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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition Scene Guide *DETAILED SPOILERS* News from Bree 324 3 Tue, 7:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Faleel)
       Thank you! leonmuse 112 0 4:07am
       Be immensely blessed for this!!! mae govannen 14 0 52 mins ago
       Missing Faleel 4 0 14 mins ago

  Collapse Please post spoilers for the DoS Extended edition here! PART 2 NecromancerRising 1749 33 Tue, 7:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithfânion)
       Collapse So it's "official": the Dwarf Ring stuff is an EE feature? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 900 3 Tue, 7:46pm
           Collapse Very interesting thoughts Lieutenant. NecromancerRising 673 2 Tue, 8:31pm
               Collapse Perhaps there is another connection to the Necromancer Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 624 1 Tue, 8:49pm
                   I think that the FOTR line Spriggan 504 0 Tue, 9:33pm
       Collapse Subtitle caglarkuraner 803 4 Tue, 7:51pm
           Collapse Google them NecromancerRising 647 3 Tue, 8:29pm
               Collapse colour grading NoelGallagher 686 2 Tue, 8:31pm
                   Collapse I did not notice that detail. NecromancerRising 649 1 Tue, 8:35pm
                       but you see it now?! NoelGallagher 601 0 Tue, 8:43pm
       Collapse One other thing that the EE NecromancerRising 899 7 Tue, 8:22pm
           Collapse Does it? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 518 5 Tue, 9:29pm
               you refer to what? ;) NoelGallagher 476 0 Tue, 9:35pm
               Collapse Check the NecromancerRising 486 3 Tue, 9:38pm
                   Collapse Yes I rewatched the scene Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 479 2 Tue, 9:43pm
                       Collapse I think Sauron NecromancerRising 453 1 Tue, 9:50pm
                           Death for sure and... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 403 0 Tue, 10:12pm
           Re Retro315 207 0 1:01am
     Just more random EE love *snert* like falling stars Avandel 427 0 Tue, 10:17pm
       Collapse My opinions on the EE... Bernhardina 407 3 Tue, 10:36pm
           Collapse Bilbo... Aragorn the Elfstone 200 2 2:19am
               Never venture east Mooseboy018 168 0 3:34am
               I can't say i agree completely with you NecromancerRising 110 0 7:30am
       Collapse The most heartbreaking scene DuBekar 371 2 Tue, 11:03pm
           All so good! Avandel 318 0 Tue, 11:12pm
           "Tell Thorin that I love him...." davidjUK 285 0 Tue, 11:43pm
       Collapse Are the appendices part of the digital download? gkgyver 211 2 12:32am
           Collapse You get them Joe20 212 1 12:36am
               I see ... gkgyver 190 0 12:43am
       Collapse Re Retro315 250 4 12:59am
           Collapse Just to point out DjU 211 1 1:59am
               Re Retro315 189 0 2:39am
           Great review Retro NecromancerRising 111 0 7:25am
           Dwarf Rings Mithfânion 54 0 10:51am

  Collapse Desolation of Smaug EE reveals some unused/unfinished Thranduil scenes MatthewJer18 1206 34 Tue, 7:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse One of the very few disappointments with the EE Dcole4 581 21 Tue, 7:52pm
           Collapse I'm confused as well... Lanteia 496 20 Tue, 8:02pm
               Collapse It's definitely not a Visual Effects thing... Dcole4 472 17 Tue, 8:07pm
                   Collapse I think PJ got shellshocked... Aragorn the Elfstone 495 16 Tue, 8:14pm
                       Collapse It's amazing DjU 408 1 Tue, 8:46pm
                           Pardon me. Aragorn the Elfstone 382 0 Tue, 8:49pm
                       Collapse Is it so ... DanielLB 357 13 Tue, 9:01pm
                         That better be the case KeenObserver 325 0 Tue, 9:10pm
                           Collapse I'm growing slightly incredulous at how long people want this film to be! Spriggan 233 11 Tue, 10:21pm
                               Bolg and Azog bonding? Salmacis81 200 0 Tue, 10:36pm
                             Collapse You forgot to add: Avandel 195 1 Tue, 10:53pm
                                   The list goes ever on and on...... Spriggan 177 0 Tue, 10:56pm
                               Collapse Decent list KeenObserver 165 3 Tue, 11:09pm
                                   Collapse It would go a long way in anybody's book. Spriggan 140 2 Tue, 11:13pm
                                       Collapse 4 hours? KeenObserver 136 1 Tue, 11:20pm
                                           No problem at all. Spriggan 123 0 Tue, 11:28pm
                               Collapse That's a pretty good list DjU 138 1 Tue, 11:13pm
                                   Whether they exist or not, I'm beginning to feel like Spriggan 132 0 Tue, 11:18pm
                               Collapse That may seem like a lot... Mooseboy018 71 1 3:32am
                                   15 minutes! You are pulling my leg. Spriggan 31 0 7:52am
               Collapse If it is any consolation .... DanielLB 453 1 Tue, 8:19pm
                   Good to hear! cats16 280 0 Tue, 9:28pm
       The Legolas/Thranduil scene looks most interesting LordotRings93 473 0 Tue, 8:09pm
       Not Feast of Starlight DjU 390 0 Tue, 8:52pm
       Collapse ... PredatoR 357 1 Tue, 8:53pm
           See my post a minute or two before yours! // NT DjU 349 0 Tue, 8:54pm
       Collapse *Shakes head slowly* KeenObserver 340 6 Tue, 9:18pm
           Collapse What kind of scenes did you have in mind? NecromancerRising 314 5 Tue, 9:23pm
               Collapse I vaguely remember PJ apologizing for something before???? Avandel 224 4 Tue, 10:36pm
                   Collapse Not sure if serious... DjU 190 3 Tue, 11:06pm
                       During the appendices Joe20 150 0 Tue, 11:24pm
                       And pertaining to the box set . . . KeenObserver 144 0 Tue, 11:29pm
                       You know I was thinking Dju while I read your reply Avandel 132 0 Tue, 11:41pm
       Haven't seen the EE but this knowledge was disheartening to me VValar 261 0 Tue, 9:58pm

  Collapse No Commentary? Elutherian 460 2 Tue, 6:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by caglarkuraner)
       Collapse Yes. Aragorn the Elfstone 278 1 Tue, 7:00pm
           Subtitles caglarkuraner 215 0 Tue, 7:17pm

  Collapse Can someone who's watched the EE provide a list of all the new scenes? thomasofrohan 1059 24 Tue, 6:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Retro315)
       Collapse After seeing it twice: Elutherian 707 23 Tue, 7:18pm
           25min additional scenes? lidlessEye 528 0 Tue, 7:37pm
           Collapse With all the mention of the extra Lake-town stuff... Eleniel 532 19 Tue, 7:44pm
               Collapse Another disheartening absence... xxxyyy 509 6 Tue, 8:05pm
                   Collapse See here about your third sentence NecromancerRising 416 1 Tue, 8:23pm
                       Nice! Thanks everyone! Now, if only they fix the Eagles... xxxyyy 107 0 Tue, 11:08pm
                   Collapse well DjU 331 1 Tue, 8:43pm
                       First I heard of JN schedule etc. Avandel 107 0 Tue, 11:04pm
                   Collapse Actually I think it WAS explained how Smaug knows the name Oakenshield FiliSonOfDis 300 1 Tue, 9:10pm
                       Exactly.That is why i provided the link NecromancerRising 255 0 Tue, 9:14pm
               Collapse Just because we assumed it NecromancerRising 377 4 Tue, 8:21pm
                   Collapse So one is left to make an educated guess... Eleniel 297 2 Tue, 8:57pm
                       Collapse Not an elaborated guess at all. NecromancerRising 248 1 Tue, 9:13pm
                           Actually though, wasn't it an entire day? burgahobbit 206 0 Tue, 9:37pm
                   Totally agree Avandel 101 0 Tue, 11:07pm
               Collapse How about Bilbo's "Never venture east!" burgahobbit 256 5 Tue, 9:25pm
                   Collapse No,it's not in NecromancerRising 245 4 Tue, 9:26pm
                       Collapse Thanks, *sigh* burgahobbit 229 3 Tue, 9:34pm
                           Collapse Yes. NecromancerRising 204 1 Tue, 9:44pm
                               Great! burgahobbit 192 0 Tue, 9:48pm
                           Re Retro315 59 0 1:13am
               Nope, no party scene. Elutherian 157 0 Tue, 10:14pm
           Collapse Inside Information? DanielLB 217 1 Tue, 9:47pm
               Nope DjU 169 0 Tue, 10:04pm

  Collapse The Wilhelm Scream (Spoilers) Shagrat 1068 25 Tue, 5:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by sycorax82)
       Collapse Who knows? Spriggan 517 1 Tue, 5:18pm
           I see your point Shagrat 486 0 Tue, 5:21pm
       Collapse At least it's not the Goofy Holler. Darkstone 507 1 Tue, 5:19pm
           Not even joking, I may have preferred it // AshNazg 471 0 Tue, 5:24pm
       Collapse Wow... painjoiker 495 2 Tue, 5:27pm
           It's over the top of Sher's scream :( // Bofur01 457 0 Tue, 5:30pm
           Oh it's loud and clear Shagrat 464 0 Tue, 5:30pm
       Collapse They need to let the Wilhelm scream go. sauget.diblosio 486 9 Tue, 5:32pm
           Collapse The trouble is... Shagrat 424 8 Tue, 5:53pm
               Collapse is it short at least ? NoelGallagher 402 3 Tue, 5:56pm
                   I watched it. Mooseboy018 383 0 Tue, 6:14pm
                   Collapse PJ has Already USED it Once... Bombadil 387 1 Tue, 6:21pm
                       But it is a problem for me Shagrat 341 0 Tue, 6:26pm
               Collapse Yes Bernhardina 120 3 Tue, 11:03pm
                   Collapse I can't quite get to grips with this. Spriggan 121 2 Tue, 11:07pm
                       Collapse You are right Bernhardina 108 1 Tue, 11:26pm
                           Ah yes I see Spriggan 97 0 Tue, 11:33pm
       Agree 100% Bernhardina 442 0 Tue, 5:51pm
       Laketown scream... Aragorn the Elfstone 421 0 Tue, 6:11pm
       If I'm honest ... DanielLB 217 0 Tue, 9:36pm
       Collapse I couldn't agree more! BilboBagshot187 191 2 Tue, 9:59pm
           Collapse how long was Thrain there... AshNazg 131 1 Tue, 10:52pm
               I think that is rather explained (spoilers) Spriggan 128 0 Tue, 10:59pm
     Are you sure . . . KeenObserver 119 0 Tue, 11:16pm
       The EE extras show that Peter needs to be 'reined in' every so often... sycorax82 82 0 Tue, 11:37pm

  Collapse Official clips from the Extended Edition! SPOILERS!! AshNazg 2144 22 Tue, 4:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse A couple more: AshNazg 944 6 Tue, 4:29pm
         Collapse *happy Legolas-watching giggles* Eruvandi 727 5 Tue, 4:39pm
               Collapse I like Cumberbatch as Smaug... AshNazg 666 3 Tue, 4:41pm
                   Collapse Just finished watching that one Eruvandi 647 2 Tue, 4:48pm
                       Collapse Just realised I missed one! AshNazg 582 1 Tue, 5:18pm
                           Thanks! Eruvandi 396 0 Tue, 6:12pm
             Yeah Laketown Rehearsal obviously is my fav of the bunch too VValar 160 0 Tue, 9:49pm
       Collapse Moria Prologue Estel78 790 4 Tue, 4:45pm
           Collapse Creepy NoelGallagher 743 3 Tue, 4:50pm
               Collapse hard to resist watching all those clips.... NoelGallagher 663 2 Tue, 4:56pm
                   Collapse I would avoid spoilers, but.. AshNazg 638 1 Tue, 5:07pm
                       True NoelGallagher 572 0 Tue, 5:11pm
       Thanks for the links. sauget.diblosio 634 0 Tue, 4:56pm
       Great stuff TheSexyBeard 520 0 Tue, 5:35pm
     Collapse Me right now BlackFox 539 2 Tue, 5:42pm
         same here! NoelGallagher 479 0 Tue, 5:45pm
         Stay strong cats16 188 0 Tue, 9:26pm
       Collapse Beorn and Gandalf Conversation davidjUK 501 3 Tue, 6:22pm
           Colour grading NoelGallagher 373 0 Tue, 6:53pm
           Collapse Ugh! burgahobbit 111 1 Tue, 11:32pm
               Scratching my head a little Spriggan 105 0 Tue, 11:51pm
     Thanks for posting, great clips and love High Fells Flashback VValar 179 0 Tue, 9:48pm

Collapse Will Bolg be in the BOT5A? MouthofSauron 558 9 Tue, 2:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       I think that's Ravenhill, not DG. Spriggan 244 0 Tue, 2:44pm
       He'll be in the Battle tsmith675 248 0 Tue, 2:45pm
       I'm sure that Bolg will be at Erebor Otaku-sempai 228 0 Tue, 2:50pm
     Collapse MOUTH-ie...You are the ONE? Bombadil 230 1 Tue, 3:03pm
           Thanks! MouthofSauron 19 0 5:28am
       yes Númenórean 208 0 Tue, 3:11pm
       He definitely will LordotRings93 83 0 Tue, 7:46pm
       Collapse He could die near erebor where he seems headed Fàfnir 35 1 Tue, 11:16pm
           Not by Beorn?? MouthofSauron 20 0 5:29am

  Collapse Extended Edition... Simon 1273 9 Tue, 2:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Simon)
       Collapse Really?! Molten gold... do you think they re-rendered it? Is so, that's VERY good. // xxxyyy 600 4 Tue, 2:56pm
           Collapse From the way i see it... Simon 617 3 Tue, 3:09pm
               Collapse It doesn't look any different to me. DanielLB 290 2 Tue, 6:09pm
                   Maybe that be it... Simon 253 0 Tue, 6:29pm
                   Been a little while since i check the theatrical cut... Simon 249 0 Tue, 6:32pm
       Collapse "Something's not right . . . it is not right at all!" KeenObserver 116 3 Tue, 10:52pm
           Collapse wow DjU 78 1 12:18am
               Like I said . . . KeenObserver 82 0 1:01am
           You have the right to feel like that Simon 44 0 2:41am

  Collapse mine! schadowfax 562 3 Tue, 1:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse It's Martin Freeman MouthofSauron 194 1 Tue, 2:42pm
           thanks mouthofsauron! schadowfax 169 0 Tue, 2:45pm
       I brought it up some time ago BlackFox 88 0 Tue, 5:38pm

Collapse The Wrap: Peter Jackson's ‘Hobbit’ Trilogy Costs $745 Million So Far Lurker in the Mirk 651 5 Tue, 1:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by shadowdog)
       Collapse That is really GREAT to know! Bombadil 240 1 Tue, 2:31pm
           Not just the toys and other things shadowdog 61 0 Tue, 8:50pm
       Pretty good value for the money dubulous 206 0 Tue, 2:55pm
       That's A LOT of money! adt100 207 0 Tue, 3:04pm
       Does that include marketing (as little as there is heh)? LordotRings93 78 0 Tue, 8:12pm

  Collapse Where is the Trailer! erdildeniz 1359 13 Tue, 8:55am Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       Almost finished? BlackFox 653 0 Tue, 8:59am
       Around October... Arannir 622 0 Tue, 9:02am
       PJ's Birthday - Oct 31st QuackingTroll 512 0 Tue, 10:58am
       Collapse Personally I don't want to see another trailer Glorfindela 505 7 Tue, 11:12am
           Collapse Well... Arannir 472 1 Tue, 11:27am
               Clark Gregg retweeted Dame Ioreth 7 0 12:28pm
           Collapse Nearer? Otaku-sempai 263 4 Tue, 2:55pm
               Collapse Two weeks Glorfindela 269 3 Tue, 3:02pm
                   Collapse Two weeks?!? Otaku-sempai 249 1 Tue, 3:06pm
                       Dec 10th Mithfânion 236 0 Tue, 3:23pm
                   Personally Wordofmask 169 0 Tue, 5:09pm
       Be patient. It IS just around the corner! adt100 531 0 Tue, 11:37am
       Anticipating it of course! LordotRings93 108 0 Tue, 7:49pm

  Collapse Epic line from Gandalf in The Battle of The Five Armies NewZeasYT 883 1 Tue, 7:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Epic line by Gandalf from the book... Otaku-sempai 181 0 Tue, 3:05pm

  Collapse Wee cheat for the strong - 3 IMO pretty non-spoilery caps from EE Beorn's - Beorn/Thorin/dwarves Avandel 909 8 Tue, 7:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Bard'sBlackArrow)
       Can't wait to see the new Beorn material... Eleniel 328 0 Tue, 8:20am
       Collapse Thank you! Elarie 199 6 Tue, 1:12pm
           Collapse Beorn's Exteriors...waz TOTALLY missed.. Bombadil 158 4 Tue, 2:59pm
               Collapse I am sorry Bomby - er IMO these were as generic as I could be - close-up Avandel 123 3 Tue, 3:38pm
                   Collapse Bombzzz FINE with everything you are doin' Bombadil 110 2 Tue, 3:46pm
                       Collapse *grins* I LOVE the Hobbit movies Avandel 98 1 Tue, 4:04pm
                           but you have wandered into the streams of double dipping and it is good Bard'sBlackArrow 21 0 1:28am
           you are most welcome! Avandel 135 0 Tue, 3:27pm

  Collapse The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition - Now Available! caglarkuraner 1080 15 Tue, 7:04am Jump to last post in thread (by Jay2001)
       Collapse TORN should change the FB post once again... Arannir 430 8 Tue, 7:54am
           Collapse Funny Kelvarhin 392 7 Tue, 8:20am
               Collapse I didn't download them and am not planning to. Arannir 384 6 Tue, 8:25am
                   Collapse I'm a bit confused Kelvarhin 363 5 Tue, 8:45am
                       Collapse The commentary. Arannir 357 4 Tue, 9:02am
                           Collapse Ah! Okay :) // Kelvarhin 317 3 Tue, 9:04am
                               Collapse Now available Fleuz 287 2 Tue, 10:22am
                                   Collapse Lol... us Germans are surrounded but not included ;) Arannir 288 1 Tue, 10:23am
                                       Last year Fleuz 265 0 Tue, 11:08am
       And for those who don't use iTunes Kelvarhin 443 0 Tue, 8:21am
       as much as I'd like to get this now Bard'sBlackArrow 234 0 Tue, 12:47pm
       ... PredatoR 80 0 Tue, 5:48pm
       Collapse It's also available on the Playstation Network. sauget.diblosio 86 2 Tue, 5:50pm
           Collapse . PredatoR 82 1 Tue, 5:54pm
               Just downloaded Jay2001 15 0 3:24am
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