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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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Collapse Why No Spiders in Dol Guldur? Bombadil 860 19 Thu, 12:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by Yngwulff)
       I have wondered about this too, Bomby. Noria 411 0 Thu, 1:09pm
       Collapse Good question, Bomby! Riven Delve 403 4 Thu, 1:22pm
         ARG! Eruvandi 320 0 Thu, 4:35pm
           Collapse Let this be a lesson to me... Riven Delve 317 2 Thu, 5:55pm
               Collapse Spiders eat bad bugs. Darkstone 308 1 Thu, 6:06pm
                   That's a comfort... Riven Delve 273 0 Thu, 6:20pm
       Collapse Well, it's a good question, but let me put it this way..... dormouse 404 2 Thu, 2:27pm
         Collapse Dmouse, Darling... How can Bomby GIVE you NightMares? Bombadil 354 1 Thu, 2:36pm
               Eek - only one answer to that....... dormouse 344 0 Thu, 2:40pm
       Collapse You must have missed this shot: Darkstone 381 2 Thu, 4:43pm
           Collapse No, that's from BotFA Voronwë_the_Faithful 281 1 Thu, 7:23pm
               *rimshot* // Riven Delve 240 0 Thu, 7:32pm
       Maybe they will show up to harass the White Council. Otaku-sempai 230 0 Thu, 9:02pm
       Collapse According to Radagasts little robin friend... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 249 4 Thu, 10:08pm
           It appears they were "sent forth" to inhabit and take over the forest, Eruonen 199 0 Thu, 11:52pm
           Collapse What happened shadow0421 159 2 Fri, 11:26am
               I expect the elves did 'em in.... dormouse 128 0 Fri, 1:55pm
               Spiders of Mirkwood Otaku-sempai 125 0 Fri, 3:19pm
       Raid Yngwulff 111 0 Sat, 2:46am

  Collapse some new pics from the annual Bexlin 2431 39 Thu, 9:22am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse more 1 Bexlin 1530 9 Thu, 9:23am
           more 2 Bexlin 1440 0 Thu, 9:23am
           Collapse Sorry didn't attach the first time! Bexlin 1307 7 Thu, 10:14am
               Collapse Done. // Silverlode 1102 5 Thu, 11:06am
                   Collapse nice touch on Radagast NoelGallagher 1058 4 Thu, 11:31am
                       Collapse Sorry, but could you be more specific? The picture of Radagast seems to have disappeared... Radagast-Aiwendil 852 3 Thu, 1:05pm
                           Collapse Same here NoelGallagher 766 1 Thu, 2:00pm
                               For those who don't frequent the Thranduil Appreciation Thread Lurker in the Mirk 820 0 Thu, 2:09pm
                           I didn't post a picture of Radagast (there isn't a new one) Bexlin 733 0 Thu, 2:45pm
             the King of Carven Stone Avandel 591 0 Thu, 2:53pm
       Collapse more 4 Bexlin 1322 9 Thu, 9:24am
           *THUD* Squee!!!! Lurker in the Mirk 1022 0 Thu, 10:08am
         Wheeee! Eruvandi 709 0 Thu, 2:24pm
           Collapse Very much appreciated VValar 346 6 Thu, 9:07pm
               Collapse *snigger* cats love Thorin Avandel 315 5 Thu, 10:42pm
                   Collapse Hehe Thorin and Grumpy cat VValar 287 1 Thu, 11:16pm
                     Database sounds organized - ha! Avandel 247 0 Fri, 1:06am
                   Collapse Ha ha! Riven Delve 276 2 Thu, 11:24pm
                     Collapse LOL I'll bet Richard Armitage is sorry he ever expressed pet preferences Avandel 275 1 Fri, 12:51am
                           Nice pictures, Avandel... Queen of Erebor 249 0 Fri, 1:26am
       another Bexlin 1174 0 Thu, 9:24am
       Collapse ... Bexlin 1110 5 Thu, 9:25am
         Collapse Thank you - SQUEE OMG some dwarf action!! Avandel 675 4 Thu, 2:47pm
               Collapse Link to better resolution iimages Bexlin 1325 3 Thu, 3:21pm
                 Collapse Bexlin - THANK YOU - you made my day - Thorin & co. *SQUEEE!!!* Avandel 387 2 Thu, 7:37pm
                       Collapse Ooooh, look at those Thorin pics! Kim 239 1 Fri, 4:59am
                         Thorin opulent - a few more Thorin, DOS Beorn Avandel 150 0 Fri, 4:45pm
       Collapse Cool. Pipe Dream 982 1 Thu, 9:48am
           Pics should now appear in messages Silverlode 952 0 Thu, 10:09am
       Collapse Sorry, but what annual event is this?// Lurker in the Mirk 927 2 Thu, 10:06am
           Collapse Can't tell if you're joking or not.... dormouse 962 1 Thu, 10:15am
               Sadly, am not, and thanks much for enlightening Lurker in the Mirk 913 0 Thu, 10:18am
       Collapse Great! Any new info or spoilers from the annual? Peterthorn of Rohan 914 5 Thu, 10:42am
           Collapse Not not really, a few little touches.. Bexlin 938 2 Thu, 11:04am
               Collapse Anything about Dain or Bilbo? Peterthorn of Rohan 835 1 Thu, 11:55am
                   No nothing new Bexlin 663 0 Thu, 2:42pm
           Collapse Not from the Annual, but Laketown on fire set images *spoilery* Avandel 606 1 Thu, 3:17pm
             One more Laketown and Dwalin - so badass! *spoilery*, kind of Avandel 38 0 Sun, 4:46pm
       Hope I get mine soon. Elessar 480 0 Thu, 4:10pm

  Collapse Witch King Faramir74 724 4 Wed, 9:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by greenbalrog)
       Collapse I think you are confusing things. Faleel 349 1 Wed, 9:35pm
           Perhaps I am... Faramir74 282 0 Wed, 9:40pm
       BTW Faleel 293 0 Wed, 9:37pm
       Oh you're not the only one greenbalrog 301 0 Wed, 9:45pm

  Collapse Speculation on the arrival of Trailer 2 BornOutOfTheWest 1339 14 Wed, 1:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse Flow of material... Arannir 665 11 Wed, 1:42pm
           Collapse Yes, i think we are in the long calm before the storm now. Silmaril 561 1 Wed, 3:07pm
               Or the deep breath before the plunge emre43 213 0 Thu, 8:22am
           Collapse Well Faleel 517 8 Wed, 4:11pm
               Collapse What I meant ... Arannir 479 5 Wed, 4:51pm
                   Collapse You get them SafeUnderHill 381 4 Wed, 7:39pm
                       Collapse I know... Arannir 375 3 Wed, 7:48pm
                           Collapse Feast of Starlight? Faleel 380 2 Wed, 7:55pm
                               Collapse Could be. Arannir 349 1 Wed, 8:00pm
                                   Yeah... Faleel 339 0 Wed, 8:10pm
               Collapse Will there be VLOGS for sure? Silmaril 222 1 Thu, 8:32am
                   I don't know Faleel 150 0 Thu, 4:36pm
       My best guess... cats16 298 0 Thu, 5:34am
       It seems to be "in" to make trailers for trailers ;) Arannir 86 0 Fri, 1:21pm

  Collapse Deep within the rock they buried him... Mooseboy018 1291 52 Sep 10, 4:54am Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)
       This thought just occurred as I was reading your post. Meneldor 576 0 Sep 10, 5:10am
       I think you are meaning the comment from the Weta Chronicles... Eleniel 539 0 Wed, 6:18am
       Collapse I was also intrigued by this matter greenbalrog 502 7 Wed, 7:06am
           Collapse Oh I'm not sure that's right - the ring wraiths have bodies in the text. Spriggan 454 6 Wed, 8:35am
               Collapse Ok, so it's not so much a problem in the book... greenbalrog 416 5 Wed, 10:36am
                   Collapse Well I suppose you would have to say the same of the book? Spriggan 399 2 Wed, 11:20am
                       Collapse Empty and shapeless pettytyrant101 361 1 Wed, 1:40pm
                           Certainly possible. Spriggan 308 0 Wed, 3:45pm
                   Collapse Perhaps Gollum's words Riven Delve 371 1 Wed, 1:29pm
                       Makes sense greenbalrog 191 0 Wed, 9:31pm
       Sorry if I'm not following but what was the issue with 2? Spriggan 451 0 Wed, 7:46am
       Collapse do you really think they put that much thought into it with respect to internal consistency? ElendilTheShort 442 2 Wed, 9:08am
           Collapse Bingo. That's the most likely explanation. Elizabeth 242 1 Wed, 7:12pm
               Except that they were entombed. Riven Delve 235 0 Wed, 7:16pm
       Surely Merry does stab the Witchking's leg from behind... dormouse 419 0 Wed, 10:06am
       Collapse The Nazgul aren't bodiless. Silverlode 456 7 Wed, 10:29am
           Collapse Not in the Second Age MTT Gandalf 391 1 Wed, 12:26pm
               Ok, thanks. Silverlode 178 0 Wed, 11:05pm
           Collapse Thanks for this, Silverlode Riven Delve 354 2 Wed, 1:50pm
               I guess it is all speculation Spriggan 204 0 Wed, 8:39pm
               It's anyone's guess, really. Silverlode 170 0 Wed, 11:34pm
           Collapse Thanks. Mooseboy018 201 1 Wed, 8:40pm
               Most welcome. Silverlode 161 0 Wed, 11:43pm
       You've raised another question Aitieuriskon 300 0 Wed, 3:56pm
       I suspect the intension is maybe that things can be interpreted both ways... moreorless 262 0 Wed, 5:28pm
       Collapse The Remainder of the Nine? Otaku-sempai 205 14 Wed, 8:59pm
           Collapse I thought the weight of evidence suggested they didn't wear their rings Spriggan 194 13 Wed, 9:42pm
               Collapse Letter 246 Otaku-sempai 208 12 Wed, 10:07pm
                   Collapse I think so yes. Spriggan 195 11 Wed, 10:21pm
                       Collapse Possibly. Otaku-sempai 177 10 Wed, 10:58pm
                           Collapse I'm not sure I follow what you mean. Spriggan 179 9 Wed, 11:05pm
                               Collapse Yes. Otaku-sempai 173 8 Wed, 11:10pm
                                   Collapse Sorry not trying to be obtuse but Spriggan 180 7 Wed, 11:22pm
                                       Collapse It might be just me. Otaku-sempai 169 6 Wed, 11:37pm
                                           Collapse Just different ways of looking at things, I think, O-S Riven Delve 177 3 Wed, 11:58pm
                                               Collapse Same here... dormouse 133 2 Thu, 7:56am
                                                   Collapse Dormouse, very well put. Noria 104 1 Thu, 1:19pm
                                                       Oh, I do agree... Otaku-sempai 94 0 Thu, 2:32pm
                                           Well on the plus side. Spriggan 125 0 Thu, 7:55am
                                           I agree... Salmacis81 69 0 Thu, 7:36pm
       These guys aren't rocket surgeons. Darkstone 197 0 Wed, 10:00pm
       Collapse Movie Story works for me QueenCirce 181 10 Thu, 12:30am
           Collapse That's something that puzzled me Riven Delve 171 8 Thu, 12:39am
               Collapse Lots of "goodies" hate the baddies. Spriggan 52 7 Thu, 9:41pm
                   Collapse Hmm... Riven Delve 49 6 Thu, 9:47pm
                       Collapse Eh? Spriggan 43 5 Thu, 9:53pm
                           Collapse Sorry, I wasn't clear Riven Delve 47 4 Thu, 9:57pm
                               Collapse Oh sorry. Spriggan 43 3 Thu, 10:05pm
                                   Collapse Yes, or "old" could mean Riven Delve 44 2 Thu, 10:13pm
                                       Collapse Ha. You make that sound like a bad thing! Spriggan 41 1 Thu, 10:35pm
                                           I'd kind of like an explanation for it... Riven Delve 38 0 Thu, 11:20pm
           Pretty much... moreorless 77 0 Thu, 7:21pm

  Collapse Custom DOS Special Edition Soundtrack Cover using EE DVD cover Faleel 546 6 Sep 9, 8:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by KingTurgon)
       Hang On Faleel 309 0 Sep 9, 8:25pm
       Looks SafeUnderHill 118 0 Wed, 7:40pm
       Collapse Excellent! KingTurgon 67 3 Thu, 4:39pm
           Doesn't Faleel 68 0 Thu, 4:51pm
           Collapse Here you go: Faleel 45 1 Fri, 1:50am
               Thanks! KingTurgon 14 0 Sun, 6:37pm

  Collapse Stephen Colbert and a bit of Hobbit film making trivia Lissuin 570 1 Sep 9, 7:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by zarabia)
       He frightened them with is enthusiasm. I love it! :D Thanks for posting this :) // zarabia 146 0 Sep 10, 5:05am

  Collapse UK: TH DOS SEE with Guards of Erebor bookends! TheHutt 617 8 Sep 9, 4:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by quietly_myself)
       Collapse Thank you Glorfindela 259 3 Sep 9, 4:56pm
           Collapse They had it... TheHutt 266 1 Sep 9, 4:59pm
               Even so Glorfindela 248 0 Sep 9, 5:09pm
           £15 for the Blu-Ray and £37.50 for each bookend. DanielLB 189 0 Sep 9, 7:34pm
       Collapse Thats not an Extended Edition DjU 211 3 Sep 9, 7:37pm
           I feared that might be the case (not EE) when I saw the place-holder... Eleniel 183 0 Sep 9, 7:56pm
           timeout DjU 175 0 Sep 9, 8:04pm
           Image mistake I think quietly_myself 75 0 Wed, 3:47pm

Collapse Is The Lonely Mountain an Extinct Volcano? Bombadil 543 7 Sep 9, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       It could be an old sleeping one Rickster 197 0 Sep 9, 10:59pm
       In my humble opinion. No. Farficom 171 0 Sep 10, 4:55am
       Collapse I like this idea, Bomby Aitieuriskon 119 3 Wed, 3:42pm
           Collapse I just read the section on the Lonely Mountain in my atlas Cirashala 77 2 Thu, 6:38am
               Collapse Yes! Bomby wazz checking Karen's Book, TOO! Bombadil 55 1 Thu, 10:58am
                   Agreed Cirashala 37 0 Thu, 4:51pm
       Pretty much.. moreorless 106 0 Wed, 6:42pm

  Collapse So where is Legolas and Bolgs story going to go in TBOT5A? boldog 1005 26 Sep 9, 10:13am Jump to last post in thread (by sauget.diblosio)
       Collapse Who knows? Glorfindela 503 9 Sep 9, 12:29pm
           It will be amazing Rickster 289 0 Sep 9, 11:00pm
           Collapse Pointless indeed. sauget.diblosio 156 7 Thu, 1:23am
               Collapse Screenwriters don't create pointless scenes.... dormouse 141 6 Thu, 7:59am
                   Collapse Eh? Glorfindela 131 4 Thu, 8:56am
                       Collapse It may be pointless in your eyes, or in the eyes.... dormouse 126 3 Thu, 9:09am
                           Aye, all details are motivated. cats16 104 0 Thu, 11:17am
                           PJFWPB DON'T write pointless scenes Bombadil 106 0 Thu, 11:34am
                           I agree with dormouse on the "points" of scenes Riven Delve 107 0 Thu, 11:42am
                   Screenwriters never create pointless scenes? sauget.diblosio 32 0 Fri, 4:59am
       Hopefully nowhere ... Arandir 465 0 Sep 9, 1:42pm
       Nowhere? dormouse 413 0 Sep 9, 3:12pm
       Looked to me like Bolg wanted Legolas to follow him. tsmith675 401 0 Sep 9, 3:25pm
       indeed, nowhere most likely Bishop 378 0 Sep 9, 4:07pm
       Collapse Could it be that Legolas will be the agent Spriggan 374 9 Sep 9, 5:51pm
           Collapse This is the only thing that makes sense to me DaughterofLaketown 360 8 Sep 9, 5:53pm
               Collapse The next time Bolg and Legolas meet will be on the battlefield DanielLB 337 7 Sep 9, 7:42pm
                   Collapse Hasn't the army already left Dol Guldur in DOS? Spriggan 275 6 Sep 9, 11:07pm
                       Collapse Where were they heading? DanielLB 205 5 Wed, 1:35pm
                           Seem to be leaving to me.. moreorless 176 0 Wed, 7:19pm
                           Definitely leaving - had a quick check. Spriggan 165 0 Wed, 8:43pm
                           Collapse Leaving? Otaku-sempai 164 2 Wed, 9:16pm
                               Collapse Leaving to where? Noria 77 1 Thu, 1:29pm
                                   Yes. Otaku-sempai 69 0 Thu, 2:45pm
       Collapse LOTR Legolas v Hobbit Legolas elvish.mafia 102 1 Thu, 1:02pm
           Agree with your points Glorfindela 98 0 Thu, 1:13pm

  Collapse New photos Tinne 2410 48 Sep 9, 6:36am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Thanks for posting. . . Aranaes 869 0 Sep 9, 7:00am
       The guy standing behind Lee Pace is Bob Buck, Costume Designer. Moahunter 828 0 Sep 9, 7:27am
       Collapse Three new pictures Oleander Took 975 5 Sep 9, 11:04am
           Collapse Oh... so Tinne's put them up for the rest of the board. Cool Lurker in the Mirk 673 2 Sep 9, 1:24pm
               Collapse Thanks for the translation! Oleander Took 503 1 Sep 9, 5:29pm
                   You're welcome... though it was too much of a quickie Lurker in the Mirk 325 0 Sep 10, 2:56am
           I always love seeing new pictures! tsmith675 558 0 Sep 9, 3:30pm
           Bilbo injured? (and thanks Oleander, Tinne and Lurker!) Lissuin 277 0 Wed, 11:05am
       Collapse The two lovely chaps seem to be very tall Glorfindela 722 32 Sep 9, 1:05pm
           Collapse Don't know about Evans, but the Elvenking is definitely tall Lurker in the Mirk 663 31 Sep 9, 1:26pm
               Evans is 6' according to IMDb BlackFox 636 0 Sep 9, 1:41pm
               Collapse Goodness… Glorfindela 555 29 Sep 9, 4:54pm
                 Collapse Hey! ;) Eruvandi 363 8 Sep 10, 1:46am
                       Collapse I don't know why you're complaining Cirashala 366 4 Sep 10, 2:12am
                           Awwww! <3 Eruvandi 286 0 Wed, 1:53pm
                         Collapse That is the sweetest thing ever! VValar 256 2 Wed, 5:05pm
                               Collapse yup :D Cirashala 249 1 Wed, 5:26pm
                                   Couldn't agree more Eruvandi 231 0 Wed, 7:12pm
                     Collapse Argh – sorry Glorfindela 298 2 Wed, 12:14pm
                           Collapse P.S. Glorfindela 277 1 Wed, 2:28pm
                             Cool! :D // Eruvandi 206 0 Wed, 10:02pm
                   Collapse I won't deny that I'm a bit surprised you have a thing for elves Cirashala 367 14 Sep 10, 2:05am
                       Collapse I certainly don't have 'a thing' Glorfindela 266 13 Wed, 12:10pm
                           Collapse Yes, this is where Silverlode 218 4 Wed, 11:54pm
                               Collapse Well said Lurker in the Mirk 195 3 Thu, 5:55am
                                   Collapse Well, you went out on a limb, Starling 170 2 Thu, 7:36am
                                       Collapse Apparently, the branch I went on is different from the limb you see Lurker in the Mirk 163 1 Thu, 9:07am
                                           No, I think it's the same branch Starling 155 0 Thu, 9:37am
                         Collapse Had a suspicion you might be partial to Glorfindel Lurker in the Mirk 199 7 Thu, 5:29am
                               Collapse THANK YOU!!!!!!! Cirashala 181 4 Thu, 7:06am
                                   Collapse Some of my best friends Starling 160 3 Thu, 9:43am
                                       Collapse I think, like Lurker, we may be agreeing in an odd way Cirashala 114 2 Thu, 4:44pm
                                           Collapse Nope Starling 105 1 Thu, 6:17pm
                                               that's fair Cirashala 101 0 Thu, 6:26pm
                               Collapse Well Glorfindela 165 1 Thu, 8:47am
                                   hmm Lurker in the Mirk 153 0 Thu, 10:05am
                   Collapse Goodness indeed Lurker in the Mirk 354 4 Sep 10, 2:54am
                       Collapse The one on the left is a fine fellow indeed Glorfindela 266 3 Wed, 12:12pm
                           Collapse No arguments from me there Lurker in the Mirk 188 2 Thu, 5:17am
                               Collapse If neither of you are interested in Leggy-dear... Eruvandi 132 1 Thu, 2:47pm
                                 He's yours // Lurker in the Mirk 62 0 Fri, 1:11am
       Great pictures Nightwing 745 0 Sep 9, 1:55pm
       Awesome picture! tsmith675 618 0 Sep 9, 3:29pm
     Tinne you are the best VValar 520 0 Sep 9, 5:44pm
       reminds me of FrogmortonJustice65 485 0 Sep 9, 6:58pm
       I love how Thranduil... Eruvandi 406 0 Sep 10, 1:50am
       Yes. Farficom 334 0 Sep 10, 4:43am
     everyone loves gold tho Avandel 233 0 Wed, 11:23pm

  Collapse Why didn't Sauron take Narya irodino 1036 17 Sep 8, 5:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by xxxyyy)
       Collapse I was wondering about the exact same plot hole... Darkstone 541 9 Sep 8, 6:07pm
           It also stays with Gandalf... Arannir 493 0 Sep 8, 7:02pm
           Collapse I think it's invisible to everyone most of the time. Elizabeth 449 7 Sep 8, 8:18pm
               Collapse Oh Saruman was aware... Eleniel 424 6 Sep 8, 9:25pm
                   Collapse On a totally different note... Arannir 390 4 Sep 8, 9:36pm
                       Collapse The cinematic problem has always been...... Darkstone 399 3 Sep 8, 9:50pm
                           Well I agree that Gandalf shouldn't Spriggan 368 0 Sep 8, 9:57pm
                           Collapse Well... Arannir 336 1 Sep 8, 11:06pm
                               It's also an essential difference between good and evil, isn't it.... dormouse 248 0 Sep 9, 7:19am
                   Thanks, I had forgotten that. // Elizabeth 298 0 Sep 8, 10:56pm
       It is not a plot-hole Otaku-sempai 540 0 Sep 8, 6:07pm
       Because he didn't know Gandalf had Narya... dormouse 522 0 Sep 8, 6:14pm
       Plus there's no reason for Sauron Name 489 0 Sep 8, 6:46pm
       Collapse Does Gandalf has the ring? xxxyyy 229 3 Sep 9, 10:59am
           Collapse It was given to him... cats16 230 2 Sep 9, 11:43am
               That glimpse was a wonderful geeky treat... Elizabeth 170 0 Sep 9, 6:11pm
               Exactly. What we know is that Gandalf has it at the Grey Havens at the end of ROTK, nothing else. xxxyyy 131 0 Sep 9, 11:07pm

Collapse UK: TH:DOS SEE preorder up! TheHutt 785 19 Sep 8, 1:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by KingTurgon)
       I wish US was getting these! DaughterofLaketown 401 0 Sep 8, 1:41pm
       Collapse I wish germany was getting the bookend edition... Arannir 391 7 Sep 8, 1:54pm
         Collapse Opposite opinion - delighted with barrels figure and can't wait for EE Avandel 293 6 Sep 8, 5:25pm
               Collapse Hmm, I wonder, Avandel Glorfindela 270 1 Sep 8, 5:33pm
                 Somthing to think about but figure there would be NO negative at all Avandel 200 0 Sep 8, 8:22pm
               Collapse I like the review - thanks for posting that... dormouse 240 3 Sep 8, 6:20pm
                 Collapse LOL Dormouse - your innoccent question triggered my compulsion Avandel 164 2 Sep 9, 12:38am
                       Collapse PS. and of course Thorin, among others..... Avandel 166 1 Sep 9, 12:47am
                           Ooo - there are some lovely images there..... dormouse 124 0 Sep 9, 7:07am
       Thanks for that! // dormouse 327 0 Sep 8, 3:46pm
       Collapse Hmmm DjU 326 1 Sep 8, 4:21pm
           I fear that, as well... Eleniel 287 0 Sep 8, 4:48pm
       Collapse Thanks very much for posting this Glorfindela 304 2 Sep 8, 4:35pm
           Collapse Samug on the Back DjU 304 1 Sep 8, 4:44pm
               Yipee – thank you for that Glorfindela 264 0 Sep 8, 5:26pm
       Steelbook link TheHutt 295 0 Sep 8, 4:59pm
       Woooo! I'll be getting the DVD version again :) adt100 104 0 Sep 9, 8:48am
       The DVD cover art is just gorgeous! Lurker in the Mirk 113 0 Sep 9, 8:53am
       Cool KingTurgon 26 0 Thu, 4:46pm

Collapse Of Thráin… and Gandalf in DG (Spoilery read re DoS, EE) Lurker in the Mirk 922 9 Sep 8, 2:53am Jump to last post in thread (by moreorless)
       Collapse Very good breakdown. DjU 287 5 Sep 8, 2:17pm
           Collapse Yeah Lurker in the Mirk 267 3 Sep 8, 2:22pm
             DjU.... WAyCool..Some FlashBacks are QUITE Quick! Bombadil 254 0 Sep 8, 3:03pm
               Collapse Sooner! DjU 221 1 Sep 8, 4:34pm
                   Suddenly it seems so near Lurker in the Mirk 125 0 Sep 9, 3:37am
           It would fit in with the previous openings... moreorless 24 0 Sun, 10:33am
       Collapse What I'm having trouble figuring out Riven Delve 283 2 Sep 8, 3:15pm
           Collapse I'm sure they will just gloss over this, in the Theatrical version at least sycorax82 156 1 Sep 8, 11:25pm
             There is a QUICK FlashBack of only 6 shots lasting about 20 seconds.. Bombadil 154 0 Sep 9, 3:12am

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XII Lurker in the Mirk 1211 198 Sep 8, 2:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
     Collapse SDCC Goodies Lurker in the Mirk 568 40 Sep 8, 2:30am
         Collapse Oh my VValar 446 39 Sep 8, 10:22pm
               Collapse heheh... gotta try one's best after all Lurker in the Mirk 379 31 Sep 9, 8:13am
                 Collapse Sometimes you need bigger warning signs VValar 203 30 Sep 9, 7:39pm
                     Collapse *rewinds* Testing.. testing... HTR Warning! Lurker in the Mirk 209 9 Sep 10, 3:12am
                           Collapse Arghh *squee* it works! VValar 139 1 Wed, 7:44pm
                             All right! HTR it is then Lurker in the Mirk 154 0 Thu, 9:26am
                         Collapse Oh boy, do I have just the thing for you VValar 133 6 Wed, 8:21pm
                               Collapse wahahahaha!!!! Oh my... Lurker in the Mirk 157 5 Thu, 9:27am
                                   Collapse *psst* Eruvandi 170 2 Thu, 3:03pm
                                       *whispers* Lurker in the Mirk 117 0 Fri, 1:19am
                                       thanks for that Cirashala 175 0 Fri, 7:08am
                                   Collapse Yeah I saw your long posts VValar 144 1 Thu, 9:23pm
                                     Love this! Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Fri, 1:28am
                       Collapse Addendum: Archery club Lurker in the Mirk 198 19 Sep 10, 3:56am
                           Collapse Elves are always up for the win VValar 123 18 Wed, 8:35pm
                               Collapse *Hee* True Lurker in the Mirk 153 8 Thu, 9:36am
                                   Collapse Did you just typed that passage from the book? VValar 139 7 Thu, 9:28pm
                                       Collapse Yup Lurker in the Mirk 116 6 Fri, 1:36am
                                           Collapse About Thranduil's crown VValar 115 5 Fri, 11:32pm
                                             Collapse hmmm Lurker in the Mirk 157 4 Sat, 2:51am
                                                   Collapse Naaha wasn't joking VValar 62 3 Sun, 8:18am
                                                     Collapse What?! You needs remedialses! Lurker in the Mirk 56 2 Sun, 9:22am
                                                           Collapse There really is no excuse VValar 38 1 Sun, 9:25pm
                                                             You know what you must do Lurker in the Mirk 6 0 2:19am
                               Collapse You may have seen it already but... Eruvandi 170 8 Thu, 3:09pm
                                 Collapse Lol I had already seen it VValar 132 6 Thu, 10:25pm
                                       Collapse Nice Leggy side profile Lurker in the Mirk 121 2 Fri, 2:37am
                                           Collapse The hair, the hair, that DAZZLING hair VValar 111 1 Fri, 11:48pm
                                               Always had a thing Lurker in the Mirk 157 0 Sat, 3:16am
                                     Collapse *THUD* *melts into puddle* Eruvandi 196 2 Fri, 3:03am
                                         You're welcome and here's another one VValar 114 0 Fri, 11:25pm
                                         More Legolas! VValar 20 0 Sun, 11:09pm
                                 Wahahaha Lurker in the Mirk 121 0 Fri, 2:19am
             Collapse My thoughts exactly! Eruvandi 211 6 Sep 9, 5:57pm
                 Collapse More piccies! VValar 193 1 Sep 9, 8:22pm
                       Yeah, yeah, we hears ya preciouses Lurker in the Mirk 196 0 Sep 10, 3:18am
                 Collapse Ok ok Lurker in the Mirk 199 3 Sep 10, 3:09am
                     Collapse I like the HTR (High THUD Risk) VValar 150 2 Wed, 7:28pm
                           Collapse *THUD* Well, that worked! Lurker in the Mirk 155 1 Thu, 9:25am
                             No HTR alert VValar 144 0 Thu, 9:17pm
     Collapse The new Thranduil DOS CHOW is up Lurker in the Mirk 569 19 Sep 8, 2:33am
           Collapse Working on my reply Eruvandi 450 16 Sep 8, 8:43pm
             Collapse Hey Eruvandi! VValar 431 14 Sep 8, 10:48pm
                 Collapse Hi VValar! Eruvandi 429 13 Sep 9, 12:03am
                       Eruvandi: Great to know!. And to VValar Lurker in the Mirk 254 0 Sep 9, 8:32am
                     Collapse Good to have you back VValar 197 11 Sep 9, 7:15pm
                         Collapse Oh, definitely! Eruvandi 148 7 Sep 10, 2:19am
                               Collapse Yup vanima ephel 151 2 Sep 10, 2:39am
                                 *HUGS* vanima! You're back! Lurker in the Mirk 189 0 Sep 10, 4:01am
                                 Vanima! Eruvandi 113 0 Thu, 1:57pm
                             Collapse Guess Frodo makes for a good dog name VValar 145 3 Wed, 6:59pm
                                   Collapse Avatar and book Leggy Eruvandi 126 2 Fri, 7:56pm
                                     Collapse Legolas VValar 160 1 Sat, 12:54am
                                           Gotta say, that fanart of leggy Lurker in the Mirk 164 0 Sat, 5:51am
                           Collapse Oh VValar! Lurker in the Mirk 190 2 Sep 10, 3:59am
                               Collapse Asfaloth is a good name for horse VValar 118 1 Wed, 8:44pm
                                 If I could have a horse, I'd want to call him Asfaloth Lurker in the Mirk 152 0 Thu, 9:41am
             *waves* glad to see you around! Lurker in the Mirk 407 0 Sep 9, 3:40am
           Collapse I think that's my favorite pic of Thranduil and Legolas together... vanima ephel 215 1 Sep 10, 3:07am
               heh Lurker in the Mirk 191 0 Sep 10, 4:06am
       Collapse VValar: on that BTS vid Lurker in the Mirk 500 2 Sep 8, 1:53pm
         Collapse Thanks for the gifs VValar 439 1 Sep 8, 10:27pm
               *ROFL* Lurker in the Mirk 261 0 Sep 9, 8:14am
     Collapse WooHoo and wants all them preciouses! Lurker in the Mirk 507 20 Sep 8, 2:21pm
           Collapse just..... phij2 476 4 Sep 8, 7:28pm
               It's quite a natural respons... VValar 436 0 Sep 8, 10:44pm
             Collapse *waves* Hi phij2 Lurker in the Mirk 379 2 Sep 9, 8:08am
                   Collapse i suppose i didn't have to watch the whole movies phij2 226 1 Sep 9, 3:56pm
                     Ah... just following prescription then Lurker in the Mirk 151 0 Sep 10, 2:29am
           Collapse Didn't know he was a model before VValar 455 8 Sep 8, 10:41pm
             hmm Lurker in the Mirk 266 0 Sep 9, 8:25am
               Collapse another commercial Lurker in the Mirk 238 2 Sep 9, 1:37pm
                   Collapse commercial goodness VValar 193 1 Sep 9, 8:01pm
                       Awww Lurker in the Mirk 193 0 Sep 10, 3:22am
               Collapse Ikr? Eruvandi 111 3 Fri, 10:28pm
                 Collapse BotFA headline Lurker in the Mirk 192 2 Sat, 4:32am
                       Collapse That BOFA headline! Kerewyn 97 1 Sun, 12:41am
                           *snigger* Lurker in the Mirk 92 0 Sun, 2:02am
           Collapse 19 reasons Eruvandi 117 5 Fri, 9:56pm
             Collapse Here's another GIF of that same marvellous image Lurker in the Mirk 161 4 Sat, 2:48am
                   Collapse Does anyone know what he says here? VValar 65 3 Sun, 8:07am
                       Collapse Well, yeah.... Lurker in the Mirk 58 2 Sun, 9:19am
                           Collapse I must be really stupid VValar 40 1 Sun, 9:19pm
                               *plays YT with volumn cranked up* Lurker in the Mirk 7 0 2:15am
     Collapse Great start to #12 VValar 455 1 Sep 8, 10:02pm
           Thanks. This is really a very good sketch! Lurker in the Mirk 379 0 Sep 9, 8:10am
       Collapse To honor the TAXII ride VValar 443 3 Sep 8, 10:34pm
           Collapse Oh my... Lurker in the Mirk 263 2 Sep 9, 8:16am
             Collapse Guess dreams do come true VValar 192 1 Sep 9, 7:55pm
                 Tinne deserves a brownie for sure Lurker in the Mirk 195 0 Sep 10, 3:20am
       Collapse Re Addendum: Known cast/crew taller than Thranduil/LP VValar 446 1 Sep 8, 10:53pm
           You're welcome *modest* Lurker in the Mirk 257 0 Sep 9, 8:34am
     Collapse Fanart: Baby Thranddy and his daddy Lurker in the Mirk 424 5 Sep 9, 3:43am
         Collapse Thranduil cuteness VValar 208 4 Sep 9, 7:18pm
               Collapse Thranduil and his daddy Lurker in the Mirk 203 3 Sep 10, 3:05am
                   Collapse Nope I hadn't seen it yet VValar 149 2 Wed, 7:08pm
                       Thanks for that! Lurker in the Mirk 153 0 Thu, 9:24am
                     Daddy Thranddy and Legolas... may not be new tho Lurker in the Mirk 151 0 Thu, 10:52am
       Collapse New Photo Tinne 459 36 Sep 9, 6:29am
           Collapse and another one Tinne 423 1 Sep 9, 6:33am
               Wow... thanks again, Tinne! Lurker in the Mirk 388 0 Sep 9, 8:04am
         *THUD* O.M.V!!! Lurker in the Mirk 398 0 Sep 9, 7:57am
           Collapse Addendum: More thoughts, actually questions. Lurker in the Mirk 268 10 Sep 9, 9:10am
               Collapse Well I'm back! Kerewyn 177 9 Wed, 7:58am
                 Welcome back! *HUGS* Lurker in the Mirk 166 0 Wed, 10:09am
                 Collapse Welcome back! VValar 188 7 Wed, 8:58pm
                       Collapse Cloaks & Daggers Kerewyn 138 6 Thu, 11:52am
                           Collapse Did a quick pre-bedtime caption... Kerewyn 134 3 Thu, 12:19pm
                               Collapse new photo stn5 126 1 Thu, 1:20pm
                                 *hugs* thanks for posting that wonderful image VValar 127 0 Thu, 10:21pm
                             This needs a Thranduil disapproves somewhere Lurker in the Mirk 111 0 Thu, 2:25pm
                         Collapse Nice collection VValar 129 1 Thu, 10:19pm
                               Yes sorry, that photo is not the best Kerewyn 195 0 Fri, 2:50am
           Collapse Addendum: Sources and more details Lurker in the Mirk 252 2 Sep 9, 1:19pm
             Collapse Can't get enough of the armour VValar 191 1 Sep 9, 8:07pm
                 Wow... thanks for that biggie of the art Lurker in the Mirk 192 0 Sep 10, 3:24am
         Collapse Woah, fanart already! Lurker in the Mirk 246 16 Sep 9, 2:48pm
               Collapse Artists are chomping at the bit... vanima ephel 154 11 Sep 10, 2:46am
                   And I am both dreading and looking forward to what they produce Lurker in the Mirk 192 0 Sep 10, 4:04am
                 Collapse And we here we go *SNIGGER* (Enter at your own risk) Lurker in the Mirk 172 9 Wed, 10:43am
                     Collapse There's no more room for more swag VValar 187 8 Wed, 9:03pm
                           Collapse It's getting late VValar 185 6 Wed, 9:14pm
                               LOL! Can so see this happening Lurker in the Mirk 143 0 Thu, 10:45am
                             Collapse Another LotR nod... Leggy gets his own back (somewhat) Lurker in the Mirk 155 4 Fri, 1:04pm
                                 Collapse Hah!! That's great!!! Rembrethil 150 1 Fri, 1:37pm
                                       Heheh Lurker in the Mirk 148 0 Fri, 1:39pm
                                   Collapse Oooe there's a little competition going on VValar 105 1 Sat, 12:05am
                                     Love these! Lurker in the Mirk 143 0 Sat, 5:40am
                           LOL! Got to agree with you, VValar Lurker in the Mirk 153 0 Thu, 9:43am
             Collapse Another fanart of this beautiful BTS image Lurker in the Mirk 41 2 Sun, 12:38pm
                   Collapse Thnx for the image VValar 36 1 Sun, 9:55pm
                       *small voice* give me a moment for pity's sake Lurker in the Mirk 6 0 2:36am
               can't make my mind up about this one Lurker in the Mirk 7 0 3:44am
         Aarrrrggghhh VValar 208 0 Sep 9, 7:28pm
           Well, here we are, the mag scans Lurker in the Mirk 177 0 Wed, 9:40am
       Collapse TAXII's are goin' strong! elf-lady 204 2 Sep 9, 8:07pm
           Hiya Elf-kady VValar 183 0 Sep 9, 8:34pm
         *HUGS* Elf-lady! Lurker in the Mirk 196 0 Sep 10, 3:26am
     Collapse It's Thursday! How about some Thranduil Thursday Tickles? (potential HTR) Lurker in the Mirk 168 5 Thu, 9:56am
         Collapse One more pre-dinner LoL Lurker in the Mirk 153 2 Thu, 10:56am
               Collapse Oh I love this! Kerewyn 146 1 Thu, 11:30am
                 *Hee* me too! Lurker in the Mirk 111 0 Thu, 2:14pm
           Collapse That's one precious post lol VValar 137 1 Thu, 9:46pm
             Thanks. Humour is the best condiment for this crazy world Lurker in the Mirk 113 0 Fri, 1:44am
       Collapse *SQUEEE* New PRETTY!!! in new thread by Bexlin Lurker in the Mirk 171 13 Thu, 10:09am
           Collapse All right, Fanart and a multi-char scan! Lurker in the Mirk 123 8 Thu, 2:08pm
             Collapse This seems like a all new picture as well VValar 136 1 Thu, 10:23pm
                   From the same source Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Fri, 1:57am
               Collapse More fanart and a closeup of Thranddy on that multi-char image Lurker in the Mirk 204 2 Fri, 2:52am
                   Collapse Fanart VValar 109 1 Fri, 11:53pm
                       LoL Lurker in the Mirk 152 0 Sat, 4:35am
             Collapse Closeups of the Thranduil image and more Fanart (armour fiends: HTR!!!) Lurker in the Mirk 90 2 Sun, 2:27am
                 Collapse Fanartists are working overtime VValar 41 1 Sun, 9:14pm
                     Welcome Lurker in the Mirk 7 0 2:07am
         Collapse all right... that image's LARGE hi-res scan alert! Lurker in the Mirk 206 3 Fri, 2:40am
               Collapse Hi res image Kerewyn 201 2 Fri, 2:55am
                   yup Lurker in the Mirk 197 0 Fri, 3:00am
                 New HR image VValar 110 0 Fri, 11:51pm
       Collapse Awww... Legolas, Daddy doesn't mean it that way. Lurker in the Mirk 170 2 Thu, 10:26am
         Collapse Ohhw that's so heartbreaking VValar 136 1 Thu, 10:06pm
               With you on Elven memory and Thranduil's state of mind Lurker in the Mirk 119 0 Fri, 1:52am
     Collapse Fanart! That ME map on Thranduil's capeswirl image Lurker in the Mirk 175 13 Thu, 10:35am
         Collapse Beautiful PS VValar 137 12 Thu, 10:13pm
               Collapse Yeah, I really like that one Lurker in the Mirk 116 11 Fri, 1:54am
                   Collapse You're very welcome VValar 110 10 Fri, 11:37pm
                     Collapse Teehee Lurker in the Mirk 159 9 Sat, 3:05am
                         Collapse About FLAST VValar 70 8 Sun, 8:57am
                             Collapse Yay Flast! We've got our own word garden going fershure Lurker in the Mirk 56 4 Sun, 9:26am
                                   Collapse Quick question VValar 37 1 Sun, 9:31pm
                                       ... .... Hmmm... ... Lurker in the Mirk 5 0 2:34am
                                 Collapse FLAST!! VValar 26 1 Sun, 11:00pm
                                     *ROFL* That's classic FLAST all right Lurker in the Mirk 5 0 2:40am
                             Collapse Thralls: when caught in a FLASTER Lurker in the Mirk 80 2 Sun, 12:41pm
                                   Collapse OMG that's so cute! VValar 33 1 Sun, 10:00pm
                                       Right? That little itsy spider made my day Lurker in the Mirk 6 0 2:38am
     Collapse Fanart! Love this one of Thranduil with his staff Lurker in the Mirk 181 2 Thu, 2:41pm
           Collapse Looking very handsome (as always) VValar 132 1 Thu, 10:36pm
               Yeah... Kingly Majestic BEAUTY Lurker in the Mirk 125 0 Fri, 2:09am
       Fanart: Nice juxaposition concept but... Lurker in the Mirk 122 0 Fri, 2:34am
     For kitty minions Lurker in the Mirk 156 0 Fri, 1:06pm
       Collapse Pretty! And Farnies! And Lincoln Q&A viddie Lurker in the Mirk 168 2 Fri, 1:31pm
         Collapse Love all the pretty of Pretty! VValar 99 1 Sat, 12:18am
               Good LUFF! Lurker in the Mirk 146 0 Sat, 5:45am
     Collapse Woodland Weekend! Lurker in the Mirk 180 4 Fri, 1:44pm
         Collapse WW! VValar 104 1 Sat, 12:32am
             Agree Lurker in the Mirk 154 0 Sat, 5:46am
         Woodland Weekend II Lurker in the Mirk 96 0 Sun, 3:14am
         Woodland Weekend finale Lurker in the Mirk 48 0 Sun, 12:30pm
     Collapse Hey, Thralls! BlackFox 152 3 Sat, 9:24am
           Haha... Lurker in the Mirk 86 0 Sun, 1:49am
           Collapse Missed it VValar 44 1 Sun, 9:03pm
               You didn't BlackFox 43 0 Sun, 9:09pm
     Collapse Fanart: Passing of the Elves, and questions Lurker in the Mirk 85 4 Sun, 12:45pm
         Collapse That is a beautiful image... vanima ephel 65 1 Sun, 6:07pm
             Agree with your theory Lurker in the Mirk 15 0 3:19am
           Collapse Thranduil's passing VValar 30 1 Sun, 10:42pm
               Well yes Lurker in the Mirk 8 0 3:27am
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