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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Is there a full cast credits list somewhere? Carne 164 5 4:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Carne)
       Collapse I want to know who that laketown lady was, I loved how she played it, is she based on this Minas Tirith talking woman? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 75 3 5:22pm
           Collapse Sarah Peirse as Hilda Blanca Carne 75 1 5:30pm
               yeah I loved her acting Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 63 0 5:47pm
           That's Sarah Pierse HiddenSpring 47 0 6:44pm
       IMDb just updated their cast Carne 23 0 9:27pm

  Collapse Possible nod to the book? Sebastian the Hedgehog 501 3 3:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elarie)
       I didn't think of that FrogmortonJustice65 188 0 3:54pm
       I touht more on Merry and Pippin, but yes, definetly is a nod to the book Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 161 0 4:11pm
       Yes, definitely Elarie 117 0 5:13pm

  Collapse Howard Shore is brilliant. (spoilers) FrogmortonJustice65 589 10 3:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by peterLF)
       Collapse Without Shore's Scores... priell3 275 2 4:08pm
           just fyi for those who might not know... Magpie 200 0 4:59pm
           fantastic review! FrogmortonJustice65 153 0 5:10pm
       Lots of fantastic moments from Shore apu FlyingSerkis 210 0 4:18pm
       Agree! tiamy 170 0 4:41pm
       Collapse I haven't seen the movie but I've listened to the soundtrack one and a half times Magpie 164 3 5:06pm
           Collapse I am pretty fanatic when it comes to the LOTR scores priell3 145 2 5:13pm
               Collapse have you ever seen this page of my website? Magpie 123 1 5:37pm
                   I have not priell3 111 0 5:48pm
       The LotR scores are brilliant, the Hobbit ones? Not so much.... peterLF 78 0 7:54pm

  Collapse Bain's voice LordotRings93 557 5 2:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Fichtenbrenner)
       yes, i agree Bain 267 0 2:56pm
       I didn't notice it at all, though I know others did... dormouse 225 0 3:17pm
       He looked younger too. tsmith675 219 0 3:26pm
       Bain nymmerod 190 0 3:59pm
       Peter Jackson seems to have a general problem ... Fichtenbrenner 34 0 10:05pm

  Collapse Missing Scenes from Trailers MorgolKing 535 6 2:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       he cut them from the movie to get the running time down to 144mins Crunchable Birdses 307 0 2:54pm
       Collapse Agreed and noticed too.. MasterOrc 202 4 4:38pm
           Collapse I'd be satisfied with 45 minutes the film needs it Glorfindela 183 3 4:49pm
               Collapse How about 50 ;-) MasterOrc 155 2 4:58pm
                   3 hours will be enough PredatoR 150 0 5:10pm
                   That'll do it! Glorfindela 103 0 6:30pm

  Collapse Legolas and Thranduil (Spoilers) Cari 511 10 2:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Me85)
       Collapse I think it was ok but that the EE could benefit it is undoubtely Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 299 8 2:21pm
           Collapse For me Glorfindela 275 7 2:40pm
               I felt Anduril54 253 0 2:56pm
               Collapse Yes, so did I kiwifan 43 5 9:47pm
                   Collapse yes Me85 36 4 10:01pm
                       Collapse So my hunch was right kiwifan 23 3 10:27pm
                           Collapse links Me85 20 2 10:40pm
                               Collapse Thank you! kiwifan 12 1 43 mins ago
                                   well hello neighbour Me85 7 0 37 mins ago
       Scenes seems unfinished On_the_partyelk 134 0 6:19pm

  Collapse Movieverse: Gundabad and Angmar (spoilers) Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 669 15 2:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by kiwifan)
       Collapse true NoelGallagher 326 4 2:10pm
           Collapse I wasn't expecting the burial of the Witch-King so never say never Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 318 2 2:18pm
               Collapse thats right NoelGallagher 267 1 2:26pm
                   Do you mean the Morgul blade? kiwifan 20 0 10:00pm
         Remember that Amazing Shot in FOTR? Bombadil 302 0 2:31pm
       I love all these additional details being revealed mae govannen 282 0 2:26pm
       Collapse This Iron Crown of Angmar thing.... Spriggan 306 8 2:27pm
         Collapse LOTR page 691: "the Stairs of Cirith Ungol" Bombadil 257 4 2:43pm
               Collapse Sorry, I should have been more specific Spriggan 223 3 2:48pm
                   Collapse Well, Ck the Sil, Unfinished Tales or CoH...// Bombadil 204 1 3:01pm
                       I have, though without result. Spriggan 202 0 3:03pm
                   I don't believe Shagrat 205 0 3:03pm
           Collapse It appears in EAs "Rise of the Witch-King" game Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 210 2 3:05pm
             You should ask this Question over in the "Reading Room" forum Bombadil 172 0 3:27pm
               Just an "iron-clad head" for Azog according to the appendices. Spriggan 172 0 3:36pm

  Collapse Are there any people of color in BOFA? Peterthorn of Rohan 641 24 1:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse Yes, one Asian looking woman in Dale DeadRabbits 367 1 1:07pm
           Yeah dubulous 330 0 1:36pm
       7 haarp 334 0 1:40pm
       Collapse Are you from the 1950s? Crunchable Birdses 365 3 1:43pm
           I assume it a perfectly acceptable term for 'non white' people? adt100 258 0 2:53pm
           Collapse Actually... Osskil 165 1 4:56pm
               The word "academic" used in the very broadest sense, there. Bumblingidiot 27 0 9:26pm
       Plain and simple: Yes. // priell3 303 0 1:49pm
       Collapse weird Me85 225 5 3:36pm
           There appear to be different races in the books Spriggan 213 0 3:43pm
           Collapse There are definitely other ethnic groups in Middle-earth MechaGodzilla 187 2 4:19pm
               Collapse i know Me85 165 1 4:43pm
                   I think they would still need real actors to play them. Spriggan 152 0 5:18pm
           I agree with you on that. Bumblingidiot 153 0 5:06pm
       Collapse The term 'coloured person' is out of favour in English. Bumblingidiot 202 8 4:07pm
           Collapse Political correctness.... adt100 109 6 7:02pm
               'White' is not acceptable either, as far as I'm concerned. Bumblingidiot 66 0 8:21pm
               Collapse nowadays you have to be very PC.... Me85 47 3 8:52pm
                   Collapse You don't. Spriggan 41 2 9:05pm
                       Collapse not from what i have seen. Me85 37 1 9:11pm
                           Well, I won't ask for details Spriggan 29 0 9:18pm
               It's never seemed too onerous to me. Spriggan 45 0 8:57pm
           Actually... Silverlode 0 0 4 mins ago
       I agree Scourge of the Stoors 59 0 8:38pm

  Collapse Did Bilbo Sabotage the Quest? (spoilers) QuackingTroll 495 11 12:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)
       Collapse He also... Angharad73 225 1 2:04pm
           Hilarious! Timdalf 201 0 2:08pm
     hahahahahahahaha Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 189 0 2:25pm
       Collapse I Like Your Theory smtfhw 181 1 2:34pm
           Sneaky, Tricksey, Thief Bombadil 104 0 5:13pm
       ROTFL shadowdog 107 0 5:12pm
     *wipes away tears* BlackFox 95 0 6:02pm
       Don't forget Bilbo's suspicious invitation for tea at the end. MatthewJer18 86 0 6:28pm
       And then he has the cheek - and cleverness - Lissuin 68 0 7:18pm
       this post is hilarious! Bladerunner 11 0 10:36pm
       Only his Took side... Riven Delve 7 0 44 mins ago

  Collapse Reviews #18 macfalk 1135 21 12:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Think these are new ones mefansmum 521 0 12:31pm
       Collapse Up to 60 %??? What the.... DeadRabbits 536 6 12:51pm
           Collapse Yeah macfalk 483 5 12:53pm
               Collapse Is it the American critics who have set this free fall in motion? DeadRabbits 490 4 1:03pm
                   It seems to be Glorfindela 459 0 1:16pm
                   Yes. // macfalk 412 0 1:24pm
                   Ii told you all about this Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 394 0 2:01pm
                   Appears so Elessar 378 0 2:02pm
       Collapse The last two movies Kelly of Water's Edge 506 2 12:58pm
           Collapse Many has seen it several times by now macfalk 429 1 1:28pm
               Bucking the consensus Spriggan 423 0 1:33pm
       Collapse The new added reviews in RT are: NecromancerRising 386 7 2:29pm
           Collapse 2 new fresh reviews were just added NecromancerRising 376 5 2:37pm
               Collapse Thank you for the slightly better update...// mae govannen 323 4 2:46pm
                   Collapse Puzzling. happydood 328 3 3:17pm
                       Collapse The thing is Glorfindela 235 2 4:55pm
                           Collapse Similar here... Osskil 225 1 5:01pm
                               Absolutely that's what I tried to convey in my last post Glorfindela 164 0 6:37pm
           Peter Hammonds Ham_Sammy 28 0 10:33pm
       This new review gave me a good laugh macfalk 277 0 4:58pm
       Not worried ghost_matt 198 0 6:31pm

  Collapse My friend saw FotR for the first time last night! AshNazg 839 13 12:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lissuin)
       Thanks, I love hearing about this stuff Crunchable Birdses 461 0 12:07pm
       Collapse Interesting dubulous 459 3 12:22pm
           Collapse Dwarven Strongholds Macsen 428 2 12:38pm
               Collapse erm... how? adt100 271 1 2:57pm
                   Hmmm. well, at one point Gandalf does say... Eleniel 243 0 3:20pm
       Collapse Awesome! FlyingSerkis 393 2 1:20pm
           The trailer rather did that job first. Spriggan 369 0 1:32pm
           He didn't say much about Isengard, really... AshNazg 385 0 1:33pm
       How did he like Gimli, mae govannen 314 0 2:36pm
       Collapse nice Me85 189 1 4:23pm
           Legolas had a lot of wandering alone and healing to do between films, eh? Lissuin 85 0 6:56pm
       Fascinating indeed... Osskil 151 0 5:11pm
       nice one keep them coming Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 125 0 5:33pm

  Collapse Bifur (spoilers) Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 580 5 10:28am Jump to last post in thread (by peterLF)
       Collapse Didn't notice THAT? WOW Great! // Bombadil 289 1 10:39am
           Do you Think Oin will do some Surgery on Him? Bombadil 291 0 10:45am
       Full circle? DanielLB 316 0 10:55am
       I've seen the film three times... BlackFox 101 0 5:39pm
       I noticed that too... peterLF 46 0 7:58pm

  Collapse Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman appreciation thread LoremIpsum 335 8 9:59am Jump to last post in thread (by kiwifan)
       We have a right amount of them but Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 198 0 10:32am
       Collapse They were sublime Glorfindela 172 3 11:33am
           Collapse Bom would not doubt that a "ShowREEL" is Bombadil 145 1 11:48am
               It would be wonderful MechaGodzilla 84 0 4:09pm
           Absolutely sublime indeed... kiwifan 23 0 10:12pm
       Feel absolutely privileged to have been able to view the performances of MF and RA Avandel 113 0 3:25pm
       Collapse Yes, this is Martin and Richard's film for sure Old Toby 78 1 5:08pm
           Perfectly said IMO Avandel 32 0 9:27pm

  Collapse Eagles handled nicely Scourge of the Stoors 556 6 8:47am Jump to last post in thread (by FlyingSerkis)
       Collapse Thinking in retrospect Saneliur 279 2 9:35am
           Collapse Surely there will be aleast a Minute More Bombadil 262 1 9:45am
               Definetly Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 219 0 10:29am
       Collapse Maybe FlyingSerkis 188 2 11:27am
           Collapse We need more Shagrat 145 1 12:34pm
               Agreed FlyingSerkis 133 0 12:44pm

  Collapse The original Bolg-design NoelGallagher 774 15 8:09am Jump to last post in thread (by tsmith675)
       Collapse I hated that sequence Danielos 458 3 8:27am
           Collapse I thought she pushed him away Spriggan 387 1 8:33am
               hahaha he sent him to mordor before his master went Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 249 0 11:03am
           He was forcefully thrown back, not "vaporized." MatthewJer18 353 0 8:41am
       Collapse Dol Guldur SPOILER Fleuz 435 1 8:28am
           had the same thought too.. NoelGallagher 348 0 8:46am
       Collapse It was great. PredatoR 342 1 8:47am
           Sort of disagree syameese 302 0 9:48am
       Agreed! Avnar 257 0 10:37am
       Collapse An Homage to Conan Stevens 2011 stint Michelle Johnston 228 3 11:53am
           Collapse Actually I believe this scene belongs to the phase where the Bolg toy was.... Eleniel 158 2 2:06pm
               Collapse so you think this scene NoelGallagher 152 1 2:11pm
                   I do appreciate "Old Bolg"'s inclusion Anduril54 123 0 2:50pm
       Was glad to see that Elessar 151 0 2:05pm
       Meh. tsmith675 103 0 3:30pm
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