindela 45 0 9:51am
                   Collapse Either that or encourage them to think about the films as adaptations Spriggan 228 1 Thu, 6:07pm
                       Ditto! NecromancerRising 223 0 Thu, 6:11pm
                   Or... arithmancer 98 0 1:49am
       hobbits Mooseboy018 274 0 Thu, 5:15pm
       Collapse I think over time Elessar 280 2 Thu, 5:21pm
           Collapse Even the ones who NecromancerRising 264 1 Thu, 5:28pm
               True Elessar 237 0 Thu, 6:00pm
       Hobbit arithmancer 105 0 1:47am
       Start with the books. Elizabeth 99 0 2:54am

  Collapse Middle Earth marathon Danielos 585 13 Thu, 1:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Six day Marathon for me QuackingTroll 332 0 Thu, 1:41pm
       Im sure I can stand 20 hours in a row Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 278 0 Thu, 2:40pm
       Collapse No Glorfindela 267 2 Thu, 3:06pm
           Collapse *sigh* Feels like the SW fanbase all over again :/ LordotRings93 171 1 Thu, 6:18pm
               An opinion is an opinion Drakblod 132 0 Thu, 8:01pm
       Of course! Elessar 204 0 Thu, 5:17pm
       We Certainly Will smtfhw 167 0 Thu, 6:29pm
       None of my friends are that into the movies, Cillendor 148 0 Thu, 7:24pm
     No Avandel 82 0 1:02am
       Too exhausting... Queen of Erebor 66 0 2:36am
       Hmmm, quite possibly Kim 63 0 2:51am
       The 6 movies would only be the start! Hedrigall 62 0 3:17am
       I've done an LoTR marathon Kilidoescartwheels 19 0 1:36pm

  Collapse Short question (little spoiler) NoelGallagher 710 15 Thu, 11:55am Jump to last post in thread (by NoelGallagher)
       Collapse I think so dubulous 331 2 Thu, 12:00pm
           at least NoelGallagher 291 0 Thu, 12:16pm
           I do believe... Merovech 193 0 Thu, 2:39pm
       I think it's definitely Gandalf Spriggan 287 0 Thu, 12:18pm
       Pretty sure that's from the DOS EE appendices and it's G and G fooling around. adt100 298 0 Thu, 12:19pm
       Collapse So when people were speculating about G & G... QuackingTroll 254 2 Thu, 1:47pm
           Collapse Ah yes. Mooseboy018 136 1 Thu, 5:12pm
             SSOoo. Glad... Raddy is There? Bombadil 112 0 Thu, 5:58pm
       Collapse Nazgûl in the background? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 156 4 Thu, 5:01pm
           Collapse really hard to recognize... NoelGallagher 112 3 Thu, 6:11pm
               Collapse The quality isn't that good Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 61 2 Thu, 8:15pm
                   If you watch the clip from the EE it is much clearer - no question of it not being Radagast Spriggan 55 0 Thu, 8:39pm
                   its less the shoes NoelGallagher 53 0 Thu, 8:40pm
       Collapse Confirmation of Radagast at DG Spriggan 100 1 Thu, 7:10pm
           as long as NoelGallagher 83 0 Thu, 7:29pm

Collapse NSFW: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Teaser Trailer 1 (Reactions Mashup) blakedale 821 10 Thu, 11:54am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Awesome! gandalf09 321 0 Thu, 12:07pm
       Always great Fleuz 314 0 Thu, 12:08pm
       two awesome things: Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 316 0 Thu, 12:20pm
       Red Wedding Danielos 277 0 Thu, 1:19pm
     That was great, thank you! Avandel 198 0 Thu, 2:44pm
       Collapse This is painful to watch.. Drakblod 178 2 Thu, 4:42pm
           Not everyone's cup of tea... blakedale 135 0 Thu, 5:41pm
           Yes indeed! Otaku-sempai 9 0 1:51pm
       That was great, thanks! Kim 54 0 2:17am
       That clip was... delius82 51 0 4:52am

Collapse BotFA Main Trailer: 6 November! caglarkuraner 3263 33 Thu, 9:49am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       So another week Fleuz 943 0 Thu, 9:54am
       Collapse In cinemas, that is. Arannir 968 4 Thu, 9:55am
           Collapse So as many had predicted on here it seem :) adt100 772 2 Thu, 10:48am
               Collapse Well, Hanzkaz 406 1 Thu, 2:19pm
                   well, do YOU want to work on your birthday? Cirashala 363 0 Thu, 2:38pm
           I actually kind of hope it doesn't release early online. tsmith675 479 0 Thu, 1:39pm
       Collapse Woot! Thanks for the newsbreak, caglarkuraner Lurker in the Mirk 865 6 Thu, 10:02am
           Collapse He said around October, I think. Arannir 830 5 Thu, 10:07am
               Collapse He did but he named the month Lurker in the Mirk 796 4 Thu, 10:12am
                   Collapse If it is as stated then I think the first week of November is "around October"! Spriggan 784 3 Thu, 10:13am
                       Collapse yeah, just right on the edge Lurker in the Mirk 759 2 Thu, 10:18am
                         Collapse Knowing PJ, and knowing film... cats16 823 1 Thu, 10:23am
                             I know! Really, just two words for ya Lurker in the Mirk 487 0 Thu, 1:30pm
       Collapse This date is... TheHutt 977 2 Thu, 10:03am
         The OP had my curiosity... cats16 811 0 Thu, 10:22am
           So Interstellar on the 7th, then QuackingTroll 413 0 Thu, 2:17pm
       Collapse Woot! BlackFox 855 6 Thu, 10:03am
         Collapse Definitely wootsome Lurker in the Mirk 833 5 Thu, 10:05am
             Collapse Hehe... BlackFox 801 4 Thu, 10:08am
                 Collapse Great minds in Mirkwood Lurker in the Mirk 796 2 Thu, 10:11am
                     Collapse Amen! // BlackFox 752 1 Thu, 10:14am
                         "..Then the Company of TORn... Entered WOOT-wood? Bombadil 688 0 Thu, 10:59am
                   Yaaaaay --- I mean WOOT! VValar 626 0 Thu, 11:27am
       Good to know something definite dubulous 692 0 Thu, 11:09am
       So... WOOT!... And LOL for all the hearty fun mae govannen 445 0 Thu, 2:01pm
       So whether it hits on the 6th, or comes a couple days early... MechaGodzilla 409 0 Thu, 2:30pm
     Thank you but we don't need a trailer *snigger* Avandel 403 0 Thu, 2:39pm
       Collapse Passed out leonmuse 399 2 Thu, 2:47pm
           Collapse LOL! Avandel 356 1 Thu, 2:53pm
               Izz There Any other "WOOT-WORTHY".. News out there? Bombadil 294 0 Thu, 4:57pm
       Collapse So Wordofmask 174 1 Thu, 10:28pm
           Ratings from 10/31 just added... Arannir 30 0 3:04pm
       Means I get to see DoS EE shortly before the second trailer QuackingTroll 151 0 Thu, 10:55pm

  Collapse I have a theory about the "unexpected character" in the upcoming trailer.... Elutherian 1559 37 Thu, 6:15am Jump to last post in thread (by erdildeniz)
       Collapse Hmm... Dcole4 808 3 Thu, 6:32am
           Collapse Yes.Hutt mentioned NecromancerRising 851 2 Thu, 6:35am
               Collapse In which thread? adt100 733 1 Thu, 7:01am
                   Here NecromancerRising 725 0 Thu, 7:07am
       Collapse I think it's Saruman. Mooseboy018 766 8 Thu, 7:09am
           Collapse Yes. Arannir 653 2 Thu, 8:05am
               Collapse What is WC exactly? erdildeniz 237 1 Thu, 6:13pm
                   The White Council // BlackFox 224 0 Thu, 6:15pm
           Collapse Question. Joe20 637 4 Thu, 8:24am
               Collapse I think he is connected to the people/firm... Arannir 624 1 Thu, 8:37am
                   Ahhhh K. Joe20 568 0 Thu, 8:42am
             Collapse Hutt is in Germany but of Russian origin... Bombadil 587 1 Thu, 9:12am
                   ... TheHutt 536 0 Thu, 10:00am
       Collapse I believe (and hope) it's Saruman. erdildeniz 622 3 Thu, 8:29am
           Collapse I'm hoping it's Aruman ;) adt100 478 2 Thu, 10:50am
               Dressed in red and all? Arannir 457 0 Thu, 10:54am
               Aruman of many colors! DeadRabbits 449 0 Thu, 10:59am
       Collapse Gollum or perhaps a young Aragorn wmsd 342 2 Thu, 3:22pm
           Collapse In the trailer? Mooseboy018 269 1 Thu, 5:10pm
               Well they did say "unexpected"... wmsd 216 0 Thu, 6:36pm
       Collapse The candidates... Dcole4 229 5 Thu, 6:36pm
           Could it be Farmer Giles of Ham? CillBosby 195 0 Thu, 6:56pm
           Collapse What's unexpected about Saruman? dave_lf 175 3 Thu, 8:17pm
               I agree wmsd 119 0 Thu, 9:55pm
               Indeed Old Pilgrim 52 0 5:58am
               The reason of why Saruman is unexpected.. erdildeniz 23 0 9:34am
       Collapse I never considered Haldir in the movie before, Cillendor 187 7 Thu, 7:36pm
           Collapse It might be Celeborn... Dcole4 173 5 Thu, 7:50pm
               would be really disappointed NoelGallagher 194 0 Thu, 7:53pm
               Collapse I'd like a scene like that Ardamírë 189 3 Thu, 8:00pm
                   Collapse well NoelGallagher 153 2 Thu, 8:48pm
                       Collapse The potential issue is that it telegraphs their arrival Spriggan 147 1 Thu, 8:54pm
                           seems plausible, even not my wish NoelGallagher 138 0 Thu, 8:58pm
           I like the Celeborn cameo wmsd 176 0 Thu, 7:59pm
       It could be Pippin... sycorax82 196 0 Thu, 7:58pm
       I think (hope) it's Dis Cirashala 75 0 3:54am
       Are we apeaking trailer or movie now? Arannir 30 0 8:41am

  Collapse Possible Wellington event for BO5A NZ release. Moahunter 357 4 Thu, 2:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)
       Collapse Thanks for info mulubinba 197 2 Thu, 2:17am
         PJ has mentioned on FB.. there have been some Bombadil 129 0 Thu, 9:32am
           Contradictory info from the city council. Moahunter 33 0 Thu, 10:34pm
       Some of the dwarves have not heard if they are going to London. mulubinba 50 0 Thu, 7:40pm

  Moved: Help HobbitShop.com choose a shirt design News from Bree - - Wed, 10:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Why does it come out on Dec 10th in Europe? Mithfânion 962 21 Wed, 9:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse Because Europe is more awesome. Duh. Bernhardina 527 4 Wed, 9:48pm
           Collapse Yes... Calmandcloudless 487 2 Wed, 9:57pm
               Collapse Agreed! adt100 451 1 Wed, 9:59pm
                   I'm Mithfânion 389 0 Wed, 10:45pm
           LOL1... I AGREE... mae govannen 251 0 Thu, 4:52am
       Collapse Maybe they're staggering the release dates... dormouse 395 1 Wed, 10:58pm
           Possibly. Also with a huge (and guaranteed) BO success like Hobbit adt100 358 0 Wed, 11:18pm
       Collapse It seems to have been a trend with all the Hobbit and LotR movies dubulous 348 4 Wed, 11:49pm
           Collapse LOTRs were all released on a wednesday in the US as well Estel78 315 3 Thu, 12:21am
               Collapse Is there a particular reason they release on Wednesdays? Loresilme 91 2 Thu, 2:31pm
                   Collapse It boosts the weekend box office. Darkstone 61 1 Thu, 5:30pm
                       Seems uncommon though Loresilme 16 0 12:18pm
       Collapse I miss simultaneous world releases HiddenSpring 316 3 Thu, 12:32am
           True... mae govannen 251 0 Thu, 4:48am
           Collapse Piracy dubulous 149 1 Thu, 11:31am
               Also... TheHutt 130 0 Thu, 12:35pm
       Collapse Americans not fond of hobbits Danielos 242 1 Thu, 7:18am
           I don't know about that. Mooseboy018 228 0 Thu, 7:46am
       Because... TheHutt 240 0 Thu, 7:29am
       Collapse Probably because of foreign presales. Darkstone 123 1 Thu, 1:25pm
           Nice Avandel 89 0 Thu, 3:25pm

  Collapse Behind the Scenes with Legolas - FUNNY Laineth 763 6 Wed, 8:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cillendor)
     ANYONE needz to give OB some CREDIT? Bombadil 252 0 Thu, 12:08am
       Thanks for sharing, Laineth // Lurker in the Mirk 177 0 Thu, 3:30am
       Orlando always amazes me mae govannen 178 0 Thu, 4:43am
       Orlando and his Mum, too. PattyJB 181 0 Thu, 5:15am
       He's amazing! Loresilme 72 0 Thu, 2:41pm
       Knowing that this scene was real and not 100% CGI makes me respect it and his acting so much more. Cillendor 47 0 Thu, 7:40pm

  Collapse The "creepy Bilbo" DoS poster QuackingTroll 1181 14 Wed, 7:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse OMG! leonmuse 602 1 Wed, 8:06pm
           Just noticed links don't really work, but it's the 10/11th image // QuackingTroll 454 0 Wed, 8:29pm
     Poor Bilbo! BlackFox 465 0 Wed, 8:46pm
       OMG I love this phographer Avandel 392 0 Wed, 9:51pm
       its ironic FernysApple 293 0 Wed, 11:56pm
       And the most astonishing thing is... leonmuse 295 0 Thu, 12:08am
       That's a great find... Crunchable Birdses 250 0 Thu, 12:46am
       Collapse Yeah, interesting pick up! Bishop 238 2 Thu, 1:18am
           Collapse Unfortunately it is/was! leonmuse 209 1 Thu, 2:10am
               Wow Bishop 173 0 Thu, 5:22am
       Very cool photographer! Lurker in the Mirk 162 0 Thu, 6:06am
       Collapse Nels also did the 3D posters for AUJ Earl 104 1 Thu, 12:00pm
           *Wish I could own the 3-D posters* Avandel 59 0 Thu, 2:52pm
       Strange, but somehow in the re-touched one Loresilme 71 0 Thu, 2:53pm

  Collapse Battle of the Five Armies World Premiere hood815 1433 34 Wed, 4:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by emre43)
       This is good news Shagrat 708 0 Wed, 4:52pm
       clickable link: London! Lissuin 671 0 Wed, 5:05pm
       Collapse Excellent news! // Eleniel 602 1 Wed, 5:12pm
         London will give them a ROYAL Welcome!// Bombadil 587 0 Wed, 5:17pm
       Collapse So what do we do dear ringers? We meet all there? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 598 7 Wed, 5:18pm
           Collapse Only if I can walk to the Atlantic coast from the inland Pacific Northwest Cirashala 162 6 Thu, 2:44am
               Collapse I dont have the funds either Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 104 5 Thu, 11:21am
                   Collapse Ditto BlackFox 104 4 Thu, 11:31am
                       Collapse where do you live may I ask? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 89 3 Thu, 12:13pm
                           Collapse You may BlackFox 72 2 Thu, 2:12pm
                               Collapse Well... TheHutt 68 1 Thu, 2:20pm
                                 True BlackFox 63 0 Thu, 2:26pm
       AWESOME! I've been saying all year London is the perfect (and logical choice) adt100 586 0 Wed, 5:23pm
       Good! davidjUK 567 0 Wed, 5:26pm
       Stellar news!!! Old Toby 559 0 Wed, 5:32pm
       Collapse Never been to a premier before! hood815 558 4 Wed, 5:36pm
           Collapse Never been but imagine it will be utterly PACKED! adt100 435 3 Wed, 6:40pm
               Collapse I accidently... Arannir 334 2 Wed, 7:42pm
                   Collapse I am not Thranderz 306 1 Wed, 7:52pm
                       She... Arannir 300 0 Wed, 8:00pm
       Collapse I'll be there! TheHutt 543 2 Wed, 5:46pm
           Already! Where are you flying from? adt100 415 0 Wed, 6:42pm
           I told you it was going to be London....... Moahunter 189 0 Wed, 10:28pm
       Collapse Probably, new OST caglarkuraner 545 1 Wed, 5:55pm
           Actually probably not SafeUnderHill 498 0 Wed, 6:07pm
       Oh yes! Bernhardina 491 0 Wed, 6:08pm
       So jealous of my friend right now! adt100 372 0 Wed, 7:03pm
       Collapse Tickets? Seaborn 361 1 Wed, 7:22pm
           The American Premiere tickets... Arannir 339 0 Wed, 7:44pm
       Collapse Dean O'Gorman will have the best birthday party ever Elanor of Rohan 309 1 Wed, 8:09pm
           Especially great news for him, then! mae govannen 165 0 Thu, 4:31am
       Awesome! cats16 237 0 Wed, 9:43pm
       Some of the cast have not heard if they are invited ....... mulubinba 51 0 Thu, 7:35pm
       Am I completely missing something? emre43 12 0 11:17am

  Collapse Speculation: where Sauron's army was going in DOS Scorchster 466 5 Wed, 4:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse It depends where they were planning to start, really. Spriggan 232 1 Wed, 5:03pm
           LOL, you're right! Scorchster 201 0 Wed, 5:18pm
       Maybe just going for a run... or military exercises? ;) adt100 188 0 Wed, 5:32pm
       Shops. Bumblingidiot 164 0 Wed, 6:16pm
       Apparently to Erebor. Otaku-sempai 52 0 Thu, 8:41am
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