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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse EXCLUSIVE - The Hobbit: There and Back Again may become The Hobbit: Into the Fire? News from Bree 1668 55 Wed, 8:06am Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       Collapse It would make a good title for a fourth bridge film. ;-) DanielLB 804 1 Wed, 1:59pm
           It *is* perfect. They don't need to change it! FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 750 0 Wed, 2:14pm
       Collapse Video Game or Book Title Otaku-sempai 791 6 Wed, 2:04pm
           Collapse That's a really good point wonderinglinguist 667 4 Wed, 3:02pm
               Collapse Or a documentary Otaku-sempai 638 3 Wed, 3:06pm
                   Collapse Only thing... Imladris18 643 2 Wed, 3:09pm
                       Collapse Bonus Feature Otaku-sempai 625 1 Wed, 3:18pm
                           Hmm, interesting. Imladris18 600 0 Wed, 3:28pm
           Maybe Kangi Ska 65 0 12:37am
       Collapse Does not compute, branding wise Lurker in the Mirk 734 2 Wed, 2:16pm
           Collapse If I were in the advertisement team ... DanielLB 718 1 Wed, 2:22pm
               ,,, seems to make some sense, that line of thought... Lurker in the Mirk 680 0 Wed, 2:31pm
       Collapse I hope it isn't true Bernhardina 744 2 Wed, 2:17pm
           Collapse Spoilers? DanielLB 728 1 Wed, 2:24pm
               You are right Bernhardina 665 0 Wed, 2:39pm
       Collapse Maybe a fourth movie? Bernhardina 744 9 Wed, 2:18pm
           This wouldn't make a whole ton of sense. Imladris18 707 0 Wed, 2:30pm
           Collapse Movie 3 - 'Into The Fire', Movie 4 - 'There and Back Again' and how each will work sycorax82 350 7 Thu, 12:02am
               no way Mooseboy018 320 0 Thu, 12:18am
               Collapse While we're at it..... Name 147 5 Thu, 1:07pm
                   Collapse But what about GoldBerry?// Lurker in the Mirk 117 4 Thu, 1:59pm
                       Collapse Well... Name 114 1 Thu, 2:21pm
                           And thusly the need for The Hobbit: Into The Fire Lurker in the Mirk 142 0 Thu, 2:54pm
                       Collapse She gives birth to ChuckBerry Darkstone 151 1 Thu, 2:27pm
                           and walked through Strawberry Fields Lurker in the Mirk 130 0 Thu, 3:01pm
       Collapse Some polls... TheHutt 705 1 Wed, 2:47pm
           Polls update TheHutt 534 0 Wed, 5:51pm
       Collapse hmmm book Gandalf 604 3 Wed, 3:31pm
           Collapse There's no way they could make a fourth film with the existing footage. Cillendor 586 2 Wed, 3:57pm
               Well...... Name 554 0 Wed, 4:10pm
               Showing Gandalf and Balin's subsequent visit... BalrogTrainer 126 0 Thu, 1:26pm
       My immediate reaction was... Eleniel 642 0 Wed, 3:48pm
       Collapse LOL! Name 596 1 Wed, 3:49pm
           Yup! NecromancerRising 542 0 Wed, 4:08pm
       I do not like that title NecromancerRising 573 0 Wed, 3:54pm
       No Guert 563 0 Wed, 4:52pm
       Collapse No, no! Boo! MechaGodzilla 563 1 Wed, 5:06pm
           This zalmoxis 542 0 Wed, 5:27pm
       Nope, won't happen.// tsmith675 525 0 Wed, 5:45pm
       Collapse I also can think of it... TheHutt 576 4 Wed, 5:53pm
           Collapse Which seems to be overwhelmingly negative. Imladris18 493 3 Wed, 6:51pm
               Collapse Yeah but ... Defiant 424 2 Wed, 8:51pm
                   I agree. For me the 3rd film can be named Azimuth 411 0 Wed, 9:10pm
                   Fantastic post. Imladris18 336 0 Wed, 10:58pm
       we are all secretly thinking There&ThereAgain 582 0 Wed, 6:09pm
       Hm Arannir 373 0 Wed, 9:38pm
       Collapse there are rumors online that instead of 3 it will be 4 movies Rickster 440 1 Wed, 9:39pm
           I highly doubt it. Name 403 0 Wed, 10:01pm
       Haven't posted in months but... Joe20 366 0 Wed, 11:47pm
       If true, and if it stays at 3 films syameese 319 0 Thu, 1:38am
       LOL MouthofSauron 273 0 Thu, 3:22am
       Collapse New Line Cinema - the biggest trolls in show business. tsmith675 299 1 Thu, 4:01am
           Well, if you like a conspiracy ... DanielLB 258 0 Thu, 6:21am
       Collapse Split... Dipling 131 1 Thu, 6:03pm
           the only possible way they would make a fourth film is if MouthofSauron 59 0 1:46am

  Collapse so i'm trying to figure this out… (Beorn cut in DOS) MouthofSauron 965 21 Wed, 2:07am Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       well deskp 545 0 Wed, 2:28am
       Collapse Beorn... tsmith675 538 2 Wed, 2:40am
           i did read a interview with PJ and he said MouthofSauron 601 0 Wed, 2:59am
           we saw enough of him. Rickster 150 0 Wed, 9:42pm
       Collapse Agree Glorfindela 368 2 Wed, 9:31am
           Elves... Salmacis81 216 0 Wed, 5:35pm
           Hm Arannir 140 0 Wed, 9:46pm
       Collapse I think we saw as much of Beorn as we needed to in the TE. Noria 335 11 Wed, 12:06pm
           Collapse Needed in the TE brotherbeck 273 2 Wed, 3:56pm
               Brotherbeck, I disagree. Noria 205 0 Wed, 7:31pm
               Agree Avandel 152 0 Wed, 9:34pm
           This is an excellent assessment. Cillendor 262 0 Wed, 3:59pm
           Collapse Eloquently put, though I don't entirely agree Eldorion 137 6 Wed, 10:47pm
               Collapse agree on army of the dead, disagree on Beorn MouthofSauron 117 5 Thu, 1:49am
                   Collapse I don't think Beorn is vital to the story Eldorion 105 1 Thu, 4:22am
                       I disagree, and here's why... Otaku-sempai 64 0 Thu, 2:33pm
                   Collapse But in the book the AotD didn't come to the Pelennor! Eleniel 91 2 Thu, 7:58am
                       Collapse Complex Changes brotherbeck 62 1 Thu, 2:44pm
                           Quite... Eleniel 30 0 Thu, 9:50pm
       Umm Lindele 245 0 Wed, 4:49pm
       I agree Nuradar 64 0 Thu, 2:32pm

  Collapse If you could change 3 things Beorn's Bees 788 50 Wed, 12:19am Jump to last post in thread (by carson_le_great)
       Collapse Hmm... Ataahua 456 3 Wed, 12:33am
           Collapse Or... Misto 81 1 Thu, 9:28am
             Totally agree DaughterofLaketown 56 0 Thu, 1:23pm
           These are the main ones DaughterofLaketown 58 0 Thu, 1:22pm
       Collapse It's a start. Elizabeth 476 1 Wed, 12:43am
           Totally agree with Elizabeth... Eleniel 268 0 Wed, 8:38am
       Hmm, I'll give it a try MechaGodzilla 441 0 Wed, 12:52am
       Collapse very much a fan of the movies but I'd change these things: FrogmortonJustice65 441 1 Wed, 1:05am
           Agree with 2 and 3// Thaddeus 364 0 Wed, 2:19am
       Collapse Agree with Elizabeth Glassary 418 1 Wed, 1:23am
           Glassery, LOVE Your Avatar (The Two Trees!!) Bombadil 378 0 Wed, 1:53am
       Collapse My three SilentLion 416 1 Wed, 1:29am
           Lol Thaddeus 365 0 Wed, 2:18am
       Collapse I'm one of the few that would keep the Azog story the same. tsmith675 400 2 Wed, 1:36am
           Collapse Hmm, is that really necessary though? MechaGodzilla 376 1 Wed, 2:06am
               Well... tsmith675 351 0 Wed, 2:34am
       Minor things for the most part Elessar 368 0 Wed, 2:44am
       looks like a lot of consensus Nira 342 0 Wed, 4:28am
       Collapse If I could, I wouldn't. Seriously dormouse 320 3 Wed, 6:59am
           Collapse Well said, dormouse! BlackFox 246 2 Wed, 9:58am
               Dormouse and BlackFox, I feel the same Noria 193 0 Wed, 12:17pm
               I agree with Dormouse and BlackFox Elanor of Rohan 183 0 Wed, 4:07pm
       Collapse My suggestions: DanielLB 316 1 Wed, 7:09am
           I'll drink to that! FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 227 0 Wed, 1:36pm
       Hm CathrineB 273 0 Wed, 8:19am
       Mine Glorfindela 267 0 Wed, 9:28am
       Mine: NecromancerRising 256 0 Wed, 9:55am
       Mine.. Lost Hobbit 227 0 Wed, 11:32am
       Collapse The Three Most Needed Changes: Darkstone 239 5 Wed, 12:42pm
           Collapse Ditto, Darkstone Avandel 234 1 Wed, 1:12pm
               My thoughts. Farficom 116 0 Wed, 11:51pm
           This! Lurker in the Mirk 231 0 Wed, 1:31pm
           haha, well said! // wonderinglinguist 196 0 Wed, 2:52pm
           Hahaha Beorn's Bees 137 0 Wed, 9:16pm
       I agree with all your points, Beorn's Bees. Here are my additional ideas to the aspect of the film: FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 248 0 Wed, 1:34pm
       Let's see... Elutherian 231 0 Wed, 1:53pm
       Collapse Easy question! Bernhardina 222 1 Wed, 2:30pm
           All of these DaughterofLaketown 53 0 Thu, 1:28pm
       Okay, I'll post mine. Werde Spinner 213 0 Wed, 2:45pm
       Mirkwood-biased RandomSilvanElf 210 0 Wed, 3:13pm
       Easy... Salmacis81 185 0 Wed, 4:48pm
       Pretty easy to list these three: MorgolKing 186 0 Wed, 5:22pm
       My list Arannir 131 0 Wed, 9:47pm
       sigh Ilaras 124 0 Wed, 11:35pm
       3 things Na Vedui 127 0 Wed, 11:57pm
       Nothing specific in the films...BUT... Aragorn the Elfstone 109 0 Thu, 4:05am
       I would jkm7 81 0 Thu, 9:19am
       I have 5 things... malickfan 74 0 Thu, 11:39am
       Collapse WHY do so many people hate that line about the trousers? Kilidoescartwheels 57 1 Thu, 1:57pm
           damn more than 3 carson_le_great 21 0 Thu, 10:31pm

  Collapse The Smaug of War IdrilofGondolin 580 14 Tue, 9:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       I think that you are half-right Otaku-sempai 377 0 Tue, 9:53pm
       Collapse no windlance book Gandalf 363 11 Tue, 9:59pm
           Collapse My bet flameofudun 262 7 Wed, 1:27am
               Collapse Which? droidsocket 214 6 Wed, 5:41am
                   Luke Fleuz 206 0 Wed, 6:15am
                   Collapse This sounds like a job for MythBusters Otaku-sempai 142 4 Wed, 1:56pm
                       Collapse Who needs mythbusters? droidsocket 131 3 Wed, 2:27pm
                           Collapse Maybe just maybe Eruvandi 105 2 Wed, 4:24pm
                               Collapse It could very well be made of the rare metal galvorn flameofudun 9 1 1:46am
                                   Not only that, but remember Luke Evans demonstrating.... Eleniel 4 0 6:50am
           Collapse but that would mean Bard has to know about smaug's secret spot MouthofSauron 58 2 Thu, 2:01am
               Collapse He does know. Silverlode 47 1 Thu, 6:10am
                   Ravens. Otaku-sempai 31 0 Thu, 2:42pm
       uhg Ilaras 63 0 Thu, 12:00am

  Collapse Gandalf's defence shield/blast in all 6 films? Arandir 509 3 Tue, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       Collapse Wow! I never thought about it Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 252 2 Tue, 9:42pm
           Cool lists! Lurker in the Mirk 91 0 Wed, 1:03pm
           Fantastic! Arandir 57 0 Wed, 7:05pm

  Moved: Mikael Persbrandt (Beorn) sentenced to 5 months in prison macfalk - - Tue, 7:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by macfalk)

  Collapse What are we realistically likely to get in the DOS EE? TheImaginator 1123 34 Tue, 12:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       Well, here is what I would like to see, based on your thoughts Glorfindela 610 0 Tue, 12:32pm
       In addition to these Shagrat 575 0 Tue, 12:41pm
       I have a feeling Thranderz 556 0 Tue, 1:45pm
       Collapse You will likely get much of what you want MirielCelebel 547 4 Tue, 1:59pm
           Collapse We'll probably know how long it will be this summer Annatar598 515 3 Tue, 2:17pm
             Collapse I hope you don't mean… Glorfindela 511 1 Tue, 2:20pm
                   Oh no! Haha Annatar598 410 0 Tue, 4:22pm
               Yes! NecromancerRising 477 0 Tue, 3:00pm
       Collapse My prediction Noria 495 18 Tue, 3:45pm
           Collapse Good stuff... Dcole4 427 17 Tue, 4:25pm
               Collapse Yes Dipling 394 2 Tue, 4:43pm
                   Collapse Or it could be a huge disappointment... Dcole4 406 1 Tue, 4:50pm
                       Bilbo looking out his door Mooseboy018 376 0 Tue, 5:17pm
               Collapse Nice list! NecromancerRising 383 10 Tue, 5:13pm
                   Collapse Crazy! Dcole4 389 9 Tue, 5:17pm
                       Collapse I was never a fan of that scene in NecromancerRising 373 8 Tue, 5:57pm
                           I think what makes the scene work... Dcole4 350 0 Tue, 6:06pm
                           Collapse How about Thranderz 308 6 Tue, 7:18pm
                               Collapse Was the Feast of starlight even shot? xxxyyy 228 5 Tue, 11:22pm
                                   Collapse Nothing has been officially said about the Feast of Starlight. Dcole4 219 4 Wed, 12:06am
                                       That's disappointing MechaGodzilla 210 0 Wed, 12:16am
                                       Collapse I'm sure Phillipa Boyens has said "The Feast of Starlight" was filmed. DanielLB 159 2 Wed, 7:29am
                                           Yes.I remember Boyens NecromancerRising 158 0 Wed, 7:38am
                                           Either way, Cillendor 128 0 Wed, 4:14pm
               Collapse what else have we seen from the high fells? MouthofSauron 79 2 Thu, 2:09am
                   Radagast lines Mooseboy018 75 0 Thu, 2:39am
                   ... PredatoR 49 0 Thu, 8:15am
       They need a long film to make up Elskidor 190 0 Wed, 4:35am
       Collapse I want to see the serpents of the North Rickster 97 1 Wed, 9:41pm
           . PredatoR 94 0 Wed, 9:45pm
       Collapse Carrock won't make it MouthofSauron 85 1 Thu, 2:07am
           "We need a burglar..." Mooseboy018 81 0 Thu, 2:37am
       Collapse Philippa Boyens said something about a Smaug scene Fàfnir 61 1 Thu, 7:18am
           interesting Mooseboy018 25 0 Thu, 5:02pm

  Collapse What should be done with Radagast and Tauriel boldog 841 46 Tue, 8:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Glassary)
       Death is predictable demnation 441 0 Tue, 8:50am
       I'd prefer them surviving... or sailing West. dik-dik 419 0 Tue, 9:31am
       Collapse Why should anything be done with them? dormouse 385 25 Tue, 12:23pm
           Collapse Exactly. Imladris18 332 1 Tue, 1:38pm
               Ditto// Eruvandi 278 0 Tue, 3:21pm
           Collapse The Kings Guard.. glor 266 19 Tue, 6:59pm
               Collapse Oh, wow. Imladris18 223 4 Tue, 8:08pm
                   Collapse Thanks glor 190 3 Tue, 9:02pm
                       I doubt Legolas would go for any reason other than because Thranduil told him to. Cillendor 130 0 Wed, 4:28pm
                       Collapse Well, technically... Salmacis81 102 1 Wed, 5:23pm
                           That's true. Otaku-sempai 59 0 Wed, 8:13pm
               That's a neat idea! // dormouse 183 0 Tue, 8:50pm
               Collapse Then Tauriel's ultimate fate is known. Darkstone 215 12 Tue, 8:55pm
                   Taken 3 Imladris18 171 0 Tue, 11:46pm
                   Collapse Also, a couple lines up: Imladris18 255 9 Tue, 11:54pm
                       Collapse *lightbulb goes on* I think EL may have indirectly confirmed this Eruvandi 244 8 Wed, 2:06am
                           Perhaps one ray of hope... DwellerInDale 180 0 Wed, 12:44pm
                           Hold on, hold on... Imladris18 162 0 Wed, 2:42pm
                           Collapse IDK how likely it is. FrogmortonJustice65 143 5 Wed, 3:35pm
                               Oh, I'm not advocating that PJ should include any "bridge" material... Eleniel 110 0 Wed, 4:54pm
                               Collapse At the same time: Imladris18 102 3 Wed, 5:34pm
                                   Collapse This is true Eruvandi 100 1 Wed, 5:39pm
                                       I'm probably being too optimistic here, but Imladris18 99 0 Wed, 5:45pm
                                 Perhaps that's why Thranduil glor 88 0 Wed, 7:06pm
                   Awww.... / Ataahua 238 0 Wed, 12:35am
           This, 100%. n/t Elfhelm 224 0 Tue, 7:11pm
           Collapse Quite agree, Dormouse... Eleniel 201 1 Wed, 8:57am
               It would also make ... DanielLB 184 0 Wed, 10:17am
       Collapse My prediction: tsmith675 354 1 Tue, 12:32pm
           Agree. NecromancerRising 188 0 Wed, 10:04am
       Radagast is known to survive Escapist 360 0 Tue, 12:38pm
       They get married.... Darkstone 325 0 Tue, 2:18pm
       Collapse I am looking forward very much MirielCelebel 309 1 Tue, 2:35pm
           Legolas seemed to have already scrubbed the pacifist attitude, though. Imladris18 240 0 Tue, 6:26pm
       Both should live! :( // Thranderz 291 0 Tue, 3:07pm
       Completely pointless points Sebastian the Hedgehog 301 0 Tue, 3:40pm
       I'd go with bringing back - Hanzkaz 278 0 Tue, 4:12pm
       I would like to see Radagast survive... Dcole4 247 0 Tue, 5:55pm
       Why i think Tauriel should NOT die Papagianni 231 0 Tue, 7:11pm
       Radagast should survive and become a recluse in the forest... Salmacis81 205 0 Tue, 8:10pm
       Poor Tauriel was added by PJ EomundDaughter 210 0 Tue, 8:33pm
       Collapse . Elskidor 213 2 Wed, 4:44am
           LOTR and LOST Eruvandi 138 0 Wed, 3:49pm
           WOW....mind spinning! EomundDaughter 51 0 Wed, 8:33pm
       Interesting discussion Name 174 0 Wed, 1:35pm
       Both live I believe Glassary 41 0 Thu, 2:17am

  Collapse Radagast Question Sebastian the Hedgehog 630 22 Tue, 12:04am Jump to last post in thread (by EomundDaughter)
       Collapse Radagast's Staff Werde Spinner 369 10 Tue, 12:08am
           The moth idea is weird too Sebastian the Hedgehog 342 0 Tue, 12:13am
           The other reason (if you want to call it that) Elizabeth 336 0 Tue, 12:38am
           Collapse They don't look like the same staff to me Elarie 311 5 Tue, 1:25am
               Remember Faleel 305 0 Tue, 1:26am
               Collapse It's the same staff Aitieuriskon 305 3 Tue, 1:42am
                   yea deskp 265 0 Tue, 3:17am
                   Collapse Well, Galdalf lost his staff Kilidoescartwheels 148 1 Tue, 1:51pm
                       This makes the most sense Aitieuriskon 125 0 Tue, 3:30pm
           Regarding the moth... Imladris18 148 0 Tue, 1:49pm
           Yes, I don't really want to see that... Rembrethil 98 0 Tue, 4:53pm
       Collapse I would bet a kidney that Radagast... tsmith675 311 1 Tue, 2:25am
           But that would ad a sense of menace to Sauron in the next Hobbit movie and the rest LOTR saga isaac 236 0 Tue, 6:56am
       Collapse I wouldn't like to see Radagast die Glorfindela 180 1 Tue, 10:54am
           Like The LONE RANGER...doesn't stay for a Thank YOU? Bombadil 178 0 Tue, 11:31am
       Collapse In the books, Radagast is stll alive in LOTR Elarie 180 4 Tue, 11:42am
           Collapse Right Sebastian the Hedgehog 127 3 Tue, 3:35pm
               Collapse Haldir / Darkstone 119 2 Tue, 3:45pm
                   Haldir's fate was never really drawn out past Lothlorien, though. Imladris18 89 0 Tue, 6:06pm
                   I was hoping no one would mention that :P Sebastian the Hedgehog 77 0 Tue, 7:00pm
       Collapse He dies... Darkstone 174 1 Tue, 1:08pm
           Who's Radagast ??....joking EomundDaughter 65 0 Tue, 8:47pm

  Collapse Orlando Bloom says something about TABA (might be interesting) Papagianni 1839 42 Mon, 10:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eldorion)
       what did he say ? Rickster 963 0 Mon, 11:03pm
       Collapse whoaaa There&ThereAgain 943 6 Tue, 1:14am
           Collapse what Faleel 885 5 Tue, 1:26am
               Collapse Orc vs. Elf & Dwarf vs. Dragon LPUAdit 930 4 Tue, 1:31am
                   Collapse zombie smaug There&ThereAgain 799 3 Tue, 2:21am
                       Collapse No, I don't think so. Silverlode 816 2 Tue, 2:46am
                           Collapse I think you hit the nail on the head here. Imladris18 443 1 Tue, 1:40pm
                               Exactly. // Eruvandi 364 0 Tue, 2:24pm
       He dies!?! where's your continuity now, eh? eh? // SirDennisC 738 0 Tue, 2:05am
       I wouldn't look too much into what he said there.// tsmith675 677 0 Tue, 2:23am
       zombie smaug MouthofSauron 659 0 Tue, 3:36am
       Collapse Dwarf vs. Dragon action probably in Lake-town. Otaku-sempai 663 1 Tue, 3:50am
           I've replaced the link. Silverlode 633 0 Tue, 3:53am
       Collapse Desolation of Smog? lol, is it so difficult to pronounce it right? // xxxyyy 408 2 Tue, 12:48pm
           Collapse Ikr? Eruvandi 356 1 Tue, 2:37pm
               the best one is PJ saying "Shmaug" Elanor of Rohan 294 0 Tue, 4:40pm
       Collapse If anyone besides Bard kills Smaug MirielCelebel 391 21 Tue, 2:41pm
           Collapse I'll join you! ;) // Thranderz 330 12 Tue, 3:07pm
               Collapse I'll come too! Eruvandi 324 11 Tue, 3:20pm
                   Collapse In all seriousness Thranderz 303 10 Tue, 4:22pm
                       Collapse I think the windlance will burn Eruvandi 277 9 Tue, 5:36pm
                           I hadn't even thought of that! Thranderz 240 0 Tue, 7:26pm
                           Collapse Firing the windlance bolt with a longbow? Otaku-sempai 242 7 Tue, 7:56pm
                               Collapse But Bard's bow isn't normal Eruvandi 207 4 Tue, 9:19pm
                                   Collapse Longbow Otaku-sempai 204 3 Tue, 9:34pm
                                       Collapse . Faleel 197 2 Tue, 9:39pm
                                           Collapse Weight/Mass Otaku-sempai 194 1 Tue, 9:49pm
                                               Yeah, a black arrow fired from a longbow would go like 20 feet, lol. Imladris18 177 0 Tue, 11:57pm
                               Collapse Firing the windlance RyaB 107 1 Wed, 3:39pm
                                   I like that Eruvandi 91 0 Wed, 4:16pm
           Collapse There should be some time to prepare. Otaku-sempai 354 6 Tue, 3:28pm
               yes deskp 306 0 Tue, 4:14pm
               Collapse I agree with that Elanor of Rohan 289 4 Tue, 4:43pm
                   Collapse Yes it's meaningless glor 265 3 Tue, 6:51pm
                       Collapse Memories of last summer ): Avandel 125 2 Wed, 1:22pm
                           Collapse Firefly scene? Eruvandi 88 1 Wed, 4:28pm
                               Fireflies of Erebor Avandel 78 0 Wed, 6:27pm
           Oin fought off Goblins, and took part in fighting the Trolls in AUJ... Salmacis81 234 0 Tue, 8:04pm
       Collapse So was he saying flameofudun 251 2 Tue, 8:33pm
           Collapse To be honest... Silverlode 192 1 Wed, 12:18am
               Yes, that's most likely what it is MechaGodzilla 178 0 Wed, 12:32am
       I agree with Orlando when he says... Eldorion 54 0 Wed, 10:38pm

Collapse What are waitin' For? A Gandalf Appreciation Thread! Bombadil 198 4 Mon, 8:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by EomundDaughter)
       Gandalf is great!// Eruvandi 68 0 Tue, 5:56pm
       The mover and shaker of ME deserves some love for sure // Lurker in the Mirk 42 0 Wed, 11:04am
       Um, Groundhog Day? ;) Eowyn of Penns Woods 39 0 Wed, 1:24pm
       Wizards....where are they when you really need them! EomundDaughter 14 0 Thu, 8:32pm

  Collapse ring world and smaug book Gandalf 379 5 Mon, 7:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by FaramirAndEowynMorningStar)
       Maybe it has something to do with the gold, I don't know. tsmith675 201 0 Mon, 7:53pm
       Mhm Arannir 173 0 Mon, 8:45pm
       It's maaaaagic! Darkstone 153 0 Mon, 9:15pm
       he's a magical creature and he's very powerful maybe? MouthofSauron 86 0 Tue, 3:38am
       Because the film makers chose it to be that way... FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 23 0 Wed, 3:04pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Richard Armitage to The One Ring...a big event to celebrate with the screening of all 6 films!!! isaac 431 1 Mon, 5:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Thread Locked The interview is posted on Main entmaiden 223 0 Mon, 5:45pm

  Collapse Doug Adams headed back to NZ Dcole4 549 8 Mon, 5:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Skaan)
       links for people who want more info on Doug Magpie 267 0 Mon, 5:42pm
       I had hoped for EE recording sessions Shagrat 274 0 Mon, 5:53pm
       I think Shore is working on TABA now. xxxyyy 213 0 Mon, 7:28pm
       Collapse It's likely they will record the TABA score earlier sycorax82 142 1 Mon, 11:41pm
           Well, Skaan 59 0 Tue, 5:04pm
       Collapse Perhaps not to NZ.... Magpie 145 2 Tue, 12:19am
           Collapse Haha...yeah Dcole4 130 1 Tue, 12:25am
               .. Faleel 118 0 Tue, 12:57am

  Collapse Tauriels bow lost? Glassary 432 4 Mon, 4:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Imladris18)
       Collapse I never noticed her lose her bow. tsmith675 201 1 Mon, 4:36pm
           When injured Kili jumps back in his barrel... Eruvandi 229 0 Mon, 4:51pm
       Collapse Not lost... DwellerInDale 192 1 Mon, 5:48pm
           98 hours?!?! Imladris18 63 0 Tue, 1:42pm
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