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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Collapse A special screening of The Battle of the Five Armies is being held in Wellington to coincide with the world premiere in London Moahunter 567 8 2:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse Next Tuesday! Wow, X'mas come early for the lucky folks attending Lurker in the Mirk 215 7 4:27am
           Collapse Here is a press release that gives some more detail. Moahunter 252 6 4:51am
             Rock ON! Bomby'z FAVORITE Background Actor!// Bombadil 171 0 5:58am
             Collapse Woot! Enjoy, Moahunter! Lurker in the Mirk 159 2 6:26am
                   Collapse News for you, Lurker Scorchster 71 1 12:26pm
                       Thanks much for the headsup, Scorchster Lurker in the Mirk 54 0 12:59pm
               They're serving breakfast, yes, but what about second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon? Lissuin 120 0 8:34am
               Roxy midnight screening - me too syameese 116 0 8:39am

  Collapse When will we get our first clips? tsmith675 579 1 1:19am Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)
       Tomorrow is a good shout. Very possible... AshNazg 320 0 1:44am

  Collapse Has anyone noticed all the oakenshields???? Cirashala 949 13 Mon, 11:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse Are Faleel 459 1 Mon, 11:29pm
           not positive Cirashala 401 0 Mon, 11:38pm
       Collapse No... NateGate 399 3 Mon, 11:45pm
           Collapse pics Cirashala 424 2 12:01am
               Collapse Very cool observation! Simon 334 1 12:11am
                   thanks :) // Cirashala 293 0 12:12am
       Azog has promised to... Saneliur 385 0 12:00am
       Collapse Seems awfully unlikely Spriggan 317 3 12:17am
           Collapse then why are they Cirashala 294 1 12:19am
               I think if you watch the longer version of the same shot Spriggan 297 0 12:29am
           Would seem to be an unusual shape Elciryamo 283 0 12:20am
       you can see what they are here. deskp 326 0 12:24am
       Reminds me of this shield: Faleel 317 0 12:24am

  Collapse Canadian fans! Cineplex Advance Tickets available on NOV. 26! hexxenpanda 144 2 Mon, 10:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by Girdle of Melian)
       Collapse Thanks for this. I had been wondering.// Noria 17 1 4:03pm
           Anyone watching in Toronto? Girdle of Melian 13 0 4:14pm

  Collapse Thread Locked On the subjects of Dain's Piglet... NateGate 677 6 Mon, 9:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Thread Locked Do we know it will be used to attack? Carne 298 0 Mon, 9:55pm
       Thread Locked A new thread about this matter is totally unnecessary imo NecromancerRising 277 0 Mon, 9:57pm
       Thread Locked Was a new thread really needed? tsmith675 257 0 Mon, 9:58pm
       Thread Locked We won't know and..... Avandel 243 0 Mon, 10:01pm
       Thread Locked They're either too big or too small. Darkstone 243 0 Mon, 10:02pm
       Thread Locked Please continue this discussion in the existing thread below. Ataahua 197 0 Mon, 10:25pm

Collapse *SPOILER!!!* a miracle! a miracle! for those of us who craved a battlefield truth of sorts... Avandel 1523 10 Mon, 9:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse What where when who Fàfnir 527 4 Mon, 10:04pm
           Collapse was trying to be nice.... Avandel 488 3 Mon, 10:23pm
               Collapse Sorry if that came out a bit harsh Fàfnir 338 2 Mon, 11:13pm
                   Collapse *smiles and bows* Avandel 151 1 6:08am
                       I have a feeling boldog 131 0 7:31am
       Collapse Yes! And that, coupled with... tsmith675 497 3 Mon, 10:08pm
           Collapse Yes, it's a small thing but Avandel 402 2 Mon, 10:26pm
               Collapse It might be a small thing Elciryamo 247 1 12:59am
                   Interesting! Avandel 142 0 6:13am
       BLUE blade goo! - this is awesome! Avandel 7 0 30 mins ago

  Collapse Dain on his War-Boar Fleuz 2428 48 Mon, 9:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse Dain looks great BlackFox 1000 4 Mon, 9:11pm
         Collapse I want one Avandel 885 2 Mon, 9:19pm
               Love that pig marillaraina 436 0 12:04am
               That's because it's a boar... mae govannen 207 0 8:42am
           CGI Danielos 276 0 6:55am
       That's looks really bad... tsmith675 1092 0 Mon, 9:11pm
       Now THAT Shagrat 986 0 Mon, 9:12pm
       Wow Orc Berserker 929 0 Mon, 9:13pm
       Collapse looks like the pig is wearing sunglasess and smiling Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 947 1 Mon, 9:15pm
           SMART Move by the Iron Hills Dwarves.. Bombadil 926 0 Mon, 9:20pm
       Great design! NecromancerRising 916 0 Mon, 9:16pm
       Collapse Not sure what to make of the pig. Boromir Stark 912 2 Mon, 9:24pm
           SIR Peter Jackson OWNS two PUGS Bombadil 841 0 Mon, 9:28pm
           Agree about the pig Estel78 512 0 Mon, 10:45pm
     Collapse Is this a joke? NateGate 955 15 Mon, 9:29pm
           I don't care about the pig. tsmith675 855 0 Mon, 9:30pm
           cool pigboar thrainseye 816 0 Mon, 9:35pm
         Collapse No joke - tusks and all! Avandel 810 8 Mon, 9:48pm
             Collapse Maybe they DID aa..aa..Mo-CAP on LEROY? Bombadil 634 2 Mon, 10:11pm
                   "They call me Mr. Chubb!" Darkstone 603 0 Mon, 10:16pm
                   Haha! Thrain II 598 0 Mon, 10:16pm
               Yeah. Macfeast 565 0 Mon, 10:16pm
               Also terrors of no-man's-land Darkstone 548 0 Mon, 10:25pm
               Where are the tusks? Grimnir 512 0 Mon, 10:44pm
               Concept art Mithfânion 525 0 Mon, 10:48pm
               Thank you, Avandel Glorfindela 353 0 1:39am
           Collapse maybe this is just his royal transportation to the battle field.... Snowghost77 518 1 Mon, 10:41pm
               would be cool concept too! thrainseye 414 0 12:09am
           I doubt if it's a joke.... dormouse 446 0 Mon, 11:44pm
           Please, let's be REALISTIC... he's a DWARF! adt100 90 0 1:42pm
       Collapse Bad! Arannir 870 3 Mon, 9:34pm
           Collapse Thank you... NateGate 807 2 Mon, 9:39pm
               Please show respect to people who have a different opinion thomasofrohan 766 0 Mon, 9:43pm
             Yeah! BlackFox 740 0 Mon, 9:46pm
     Collapse Duplicated dwarves Milieuterrien 813 3 Mon, 9:42pm
           well...when your in the army, uniformity is kind of a big deal especially when operating... Snowghost77 539 0 Mon, 10:34pm
           Collapse Strange to think Weta invented Massive... AshNazg 374 1 2:23am
               Reaching the digital limits ? Milieuterrien 160 0 11:09am
       Dain looks fantastic! Now that's a proper Dwarf. aifeme 774 0 Mon, 9:45pm
       Awesome! Thrain II 651 0 Mon, 10:06pm
       Collapse So those rumours that Conolley was replaced with a CG dwarf AshNazg 647 1 Mon, 10:28pm
           No. Guessing you missed the caption 'Billy Conolly's Dain' // adt100 83 0 1:45pm
       Whats the source of the imagem?// Grimnir 484 0 Mon, 11:11pm
       Collapse This looks really, really silly Drakblod 309 1 6:25am
           Really? A cute little piggy?... adt100 90 0 1:48pm
       It looks to me like a Kune Kune Mortimus 238 0 7:50am
       I absolutely love Dain! Much better than I ever could have coneived or imagined. Love it! emre43 201 0 9:29am
       The boars... Lost Hobbit 171 0 11:13am

  Collapse Black arrow (spoiler? idk...) Grimnir 787 8 Mon, 7:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       This is almost certainly how it will go down Crunchable Birdses 387 0 Mon, 7:58pm
       Collapse Well... Saneliur 372 5 Mon, 7:59pm
           Collapse What if he goes all Achilles on smaug... Snowghost77 288 1 Mon, 8:33pm
               Lol!! Saneliur 235 0 Mon, 8:49pm
           Collapse According to Frodo284's spoilers... Eleniel 331 2 Mon, 8:37pm
               Assumptions from This.. could Be WAyWrong... Bombadil 265 0 Mon, 8:58pm
               I have a little problem with this Kilidoescartwheels 17 0 4:54pm
       Black arrow and longbow? Sounds weird... Grimnir 178 0 Mon, 10:32pm

  Collapse EMPIRE Magazine BoFA covers tsmith675 1962 57 Mon, 3:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
     Collapse !SQUEEEEEEEE! Thank you! The kind of thing I have been waiting for! Avandel 804 1 Mon, 4:15pm
           3 armies to go Carne 812 0 Mon, 4:20pm
       Oh, my ears and whiskers..... dormouse 804 0 Mon, 4:20pm
       How much? Danielos 774 0 Mon, 4:21pm
       Collapse Already seeing subscribers receiving their issues Carne 789 1 Mon, 4:21pm
         Aaagh - being in the U.S. is worse for non-subscribers anyway Avandel 743 0 Mon, 4:37pm
       Going shopping again. :) Elessar 732 0 Mon, 4:43pm
       Collapse Thank you. Glorfindela 641 2 Mon, 5:41pm
           Collapse Totally! Eleniel 620 1 Mon, 5:49pm
               Oh, Glorfindela 554 0 Mon, 6:31pm
       I've been purchasing Empire Hobbit issues since 2011. Simon L. de Paiva 611 0 Mon, 6:03pm
       Collapse Third cover featuring the three elves. Simon L. de Paiva 627 19 Mon, 6:34pm
           Collapse Thankfully Faleel 577 5 Mon, 6:35pm
               Collapse I, for one, would have preferred... Simon L. de Paiva 554 4 Mon, 6:45pm
                   Collapse Well Faleel 535 3 Mon, 6:51pm
                       I think that, for obvious reasons, Simon L. de Paiva 511 0 Mon, 7:00pm
                       Collapse Agree! High time Thranduil was FRONT and CENTER!!! Avandel 462 1 Mon, 8:47pm
                           Finally Thranduil where he belongs!! Oleander Took 234 0 6:06am
           The best cover of the three by far imo NecromancerRising 571 0 Mon, 6:41pm
         Collapse Gorgeous image of Thranduil Glorfindela 561 1 Mon, 6:50pm
               It's the 'five armies' Shagrat 517 0 Mon, 6:57pm
           Collapse Thranduil is finally jkm7 542 8 Mon, 7:02pm
               Collapse A cover featuring the members of the white council... Simon L. de Paiva 430 1 Mon, 7:42pm
                   That's what I would want // dubulous 358 0 Mon, 8:05pm
               Collapse Yup! Just a shame... Eleniel 474 5 Mon, 8:30pm
                 Collapse *LoL* His left you mean? Lurker in the Mirk 222 4 6:23am
                       Collapse On the subject of the Thranduil cover Glorfindela 189 3 10:04am
                         Collapse Like this? Lurker in the Mirk 116 2 12:54pm
                             Collapse Yes! Glorfindela 108 1 1:01pm
                                   You're welcome! And very right you are Lurker in the Mirk 106 0 1:07pm
           Great Thranduil pic. // macfalk 446 0 Mon, 7:28pm
       Collapse There is a great picture of Dain Bexlin 444 11 Mon, 7:56pm
           Collapse Unless you have a scanner, take a picture of it Carne 514 3 Mon, 8:07pm
               Collapse OK Bexlin 421 2 Mon, 8:58pm
                   Collapse Would it be ok if I post your picture to another site? // Carne 376 1 Mon, 9:03pm
                       Yes that is fine Bexlin 366 0 Mon, 9:18pm
           Try this thread Avandel 508 0 Mon, 8:10pm
           Collapse Use this macfalk 501 3 Mon, 8:14pm
             oooh - that's great Avandel 433 0 Mon, 8:49pm
               Collapse Sorry for the poor quality Shagrat 433 1 Mon, 8:51pm
                   The CGI on the dwarves in the background looks........unfinished Name 417 0 Mon, 8:54pm
           Collapse Post deleted by Bexlin Bexlin 465 1 Mon, 8:45pm
               Uh Faleel 455 0 Mon, 8:47pm
       All covers are great so far! Thrain II 338 0 Mon, 10:11pm
       Collapse Cover #4 - Bard! Eleniel 223 5 9:12am
           Collapse Good Glorfindela 178 4 10:05am
               Collapse No Beorn Arannir 181 1 10:09am
                   I really hope so Glorfindela 171 0 10:41am
               Collapse Last will be Orcs Shagrat 157 1 11:23am
                   Yes, I suspect you're right Glorfindela 152 0 11:29am
       Collapse Final cover with Azog and Bolg! Carne 377 5 12:05pm
           Fantastic. NecromancerRising 157 0 12:08pm
           Collapse Bolg Faleel 93 2 4:03pm
               Collapse Agree Carne 79 1 4:17pm
                   *sigh* Bolg Avandel 79 0 4:27pm
           OMG Azog Avandel 88 0 4:15pm
       three letters to describe this …. MouthofSauron 47 0 6:16pm

Collapse 3 NEW EPIC SPOTS (DAIN) Númenórean 3961 32 Mon, 12:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eleniel)
       Dain looks incredible! Shagrat 1577 0 Mon, 12:21pm
       These are great but... Crunchable Birdses 1581 0 Mon, 12:21pm
       Collapse Could someone post some screencaps of the new images? Boromir Stark 1434 2 Mon, 12:43pm
           No shots... Arannir 1352 0 Mon, 12:53pm
           Here you go Fleuz 1496 0 Mon, 1:14pm
       Bad quality video but NecromancerRising 1393 0 Mon, 12:51pm
       Wow Arannir 1378 0 Mon, 12:51pm
       Hmmmmmmm Name 1303 0 Mon, 1:11pm
       Collapse Will they release HD versions ? King_horse 1315 3 Mon, 1:19pm
           Collapse The Dol Guldur shots NoelGallagher 1284 2 Mon, 2:05pm
               It's pretty safe to assume Frodo's accounts are accurate... AshNazg 1215 0 Mon, 2:27pm
               My guess is that he had just seen these TV spots sycorax82 1126 0 Mon, 2:47pm
       Proof Mithfânion 1217 0 Mon, 2:14pm
       Now that's what I call EPIC aifeme 1134 0 Mon, 2:23pm
       Collapse Gandalf: "The dwarves were never meant to reach the mountain". What? xxxyyy 1106 8 Mon, 3:14pm
           I am sure the rings is where the powers come from in the movie. Arannir 1000 0 Mon, 3:17pm
           Collapse Reach the mountain. Arannir 1035 2 Mon, 3:22pm
               hope you are right re "reach the mountain" Avandel 202 0 Mon, 11:09pm
               Yup, that's what I reckon, too. Eleniel 91 0 7:31am
           Collapse I was like moly moly There&ThereAgain 606 2 Mon, 5:29pm
               Collapse That Line by Gandalf ALSO..might have meant..."..without me." Bombadil 399 1 Mon, 8:09pm
                   This is very true There&ThereAgain 364 0 Mon, 8:15pm
           Perhaps. . . pacochoa 369 0 Mon, 8:10pm
       Today is Billy Connolly's birthday as well! // Carne 911 0 Mon, 3:16pm
       Am I right in thinking they have covered the elves' faces? Spriggan 1036 0 Mon, 3:20pm
       Collapse I can't even.. Saneliur 1024 4 Mon, 3:30pm
           Collapse It requires multiple viewings to take it all in BlackFox 878 3 Mon, 4:01pm
               Collapse pssst...... dormouse 861 2 Mon, 4:20pm
                   Collapse 0 Faleel 814 1 Mon, 4:30pm
                       Thanks! // dormouse 732 0 Mon, 4:42pm
       Collapse That Galadriel shot tho Mad Hatter of Middle-Earth 450 1 Mon, 8:22pm
           The Music JamesPaganini 263 0 Mon, 10:32pm

  Moved: Not sure if thas has been posted, but (fan-made BOFA sketches) macfalk - - Mon, 11:42am Jump to last post in thread (by macfalk)

  Collapse The Five Armies Arannir 790 7 Mon, 10:23am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Seems right for the movieverse that. adt100 311 0 Mon, 11:52am
       Collapse Not sure I like that Bernhardina 233 4 Mon, 4:29pm
           Disagree Arannir 217 0 Mon, 4:35pm
           Collapse Does it seem such a big change? dormouse 131 2 Mon, 7:49pm
               Collapse Exactly. Arannir 30 1 9:04am
                   I think the 'five armies' are open to debate... dormouse 27 0 10:15am
       Aren't the Eagles intended to be the fifth? KRog1121 73 0 1:04am

  Collapse Info on the Gundabad army? DeadRabbits 679 3 Mon, 10:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Orc Berserker)
       Collapse DR.. Dear?.. the Ones W/ Machines on their Backs Bombadil 331 1 Mon, 10:39am
           They sure look panzer tank-like enough... DeadRabbits 212 0 Mon, 3:47pm
       AWESOME Orc Berserker 161 0 Mon, 6:56pm

Collapse PUT PJz Facebook Page in a TAB...az YOU Cruise the Internet. Bombadil 548 7 Mon, 7:19am Jump to last post in thread (by There&ThereAgain)
       Collapse 8 haarp 288 6 Mon, 7:47am
           Consider it art. Ataahua 244 0 Mon, 8:01am
           Collapse Why are all your posts negative? boldog 245 3 Mon, 8:02am
               In case you are interested NecromancerRising 237 0 Mon, 8:05am
               Collapse Enough. Ataahua 232 1 Mon, 8:06am
                 IT is Funny that Facebook is the Largest Search Engine in OUR World.. Bombadil 205 0 Mon, 8:25am
           bomby adds a much needed warmth to the internet There&ThereAgain 170 0 Mon, 9:31am

  Collapse Media profile for The Hobbit vs. LOTR delius82 915 20 Mon, 2:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Earl)
       Collapse I think PJ tried too hard to NOT make TH like LOTR... Earl 512 4 Mon, 3:24am
           Collapse Interview Dipling 414 1 Mon, 5:45am
               Thanks! Earl 55 0 Mon, 11:51pm
           Collapse As a matter of fact, he did. TheHutt 338 1 Mon, 8:52am
               Hmm, I haven't seen that special... Earl 45 0 Mon, 11:50pm
       Collapse I think it is more to do with Joe20 492 1 Mon, 3:26am
           I wouldn't call myself a comic book fan Earl 446 0 Mon, 3:39am
       Collapse Because nothing ever happens the same way twice.... dormouse 334 1 Mon, 8:32am
           Pretty much Elessar 187 0 Mon, 2:04pm
       Collapse Different circumstances, different studio. Silverlode 334 1 Mon, 8:50am
           Exactly Darkstone 75 0 Mon, 9:08pm
       Collapse Even... Arannir 326 8 Mon, 9:03am
         Collapse There is the Release Date to consider... Bombadil 273 7 Mon, 11:04am
               Collapse Not MJ. Arannir 256 6 Mon, 11:20am
                   Collapse Reports from BOM indicate that Mockingjay may wind up below AUJ's domestic gross. // macfalk 249 4 Mon, 11:22am
                       Collapse Yes... Arannir 227 2 Mon, 1:03pm
                           Collapse Hobbit in Sweden Danielos 165 1 Mon, 3:52pm
                               This macfalk 102 0 Mon, 7:26pm
                       Interesting Elessar 192 0 Mon, 2:05pm
                   Gross vs. profit Kristin Thompson 105 0 Mon, 7:29pm
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