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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse Interviews popping up Arannir 482 2 Sun, 11:28am Jump to last post in thread (by Spalko)
       Collapse Great Photo IMHO Arannir 62 1 Sun, 7:32pm
           I agree Spalko 41 0 Sun, 7:59pm

  Collapse Full comic con hobbit panel video - minus the teaser trailer.. Adanel 841 14 Sun, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by shadowdog)
       Collapse clickable namarie 429 2 Sun, 10:20am
           Collapse Thank you Adanel 368 1 Sun, 10:21am
               you're welcome namarie 333 0 Sun, 10:34am
       requetethanks for this Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 359 0 Sun, 10:26am
       The little bit between Cumberbatch and Blanchett... Arannir 416 0 Sun, 10:36am
       Collapse We posted this earlier on Main with the video embedded Kelvarhin 336 2 Sun, 11:02am
           Collapse 7 haarp 305 1 Sun, 11:23am
               I agree shadowdog 126 0 Sun, 4:27pm
       Collapse Stephen Colbert also NecromancerRising 214 5 Sun, 2:15pm
           Collapse Isn't he referring to the people in Hall H? Arannir 189 4 Sun, 2:17pm
               Collapse You may be right NecromancerRising 188 2 Sun, 2:19pm
                   Collapse Oh big it is going to be... Arannir 185 1 Sun, 2:24pm
                       True. NecromancerRising 176 0 Sun, 2:27pm
               Yup,you are right. NecromancerRising 185 0 Sun, 2:21pm

  Collapse Hobbit³ Premiere Dates? TheHutt 355 4 Sun, 9:19am Jump to last post in thread (by silvereyed)
       Is there any information on the NZ official release? boldog 163 0 Sun, 9:26am
       I've decided Bernhardina 166 0 Sun, 9:32am
       Collapse The private/competition screening in NZ will be early November....... Moahunter 138 1 Sun, 9:50am
           ... silvereyed 100 0 Sun, 10:48am

  Collapse Who will be the one who rescues Gandalf ? NoelGallagher 670 27 Sun, 8:26am Jump to last post in thread (by Spalko)
       Collapse I think it is being built up....... boldog 425 3 Sun, 8:30am
           Collapse probably NoelGallagher 390 2 Sun, 8:32am
               Collapse I dont know now boldog 372 1 Sun, 8:39am
                   well NoelGallagher 350 0 Sun, 8:49am
       I think.... davidjUK 345 0 Sun, 8:58am
       I think it is almost certain to say... Bernhardina 340 0 Sun, 9:09am
       Collapse What worries me about all this Galadriel saving Gandalf stuff.. Radagast-Aiwendil 372 7 Sun, 9:11am
           Collapse would be good for the character NoelGallagher 320 1 Sun, 9:21am
             THERE are two elements of "The Dol Guldur Mission"..missing.. Bombadil 305 0 Sun, 10:13am
         Collapse Gandalf-Galadriel is totally the OTP of the films Demosthenes 293 2 Sun, 11:28am
             Collapse Which is why Celeborn was so eager to speak with Gandalf in FotR...// Radagast-Aiwendil 242 1 Sun, 12:38pm
                   +1! :> Demosthenes 233 0 Sun, 12:42pm
           Collapse I'm out here, my friend. Sometimes anyway. lol. And I do agree. I am heartened by AinurOlorin 219 1 Sun, 2:05pm
               I totally agree with you Spalko 163 0 Sun, 4:00pm
       Collapse Well... Salmacis81 185 5 Sun, 3:47pm
           The Missing Maia: Curunír to the Rescue Finrod 113 0 Sun, 6:54pm
           Collapse That is my worry, too... Eleniel 93 3 Sun, 7:26pm
               Collapse The Black Wizard was always Sauron Finrod 81 1 Sun, 7:58pm
                   There is no contradiction. Otaku-sempai 60 0 Sun, 8:27pm
               Well... Salmacis81 67 0 Sun, 8:13pm
       Radagast and Beorn Otaku-sempai 171 0 Sun, 3:54pm
       Collapse On the wrap-around banner in Hall H Kristin Thompson 135 2 Sun, 6:15pm
           Maybe NoelGallagher 119 0 Sun, 6:35pm
           Set photos and videoblogs Aitieuriskon 90 0 Sun, 7:28pm
       Collapse Galadriel Nerven 52 2 Sun, 8:52pm
           Collapse I agree. Arannir 38 1 Sun, 9:53pm
               +1 Spalko 20 0 Sun, 10:55pm

  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in Hall H: the details and the spoilers! News from Bree 203 0 Sun, 6:42am Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Comic Con Interview - Gollum in the third film?! elvish.mafia 911 5 Sun, 3:34am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Jesus Christ, no. bungobaggins 436 1 Sun, 4:30am
           No I think you misunderstood Lindele 410 0 Sun, 4:48am
       Gollum Cameo vexx801 361 0 Sun, 5:43am
       I wouldn't have an issue with it... Salmacis81 90 0 Sun, 3:54pm
       Gollum's done? Otaku-sempai 88 0 Sun, 4:04pm

Collapse New pic! Rochallor 1463 8 Sun, 1:46am Jump to last post in thread (by elvish.mafia)
       Collapse Looks photoshopped. // Carne 480 1 Sun, 1:51am
         Even though? he is wearing the Mithril Shirt..?// Bombadil 450 0 Sun, 1:55am
       ... Faleel 460 0 Sun, 1:54am
       he's looking very clean and tidy there lurtz2010 452 0 Sun, 2:01am
       That's a strange pic Name 401 0 Sun, 2:49am
       Collapse Fanart only DarkJackal 407 2 Sun, 2:59am
           Collapse well I fell for it lurtz2010 338 1 Sun, 3:14am
               should've gone to specsavers elvish.mafia 305 0 Sun, 3:52am

  Collapse Two TDOS cameos I just noticed. Carne 746 7 Sun, 12:07am Jump to last post in thread (by lurtz2010)
       I didn't know this! painjoiker 260 0 Sun, 12:28am
       It's cool Conan ended up Annatar598 246 0 Sun, 12:42am
       Collapse "Tall" Paul is a scale double for Gandalf. Moahunter 238 4 Sun, 1:13am
           Collapse you were an extra in these movies?! lurtz2010 168 3 Sun, 3:23am
               Collapse He has said so repeatedly // Voronwë_the_Faithful 149 2 Sun, 3:25am
                   MOA is one of the Laketown people BUT Bombadil 162 0 Sun, 3:32am
                   lol I know lurtz2010 147 0 Sun, 3:40am

  Collapse Short panel video AncalagontheBlack 721 12 Sat, 11:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Short, but very cool! Name 263 1 Sun, 12:45am
           Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lily AncalagontheBlack 207 0 Sun, 2:04am
       Collapse short cate blanchett comments on sdcc panel AncalagontheBlack 279 5 Sun, 1:05am
         Collapse GREAT quote from Cate! Bombadil 243 4 Sun, 1:22am
               Collapse Benidict Cumberbatch at SDCC AncalagontheBlack 222 1 Sun, 1:55am
                   BC is cool joec_34 147 0 Sun, 3:02am
               Luke Evans on Comic Con AncalagontheBlack 197 0 Sun, 2:09am
               IGN interview with Orlando Bloom, Luke Evan, and Andy Serkis AncalagontheBlack 166 0 Sun, 2:45am
       Thanks, Ancalagon Lurker in the Mirk 150 0 Sun, 2:50am
       Collapse will the full panel vid get uploaded today? lurtz2010 147 1 Sun, 3:18am
           I know! Annatar598 142 0 Sun, 3:27am
       Thanks for all of those videos! Kim 124 0 Sun, 3:52am

  Collapse About Dol Guldur Battle Picture erdildeniz 1377 14 Sat, 10:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Firstly... Arannir 741 1 Sat, 11:02pm
           I agree with this Wordofmask 282 0 Sun, 7:35am
       Collapse Sauron? vexx801 458 11 Sun, 3:11am
           Collapse Radagast NoelGallagher 334 10 Sun, 6:13am
               Collapse I think or hope Fleuz 288 6 Sun, 7:15am
                   Collapse I agree Aitieuriskon 115 5 Sun, 5:35pm
                       Collapse Good points Spalko 73 2 Sun, 6:46pm
                           Collapse Perhaps... Otaku-sempai 55 1 Sun, 7:41pm
                               So many possibilities at this point Spalko 46 0 Sun, 8:24pm
                       Collapse So do I erdildeniz 34 1 Sun, 10:43pm
                           Well... Otaku-sempai 21 0 Sun, 11:35pm
               Collapse I'm going to speculate that ... DanielLB 258 1 Sun, 8:10am
                   i´m just curious NoelGallagher 231 0 Sun, 8:20am
               Radagast and Beorn Otaku-sempai 139 0 Sun, 4:10pm

  Collapse Warner Bros new vid! Hobbit Fan Fellowship contest... NateGate 614 8 Sat, 10:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Are you.. erdildeniz 282 0 Sat, 11:00pm
       Collapse What/when precisely is this screening? Moahunter 218 3 Sun, 12:06am
           Collapse .. Faleel 167 2 Sun, 1:34am
               Collapse Thanks Faleel. Moahunter 150 1 Sun, 2:06am
                   PJ didn't say premiere. Moahunter 59 0 Sun, 1:59pm
       Collapse PJ says "The Battle of Five Armies" Name 50 2 Sun, 2:18pm
           Collapse To be fair though... Arannir 52 1 Sun, 2:19pm
               well, in his defense Cirashala 14 0 1:17am

  Collapse Thread Locked Teaser Description from Comic Con!!! Arthael 1026 1 Sat, 7:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing thread below // Altaira 324 0 Sat, 7:52pm

Collapse THE BATTLE OF THE FIFTH TRAILER (ComicCon Hobbit Updates!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 6450 191 Sat, 3:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aitieuriskon)
       Collapse I have to say... Arannir 2378 14 Sat, 3:54pm
           Collapse sorry about that Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 2178 8 Sat, 3:56pm
               Collapse Seeing... Arannir 2105 7 Sat, 4:07pm
                   Collapse indeed Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 2057 6 Sat, 4:09pm
                       Collapse Though... Arannir 2049 5 Sat, 4:11pm
                           Collapse cant take so much hype!!! bicho 2094 4 Sat, 4:13pm
                               hi bicho!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 2025 0 Sat, 4:18pm
                               Thanks! Arannir 2006 0 Sat, 4:18pm
                               Collapse Bard is trying to shoot a large arrow at 2:15 Bofur01 2083 1 Sat, 4:26pm
                                   yeah interesting Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1962 0 Sat, 4:26pm
           Collapse They are showing it right now!!! aifeme 996 4 Sat, 6:35pm
               Collapse Not much being shown apparently Carne 889 3 Sat, 6:39pm
                   Collapse Extended extended LOTR might be coming! Carne 1022 2 Sat, 6:57pm
                       Collapse Probably no trailer today. Carne 859 1 Sat, 7:01pm
                           Agreed. // cats16 1345 0 Sat, 7:07pm
       Collapse It's a crime, naming a thread like this... aifeme 2024 4 Sat, 4:20pm
           Collapse Would be great if a mod could change the title Carne 1961 3 Sat, 4:26pm
               Collapse yeah I would like to change it, I dont wanna be responsible of any earth attack Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1939 1 Sat, 4:30pm
                   ^^ bicho 1901 0 Sat, 4:40pm
               Same here! FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 1876 0 Sat, 4:48pm
       why would you do this? Mooseboy018 1964 0 Sat, 4:27pm
       Flippin' heck, BornOutOfTheWest 1946 0 Sat, 4:28pm
     Collapse PJ's on Facebook, at the moment. cats16 2084 3 Sat, 4:50pm
           FUNNY! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1900 0 Sat, 4:52pm
           Collapse LOL Arannir 1872 1 Sat, 4:54pm
               I saw Robert Rodriguez did something similar. cats16 1847 0 Sat, 4:57pm
     EARLY REVIEW? Some claims seen it apparently false but MAJOR SPOILERS Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 2148 0 Sat, 4:53pm
       Collapse This is all very exciting KeenObserver 1927 23 Sat, 5:00pm
           Collapse I'm having fun with everything today. cats16 1886 22 Sat, 5:04pm
               Collapse Live reporting bicho 1286 21 Sat, 5:22pm
                   Collapse I forgot to re-open this! cats16 1215 20 Sat, 5:25pm
                       Collapse could you please share the twiter link were you are watching it? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1201 19 Sat, 5:28pm
                           Collapse Just to clarify cats16 1172 18 Sat, 5:40pm
                               Collapse Some more (profanity warning): Carne 1177 6 Sat, 5:43pm
                                   Collapse Hobbit/LOTR blooper reel being shown! // Carne 1002 5 Sat, 6:01pm
                                       Collapse Great to read... Arannir 955 3 Sat, 6:05pm
                                         Collapse my "refresh"-button is actually glowing NoelGallagher 932 2 Sat, 6:08pm
                                               Collapse Keep an eye.. cats16 916 1 Sat, 6:09pm
                                                   that poster NoelGallagher 912 0 Sat, 6:11pm
                                       Some reactions: Carne 918 0 Sat, 6:13pm
                               Collapse The hobbit presentation... bicho 1119 10 Sat, 5:50pm
                                   Collapse Starting with artwork from the past 5 films. cats16 1090 6 Sat, 5:53pm
                                       is happening!!! bicho 1044 0 Sat, 5:57pm
                                       Collapse this is why I posted that title is THE BATTLE!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 914 3 Sat, 6:09pm
                                           Collapse McKellen, Freeman and Armitage notable absences. // cats16 916 2 Sat, 6:10pm
                                               :-( Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 902 0 Sat, 6:11pm
                                               Elijah is there Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 885 0 Sat, 6:13pm
                                       its seems like a Middle Earth FIESTA Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 857 0 Sat, 6:15pm
                                   Collapse S. Colbert moderating :) Arannir 1058 2 Sat, 5:56pm
                                       You know... cats16 1026 0 Sat, 5:58pm
                                       LOL... Eleniel 1044 0 Sat, 5:58pm
       Collapse Sounds like the whole gang is on stage. // cats16 951 11 Sat, 6:08pm
           Collapse SPOILER about the ending Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1048 9 Sat, 6:16pm
               Collapse ........ Faleel 1122 6 Sat, 6:22pm
                   I guess she goes wild like in FOTR Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1085 0 Sat, 6:24pm
                   Another quote SPOILER WARNING: Carne 1170 0 Sat, 6:24pm
                   Collapse Might be a paraphrase here: cats16 1090 3 Sat, 6:25pm
                       Collapse spoiler PICTURE OF THE BATTLE!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1296 1 Sat, 6:26pm
                           Lovin' it, keep it coming Avandel 1288 0 Sat, 7:10pm
                       Eric "Quint" Vespe says the same. // Carne 1062 0 Sat, 6:27pm
               Collapse Disagree with Sir Jackson Avandel 681 1 Sat, 7:39pm
                   Re: 'Disagree with Sir Jackson' Glorfindela 533 0 Sat, 10:37pm
           picture of the stage Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 895 0 Sat, 6:18pm
     Collapse OH MY A GIANT SET OF PHOTOS! spoiler!!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1409 14 Sat, 6:30pm
           Collapse WHOA utku 1058 2 Sat, 6:33pm
               YEAH Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 997 0 Sat, 6:34pm
               Thorin on the...spoiler Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1407 0 Sat, 7:07pm
           Collapse IS THAT NoelGallagher 1037 1 Sat, 6:34pm
               YES Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 971 0 Sat, 6:34pm
         Collapse TRAILER SHOWING NOW!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1062 5 Sat, 6:35pm
               Collapse Even WB is tweeting it. Wow. cats16 996 4 Sat, 6:37pm
                   Collapse We come to it at last.... The Grey Pilgrim 902 3 Sat, 6:38pm
                       Collapse Dialogue from the trailer is online, for those wanting to seek it out. // cats16 948 2 Sat, 6:39pm
                           Collapse Link? Name 857 1 Sat, 6:40pm
                               Here is one cats16 945 0 Sat, 6:42pm
           Collapse .. Faleel 957 1 Sat, 6:37pm
               Trailer featuring: cats16 998 0 Sat, 6:39pm
           . PredatoR 1329 0 Sat, 7:07pm
       Galadriel Gandalf??? erdildeniz 1005 0 Sat, 6:36pm
       Collapse First hints about the trailer SPOILER Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 938 9 Sat, 6:41pm
           Collapse Please check TORn's home page... Earl 826 7 Sat, 6:43pm
               Collapse Yhea it was a while without seeing TORN main, I wll stick to that Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1199 5 Sat, 6:44pm
                   Collapse I think now... cats16 1135 4 Sat, 6:47pm
                       Collapse fwiw: Magpie 1105 3 Sat, 6:50pm
                           Collapse That's interesting! cats16 948 2 Sat, 6:55pm
                               Collapse I wouldn't mind. :-) // Magpie 928 1 Sat, 6:56pm
                                   ............... Faleel 893 0 Sat, 6:58pm
             And it's much appreciated!!!! OMG Thorin line to Bilbo Avandel 1071 0 Sat, 6:52pm
           ALSO DOL GULDUR STUFF IN IT ??? NoelGallagher 1271 0 Sat, 6:43pm
       Collapse From EMPIRE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 964 8 Sat, 6:42pm
           Collapse Apparently... cats16 1329 7 Sat, 6:43pm
               Collapse Read that as well utku 1275 4 Sat, 6:44pm
                   That would be TERRIFIC Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1225 0 Sat, 6:46pm
                   Collapse .. Faleel 1165 1 Sat, 6:47pm
                       You're right actually utku 983 0 Sat, 6:54pm
                   From TORN. Name 1018 0 Sat, 6:53pm
               Collapse saw that too - what the ????? Avandel 1016 1 Sat, 6:54pm
                   Yep cats16 1003 0 Sat, 7:22pm
       In a months to come... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1156 0 Sat, 6:49pm
       Collapse Jackson says that there are a few scenes from LotR that no one has ever seen Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1004 2 Sat, 6:57pm
         Collapse definitely not a "NO" which is great NoelGallagher 921 1 Sat, 6:58pm
               There is always hope Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 881 0 Sat, 6:59pm
       Collapse Apparently they showed the trailer twice Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 867 4 Sat, 7:02pm
           Collapse So nothing about the DoS: EE Shagrat 746 2 Sat, 7:05pm
               Collapse yeah Ii wanted that too Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 710 1 Sat, 7:06pm
                   still hope for the teaser today ??? NoelGallagher 1384 0 Sat, 7:07pm
           ................... Faleel 761 0 Sat, 7:05pm
       Andy Serkis doing Gollum Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1325 0 Sat, 7:09pm
       Well it has been an amazing battle I think we are all victorious Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1319 0 Sat, 7:11pm
       Collapse Homepage Dipling 1298 15 Sat, 7:14pm
           Collapse I've noticed that as well... Pipe Dream 1163 3 Sat, 7:17pm
               One more thing Dipling 1079 0 Sat, 7:19pm
               Collapse OT awesome avatar PipeDream Avandel 1045 1 Sat, 7:20pm
                   Many Thanks. Pipe Dream 838 0 Sat, 7:29pm
           Collapse Could just be a lot of people checking if the trailer has been released. // Carne 1090 9 Sat, 7:19pm
               The WB Youtube page might be another one to refresh, too. // cats16 1068 0 Sat, 7:20pm
             Collapse If it ISN'T released Avandel 830 7 Sat, 7:32pm
                   Collapse Weird sense of entitlement. Arannir 755 6 Sat, 7:34pm
                       Collapse For me... cats16 1061 2 Sat, 7:39pm
                           Signed. Arannir 1035 0 Sat, 7:41pm
                           I'm in no rush. FrogmortonJustice65 605 0 Sat, 8:10pm
                     Collapse Because it's a commericial Avandel 971 2 Sat, 7:45pm
                           Collapse Welll... commercial... Arannir 817 1 Sat, 7:56pm
                               *grins* and what will I do when it's all over Avandel 618 0 Sat, 8:09pm
           Could be.. Jim 1019 0 Sat, 7:22pm
       Collapse large description of the trailer from geeks of doom SPOILERS Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1346 14 Sat, 7:18pm
           Collapse Thank you - sounds like a classy handling Avandel 957 2 Sat, 7:26pm
               Collapse I hear Tolkien in that sentence Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 747 1 Sat, 7:34pm
                   Agreed Avandel 1243 0 Sat, 8:35pm
           Collapse Oh, this is all so overwhelming! ~Medieval Soul 928 9 Sat, 7:26pm
               Collapse Monday? Like HG Dragonrnbw 510 8 Sat, 10:46pm
                   Collapse HG... Arannir 466 6 Sat, 10:52pm
                       Collapse not trying to sound bad.... Dragonrnbw 462 5 Sat, 10:58pm
                           Collapse The downside... Arannir 788 4 Sat, 11:07pm
                               Collapse I'm so discourged Barrel_Rider 678 3 Sun, 12:12am
                                   Collapse Why discouraged? dormouse 392 2 Sun, 7:23am
                                       Collapse pleasure in waiting Rickster 337 1 Sun, 8:37am
                                           A young man? dormouse 242 0 Sun, 10:48am
                   Monday is what I've been told Carne 494 0 Sat, 10:52pm
           Oooooh thanks for this! Bernhardina 1047 0 Sat, 7:40pm
       Collapse Oh, dratted real life! DanielLB 971 37 Sat, 7:27pm
           Collapse For the first time in a month... cats16 827 36 Sat, 7:34pm
               Collapse You never cease to make me laugh with your words, cats. FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 1043 1 Sat, 7:40pm
                 Thanks! Honored to be lumped with a Talking Purse fanatic ;) // cats16 976 0 Sat, 7:43pm
               Collapse For selfish reasons ... DanielLB 1052 33 Sat, 7:43pm
                   Yes Dipling 945 0 Sat, 7:47pm
                   Me neither Rosie-with-the-ribbons 924 0 Sat, 7:48pm
                   Yep, registered. cats16 944 0 Sat, 7:48pm
                   Collapse Looks like... TheHutt 980 28 Sat, 7:48pm
                       Collapse UGH! Lauryn 880 2 Sat, 7:53pm
                           Collapse I think the best thing is to wait, for now. cats16 811 1 Sat, 7:58pm
                               it's an email listing Glassary 759 0 Sat, 8:01pm
                       Collapse Hopefully it will be open to the worldwide audience shortly. DanielLB 889 24 Sat, 7:59pm
                           Collapse Daniel, is that from the Hobbit official website? The Grey Pilgrim 774 1 Sat, 8:02pm
                               Yes, it's from TheHobbitFanContest.com. DanielLB 712 0 Sat, 8:06pm
                         Collapse In the thread for 15 minutes... cats16 798 17 Sat, 8:03pm
                               Collapse Don't dig too hard! DanielLB 618 16 Sat, 8:11pm
                                   LOL Daniel Glassary 564 0 Sat, 8:13pm
                                   Collapse In the meantime... Pipe Dream 1442 13 Sat, 8:17pm
                                     Collapse We wants one, preciousssssss Avandel 1215 12 Sat, 8:40pm
                                           Collapse is sunday NoelGallagher 1201 11 Sat, 8:45pm
                                               Collapse really struggeling NoelGallagher 985 1 Sat, 9:09pm
                                                   I think you can go to bed... Arannir 908 0 Sat, 9:18pm
                                               Collapse WHO is THE Biggest Fan? Bombadil 883 8 Sat, 9:24pm
                                                   Collapse what is meant by NoelGallagher 799 7 Sat, 9:42pm
                                                       Collapse ice chariot Mooseboy018 766 6 Sat, 9:53pm
                                                           Collapse Bring me ring of sapphire blue! Finrod 598 3 Sat, 10:28pm
                                                               Collapse Are those Tolkien's words? Name 523 2 Sat, 10:39pm
                                                                   Collapse Chariots of Ice and Fire Finrod 148 1 Sun, 2:43pm
                                                                       Love this Aitieuriskon 95 0 Sun, 5:20pm
                                                           Collapse I'm guessing the chariot isn't actually made of ice. DanielLB 135 1 Sun, 3:23pm
                                                               Article on main Aitieuriskon 94 0 Sun, 5:22pm
                                   *gasp* cats16 1414 0 Sat, 8:21pm
                           credits Glassary 678 0 Sat, 8:08pm
                           Collapse Sylvester McCoy? erdildeniz 663 2 Sat, 8:10pm
                               obviously NoelGallagher 1459 0 Sat, 8:15pm
                               It's all about marketing. DanielLB 1481 0 Sat, 8:15pm
                   Update from Peter Jackson re: Fan Fellowship contest page DanielLB 1355 0 Sat, 8:29pm
       Collapse Warner Bros. UK channel on youtube just posted the Fan contest video The Grey Pilgrim 1515 2 Sat, 8:18pm
           You could start a new thread on this if you like Altaira 1329 0 Sat, 8:29pm
           Warner Bros. France YouTube channel has a tab on the top titled "The Hobbit"? Misty Mountain Hop 1496 0 Sat, 8:35pm
       Collapse WC Arannir 673 2 Sat, 10:38pm
         Collapse Is that Thranduil on a war elk I see? Eruvandi 615 1 Sat, 10:51pm
             *yay* In your favorite pose too Lurker in the Mirk 517 0 Sun, 3:32am
       Collapse Button Lady Name 657 3 Sun, 1:16am
           Collapse Thanks for starting this thread, Mr Arkenstone Lurker in the Mirk 521 1 Sun, 3:38am
               its has been one of my best times in TORN so it´s my pleasure Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 259 0 Sun, 10:26am
           HAHAHAHA I LOVEEE THIS! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 264 0 Sun, 10:24am
       NDA Arannir 310 0 Sun, 9:54am
       Collapse What I need to know now is... macfalk 240 1 Sun, 11:47am
           tihs is the answer Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 240 0 Sun, 11:50am

  Collapse Last ADR for William Kircher/Bifur in Wellington Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 470 6 Sat, 3:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by Pipe Dream)
       Backstory Gandalf the Green 188 0 Sat, 5:06pm
       Collapse Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai menu! Earl 176 1 Sat, 5:09pm
           Yes, please! IdrilofGondolin 108 0 Sat, 8:22pm
       Collapse I've always wondered ... DanielLB 119 1 Sat, 8:26pm
         DLB... Bomby believes you...are... "ON to Something!" Bombadil 39 0 Sun, 9:38am
       Maybe someone or even he... Pipe Dream 27 0 Sun, 12:46pm

  Collapse The Hobbit as a duology: More vital and flawless ?! NoelGallagher 699 5 Sat, 1:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       it will, expect more Beorn Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 329 0 Sat, 2:09pm
       Collapse Subplots lurtz2010 267 1 Sat, 2:59pm
           Mainly agree. Arannir 230 0 Sat, 3:12pm
       Agree, but because of... peterLF 214 0 Sat, 3:29pm
       No. More cramped and rushed.... dormouse 142 0 Sat, 5:56pm
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