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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse ring world and smaug book Gandalf 353 4 Mon, 7:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       Maybe it has something to do with the gold, I don't know. tsmith675 183 0 Mon, 7:53pm
       Mhm Arannir 154 0 Mon, 8:45pm
       It's maaaaagic! Darkstone 136 0 Mon, 9:15pm
       he's a magical creature and he's very powerful maybe? MouthofSauron 69 0 Tue, 3:38am

  Collapse Thread Locked Richard Armitage to The One Ring...a big event to celebrate with the screening of all 6 films!!! isaac 417 1 Mon, 5:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Thread Locked The interview is posted on Main entmaiden 213 0 Mon, 5:45pm

  Collapse Doug Adams headed back to NZ Dcole4 525 8 Mon, 5:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Skaan)
       links for people who want more info on Doug Magpie 257 0 Mon, 5:42pm
       I had hoped for EE recording sessions Shagrat 264 0 Mon, 5:53pm
       I think Shore is working on TABA now. xxxyyy 203 0 Mon, 7:28pm
       Collapse It's likely they will record the TABA score earlier sycorax82 133 1 Mon, 11:41pm
           Well, Skaan 48 0 Tue, 5:04pm
       Collapse Perhaps not to NZ.... Magpie 136 2 Tue, 12:19am
           Collapse Haha...yeah Dcole4 121 1 Tue, 12:25am
               .. Faleel 109 0 Tue, 12:57am

  Collapse Tauriels bow lost? Glassary 413 4 Mon, 4:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Imladris18)
       Collapse I never noticed her lose her bow. tsmith675 194 1 Mon, 4:36pm
           When injured Kili jumps back in his barrel... Eruvandi 219 0 Mon, 4:51pm
       Collapse Not lost... DwellerInDale 183 1 Mon, 5:48pm
           98 hours?!?! Imladris18 52 0 Tue, 1:42pm

Collapse Alternative title for DOS? BlackFox 733 21 Mon, 8:50am Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       "Rise of the Necromancer" NecromancerRising 375 0 Mon, 9:18am
       Collapse Something with the book chapter names... TheHutt 401 1 Mon, 9:43am
           The Lonely Mountain DaughterofLaketown 330 0 Mon, 12:11pm
       Such a shame about the rights... Eleniel 347 0 Mon, 12:22pm
       Collapse Hmmm Annatar598 333 2 Mon, 12:24pm
           Collapse Same.... TheHutt 295 1 Mon, 12:34pm
               It's my favourite titles of the six films Annatar598 309 0 Mon, 12:36pm
       The Desolation of the Dragon Noria 301 0 Mon, 12:26pm
       Nothing is really better than DoS in my opinion. tsmith675 268 0 Mon, 1:16pm
       Collapse "Enter the Dragon" Darkstone 260 1 Mon, 1:59pm
         Perfect! BlackFox 204 0 Mon, 3:33pm
       . Elskidor 241 0 Mon, 2:09pm
       Collapse The Return of the Shadow ghost_matt 236 1 Mon, 2:56pm
           One simple word.. MasterOrc 239 0 Mon, 3:09pm
       Personally, TheImaginator 187 0 Mon, 4:25pm
       Collapse The Tauriel: Desolation of Canon malickfan 180 2 Mon, 5:10pm
           Perfect, zalmoxis 154 0 Mon, 5:35pm
           Nice one! // Eleniel 141 0 Mon, 5:50pm
       "The Quest for Erebor" Arannir 115 0 Mon, 8:29pm
       'The Desolation of Smaug' is IMHO an awesome title. Werde Spinner 79 0 Mon, 11:47pm
       The Desolation of Smaug MouthofSauron 64 0 Tue, 3:39am

  Collapse Unpacking: The Hobbit DOS - 3D Steelbook Edition (Germany) TheHutt 290 7 Mon, 8:34am Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse Very nice – thank you for posting this! Glorfindela 100 1 Mon, 12:48pm
           IMO our U.S. disks are a bummer Avandel 64 0 Mon, 5:58pm
       Cool, looks awesome!// tsmith675 89 0 Mon, 1:17pm
       Great pack. NecromancerRising 85 0 Mon, 1:52pm
       Very cool and thanks! Lurker in the Mirk 82 0 Mon, 2:07pm
       That's gorgeous Avandel 60 0 Mon, 6:00pm
       Thank you so much Loresilme 19 0 Tue, 5:18pm

  Collapse DOS won an "award" demnation 611 15 Mon, 5:50am Jump to last post in thread (by iduna)
       Collapse Surely thast should have been Legolas vs Bolg? Eleniel 327 6 Mon, 6:47am
           Collapse Good grief! Glorfindela 247 1 Mon, 12:50pm
               LOL Lurker in the Mirk 198 0 Mon, 1:44pm
           Collapse For OB and EL vs. orcs iduna 181 3 Mon, 2:53pm
               Nice one! Glorfindela 144 0 Mon, 3:50pm
               Collapse Yeah, but which one? Kilidoescartwheels 58 1 Tue, 2:59am
                   I couldn't say iduna 26 0 Tue, 2:04pm
       Collapse Who won Best Hero?// tsmith675 195 1 Mon, 1:17pm
           Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, Man of Steel Imladris18 196 0 Mon, 1:37pm
       MTV? Elskidor 194 0 Mon, 1:57pm
       Collapse MTV movie awards CathrineB 139 4 Mon, 4:56pm
           Collapse There's a shirtless thing? Avandel 123 3 Mon, 5:49pm
               Collapse Yep CathrineB 119 2 Mon, 5:59pm
                   Collapse I like the name of the "Best Scared-As-**** Face" category. Werde Spinner 78 1 Tue, 12:12am
                       Yeah, Martin Kilidoescartwheels 71 0 Tue, 2:56am

  Collapse Need help finding characters flameofudun 423 11 Mon, 1:10am Jump to last post in thread (by deskp)
       Collapse hm deskp 257 1 Mon, 2:03am
           Hilda Bianca is the character in that pic. Moahunter 211 0 Mon, 3:59am
       when I was researching bit players for LOTR Magpie 209 0 Mon, 3:36am
       Eli Kent... Eleniel 171 0 Mon, 6:36am
       Collapse Lethuin DwellerInDale 143 4 Mon, 9:15am
           Collapse nope deskp 97 3 Mon, 1:53pm
               Aargh BalrogTrainer 88 0 Mon, 2:34pm
               Collapse Believe(d) they were the same elf... DwellerInDale 75 1 Mon, 3:07pm
                   yep deskp 69 0 Mon, 3:23pm
       There is also the character Feren Seaber 140 0 Mon, 9:24am
       Turning on subtitles can help. Darkstone 87 0 Mon, 2:41pm

  Collapse DVD/Blu-Ray Complaint Sebastian the Hedgehog 653 11 Sun, 8:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by MirielCelebel)
       Collapse I thought the same thing about the main menu. tsmith675 350 2 Sun, 8:57pm
           Collapse An idea for the EE menu Beorn's Bees 301 1 Sun, 9:29pm
               I love the AUJ´S EE menu isaac 267 0 Sun, 9:58pm
       well deskp 313 0 Sun, 9:06pm
       Collapse Not at all. DanielLB 319 1 Sun, 9:07pm
           Too true tho the WB PR could be done better Avandel 100 0 Mon, 2:07pm
       also book Gandalf 260 0 Sun, 10:04pm
       Collapse Try looking at it a different way.... dormouse 282 1 Sun, 10:20pm
           Yes Darkstone 81 0 Mon, 6:06pm
       Now that's normal... TheHutt 145 0 Mon, 7:46am
       I said the same thing MirielCelebel 27 0 Tue, 2:47pm

  Collapse The lost scene between Fili and Thorin isaac 707 3 Sun, 8:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by Werde Spinner)
       I always assumed that shot was from the warg chase scene. tsmith675 381 0 Sun, 8:47pm
       Collapse This was part of the Warg scene Dcole4 119 1 Mon, 5:02pm
           I was disappointed it wasn't included in the EE, too. Werde Spinner 68 0 Mon, 11:50pm

  Collapse Warner Brothers clarifies 'Desolation of Smaug' Bonus Feature confusion News from Bree 303 6 Sun, 7:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Carne)
       i wasn't expecting any special features until the EE actually MouthofSauron 118 0 Mon, 5:30am
       Collapse No, it doesn't... smtfhw 113 3 Mon, 7:03am
           Collapse US version does... Aragorn the Elfstone 108 2 Mon, 7:07am
               Collapse In the UK... smtfhw 110 1 Mon, 7:11am
                   In Germany as well... TheHutt 99 0 Mon, 7:47am
       Going to wait for the EE // Carne 48 0 Mon, 3:44pm

  Collapse Downfall of Thorin a bit underplayed in DoS isaac 572 11 Sun, 6:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       I don't know, I didn't think so. tsmith675 320 0 Sun, 6:37pm
       there was enough to see where his mental state is headed MouthofSauron 302 0 Sun, 7:00pm
       Collapse In my eyes, he had to put that aside to protect everyone Sebastian the Hedgehog 299 8 Sun, 7:07pm
         Collapse He STILL does care for Bilbo in 2 pieces of dialogue Bombadil 277 7 Sun, 8:15pm
               Collapse Most likely Bomby isaac 250 6 Sun, 8:32pm
                 ITzz...PJ's CALL in "StageHandSpeak" Bombadil 179 0 Mon, 12:56am
                   Collapse partially agree Avandel 118 4 Mon, 1:58pm
                       Collapse How did you see those shoots isaac 88 3 Mon, 4:16pm
                           Collapse Think it's the pickup vids off the collector edition BR Avandel 79 2 Mon, 5:47pm
                               Collapse WOW good job isaac 66 1 Mon, 5:53pm
                                   LOL hungry fans see all Avandel 56 0 Mon, 8:07pm

  Collapse Do you think PJ will fix the talking spider/Sting scene? xxxyyy 782 25 Sun, 4:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rickster)
       PJ is jus' following the Books, The Spiders of Mirkwood Talked in the TH Bombadil 407 0 Sun, 4:51pm
       Nothing needs fixed. tsmith675 404 0 Sun, 4:56pm
       i loved the talking spiders MouthofSauron 364 0 Sun, 5:26pm
       Collapse A possible explanation BlackFox 394 1 Sun, 5:26pm
           there could be a simple answer to all this MouthofSauron 339 0 Sun, 6:57pm
       Collapse The only thing that need be fixed in that scene Cillendor 333 2 Sun, 7:15pm
           Collapse wait the spider talked after Bilbo removed the ring? MouthofSauron 197 1 Mon, 1:27am
               Yes, when he removes the Ring, they talk, they say "it stings". // xxxyyy 98 0 Mon, 2:09pm
       Collapse Wait! Name 275 1 Sun, 8:35pm
           Did'nt notice that. Maybe they are going to stress it in the EE. That would be a fix for me. // xxxyyy 98 0 Mon, 2:07pm
       Collapse What needs fixing in the scene... Morthoron 221 4 Mon, 12:19am
           Collapse well Bilbo still MouthofSauron 198 1 Mon, 1:25am
               No, sorry... Morthoron 192 0 Mon, 1:34am
           I think of it Escapist 193 0 Mon, 1:37am
           Well... BalrogTrainer 102 0 Mon, 1:56pm
       Collapse No. I don't think these things will be "fixed". Noria 188 1 Mon, 2:12am
           Yes, there are. xxxyyy 103 0 Mon, 2:05pm
       Collapse I don't think it's broken... dormouse 165 1 Mon, 7:22am
           plus... MouthofSauron 156 0 Mon, 7:35am
       The spider scene doesn't need fixing... IMO dik-dik 141 0 Mon, 9:16am
       Shelob's trying to sneak up on Frodo. Darkstone 97 0 Mon, 2:15pm
       Collapse Bu the way, do the spiders talk or do Bilbo read their minds? xxxyyy 98 1 Mon, 2:16pm
           It's been described in the past as "psychic" communication. DanielLB 79 0 Mon, 3:54pm
       The BIGGER problem is not the talking spiders Kilidoescartwheels 66 0 Mon, 7:32pm
       it was pefrect Rickster 26 0 Mon, 11:02pm

  Collapse What will we see and what won't we see in the first teaser we get? TheImaginator 539 8 Sun, 1:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rickster)
       It is fun to speculate! Bernhardina 276 0 Sun, 2:43pm
       Collapse hm deskp 274 2 Sun, 2:56pm
           Collapse All of the Above would be Nice... Bombadil 206 1 Sun, 4:43pm
               My money is on Godzilla. tsmith675 198 0 Sun, 5:21pm
       Collapse My main wish Sebastian the Hedgehog 183 2 Sun, 7:02pm
           Collapse That would be tarasaurus 83 1 Mon, 5:27am
               I hope we only see the Elfs Rickster 16 0 Mon, 11:04pm
       We might see a lot of DG Annatar598 93 0 Mon, 4:53am

  Collapse Hobbit films Stoneaxe 366 3 Sun, 7:06am Jump to last post in thread (by DeadRabbits)
       Collapse Dwarves are bigger than Hobbits, shorter than Men. Elizabeth 208 1 Sun, 7:32am
           Oin was quite a fighter in AUJ though... DeadRabbits 115 0 Sun, 8:39pm
       Fili has no weapons Elanor of Rohan 195 0 Sun, 9:05am
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