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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  DOS home video sales update Tirithon 255 0 Thu, 6:00am Jump to last post in thread (by Tirithon)

Collapse Article: Why Are Saruman, Radagast, and Galadriel in The Hobbit? [book spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 526 6 Thu, 2:24am Jump to last post in thread (by dubulous)
       Collapse Glad you brought this up. Ithilisa 181 4 Thu, 4:26am
           Collapse Happy to know this was informative. And to clarify: not me who raised the question Lurker in the Mirk 161 1 Thu, 4:28am
               WAyCOOL READ! thang you.."Lovely Lurker"// Bombadil 110 0 Thu, 7:25am
           Collapse Radagast is mentioned during Gandalf's conversation Spriggan 114 1 Thu, 8:07am
               At the very beginning, when mae govannen 100 0 Thu, 8:41am
       Interesting article dubulous 103 0 Thu, 9:02am

  Collapse Beorn is set up to kill Azog beorn58 1106 35 Wed, 11:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithfânion)
       Why will you be angry? Spriggan 581 0 Wed, 11:50pm
       Collapse I don't think so Bishop 561 25 Thu, 12:04am
           Collapse I disagree Name 494 1 Thu, 12:22am
               I guess what I mean is this Bishop 457 0 Thu, 12:34am
           Collapse I disagree beorn58 482 21 Thu, 12:26am
               Collapse A few points... *major SPOILER rumor* AshNazg 542 16 Thu, 12:39am
                   Collapse Oh god, really? Bishop 496 1 Thu, 12:42am
                       I'm hoping bungobaggins 355 0 Thu, 2:10am
                   Not questioning you Name 421 0 Thu, 1:08am
                   Collapse He most certainly is a moron beorn58 390 1 Thu, 1:36am
                       I think we can scrub the future tense on that anger., Spriggan 120 0 Thu, 8:25am
                   Collapse Enemy? beorn58 380 4 Thu, 1:37am
                       Collapse I don't want to come across as mean Name 307 3 Thu, 2:58am
                           Collapse Because beorn58 289 2 Thu, 3:20am
                               Collapse Don't hold your breath. // Elizabeth 228 1 Thu, 4:27am
                                   Sounds like Mithfânion 81 0 Thu, 11:55am
                   Motives? beorn58 360 0 Thu, 1:42am
                   Are we to infer from your post bungobaggins 342 0 Thu, 2:12am
                   Collapse Trailer beorn58 328 1 Thu, 2:23am
                       Lots of people in ME hate orcs. Elizabeth 197 0 Thu, 4:30am
                   My guess is he kills that white Ogre/Troll/Orc guy with the club. Boromir Stark 88 0 Thu, 9:34am
                   I got in trouble for this post, I won't share more... AshNazg 82 0 Thu, 11:21am
               Collapse Azog's death will be at the hands of ... glor 442 1 Thu, 1:16am
                   See, this just makes me more mad about Dain's arbitrary hammer Bishop 401 0 Thu, 1:19am
               Collapse Though I too would much rather have Beorn kill Bolg as in the book Boromir Stark 114 1 Thu, 8:48am
                   Ha - darkness, I think, rather than TARDIS! Spriggan 98 0 Thu, 9:14am
           actually MouthofSauron 145 0 Thu, 6:43am
       Collapse Nope swampB 327 3 Thu, 2:29am
           Collapse Or beorn58 318 2 Thu, 2:32am
               Collapse Where does Tolkien say that Legolas wasn't there? joec_34 258 1 Thu, 4:07am
                   Did Tolkien state beorn58 258 0 Thu, 4:11am
       Collapse Refresh my memory nhui06 271 3 Thu, 4:13am
           Who cares beorn58 211 0 Thu, 4:28am
           You're right that the movie corrects the mistakes the book made Bishop 207 0 Thu, 4:30am
           As far as I can remember, they didn't have a connection. Boromir Stark 94 0 Thu, 9:36am

  Collapse any ideas Bjarke 625 3 Wed, 8:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Subaruman)
       Collapse From what I know Merovech 236 1 Wed, 9:32pm
           ha!// Subaruman 112 0 Wed, 11:20pm
       Over the hill and through the woods Bracegirdle 193 0 Wed, 9:46pm

Collapse A Technical Question for Those who have DoS EE, already? Bombadil 579 4 Wed, 5:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Not much on 3D printing output Avandel 228 0 Wed, 5:49pm
       Collapse No discussions of weapons or armour Orc Berserker 205 1 Wed, 6:28pm
           Thank you for THAT Info...a "MustHave" Book..// Bombadil 172 0 Wed, 6:32pm
       Quite a bit of art design as concepts were tossed about. Eruonen 107 0 Wed, 9:32pm

  Collapse Final poster? macfalk 945 3 Wed, 5:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       Collapse Probably Glorfindela 556 2 Wed, 5:12pm
           Collapse That's the international poster tsmith675 492 1 Wed, 5:13pm
               The Bilbo one is showing up in all the usual places where the "main" poster is used. Aragorn the Elfstone 158 0 Wed, 10:31pm

  Moved: PJ's appearance at Exeter College in Oxford Nov 26: CANCELLED TheHutt - - Wed, 1:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by TheHutt)

Collapse Why I have trust in BOFTA Hobbity Hobbit 1085 9 Wed, 12:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rembrethil)
       Collapse Speeding up the pace is a negative in my book Estel78 508 4 Wed, 1:06pm
           Yes Glorfindela 473 0 Wed, 1:10pm
           Definitely agree with this Avandel 279 0 Wed, 4:49pm
           For me it is just the reverse - the ambling pace of AUJ Spriggan 253 0 Wed, 5:35pm
           Agreed. Rembrethil 55 0 Thu, 3:26am
       Speeding up the pace is about the worst thing that can happen Lindele 412 0 Wed, 2:19pm
       Collapse oops Hobbity Hobbit 208 2 Wed, 6:45pm
           Collapse "...I meant is that they took reviews straight to the heart. " Bombadil 93 1 Thu, 1:34am
               yeah Hobbity Hobbit 72 0 Thu, 2:32am

Moved: Beautiful new Hobbit stamps from NZ Post! Altaira - - Wed, 7:31am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Saying goodbye to the boards till release... and My Hobbit Trilogy mega trailer/tribute The Grey Pilgrim 761 9 Wed, 5:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse Best video on Youtube ever lurtz2010 302 1 Wed, 9:08am
         "Namarie' oh Grey ONE"...may your Path lead you back HERE.. Bombadil 255 0 Wed, 9:30am
       Can't wait to watch this when I'm home tonight :) adt100 215 0 Wed, 11:14am
       Pity, not available here. Foromir 204 0 Wed, 12:19pm
       I'll wait until you complete it after seeing the last film!...// mae govannen 186 0 Wed, 1:24pm
       That was amazing! Elutherian 97 0 Wed, 8:36pm
       I will be taking my leave as well Ham_Sammy 74 0 Wed, 10:04pm
       Collapse I'm not leaving... Queen of Erebor 64 1 Wed, 11:06pm
           Maybe we all could help return the Favor? Bombadil 45 0 Thu, 12:51am

  Collapse Screenings taking place right now Joe20 1908 8 Wed, 4:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Name)
       Collapse I would quite honestly recommend everyone to ignore such reactions... Aragorn the Elfstone 802 1 Wed, 4:37am
           I assume.... Arannir 593 0 Wed, 8:39am
       Collapse Feedback Danielos 689 2 Wed, 8:19am
           Collapse Most of the press people will probably stick to the NDA. Arannir 623 1 Wed, 8:49am
               But Fleuz 588 0 Wed, 9:30am
       Collapse Yep, I agree, don't trust the reactions one bit Crunchable Birdses 464 1 Wed, 12:51pm
           I don't know about that Name 113 0 Thu, 3:02am
     HERE izz a Heads UP?... the tiny Circle on the Left of the OP's Bombadil 407 0 Wed, 3:58pm

  Collapse What's the scoop with this Nazgul? Bishop 1278 17 Wed, 2:42am Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse His name is Ted There&ThereAgain 613 1 Wed, 2:48am
           Let's continue the story Bishop 582 0 Wed, 2:53am
       Collapse He's there to entertain the other 8 when they're feeling down. drewster81 556 1 Wed, 2:54am
           Although he doesn't have a sweet scottish singing voice like a hobbit we know... There&ThereAgain 500 0 Wed, 3:07am
       Collapse The Easterling Retro315 545 1 Wed, 3:37am
           No Bishop 517 0 Wed, 3:45am
       Collapse Nazgul Danielos 505 1 Wed, 4:16am
           Guys, c'mon. xMb 497 0 Wed, 4:23am
       Collapse Is Ted the Easterling played by PJ the New Zealander? Bladerunner 452 1 Wed, 4:51am
           His helm and body armor are certainly Easterling in appearance Carnivoran 185 0 Wed, 4:05pm
       He's Khamul The Easterling, and he likes pie, it would seem. Crunchable Birdses 282 0 Wed, 12:56pm
       Collapse PJ Cameo ;) Guert 296 3 Wed, 1:30pm
           You could be onto something there... adt100 256 0 Wed, 1:54pm
           Connection to RotK cameo? joec_34 243 0 Wed, 2:19pm
           Motion capture cameo if so Carne 234 0 Wed, 2:37pm
       Collapse I really like all the nazgul designs personally... Snowghost77 80 1 Wed, 11:30pm
           I love the diversity in design too Bishop 70 0 Wed, 11:48pm

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXVI Eruvandi 763 80 Tue, 10:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by VValar)
       Collapse Eruvandi you beat me to it!! VValar 317 4 Tue, 10:53pm
         Collapse He-he Eruvandi 301 3 Tue, 11:07pm
               *LOL* and I thought you were just meddling with your knitting Lurker in the Mirk 238 0 Wed, 3:06am
             Collapse You were being smart VValar 122 1 Wed, 7:49pm
                 I can attest to that Lurker in the Mirk 72 0 Thu, 1:56am
     Collapse A nice BOFA edit of Thranduil Pretty! VValar 339 6 Tue, 11:02pm
           Collapse I have to say that he looks quite majestic astride on his elk. macfalk 313 5 Tue, 11:10pm
               Collapse This reminds me On_the_partyelk 304 4 Tue, 11:46pm
                   Collapse HEHEH! That pic... Lurker in the Mirk 242 3 Wed, 3:09am
                       Collapse LOL On_the_partyelk 95 2 Wed, 10:37pm
                           Collapse But the truth is Lurker in the Mirk 73 1 Thu, 1:59am
                             Shopping Queen Thranduil On_the_partyelk 65 0 Thu, 3:12pm
       Collapse Holy Moly On_the_partyelk 316 9 Tue, 11:25pm
           Collapse Et tu, on_the_partyelk? Lurker in the Mirk 246 6 Wed, 3:15am
               Collapse Gorgeous edit VValar 126 2 Wed, 8:17pm
                   On that bridge Lurker in the Mirk 75 0 Thu, 2:01am
                   Addendum: Found that thread Lurker in the Mirk 116 0 Thu, 2:30am
             Collapse Is there anything else... On_the_partyelk 99 2 Wed, 10:46pm
                 Collapse There is nothing else! Lurker in the Mirk 119 1 Thu, 2:02am
                       May your words be heard On_the_partyelk 48 0 Thu, 5:14pm
         Collapse You're very welcome! VValar 123 1 Wed, 7:51pm
               Thralls- I like that On_the_partyelk 94 0 Wed, 10:54pm
       Collapse I guess it's high time I joined the party... Arveldis 317 15 Tue, 11:57pm
         Collapse Lots of loveliness Glorfindela 277 2 Wed, 12:23am
               Collapse I'm Rocket no longer. Arveldis 270 1 Wed, 12:31am
                 Argh – Rocket disappeared, probably as I was typing my message! Glorfindela 262 0 Wed, 12:42am
           Collapse Welcome and thrice welcome, Arveldis! Eruvandi 245 1 Wed, 2:33am
               Thank you! Arveldis 113 0 Thu, 2:45am
         Collapse *waves* Glad to see you delurked on TA, Arveldis Lurker in the Mirk 241 1 Wed, 3:18am
             I'm just getting all sorts of visual goodies! Thanks!// Arveldis 118 0 Thu, 2:48am
         Collapse Welcome to the TA Arveldis! VValar 122 2 Wed, 8:12pm
               Collapse I will try. Arveldis 113 1 Thu, 2:56am
                 No problem VValar 27 0 Thu, 8:30pm
           Priceless On_the_partyelk 100 0 Wed, 10:34pm
           Collapse Addendum: reciprocation Lurker in the Mirk 124 3 Thu, 2:10am
               Collapse Very, very nice! Arveldis 117 1 Thu, 3:07am
                 You're welcome Lurker in the Mirk 107 0 Thu, 4:26am
               I know this post wasn't meant for me VValar 37 0 Thu, 7:37pm
       Collapse Response to the Michael Martinez article in TAXXV (May be a little SPOILERy to some) Eruvandi 291 12 Wed, 12:42am
           Collapse A quick answer to a bit of your post: Glorfindela 266 1 Wed, 12:54am
               It's interesting how the suggested hint of something Lurker in the Mirk 244 0 Wed, 3:56am
           Collapse Thoughts... [potential BotFA spoilers] Lurker in the Mirk 266 7 Wed, 3:51am
               Collapse New interview? hissuit 240 3 Wed, 4:32am
                   Collapse Nope. not new Lurker in the Mirk 229 2 Wed, 4:41am
                       Collapse Thank you hissuit 227 1 Wed, 5:16am
                           Welcome Lurker in the Mirk 178 0 Wed, 11:11am
               Collapse Agree with Adanel mariel 159 1 Wed, 2:46pm
                   Yup. I think we're all agreed on that Lurker in the Mirk 117 0 Thu, 2:08am
               Hadn't read that interview part yet VValar 120 0 Wed, 8:28pm
           You are right Adanel 227 0 Wed, 5:24am
           Some other thoughts on the Article (Book spoilers) Rembrethil 62 0 Thu, 3:22pm
     Yay, TAXXVI! Good job, Eruvandi =) Lurker in the Mirk 238 0 Wed, 3:05am
     Collapse *Squee* I got my marathon tix! Lurker in the Mirk 235 6 Wed, 4:03am
         Collapse Good stuff VValar 114 5 Wed, 8:42pm
               Collapse HEE! True that Lurker in the Mirk 113 1 Thu, 2:15am
                   LOL I already told mom she could only come along if she promises to be very very quiet VValar 34 0 Thu, 7:50pm
               Collapse No marathons in my locale yet.. Kerewyn 113 2 Thu, 2:33am
                 *waves* I see you Lurker in the Mirk 113 0 Thu, 2:37am
                   BOFA viewing VValar 30 0 Thu, 8:16pm
     Collapse Various responses to posts in TAXXV Lurker in the Mirk 237 5 Wed, 4:38am
           Collapse Re avatar VValar 118 4 Wed, 8:48pm
               Collapse HEE Lurker in the Mirk 115 1 Thu, 2:16am
                   He has a lot of milk to drink to reach his daddy's Kingly height VValar 34 0 Thu, 8:02pm
               Collapse Addendum: Thranduil and Legolas fan art Lurker in the Mirk 124 1 Thu, 2:32am
                   Lovely Thranduil/Legolas edit VValar 34 0 Thu, 8:06pm
       On the new bit from the new tv spots: what is Thranduil holding? Lurker in the Mirk 260 0 Wed, 4:46am
       Dol Guldur and Rings of Power [spoiler]. Con't from XXV Lurker in the Mirk 245 0 Wed, 4:49am
       New edit of a golden oldie mariel 215 0 Wed, 8:53am
       Collapse Some more of Vendelina's edits mariel 177 4 Wed, 3:08pm
           Still not feeling the 'antler crown' VValar 115 0 Wed, 9:02pm
           Yeah Lurker in the Mirk 115 0 Thu, 2:18am
           Collapse A new one Lurker in the Mirk 84 1 Thu, 12:17pm
               Nice! mariel 48 0 Thu, 4:50pm
     Another edit VValar 119 0 Wed, 9:23pm
     Collapse The Thranduil vs. Azog battle question VValar 119 1 Wed, 10:31pm
           Nah Lurker in the Mirk 119 0 Thu, 2:19am
       Thranduil/Thorin fan art mariel 57 0 Thu, 4:37pm
       A few more fan edits mariel 55 0 Thu, 4:48pm
       Collapse New pic mariel 56 1 Thu, 5:16pm
           Awesome piccie VValar 35 0 Thu, 7:17pm

  Moved: Chances of Middle-earth movies in the future? macfalk - - Tue, 10:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by macfalk)

  Collapse Film portrayal of Elves vs. Book portrayal of Elves. delius82 888 10 Tue, 10:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by joec_34)
       Collapse Yes Name 481 1 Tue, 10:31pm
           Feral Retro315 284 0 Wed, 3:41am
       Collapse Trying not to confuse the audience? Elizabeth 476 3 Tue, 10:36pm
           ^True, Elizabeth. delius82 402 0 Tue, 10:44pm
           Collapse Sometimes I think Lorien elves looked bland Carnivoran 137 1 Wed, 4:08pm
               Boring like when the party is over and you're all alone. joec_34 97 0 Wed, 5:50pm
       Collapse What I'd like to know... elvish.mafia 239 1 Wed, 7:20am
           The Dorwinion wine of the elves jkm7 166 0 Wed, 2:35pm
       Collapse Elves superheroes Danielos 237 1 Wed, 7:38am
           There are way more orcs. . . Blustar 129 0 Wed, 4:46pm
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