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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse WHO IS EXCITED Beorn's Bees 741 21 Tue, 6:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       I'm overly excited! LadyEmmaE 354 0 Tue, 6:18pm
       i'm PUMPED !!! MouthofSauron 344 0 Tue, 6:19pm
     Collapse PJ left for London, SUNDAY for the Premier... Bombadil 381 1 Tue, 6:20pm
           Yes indeed, for the PremiERE!... // mae govannen 37 0 1:02pm
       Count me in! BlackFox 313 0 Tue, 6:29pm
       I am pretty much NecromancerRising 317 0 Tue, 6:30pm
       Collapse The things i look forward to the most Skaan 298 1 Tue, 6:46pm
           Now that you mentioned Beorn NecromancerRising 278 0 Tue, 6:53pm
       So ready for it :) Arannir 277 0 Tue, 6:46pm
       Me... me - I am!!!! // dormouse 254 0 Tue, 7:03pm
       Who, me? Excited? Elarie 250 0 Tue, 7:16pm
       I have never been so excited MirielCelebel 243 0 Tue, 7:23pm
       Hold his hand up. Farficom 161 0 Tue, 10:17pm
       I'm excited and nervous in equal measure Bishop 140 0 Tue, 11:40pm
       Collapse Please stand by for the obligatory 5 star review from Empire... elvish.mafia 104 5 7:24am
           Collapse Lack of marketing? Arannir 88 4 8:43am
               Collapse Yes. Lack of marketing. elvish.mafia 81 3 9:10am
                   Collapse Yes, perspective. Arannir 76 2 9:16am
                       Collapse Money and marketing creates hype. elvish.mafia 70 1 9:20am
                           That is not a trajectory or no-brainer, though. Arannir 65 0 9:25am
       Not too excited Glorfindela 30 0 3:02pm

  Collapse Empire Azog Cover... NateGate 1021 5 Tue, 5:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Carne)
       Collapse See also here Arannir 601 3 Tue, 5:30pm
           Collapse Not redundant... NateGate 338 2 Tue, 5:41pm
               I didn't say that. Arannir 309 0 Tue, 5:49pm
               I posted this cover in the thread as soon as Empire published it // Carne 289 0 Tue, 5:55pm
       Pretty old and ugly Fàfnir 346 0 Tue, 5:55pm

  Collapse Dain looks terrible.... NateGate 1661 30 Tue, 5:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse I thought you posted this already? // macfalk 790 1 Tue, 5:05pm
           No... NateGate 800 0 Tue, 5:08pm
       Collapse Why Fleuz 818 1 Tue, 5:08pm
           Exactly... NateGate 725 0 Tue, 5:13pm
       No, that's Billy Connolly. tsmith675 807 0 Tue, 5:13pm
       Collapse Why are you posting this again? Shagrat 733 9 Tue, 5:23pm
           Collapse Or... NateGate 648 5 Tue, 5:45pm
               Collapse Your words.... Shagrat 619 2 Tue, 5:53pm
                   Collapse What? NateGate 575 1 Tue, 6:01pm
                       Look at it like this Shagrat 579 0 Tue, 6:07pm
             Bishop! WOW thank you for your Knowledge on THIS Subject! VVV Bombadil 614 0 Tue, 5:55pm
               Weird design?! painjoiker 203 0 Tue, 9:13pm
           Collapse soooo confused MouthofSauron 528 2 Tue, 6:17pm
               Collapse No Name 459 1 Tue, 6:41pm
                   ok MouthofSauron 429 0 Tue, 6:54pm
       Here are a couple quick facts Bishop 788 0 Tue, 5:26pm
       I for one. Farficom 677 0 Tue, 5:28pm
       Collapse I agree.. Drakblod 511 4 Tue, 6:29pm
           Collapse That never would have worked Bishop 408 3 Tue, 7:18pm
               Collapse Well... Drakblod 387 1 Tue, 7:20pm
                   I was just kidding :) Bishop 380 0 Tue, 7:24pm
               That's more or less what I was hoping for. Boromir Stark 68 0 8:32am
       Collapse Come on guys Name 497 1 Tue, 6:45pm
           I agree dubulous 380 0 Tue, 7:18pm
       Collapse I feel the same. Boromir Stark 473 2 Tue, 6:47pm
           Perhaps Name 437 0 Tue, 6:54pm
           Dain being comical dwarf tattooed_dwarf 282 0 Tue, 7:41pm
       the naisayerism is reaching levels beyond my belief... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 286 0 Tue, 7:53pm
       Dain Mooseboy018 196 0 Tue, 10:32pm
       He's a Dwarf.... ie HE'S SMALL! adt100 45 0 11:11am

  Collapse Why a hammer instead of an axe? Bishop 921 45 Tue, 4:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse Because it's BLUNT, you twit! Arthael 537 1 Tue, 4:39pm
           I don't want Dain to hit me with either one Bishop 485 0 Tue, 4:42pm
       Collapse In seriousness, Arthael 516 1 Tue, 4:45pm
           Hmmm Bishop 436 0 Tue, 4:53pm
       Collapse Perhaps I am poorly placed to answer Spriggan 455 17 Tue, 4:59pm
           Collapse Its Faleel 419 15 Tue, 5:11pm
               Collapse That's discussing a different occasion 150 years earlier Spriggan 395 14 Tue, 5:21pm
                   Collapse 60+ years later, as well Voronwë_the_Faithful 261 13 Tue, 6:31pm
                       Collapse Thanks for the clarification Bishop 239 2 Tue, 6:35pm
                           Collapse Further clarification :-) Voronwë_the_Faithful 225 1 Tue, 6:40pm
                               Thanks Bishop 196 0 Tue, 7:05pm
                       Collapse A man with a quote - thank you! Spriggan 169 9 Tue, 8:38pm
                           Collapse Well Bishop 143 8 Tue, 9:18pm
                               Collapse Well, no Spriggan 128 7 Tue, 9:44pm
                                   Collapse Totally disagree Bishop 122 6 Tue, 9:48pm
                                       Collapse Importance? Spriggan 108 5 Tue, 10:04pm
                                           Brilliantly put! adam17017 97 0 Tue, 10:16pm
                                           Collapse Context matters Bishop 86 3 Tue, 10:30pm
                                               Some do, some don't. Spriggan 75 0 Tue, 10:45pm
                                               Collapse Axes dubulous 70 1 Tue, 11:06pm
                                                   I guess it's subjective. Bishop 59 0 Tue, 11:27pm
           Same for me dubulous 212 0 Tue, 7:25pm
       Who knows. Farficom 386 0 Tue, 5:12pm
       Collapse Much as I dislike the change pettytyrant101 391 7 Tue, 5:34pm
           Collapse I don't know Bishop 355 6 Tue, 5:41pm
               Collapse You might have a point there pettytyrant101 335 5 Tue, 5:51pm
                   No way! Bishop 310 0 Tue, 6:02pm
                   Collapse You must be joking... Bofur01 309 3 Tue, 6:02pm
                       Collapse No I am not sadly pettytyrant101 279 2 Tue, 6:13pm
                           Collapse Nah, this was only for on screen deaths with faces showing... Bofur01 261 1 Tue, 6:21pm
                               Thats what I said pettytyrant101 250 0 Tue, 6:27pm
       Collapse Mattocks, Actually Ostadan 331 1 Tue, 5:53pm
           I think mattocks are definined by one side being a cutter or pick Bishop 301 0 Tue, 6:07pm
       Collapse Obviously.. Drakblod 261 1 Tue, 6:27pm
           Are you being facecious? :) Bishop 230 0 Tue, 6:37pm
       To stand out? dubulous 205 0 Tue, 7:27pm
       Collapse Show of status Orc Berserker 209 2 Tue, 7:31pm
           Collapse Then all the Dwarves should have hammers Bishop 189 1 Tue, 8:06pm
               There are a lot in these films Orc Berserker 170 0 Tue, 8:33pm
       Collapse Well... Thrain II 193 3 Tue, 8:05pm
           Collapse Or he has a red axe that has not been shown.... Carnivoran 183 2 Tue, 8:22pm
               That is Thrain II 92 0 Tue, 10:29pm
               Totally possible Bishop 88 0 Tue, 10:32pm
       Collapse Well, it could be confusing to the audience Cirashala 69 1 Tue, 11:29pm
           That's entirely possible! Bishop 59 0 Tue, 11:38pm

  Collapse Think we will get complete soundtrack streams before the release? The Grey Pilgrim 281 1 Tue, 3:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Scorchster)
       Oh for sure! Scorchster 162 0 Tue, 4:18pm

  Collapse Anyone seen behind the scenes with Thrain? Thrain II 528 4 Tue, 3:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by NoelGallagher)
       Collapse Nope... tsmith675 259 3 Tue, 3:08pm
           Collapse Damn... Thrain II 243 2 Tue, 3:13pm
               Collapse Dol Guldur gliido 224 1 Tue, 3:53pm
                   obviously NoelGallagher 136 0 Tue, 5:02pm

  Collapse Bunch of new images Guert 1700 22 Tue, 1:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Auction Time Arannir 705 0 Tue, 1:36pm
       Collapse Wow! Name 691 2 Tue, 1:37pm
           Collapse Yes. Arannir 628 1 Tue, 1:38pm
               Agreed! Same here...Hope he.. goes UP! Bombadil 629 0 Tue, 1:43pm
       Collapse *possible big spoiler* Something that may be nothing Fàfnir 759 1 Tue, 1:42pm
           Don't worry Shagrat 622 0 Tue, 1:48pm
       Gimli´s helmet! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 658 0 Tue, 1:50pm
       Collapse Good old Balin making an inventory. Arannir 619 2 Tue, 1:51pm
         Which part of FLOOR in Erebor Should Bomby Be Rolling Bombadil 557 0 Tue, 2:05pm
           I have no doubt that Balin will clean up all the floating gold that was poured on Smaug in the Hall of Kings. // macfalk 393 0 Tue, 3:49pm
       Collapse The link doesn't seem to work anymore // dubulous 485 5 Tue, 2:56pm
           Collapse Yeah, like Hugh Grant in an LA backstreet, it looks it's been yanked :( Crunchable Birdses 477 4 Tue, 3:03pm
               I think I found it dubulous 574 0 Tue, 3:06pm
               Hohoho Merovech 407 0 Tue, 3:43pm
               Collapse lol // macfalk 396 1 Tue, 3:48pm
                 ONE Shot, Bom personally Loves.. Bombadil 336 0 Tue, 4:53pm
     Collapse Yeah Balin! - and because there's no such thing as too much Durins Avandel 357 5 Tue, 4:55pm
           Collapse Gorgeous! Arveldis 169 4 Tue, 10:35pm
               Collapse Thranduil Mithfânion 137 1 Tue, 11:16pm
                   Love Thranduil's armor - but anyway one more... Avandel 8 0 28 mins ago
               Too true - you can't have too much Fili! and more random pics.... Avandel 96 0 1:22am
               Thanks for all these gorgeous pics... except Bilbo, mae govannen 62 0 5:21am

  Collapse International TV Spot #5 caglarkuraner 1644 50 Tue, 11:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
     LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! Thang you berry Buch// Bombadil 670 0 Tue, 11:52am
       Collapse Eeehhhhhh Crunchable Birdses 787 35 Tue, 11:52am
           So true! NecromancerRising 661 0 Tue, 12:02pm
           Agreed. // Estel78 625 0 Tue, 12:03pm
           Collapse Well, it IZZ interesting that with ALL the Fantasy Bombadil 651 2 Tue, 12:05pm
             Collapse There Izz a Parallel between J.R.R.T & PJ Bombadil 612 1 Tue, 12:22pm
                   Fantastic NoelGallagher 550 0 Tue, 12:58pm
           Collapse If you see it's a cynical reaction, why still express it then? mae govannen 502 29 Tue, 1:40pm
               Collapse Because it's a valid opinion? Crunchable Birdses 476 28 Tue, 1:55pm
                   Collapse Then just simply say it, don't call it 'cynical'... mae govannen 448 6 Tue, 2:10pm
                       Collapse A few things... Crunchable Birdses 448 5 Tue, 2:18pm
                           Collapse About your point 2: mae govannen 390 4 Tue, 2:37pm
                               Collapse besides those personal issues NoelGallagher 368 1 Tue, 2:46pm
                                   That's exactly why I do the same as you...// mae govannen 364 0 Tue, 2:59pm
                               Collapse Well you can read whatever you like into my comments Crunchable Birdses 366 1 Tue, 2:46pm
                                   Better to just stop this little discussion then...// mae govannen 350 0 Tue, 3:06pm
                   Collapse So... you'd rather they pretend that this isn't part of the same story... dormouse 459 20 Tue, 2:19pm
                       Collapse Nice strawman argument there Crunchable Birdses 434 4 Tue, 2:26pm
                           Collapse Strawman? No dormouse 409 2 Tue, 2:31pm
                               Collapse Good lord, look up "strawman" in a dictionary! Crunchable Birdses 404 1 Tue, 2:51pm
                                   It's OK, thanks, I do know what it means... dormouse 355 0 Tue, 3:21pm
                           I do not think there is anything NecromancerRising 405 0 Tue, 2:32pm
                       My thoughts exactly BlackFox 405 0 Tue, 2:27pm
                       Collapse The thing that doesn't chime with me about the argument Spriggan 369 4 Tue, 3:04pm
                           Collapse Yes, he did. dormouse 343 2 Tue, 3:26pm
                               Collapse I agree, though I would go beyond linking Spriggan 330 1 Tue, 3:29pm
                                   Yes... dormouse 303 0 Tue, 3:45pm
                           I would say for Tolkien it was one and the same mae govannen 305 0 Tue, 3:43pm
                     Collapse Sure, I will bash on WB for this ham-fisted effort...tho agree w. your post Avandel 301 8 Tue, 3:55pm
                           Collapse Bash on at WB, if you like.... dormouse 284 1 Tue, 4:25pm
                               LOL dormouse, I still think re your writing Avandel 127 0 Tue, 9:40pm
                           Collapse I agree, Avandel Glorfindela 264 5 Tue, 4:40pm
                               Collapse LOL Glorfindela - trying to be good Avandel 80 4 12:02am
                                   Collapse Well, Glorfindela 76 3 12:19am
                                     Collapse Trying for courtesy but it slips Avandel 71 2 12:41am
                                           Collapse Sorry but just have to jump in here... DwellerInDale 33 1 7:16am
                                               You are correct, I was generalizing across all TV spots Avandel 14 0 4:34pm
       Oh, dear Glorfindela 565 0 Tue, 1:18pm
       Good job! Drakblod 506 0 Tue, 1:28pm
       It's bad. Arannir 540 0 Tue, 1:32pm
       For me it's just the same feeling as in the video mae govannen 435 0 Tue, 2:23pm
       Wow! Elarie 383 0 Tue, 2:44pm
       I liked the spot and enjoyed the link to LotR. Noria 295 0 Tue, 3:57pm
       Has anyone noticed.. TnuaccayM 261 0 Tue, 4:44pm
       Collapse Personally I have two problems with this trailer Bishop 254 2 Tue, 5:08pm
           Collapse Yeah it doesn't mean a thing Fàfnir 193 1 Tue, 6:07pm
               I don't hate it Bishop 173 0 Tue, 6:22pm
       It seems odd that Warner Brothers is leveraging off the enormously popular first trilogy Ataahua 191 0 Tue, 6:18pm
       Thanks!! Love it!!! EomundDaughter 104 0 Tue, 9:59pm
       LOTR material in Hobbit trailer Danielos 41 0 6:23am

Collapse How about a litl' ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT? Bombadil 1009 25 Tue, 8:01am Jump to last post in thread (by Mouth_Of_Sydney)
       Collapse So.. Azaghâl 505 4 Tue, 9:03am
           To say the least Glorfindela 439 0 Tue, 9:59am
           Collapse I agree Azagh with everything you say NecromancerRising 395 2 Tue, 10:24am
               Collapse Similarly... Merovech 338 1 Tue, 11:39am
                   Of course, i do not disagree at all. NecromancerRising 327 0 Tue, 11:42am
       Collapse I agree in some respect... AshNazg 387 13 Tue, 11:06am
           Collapse I want to illustrate my point with an example... AshNazg 356 6 Tue, 11:27am
               Collapse If you're wondering where he stands on The Hobbit... AshNazg 335 4 Tue, 11:46am
                   Collapse To be honest Glorfindela 281 3 Tue, 12:53pm
                       Collapse I think that's true to an extent Spriggan 166 2 Tue, 3:15pm
                           Collapse I think it works for me like this: Glorfindela 137 1 Tue, 3:58pm
                               Yes - I don't think there is a question of that Spriggan 124 0 Tue, 4:18pm
               Agreed Scorchster 284 0 Tue, 12:36pm
           Collapse It might be a littl' easier to... give an example...? Bombadil 348 5 Tue, 11:40am
               Collapse I wish i had such nerdy coworkers. ;) // Estel78 278 3 Tue, 12:41pm
                   Collapse Me too. I wish i had such nerdy friends NecromancerRising 278 1 Tue, 12:44pm
                       Well, remember Bomby has been in the Entertainment industry Bombadil 261 0 Tue, 1:24pm
                   For myself… Glorfindela 271 0 Tue, 12:58pm
               Always keep in mind... Arannir 209 0 Tue, 2:23pm
       Yes and no, but mostly no. Crunchable Birdses 343 0 Tue, 11:48am
       Yeah Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 245 0 Tue, 1:45pm
       ***Please refrain from personal remarks. dernwyn 222 0 Tue, 2:40pm
       Collapse I think part of what Bomby Lindele 187 1 Tue, 3:07pm
           Well Glorfindela 143 0 Tue, 4:05pm
       Hear hear! Mouth_Of_Sydney 23 0 3:18am

  Collapse Articles in FilmInk, SFX and SciFiNow Kim 946 10 Tue, 2:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Thanks, Kim.// Lurker in the Mirk 317 0 Tue, 3:10am
       Great read, thank you!! Saneliur 315 0 Tue, 3:55am
       Thank you very much for this! FoFo64 259 0 Tue, 5:22am
       Thank you! Arthael 234 0 Tue, 6:00am
     Collapse Oooh thank you Kim Avandel 243 1 Tue, 6:30am
         Authentic Research like this is REALLY Important! Bombadil 236 0 Tue, 7:16am
       Collapse Great stuff! Eleniel 189 3 Tue, 8:59am
           Collapse Hm. Arannir 178 2 Tue, 9:16am
               Collapse No jealousy, really DwellerInDale 132 1 Tue, 11:54am
                   so and so Arannir 105 0 Tue, 1:13pm

  Collapse A special screening of The Battle of the Five Armies is being held in Wellington to coincide with the world premiere in London Moahunter 640 12 Tue, 2:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Scorchster)
       Collapse Next Tuesday! Wow, X'mas come early for the lucky folks attending Lurker in the Mirk 257 11 Tue, 4:27am
           Collapse Here is a press release that gives some more detail. Moahunter 296 10 Tue, 4:51am
             Rock ON! Bomby'z FAVORITE Background Actor!// Bombadil 212 0 Tue, 5:58am
             Collapse Woot! Enjoy, Moahunter! Lurker in the Mirk 200 6 Tue, 6:26am
                   Collapse News for you, Lurker Scorchster 114 5 Tue, 12:26pm
                       Thanks much for the headsup, Scorchster Lurker in the Mirk 100 0 Tue, 12:59pm
                       Collapse *psst* Scorchster Lurker in the Mirk 39 3 4:40am
                           Collapse That's fast! Scorchster 28 2 6:43am
                               Collapse I was shocked too Lurker in the Mirk 22 1 11:09am
                                   You're very welcome! Scorchster 7 0 4:46pm
               They're serving breakfast, yes, but what about second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon? Lissuin 161 0 Tue, 8:34am
               Roxy midnight screening - me too syameese 157 0 Tue, 8:39am

  Collapse When will we get our first clips? tsmith675 609 1 Tue, 1:19am Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)
       Tomorrow is a good shout. Very possible... AshNazg 335 0 Tue, 1:44am

  Collapse Has anyone noticed all the oakenshields???? Cirashala 995 13 Mon, 11:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse Are Faleel 478 1 Mon, 11:29pm
           not positive Cirashala 420 0 Mon, 11:38pm
       Collapse No... NateGate 417 3 Mon, 11:45pm
           Collapse pics Cirashala 444 2 Tue, 12:01am
               Collapse Very cool observation! Simon 352 1 Tue, 12:11am
                   thanks :) // Cirashala 310 0 Tue, 12:12am
       Azog has promised to... Saneliur 404 0 Tue, 12:00am
       Collapse Seems awfully unlikely Spriggan 335 3 Tue, 12:17am
           Collapse then why are they Cirashala 311 1 Tue, 12:19am
               I think if you watch the longer version of the same shot Spriggan 320 0 Tue, 12:29am
           Would seem to be an unusual shape Elciryamo 299 0 Tue, 12:20am
       you can see what they are here. deskp 345 0 Tue, 12:24am
       Reminds me of this shield: Faleel 335 0 Tue, 12:24am

  Collapse Canadian fans! Cineplex Advance Tickets available on NOV. 26! hexxenpanda 169 3 Mon, 10:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lio)
       Collapse Thanks for this. I had been wondering.// Noria 28 2 Tue, 4:03pm
           Collapse Anyone watching in Toronto? Girdle of Melian 28 1 Tue, 4:14pm
               I am Lio 18 0 Tue, 11:26pm

  Collapse Thread Locked On the subjects of Dain's Piglet... NateGate 714 6 Mon, 9:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Thread Locked Do we know it will be used to attack? Carne 309 0 Mon, 9:55pm
       Thread Locked A new thread about this matter is totally unnecessary imo NecromancerRising 288 0 Mon, 9:57pm
       Thread Locked Was a new thread really needed? tsmith675 268 0 Mon, 9:58pm
       Thread Locked We won't know and..... Avandel 254 0 Mon, 10:01pm
       Thread Locked They're either too big or too small. Darkstone 254 0 Mon, 10:02pm
       Thread Locked Please continue this discussion in the existing thread below. Ataahua 212 0 Mon, 10:25pm
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